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Europe's most beautiful towns

Paris, Rome, Barcelona... Europe's cities are bucket list destinations, and rightly so. But the continent's small towns are a dream, too, with all the beautiful architecture and much of the culture you'll find in the big hitters, only with fewer crowds to share them with.

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CNN to 'Europe's last dictator': Do you want to apologize?

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, often called Europe's last dictator, has refused to apologize for the widespread human rights violations in the country since his disputed re-election last year in an exclusive interview with CNN's Matthew Chance.

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Opinion: The ugly reality behind Belarusian Olympian Kristina Timanovskaya's defection

After forcing down a civilian airliner from European skies in May to detain a journalist who was on board, perhaps it was only a matter of time before "Europe's last dictator," Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, would be thrust back into the international spotlight and once again face fresh condemnation for his abhorrent actions.

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Europe's flood tragedy didn't have to be this severe

The deaths of at least 189 people and the hundreds more unaccounted for in western Europe following the catastrophic flooding last week is a truly devastating event. The scenes of walls ripped out of houses, cars floating down streets and people in tears surveying the remains of their possessions serve as a stark reminder of the power of water.

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