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Motor racing: McLaren ready for 'attack mode', says buoyed Alonso

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - McLaren's hopes of returning to the Formula One big-time with Renault power appeared ambitious after qualifying at the Australian Grand Prix on Saturday but a relieved Fernando Alonso was content to be in the hunt for points.


Homer's Odyssey gets modern art treatment at London exhibition

LONDON (Reuters) - Contemporary artists have drawn upon everything from comic books to Campbell's soup cans for inspiration in recent years, but New York artist Scooter LaForge has drawn his from an altogether grander source, with a new exhibition based on Homer's classic poem "The Odyssey."

Opinion: Playboy model shows more honesty than Trump

In this, the era of Trump, it is no surprise that the former Playboy model who told of an affair with the man who became president has shown herself to be more honest, empathetic, courageous, and decent than the President of the United States.


U.S. showcases stealth fighter training on amphibious carrier

ABOARD USS WASP, Philippine Sea (Reuters) - The U.S. military on Friday launched vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) F-35Bs from the deck of the USS Wasp amphibious carrier in the waters around Okinawa in its first show of stealth aircraft force at sea.

United States Politics and Government

Op-Ed Columnist: John Bolton Has ‘No Moderating Tendencies’

Welcome to the new Trump team — not the same as the old team.

An ex-Playboy model told CNN she had a sexual relationship with Donald Trump. Next up is a '60 Minutes' interview with Stormy Daniels

The question now is whether President Donald Trump can hold his tongue -- or his tweets -- amid a gathering storm of televised allegations and court gambits about his sexual conduct.

Love (Emotion)

Modern Love: First Try the Pastrami, Then the Polyamory

After three decades of monogamy, a woman starts seeing a man who embraces open relationships.


Ex-Playboy model tells CNN she 'was in love' with Trump

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Former Playboy model Karen McDougal, who claims to have had a 10-month affair with U.S. President Donald Trump starting in 2006, told CNN’S Anderson Cooper 360 in an interview broadcast on Thursday night that she was in love with Trump.

American Media Inc

Ex-Playboy Model Karen McDougal Details 10-Month Affair With Donald Trump

In a lengthy television interview, Ms. McDougal said she was hurt when the president offered her money after sex, but added that they ended up in love.

Former Playboy model to Melania: I'm sorry

Former Playboy model Karen McDougal got emotional about the current first lady while discussing her alleged affair with now-President Trump.


Congress poised to pass modest gun control measures in spending bill

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - With large protests for stricter gun laws planned nationwide on Saturday, the U.S. Congress is expected to approve a massive spending bill this week with grants to help schools prevent gun violence, improvements to background checks and an assurance that a key government agency can conduct related research.


Stocks end modestly lower after Fed hikes rates; energy up

NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. stocks ended slightly lower on Wednesday, with major indexes giving up gains in choppy trade after the Federal Reserve raised U.S. interest rates, while a strong gain in the energy space helped limit losses.


Record-size U.S. offshore oil lease sale draws modest bidding

(Reuters) - The largest lease sale in American history in the offshore Gulf of Mexico yielded $124.76 million dollars in winning bids from drillers on Wednesday, a modest response to the Trump administration's effort to pump up investment in the region.

Analysis: Trump is being sued by an 'Apprentice,' a porn star and a Playboy model

If you have been trying to keep up with the various legal battles brewing around President Donald Trump over his pre-presidential treatment of and relationships with women, today was especially busy. And that's saying something.


Former Playboy model sues to break silence on alleged Trump affair

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A former Playboy model who said she had an affair with President Donald Trump filed suit in California on Tuesday seeking release from a legal agreement requiring her to stay silent, becoming the second woman this month to contest arrangements not to disclose alleged extramarital relationships with Trump.

Presidential Election of 2016

Ex-Playboy Model Sues to Break Silence on Trump

The former model, Karen McDougal, is the second woman this month to challenge Trump associates’ efforts to bury stories of extramarital affairs.


