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Cooper talks to directors behind controversial docuseries

CNN's Anderson Cooper talks to "Immigration Nation" co-directors Shaul Schwarz and Christina Clusiau about their Netflix docuseries that goes behind the scenes of the US immigration system. Watch Full Circle every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at 6pm ET

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Principal turns 'U Can't Touch This' into Covid-19 safety video

CNN's Anderson Cooper talks to Childersberg High School Principal Quentin Lee, the principal behind the viral "U Can't Touch this" parody video meant to help students deal with Covid-19 ahead of his school reopening. Watch Full Circle every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at 6pm E.T.

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Anderson Cooper slams 'lies and noise' from Mike Pence

After President Donald Trump voiced displeasure at the CDC's guidelines for safely reopening schools, the agency's director said his recommendations shouldn't be used as an excuse for not returning children to classrooms. CNN's Anderson Cooper has a sharp rebuke of the White House coronavirus task force's response to Trump's dissatisfaction.

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'Police in America are looting black bodies,' Trevor Noah says

Comedian Trevor Noah spoke with CNN's Anderson Cooper this week about the state of racism, police abuse and protests in America, saying White people who were horrified by the looting that took place during some of the Black Lives Matter protests should realize many Black Americans feel their bodies are looted by police every single day.

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Cooper: Don't need BS detector to know Trump is lying

President Trump and his allies have been claiming that the recent rise in coronavirus cases in states throughout the US is due to an increase in testing, while experts are attributing the numbers to an actual rise in cases. CNN's Anderson Cooper discusses these claims ahead of the President's first rally since the pandemic.

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Anderson Cooper suggests Donald Trump admit his mistakes

CNN's Anderson Cooper reacts to President Trump's roundtable in Dallas, which was promoted as discussing "justice disparities," and criticizes Trump for speaking approvingly of the use of force rather than reform.

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