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Opinion: This historic bridge should be renamed after John Lewis

There is a bridge in Selma, Alabama, where the 25-year-old John Lewis nearly died during the 1965 "Bloody Sunday" march. This bridge, named after Edmund Pettus -- a Confederate general and leader of the Alabama Ku Klux Klan -- spans the reality of America's racist foundations and the dream of a just country.

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Opinion: What the prospect of a new 'Wonder Years' offers America

I had my own "wonder years" -- and I bet most of you did, too. The emotional connections triggered by ABC's "The Wonder Years" throughout its five-year run (1988-93) were so deeply familiar to those of us who grew up in the 1960s, or even earlier, that it didn't seem to matter that it focused on a White middle-class family on Long Island when Lyndon Johnson's presidency gave way to Richard Nixon's -- even if that setting felt out of step with our lived experience in real life.

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Opinion: Mississippi's blood-stained flag is America's crisis

Malcolm X was not pleased. The crowd was meager. Fannie Lou Hamer deserved better. She had stopped in Harlem to speak as his guest just months after her instrumental role in the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party's historic challenge to unseat Mississippi's all-White, all-male delegation to the 1964 Democratic National Convention.

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RFK died 52 years ago this weekend. What would he say now?

Fifty-two years ago this weekend, Robert F. Kennedy, then the junior senator from New York and a leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, died in Los Angeles, the victim of a political assassination. I've been looking again at the final months of his life, which were largely shaped by the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr. The words he spoke the night of April 4, 1968, when King was assassinated, and in the days following feel tailor-made for own moment in 2020. And his efforts at guidance as a presidential candidate during those weeks leading up to his own death on June 6, bring into stark relief the stunning dereliction of leadership shown in 2020 by President Donald Trump.

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Opinion: Tom Cotton's 'Send in the troops' op-ed is just wrong

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton, a military veteran who is close to President Trump and who is sometimes mentioned as a future US defense secretary, wrote an op-ed Wednesday in the New York Times under the headline, "Send in the Troops' in which he made the case that federal troops are needed to stamp out "anarchy" caused by the protests sweeping the United States that Cotton claimed recalls "the widespread violence of the 1960s."

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Opinion: Why Trump can't grasp this moment

As America cried out in anguish over the death of George Floyd and the problem of abusive policing, the president retreated to the White House bunker on the advice of his security team. In his mind, he seems to think it's the riots of the 1960s all over again, and his reaction appears both terrified and angry. "LAW & ORDER!" was the response he voiced via Twitter on Sunday and again in a public address on Monday.

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