Egypt court orders suspension of Uber, Careem services in victory for taxis: sources

CAIRO (Reuters) - Egypt suspended the licenses of ride-hailing companies Uber and Careem on Tuesday, in a court ruling after taxi drivers sought to shut down the two firms' operations in the country, judicial sources said.

The Pope who founded modern diplomacy

Pope Alexander VI epitomizes the corruption of Renaissance popes, but his use of ambassadors to consolidate power was ahead of its time. For more, watch "Pope: The Most Powerful Man in History," Sunday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Car Services and Livery Cabs

Uber’s New Rival in Australia: An Indian Upstart

Ola hopes to become a rare consumer technology firm in India that breaks away from home and grows in a well-to-do market where it can charge more.

Alcoholic Beverages

This Study May Find That Moderate Drinking Is Healthy. The Alcohol Industry Was Asked to Pay for It.

Scientists and government officials waged a concerted campaign to obtain funding from the alcohol industry for research that may enshrine alcohol as a part of a healthy diet.

Alcoholic Beverages

Spirits of The Times: Does Blended Scotch Still Have a Place in the Modern Bar?

This category outsells single malts, but it’s in decline and is seeking a role beyond legacy drinkers and cocktails.

Mysterious Denisovans interbred with modern humans more than once

Neanderthals, Denisovans and our ancestors were mixing and mingling a long time ago -- and some of our genetics can be traced back to these archaic humans.

Dating and Relationships

Modern Love: She Was My World, but We Couldn’t Marry

A young lawyer sidelined by a mystery ailment wishes he could plan a full and lasting life with the woman he loves.

The modern young man TV's been waiting for

The trip to the grocery store is going well for the trio of pre-teen boys sent there on a mom-ordered excursion until they hit a snag that finds them staring down an aisle filled with Kotex and Always.

Kudlow, Lawrence A

In Larry Kudlow, Trump Finds His Economic Evangelist

The new National Economic Council director could help the president sell his agenda, but critics say he could be blinded to bad economic news.

Kudlow, Lawrence A

Larry Kudlow’s Not-So-on-the-Money Predictions

Larry Kudlow's predictions, which will soon carry new weight as the president’s top economic adviser, have not always been on the mark. The following is a look back at some of his economic predictions that did not bear out.


Trump Will Name Larry Kudlow as Top Economic Adviser

The CNBC commentator, who would replace the former Wall Street executive Gary D. Cohn, said Mr. Trump “regards himself as a free trader.”


Tesla says Model S, Model X production efficiency much improved

(Reuters) - Tesla Inc said the number of labor hours needed to produce its Model S and Model X cars have decreased considerably, following the latest report of quality problems that could prevent the carmaker from hitting its production targets.

Hawking's rare interview with Larry King

Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking talks about the creation of the universe in a 2010 interview with Larry King.

#MyFreedomDay takes aim at modern slavery


Trump fires Tillerson, a moderate; replaces him with hawkish spy chief Pompeo

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Tuesday after a series of public rifts over policy on North Korea, Russia and Iran, replacing his chief diplomat with loyalist CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

Car Services and Livery Cabs

DealBook: Larry Page’s Flying Taxis, Now Exiting Stealth Mode

New Zealand has opened its skies to self-piloted electric planes financed by one of Google’s founders.


U.S. consumer prices slow as gasoline falls, rents moderate

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. consumer price growth slowed in February amid a decline in gasoline prices and a moderation in the cost of rental accommodation, the latest indication that an anticipated pickup in inflation probably will be only gradual.

Larry Kudlow and the Trump-TV feedback loop


Larry Kudlow a strong contender to replace Cohn: source

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Conservative commentator Larry Kudlow has emerged as a strong contender to succeed Gary Cohn as President Donald Trump's top economic adviser, a source familiar with the matter said on Monday.


Tesla paused Model 3 production for planned upgrade in Feb

(Reuters) - Tesla Inc temporarily suspended production of its Model 3 electric car from Feb. 20-24 for planned work to adjust equipment in order to improve automation and increase production rates.

Travel and Vacations

A Low-Key Swedish Island’s Shockingly Modern Architecture

On the tourist mecca of Gotland, tradition is upheld and showiness is frowned upon. What, then, explains its recent crop of contemporary residences?


