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'Stillwater' stars Matt Damon as a dad crusading to free his daughter

Anchored by an impressive performance from Matt Damon, "Stillwater" confounds expectations in mostly frustrating ways. Director/co-writer Tom McCarthy (the Oscar-winning "Spotlight") has set up a movie about a father determined to help free his daughter, but unlike the usual can-do Americans in this sort of tale, he's clearly in way over his head.

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Covid canceled weddings around the world. It also influenced dress codes

The havoc wreaked by Covid-19 on the wedding industry was bound to leave its mark somehow. With 2020 ceremonies across the globe postponed indefinitely or canceled altogether, determined couples adapted as best they could: slashing guest lists by more than two-thirds and matching their outfits to mandatory face coverings. Some weddings even went virtual, with attendees dialing in to meeting apps to watch vows broadcast online.

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Yang concedes in NYC mayoral race

Democratic NYC mayoral candidate Andrew Yang conceded in a speech as the results from early and primary day in-person voting came in showing he placed a distant fourth behind candidates Eric Adams, Kathryn Garcia and Maya Wiley. CNN projects the New York City Democratic mayoral primary winner will be determined using ranked-choice voting tabulation.

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Opinion: Iran elected a hard-liner. Let's see what he does now

Perhaps now that Iran has chosen to install a new, ultra-conservative judiciary chief as its next president, it's time the world, but especially the United States, needs to adopt a new approach to dealing with this determinedly anti-American government. Global heads of state must pay attention to what Iranian leaders do, not what they say.

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TikTok star wants to be the first influencer billionaire

Social media influencers have enormous power to set trends, create overnight sensations and broadly define what's cool. Josh Richards, a 19-year-old determined to be the world's first influencer billionaire, isn't shy about flexing that clout.

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It's time to remember what 'asylum' really means

Former President Donald Trump spent four years inflicting untold damage to the rights of immigrants, including people seeking safety in this country. As asylum seekers came to the United States to flee violence and persecution, the Trump administration detained upwards of 50,000 people (a figure Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed), prolonged the detention of families and exercised authority over a system that saw an uptick in deaths in detention -- which the House Oversight Committee determined was often due to inadequate medical care.

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