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Will the public trust a Covid-19 vaccine?

Operation Warp Speed, the mission to develop an effective Covid-19 vaccine, seeks to deliver 300,000 doses by January 2021. According to projections from the University of Washington, by then the US death toll from the novel coronavirus will likely have reached nearly 400,000.

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The pastry chef adding to Japan's 400+ flavors of Kit Kat

Kit Kat is big in Japan. From cheesecake to wasabi to purple sweet potato, the crispy wafer bar is available in more than 400 varieties, according to Yuji Takeuchi, marketing manager for Nestlé Japan. And it's up to Yasumasa Takagi to keep the fresh flavors coming. The classically-trained pastry chef has added over 50 to the Kit Kat canon so far. Takagi invites us into his kitchen in Tokyo to see how he creates yummy new flavor profiles for customers who are always hungry for more.

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Refurbished Roombas are up to $400 off for a limited time

Spending more time in the house has unfortunately led to a little more cleaning — after all, we're living in our spaces more than we ever used to. Vacuuming, luckily, is one of the tasks you can outsource to a robot, and while Roombas can run a little pricey, a few refurbished models direct from iRobot are currently on sale for up to $400 off.

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The Motorola Razr 2: Still $1,400. Still gotta have it

Why does the Motorola Razr 2 exist? Last year's flip phone reboot — the Motorola Razr — was a bust. The new version is better, but it remains a flip phone in an age when no one makes calls, with a subpar battery, a slowish processor and a mediocre camera. And for that privilege, you get to pay $1,400.

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New GOP stimulus proposal cuts unemployment benefits

Senate Republicans formally unveiled their roughly $1 trillion stimulus proposal, which includes a $400 cut in enhanced unemployment benefits, and will serve as an opening bid for bipartisan negotiations with Democrats.

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China locks down 400,000 people over 18 cases

As the number of people killed by the coronavirus passes 500,000 worldwide, China isn't taking any chances of a second wave gripping the country -- despite having largely contained its outbreak in recent months.

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TREASURIES-Yields fall as coronavirus spread dents risk appetite

U.S. Treasury yields fell on Thursday after cases of the novel coronavirus rose in several U.S. states, raising concerns that the economy may not bounce back as quickly as hoped. Several U.S. states reported a surge in new coronavirus infections on Wednesday and the daily count of infections also hit a new benchmark in California and Texas. Around 400 workers also tested positive for the virus at an

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