S&P accused of weakening ratings model to win business in landmark Australian lawsuit

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Ratings agency Standard and Poor's weakened its risk assessment criteria to win business and turn out high ratings on opaque debt products that started to unwind during the global financial crisis, an Australian court heard on Monday.


Colombia’s Museum of Modern Art Celebrates Its 40th Year

Many of the exhibits reflect the violence over partisan struggles and the battles between the drug cartels that infected the nation for decades.


Ex-Model, Mob Suspect and a Murder Could Bring Down Slovakia’s Government

The killing of an investigative journalist, Jan Kuciak, and his fiancée have stirred public anger and intensified scrutiny of government corruption.

Children and Childhood

Modern Love: It’s Us Against a Particle of Dust

Parents of children with potentially fatal allergies exist in a state of constant high alert, one that can unify them as a couple.

'Modern Family' cast stumps for 'common-sense gun laws'

The cast of "Modern Family" is putting its support behind the students of Parkland, Florida and March for Our Lives.

Xi Jinping

How Xi Jinping Made His Power Grab: With Stealth, Speed and Guile

Mr. Xi basked in applause at the opening of China’s parliament. But his plan to end presidential term limits showed his mastery of back-room politics.


U.S. F-35 fighter modernization could cost $16 billion through 2024

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Pentagon estimates it will cost nearly $16 billion to modernize the fleet of F-35 jets through 2024, a U.S. lawmaker said on Wednesday, citing information provided by the Pentagon on the stealth fighter jet program.

United States Politics and Government

In Battle Over Future of Veterans’ Care, Moderation Wins, for Now

A fight over the privatization of veterans’ health care pitted the Veterans Affairs secretary against more ardent conservatives. For now, the secretary has won.


Israeli shepherdess uses modern sheep breed to revive ancient shofar sound

RAMOT NAFTALI, Israel (Reuters) - The piercing note of a shofar - a ram's horn used in Jewish religious ceremonies - cuts through the mountain air of the Galilee.


Restaurant Review: At DaDong in Midtown, Modern Art and Lame Duck

A Chinese restaurant famous for Peking duck has lost some of its quack on the way to New York.


Models take a walk through wintry woods for Chanel

PARIS (Reuters) - Chanel wrapped up its models in leaf-motifed prints on Tuesday, celebrating autumn as it recreated a misty forest inside Paris's Grand Palais.


GLOBAL MARKETS-Asian shares regain some ground as trade war fears moderate

TOKYO, March 6 (Reuters) - Asian share regained some ground on Tuesday after U.S. President Donald Trump faced growing pressure from political allies to pull back from proposed steel and aluminium tariffs, easing investor worries about an imminent trade war.


Asian shares regain some ground as trade war fears moderate

TOKYO (Reuters) - Asian share regained some ground on Tuesday after U.S. President Donald Trump faced growing pressure from political allies to pull back from proposed steel and aluminum tariffs, easing investor worries about an imminent trade war.

Gun Control

DealBook: Big Investors Have Clout. They Can Use It With Gun Makers.

Investment firms like Larry Fink’s BlackRock have preached social responsibility. With guns, they can use their influence to achieve it.

Gymnast becomes first man to accuse Larry Nassar of abuse

Jacob Moore went to visit Larry Nassar, a gymnastics doctor and family friend, after gymnastics practice one day in April 2016, for what he thought would be treatment for his ailing shoulder.


China boosts defense spending amid military modernization

BEIJING (Reuters) - China unveiled its largest rise in defense spending in three years on Monday, setting an 8.1 percent growth target compared to 2017, fuelling the country's ambitious military modernization program amid rising Chinese security concerns.


China says its 'moderate' defense spending rises are no threat

BEIJING (Reuters) - China's "moderate" defense spending rises in the past few years have been to make up for past deficiencies and the country's military will not threaten anyone, a senior diplomat said on Sunday ahead of the release of the defense budget.


