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Analysis: Why Republicans are favored to take back the Senate

Democrats are holding onto the US Senate by a thread. The chamber is tied 50-50 with Vice President Kamala Harris breaking ties in the Democrats' favor. Republicans need to pick up only one seat in next year's midterm elections to gain control of the chamber, and an early look at the 2022 Senate playing field suggests they should be considered favorites.

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The likely win will only pose new questions over whether the $1.9 trillion measure can survive the Senate and give a jolt of energy to Biden's presidency

House Democrats are on the cusp of passing President Joe Biden's sweeping social spending and climate change bill after months of feuding. But the likely win on Friday will only pose new questions over whether the $1.9 trillion measure can survive the Senate and then offer the short-term jolt of political energy Biden's wobbling presidency needs.

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Opinion: Republicans have a big problem

Democrats are despondent and Republicans can barely contain their euphoria after Tuesday's election, particularly because of Glenn Youngkin's victory over Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia governor's race. No doubt, Democrats have much soul-searching to do. But Republicans, whether they admit it or not, have a huge problem on their hands.

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Liberals express concerns over concessions to Manchin and Sinema

Democrats are once again on track to miss a self-imposed deadline to reach a deal on President Joe Biden's sweeping social safety net plan by the end of the week, as progressive Democrats confront the reality that many of their top priorities are going to be scrapped in a last-minute round of negotiation.

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Biden faces questions on his ambitious agenda

President Joe Biden is set to participate in a CNN town hall from Baltimore Thursday evening, where he'll take questions as Democrats are finalizing negotiations over key aspects of his legislative agenda.

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Opinion: Democrats are playing a dangerous game: 'Deal or End American Democracy'

If the ongoing negotiations over President Joe Biden's Build Back Better agenda were a game show, it would not be called "Deal or No Deal." Rather, it would be "Deal or End American Democracy." The stakes are much more than an historic opportunity to cut child poverty, expand Medicare, lower the cost of childcare, prescription drugs and higher education, and more.

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Analysis: Kids could be the budget bill's big winners -- or losers

President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats are poised to channel historic investments into programs for kids -- if they can navigate around competing demands, particularly from programs for seniors, as they slim down the massive public investment and social safety net bill now under intense negotiation on Capitol Hill.

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