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Betelgeuse, the curiously dimming star, may be covered in giant star spots

Betelgeuse, the red supergiant star that acts as the shoulder of Orion in his constellation, intrigued astronomers when the normally bright star showed signs of unprecedented dimming in December. Many have suggested potential causes for this dimming, including dust or the fact that the star is likely to explode in a supernova between now and 100,000 years from now.

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Why Dems need to prioritize statehood for DC and Puerto Rico

The US House of Representatives passed a bill in favor of DC statehood Friday. Both the Republican Party and the President oppose statehood for the nation's capital, so the bill will almost certainly go nowhere in the Senate — for now. But should Joe Biden win the presidency and bring with him majorities in the House and Senate, he should make statehood for DC — and for Puerto Rico — a priority for his first 100 days in office.

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Trump campaign nixes outdoor speech ahead of rally

Thousands of President Donald Trump's supporters have gathered in Tulsa Saturday for his first campaign rally in more than 100 days as he tries to reinvigorate his reelection bid in the midst of a pandemic, a recession and a national debate over racism.

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Analysis: Trump can't stop talking about that West Point ramp

Faced with declining poll numbers, signs of revolt within his own party, two losses at the Supreme Court, a country grappling with its relationship to race and an ongoing global pandemic, President Donald Trump's got something else on his mind: Proving that his halting walk down a ramp following a commencement speech at West Point last Saturday was 100% normal.

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Hilton lays off 22% of its corporate staff

Hilton Hotels is laying off 2,100 employees, or roughly 22% of its corporate workforce, as the lingering effects of coronavirus continue to depress demand for leisure and corporate travel.

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