Porsche could build flying taxis, says sales chief

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Volkswagen's sports car maker Porsche could develop a flying passenger vehicle to compete with rivals in a possible market for urban air taxis and ride-sharing services, Porsche sales chief Detlev von Platen told a German magazine.


Golden role model Randall aims to inspire

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Having crowned her long career with America's first ever Olympic cross-country gold in the sprint relay in Pyeongchang, Kikkan Randall plans to use her new-found fame to inspire the next generation.

Classical Music

100 Years After Debussy’s Death, He Remains the First ‘Modern’ Composer

The pianist Stephen Hough celebrates Debussy’s slipping, slinking, sparkling piano works, in which he developed his revolutionary approach to music.

Homosexuality and Bisexuality

Modern Love: Am I Gay or Straight? Maybe This Fun Quiz Will Tell Me

A young woman seeks answers to her sexual orientation online, where the endless quizzes she takes deliver whatever label she wants.

Jailed model offers Trump-Russia secrets

A self-described Russian "seductress" is asking for US help to escape a Thai detention center in exchange for information on alleged links between US President Donald Trump and Russia, according to her Instagram account.


How Geely's Li Shufu spent months stealthily building a $9 billion stake in Daimler

SHANGHAI/BEIJING (Reuters) - When Daimler announced that Li Shufu had acquired almost 10 percent of the automaker last Friday, it caught financial markets - and German regulators - by surprise.

ClassPass once again changes its business model

Russian model in Thai jail promises to spill Trump-Russia secrets

Matthew Chance reports a self-styled Russian sex guru is offering secrets about Trump and Russia from a Thai jail.


Modern Love: Modern Love Podcast: Jennifer Beals Reads ‘From He to She in First Grade’

This week, the “Taken” star tells the story of two parents who help their child find her identity.

United States Olympic Committee

Scott Blackmun Steps Down as Head of U.S.O.C. Under Pressure From Larry Nassar Case

A congressional inquiry into the Olympic organization’s handling of allegations of sex abuse had intensified scrutiny of Blackmun, the chief executive.

Shanghai (China)

Frugal Traveler: Conquering High-Priced Shanghai, From Dumplings to Modern Art

An unparalleled economic powerhouse and megacity of 24 million people, the Chinese city was a frugal challenge. But it can be done (plenty of delicious dumplings helped).

Driverless and Semiautonomous Vehicles

Flying Taxis May Be Years Away, but the Groundwork Is Accelerating

As in the early days of self-driving cars, companies are digging in now so they aren’t left behind later. Just don’t call the aircraft “flying cars.”


Apple plans giant high-end iPhone, lower-priced model: Bloomberg

(Reuters) - Apple Inc is preparing to release three new smartphones later this year, Bloomberg reported on Monday, citing people familiar with the products.


Apple plans giant high-end iPhone, lower-priced model - Bloomberg

Feb 26 (Reuters) - Apple Inc is preparing to release three new smartphones later this year, Bloomberg reported on Monday, citing people familiar with the products.

Gun Control

Op-Ed Contributor: Australia’s Gun Laws Are Not a Model for America

Australians are scared of guns. Americans love them.


Modern Love: A Future Without Him, Aided by Duct Tape

A month into widowhood, a young mother finds herself to be the sole protector of her children — and a trapped bird.


Marcos-era musical resonates with modern Philippines, director says

BERLIN (Reuters) - Filipino director Lav Diaz's musical about martial law under President Ferdinand Marcos is set firmly in the 1970s, but the movie is as much about today, he told Reuters at the Berlin film festival on Wednesday.


Exclusive: Japan to buy at least 20 more F-35A stealth fighters - sources

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan plans to buy at least 20 additional F-35A stealth fighters over the next six years, some or all of which it may purchase directly from Lockheed Martin Corp in the United States rather than assemble locally, three sources said.

Defense and Military Forces

Fact Check: Is Israel a Model When It Comes to Guns, as Mike Huckabee Says?

Israel has compulsory military service and firearms are a common sight, but personal gun ownership is tightly restricted.


Qatar says may switch part of A350 order to biggest model

TOULOUSE, France (Reuters) - Airbus got a boost for its largest twin-engined jet on Tuesday when Qatar Airways said it was considering upgrading some of its A350 orders to the largest model as it took delivery of the first such plane.

