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Covid-19 vaccine company under federal investigation

California biotech company Vaxart, which is working on a Covid-19 vaccine, is under federal investigation and is being sued by a number of investors for allegedly exaggerating its involvement in the US government's Operation Warp Speed program for developing Covid-19 vaccines and treatments.

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CNN gets exclusive access inside secretive Russian lab

CNN's Matthew Chance got exclusive access to some of the labs at Gamaleya Institute, the secretive Russian government facility where scientists were able to produce what they say is a working Covid-19 vaccine before any of the world's biggest pharmaceutical firms. Critics say this institute abandoned normal scientific practice in its quest for first place but, in a rare interview, its director and chief scientist Alexander Gintsburg defends his methods.

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Will the public trust a Covid-19 vaccine?

Operation Warp Speed, the mission to develop an effective Covid-19 vaccine, seeks to deliver 300,000 doses by January 2021. According to projections from the University of Washington, by then the US death toll from the novel coronavirus will likely have reached nearly 400,000.

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Opinion: Trump's Covid-19 vaccine sales pitch is all sizzle and no steak

More than 80 years ago, the American salesman extraordinaire, Elmer Wheeler, introduced his "Five Wheeler Points" to help his brethren boost sales of whatever it was they were selling. The first Point, later immortalized by an episode of Seinfeld , was this: "don't sell the steak -- sell the sizzle."

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2 HBCU presidents join Covid-19 vaccine trials to encourage participation

When the presidents of two historically Black colleges announced they were participating in a Covid-19 vaccine trial, they hoped to encourage other African Americans to do the same to ensure that an eventual vaccine has been tested on -- and is effective for -- people of color.

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Opinion: Trump's health care plan is a lie

Pandemics don't care about partisan politics. So when Robert Redfield — President Donald Trump's director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and a lifelong conservative — testified to Congress Wednesday that a Covid-19 vaccine wouldn't be ready before the election and probably would not be available to the general public until next summer, he was speaking as a scientist.

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First recipient of phase 3 trial vaccine shares update

Dawn Baker, the first person in the US to receive a shot in the Moderna Phase 3 Covid-19 vaccine trial, speaks to CNN's Poppy Harlow about her decision to volunteer and discusses the lack of minority participation in these trials.

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Why Trump should worry about a rushed vaccine

This week, President Donald Trump again stated his hope that the United States would have a Covid-19 vaccine by year's end. He even suggested that maybe, just maybe, vaccinations might start by late October.

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