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Opinion: Health risks from heat waves send a climate alarm

"I'm sorry I'm late Dr. Tummala," a patient tells me at the start of a recent clinic appointment. Smiling with what I hope is a look of understanding, I brush off her apology. I have come to know this patient over many years and am well aware that she is apologizing for something that is not her fault. Using a walker for support, she takes three different modes of public transportation and braves the elements -- whether it's rain, snow or sweltering heat -- to get to her clinic visits.

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Mars helicopter takes it to the limit with groundbreaking flights

Where are you now, Mars Ingenuity helicopter? While it seems like the little chopper has been quiet, it turns out that Ingenuity has aced more of its flights -- and even got a software update to fix an annoying issue that impacted some of its previous outings.

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He bought a cheap house in Italy. Then came the mishaps

Italy's cheap homes bonanza continues to lure hundreds of interested buyers, despite the pandemic. But what happens once someone takes the plunge and invests their (small) chunk of change in a crumbling corner of a remote town?

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Realtor puts 'house from hell' on the market

A Colorado Springs, Colorado, house was so badly trashed by a former tenant that its real estate agent describes it as a "house of horrors." CNN affiliate KMGH takes us inside.

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A 24/7 relationship: Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo have a new podcast

Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo's new podcast "The Handoff" explores their unlikely friendship off-camera, along with their unfiltered takes on the week's news. Below, the hosts talk about the origin of the nightly "handoff" between their shows and how it put their friendship in front of the camera.

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Watch moment Biden and Putin shake hands

President Joe Biden convenes the highest-stakes talks of his long career when he joins Russia's Vladimir Putin for a summit, an encounter set to test his decades of experience on the world stage and lay down an early marker of his diplomatic skills.

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