Supermodel looks back on her iconic career

It may seem inconceivable that a supermodel could struggle with insecurity but I did. When I first heard the term supermodel it resonated with me and gave me strength. By transforming into a "superman" persona and allowing myself to embrace that character, I was able to live beyond any self-imposed limitations and accomplish much more than I thought I was capable of.


Uber CEO sees commercialization of flying taxis in 5-10 years

TOKYO (Reuters) - Uber Technologies Inc Chief Executive Officer Dara Khosrowshahi said on Tuesday he can see commercialization of the Uber Air flying taxi service happening within five to 10 years.


NuStar, other energy partnerships simplify business models to spur growth

HOUSTON (Reuters) - Some publicly-traded U.S. energy pipeline and oil-storage partnerships are restructuring into simpler business models to help attract new investors and spur growth.

Gun Control

DealBook: How Banks Could Control Gun Sales if Washington Won’t

As Corporate America espouses “social responsibility,” the financial industry could help limit sales of assault weapons, our columnist writes.

Car Services and Livery Cabs

When Calling an Uber Can Pay Off for Cities and States

New taxes and fees on ride-hailing services have raised millions of dollars for transportation, infrastructure, and even public schools.


Trump had affair with Playboy model: New Yorker report

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump had an affair with a Playboy model at the same time he was in a relationship with a porn star and the National Enquirer tabloid paid the model $150,000 to prevent her story being made public, the New Yorker reported on Friday.

New Yorker: Ex-model details Trump system for covering up affairs

A former Playboy model who claims she had an affair with Donald Trump beginning in 2006 is going public with a description of Trump's alleged system for concealing affairs.

Women and Girls

Modern Love: How ‘Lolita’ Freed Me From My Own Humbert

A teenager in distress turns to a famous novel with the hope of normalizing her situation. Instead, it provides a road map of escape.

Suits and Litigation (Civil)

DealBook: Does a Lawsuit Now Help the Weinstein Victims?

New York’s attorney general has sued the Weinstein Company, delaying a sale, to ensure that victims of abuse are compensated. Will his tactic backfire?


China's Xi stresses military modernization in pre-new year visit

BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese President Xi Jinping has stressed military modernization and technological advances during meetings with servicemen and women ahead of the Lunar New Year, state media said.

Classical Music

Review: Chicago Symphony Displays Out-of-Character Modesty at Carnegie

Under Riccardo Muti, the orchestra made no huge statements, no overarching themes, during its performances in New York.

Trump’s Infrastructure Plan: Modest Federal Incentives, Facing Long Odds

President Trump this week will call for a $1.5 trillion infrastructure initiative by matching up to $100 billion in funds that states and cities put toward infrastructure projects.

China: Stealth fighters are combat-ready

China says its newest stealth fighter is combat-ready.

Bernstein: No modern president lied like Trump

Carl Bernstein, who along with Bob Woodward investigated the Watergate scandal for the Washington Post, compares the Trump presidency to that of Nixon, saying, "we never had a president who lies like this."

Larry Nassar transferred to federal prison

Larry Nassar, the disgraced former USA Gymnastics team doctor who admitted to sexually abusing underage girls, has been transferred from a Michigan facility to a federal prison in Tucson, Arizona, to start a 60-year sentence for child pornography crimes, the Federal Bureau of Prisons said Saturday.


#MeToo fashion show opens with angel wing models, pig-faced men

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A fashion show inspired by the #MeToo social media campaign aimed at exposing sexual misconduct across the United States opened on Friday in New York with models sporting angel wings walking the runway accompanied by men in pig masks.


UPDATE 1-U.S. retailer rue21 in search of financing months after exiting bankruptcy -sources

Feb 9 (Reuters) - U.S. teen retailer rue21 Inc, which exited bankruptcy in September, is seeking financing after lackluster holiday sales failed to generate the cash it had hoped for, people familiar with the matter said on Friday.

