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Senate advances Barrett's Supreme Court nomination in key procedural vote

The Senate is set to take a key procedural vote Sunday to advance Judge Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court nomination, paving the way for a final confirmation vote, which will likely take place Monday evening, just days before the November 3 election where control of Congress and the White House are at stake.

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GOP claims about Barrett insult our intelligence

Barring the sudden emergence of a collective conscience, Senate Republicans will confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court on Monday. They have told the public -- and reiterated with a 12-0 vote of her nomination out of the Senate Judiciary Committee -- that this is a perfectly legitimate path forward, and that Barrett is a highly qualified judge who will follow the law. What they have not mentioned is her extreme ideology.

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Senate Republicans defend Barrett against new report

Senate Republicans are defending Judge Amy Coney Barrett a day before her Senate Judiciary Committee vote against Democratic criticism of her record and a new report from the Associated Press that highlights her previous position on the board of an private Christian school system that the AP reports has anti-LGBTQ policies.

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Judge Barrett is a threat to families like mine

My son Rob is 23 years old. He follows politics, enjoys sips of whiskey, and loves baseball. He also has a rare form of dystonia, a feeding tube, and a tracheostomy, among other pre-existing medical conditions. He uses a speech-generating computerized device to communicate with us. If the Affordable Care Act (ACA) were struck down by the Supreme Court after the addition of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a mother of a disabled child herself, Rob would be uninsurable, like so many of his disabled peers.

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Opinion: The scary part of the Supreme Court ruling on Pennsylvania's mail-in ballots

The Supreme Court on Monday rejected on a 4-4 vote a Republican ploy to have the Court intervene in a case from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court -- and therefore potentially every election law dispute in the country. But far from a major Democratic win, the decision could spell bad news for the future of voting rights protections. The implications of this decision, with Judge Amy Coney Barrett waiting in the wings to cast the tiebreaking vote in a similar case if -- as expected -- the Senate confirms her nomination to be a justice, are enormous.

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Analysis: Amy Coney Barrett's answers were murky but her conservative philosophy is clear

If Judge Amy Coney Barrett rules in the vein she testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee this week, Americans' personal privacy rights would be pushed back more than a half century. She would similarly diminish voting rights rooted in the 1960s. And she would, based on her scrutiny for regulators and apparent skepticism for the science of climate change, erect a tall hurdle for regulation of the environment.

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Trump's most influential legacy

Senate Republicans are moving rapidly to bring Judge Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court nomination to a successful conclusion. During this week's Judiciary Committee hearings, Democrats provided little evidence that they would muster anything that would derail her confirmation.

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Opinion: Amy Coney Barrett's alarming non-answers

Judge Amy Coney Barrett isn't the first Supreme Court nominee in recent history to hide behind the disingenuous notion that a nominee "can't offer an opinion" on possible legal issues that may come before her as a future justice.

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The size of SCOTUS is only part of the problem

As the Senate Judiciary Committee begins hearings over Judge Amy Coney Barrett's appointment to the US Supreme Court, the size of the nine-member court has become an election issue. If, as expected, Barrett is confirmed, the toxic polarization gripping the nation could be further mirrored in federal courts, which are supposed to be places where open-minded judges aim to treat all people equally and render just decisions.

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Opinion: Really, Sen. Cruz? This is what you asked Judge Barrett

Really, Sen. Ted Cruz? After speaking for over 20 minutes, the Texas Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee decided to ask Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a seminal legal mind, about her children's distance learning and piano lessons. Let's just say, it struck a chord with women everywhere.

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Amy Coney Barrett's near-perfect performance

Judge Amy Coney Barrett delivered a relatively flawless showing in her controversial Senate confirmation hearing on Tuesday. A few hours into the questioning a senator asked her to display the notes she was using to provide her detailed answers. She picked up a white notepad with nothing on it but the inscription, "United States Senate" as the hearing room erupted in laughter.

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Kamala Harris presses Amy Coney Barrett on Trump's pledge

During Judge Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court confirmation hearing, Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris grilled Barrett on her knowledge of President Trump claiming he'll only appoint judges against the Affordable Care Act.

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Barrett: I won't be used as a pawn

During her Supreme Court confirmation hearing, Judge Amy Coney Barrett refused to commit to recusing herself if a dispute about the 2020 presidential election went before the Supreme Court.

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