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Analysis: What the heck is Georgia's governor doing?

On Wednesday in Georgia, there were almost 4,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus. Almost 2,800 people are hospitalized due to Covid-19, the highest number in the state's ongoing battle against the virus. A total of 37 people died, the highest number of daily deaths since June 25, according to data from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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States are hitting pause on reopening. Here's why

• LIVE UPDATES: More than 10.2 million virus cases globally • I was stranded at sea on a cruise ship. Now I'm owed $37,000 • Arizona closes bars, gyms and other businesses after 'brutal' increase in cases

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British oil major BP raises $12 bln in debt - FT

British oil major BP Plc raised $12 billion of debt with equity-like features, taking advantage of low interest rates to fortify its balance sheet, the Financial Times reported on Wednesday.

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