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See how cities are ringing in new year amid Omicron

The quick spread of the Omicron variant is putting a damper on New Year's Eve celebrations around the world. While some smaller events are still taking place, it will be a grim start to another year of the coronavirus pandemic. CNN's Hala Gorani takes a look at how major cities around the world plan to ring in 2022 in the shadow of the Omicron variant.

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What can we expect from US-China relations in 2022?

2021 saw the elevation of Chinese President Xi Jinping as the country grows stronger and richer but moves further away from western democracies in ideology. CNN's David Culver takes a tour around the city of Beijing and reflects on what 2022 may have in store for the country's relations with the US.

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Facebook takes aim at vast networks of spies for hire

Cybersecurity researchers from Facebook and a university have exposed a vast network of activity from surveillance-for-hire firms from India to Israel that they claim has used hacking tools and hundreds of fake personas to monitor journalists, dissidents and politicians around the world.

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NYPD top cop pick highlights the slow rise of female police chiefs nationwide

For the first time in the New York Police Department's 176-year history, a woman will become police commissioner of the nation's largest police force -- leading an agency tasked with combating police misconduct and the recent rise in violent crime, while raising the stakes for departments around the country.

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Review: 'Succession' saves the best for last with its riveting season 3 finale

After a third season filled with high-stakes chess moves, the question lingered whether "Succession's" finale could close the deal. It did, literally and figuratively, in an episode that again shuffled allegiances and featured perhaps the most eventful wedding in terms of behind-the scenes drama since "The Godfather."

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