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Rep. Jayapal reacts to Barr's testimony

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) discusses Attorney General William Barr's testimony during the House Judiciary Committee hearing and his relationship with President Donald Trump.

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Opinion: Barr's falsehoods and fallacies undermine his own department

Attorney General Bill Barr's written opening statement to the House Judiciary Committee was replete with mischaracterizations, fallacies and unnerving stereotypes that run afoul of the principle of equal justice -- and which, taken together, show how he has transformed the Department of Justice that enforces the law to a department that undermines the rule of law.

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5 takeaways from a combative Barr hearing

Democrats launched a full-scale assault against Attorney General William Barr at Tuesday's House Judiciary Committee hearing, clashing with Barr repeatedly as the hearing jolted from topic to topic.

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READ: Barr's opening statement for House hearing

Attorney General William Barr is set to accuse congressional Democrats of seeking to discredit him because of his investigation into the origins of the FBI's Russia probe in a combative opening statement for Tuesday's hearing before the House Judiciary Committee.

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Opinion: A sign of Barr's abuse of power

The testimony of Aaron Zelinsky, a deputy to former special counsel Robert Mueller, to the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday would have been stunning if it wasn't so obviously part of an ongoing pattern of abuse of power at the Justice Department.

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Supreme Court blocks Trump from ending DACA

• Top Republican on House Judiciary Committee slams Justice Roberts on DACA decision • This is who's affected by the Supreme Court decision on DACA • Toobin breaks down SCOTUS ruling on DACA

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What it's like to be an impeachment witness

In this impeachment edition of The Point, CNN Legal Analyst and UNC Law Professor Michael Gerhardt sits down with Chris Cillizza to discuss what it's like to testify in an impeachment hearing. In early December, Professor Gerhardt testified as a constitutional law expert before the House Judiciary Committee. He also testified before Congress during the Clinton impeachment hearing.

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