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How air quality has improved during the coronavirus crisis

To contain the coronavirus pandemic, billions of people have been told to stay at home. In China, authorities placed almost half a billion people under lockdown, the equivalent of nearly 7% of the world's population. Many other countries have since taken similar measures, initially in hard-hit Italy and Spain, and more recently in the United States and India.

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2020 Democratic contenders plead for cash after draining their accounts

The Democratic presidential contenders are racing to refill their campaign coffers -- following costly battles in the early nominating states and the looming Super Tuesday threat from New York tycoon Michael Bloomberg, who has plowed nearly half a billion dollars of his fortune into the fight to become the party's standard-bearer.

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Mystery space signal repeats every 16 days

Mysterious radio signals from space have been known to repeat, but for the first time, researchers have noticed a pattern in a series of bursts coming from a single source half a billion light-years from Earth.

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