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Biden's polling is steadier than Trump's

• Democrats turn to Biden's agenda after impeachment trial • Analysis: Our first glimpse of Biden's presidential salesmanship • Biden faces the $1.9 trillion question: Is it too much?

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Is it too late to impeach George III?

Before there was Donald Trump, there were Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon and Andrew Johnson, all presidents who were impeached or, in Nixon's case, resigned before the impeachment vote could occur. There are compelling legal reasons to regard this list as complete. Let me suggest there are also compelling historical reasons to add George III to the list.

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Is it too early to say manatees aren't endangered?

In the next several weeks, the US Fish and Wildlife Service is expected to make public its final decision on whether to "downlist" the manatee from an endangered to a threatened species -- a marker of progress in the species' recovery.

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