Angered by Larry Nassar's abuse, she drew the survivors. 158 of them

Sarah Dvojack was hooked on gymnastics as a year-old girl watching the 1996 Summer Olympics and she's been in love ever since.


U.S. retailer rue21 in search of financing months after exiting bankruptcy -sources

Feb 9 (Reuters) - U.S. teen retailer rue21 Inc is seeking financing after lackluster holiday sales failed to generate the cash it had hoped for, people familiar with the matter said on Friday.

Car Services and Livery Cabs

With Waymo Settlement, Uber C.E.O. Makes His Mark

In settling a driverless car trade secrets dispute with Waymo, Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber’s C.E.O., showed how he employs the tactics of conciliation, regret and compromise.


China says new stealth fighter put into combat service

BEIJING (Reuters) - China has put into combat service its new generation J-20 stealth fighter, a warplane it hopes will narrow the military gap with the United States, the Chinese air force said on Friday, making it operationally ready.

Dating and Relationships

Modern Love: Just for Tonight, Pretend You Don’t Know Me, O.K.?

For a Valentine’s date, they wanted to go to a bar and act as if they were strangers. Then she sat next to someone else.


Tesla Model 3, Elon Musk’s Grail, Remains a Costly Pursuit

The electric-car maker, reporting another quarterly loss, is scrambling to root out glitches in the manufacturing of its first mass-market offering.

Chinese city has literally modeled itself on Paris

"We'll always have Paris," says Rick in cinematic classic "Casablanca" -- but what if Paris was replicated thousands of miles across the globe, in China?


Tesla sticks by Model 3 target, warns spending could rise in 2018

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Tesla Inc said on Wednesday it was sticking with Chief Executive Elon Musk's revised production targets for its Model 3 electric sedan, but posted its worst-ever quarterly loss, and warned that spending would increase slightly this year.


Tesla sticks by Model 3 target, posts worst ever quarterly loss

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Tesla Inc said on Wednesday it was sticking with Chief Executive Elon Musk's revised production targets for its Model 3 electric sedan, but posted its worst-ever quarterly loss, and warned that spending would increase slightly this year.


Toyota seeks India sales boost with aspirational, global-spec models

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Toyota Motor Corp will bring to India models with global specifications, its local unit head told Reuters, as it seeks to boost sales in the world's fifth largest passenger car market by appealing to buyers' increasingly aspirational tastes.

Stocks and Bonds

DealBook Briefing: Can Disney’s Earnings Help Alleviate Investor Concerns?

When stock markets are plunging, investors try to gauge the underlying strength of bellwether companies. That’s why many eyes will be on Disney after the close.

Stocks and Bonds

DealBook: Falling Markets Show Trump the Other Side of the Tax Stimulus

If stocks continue to fall, it won’t be because the president’s tax policies are failing, but because they may overheat the economy, spurring inflation.


Larry Nassar Is Sentenced to Another 40 to 125 Years in Prison

The Michigan circuit court judge said the number of women and girls who had come forward to accuse Dr. Nassar of sexual abuse had risen to 265.


Motor racing: Formula One to use "Grid Kids" in place of female models

LONDON (Reuters) - Formula One announced a new "Grid Kids" scheme on Monday to replace the female models who stood next to drivers' cars before the start of every grand prix with aspiring young racers.


Box Office: 'Jumanji' Regains Top Spot for Modest Super Bowl Weekend

LOS ANGELES, ( - Sony's resilient "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" has returned to the top of the North American box office, leading a modest Super Bowl weekend with $11 million at 3,553 sites.

Child Abuse and Neglect

Victims’ Father Lunges at Larry Nassar in Court

Randall Margraves had been standing next to his daughters in Eaton County Circuit Court in Charlotte, Mich., as they gave statements about Dr. Nassar’s sexual abuse.

How Palm Springs' modernist villas redefined glamour

In May 1947, Frank Sinatra showed up at Emerson Stewart Williams' office in Palm Springs, California, and asked for a Georgian-style vacation home. As the late architect recounted to Vanity Fair more than 50 years later, the singer's only other stipulation was that it was finished by Christmas.


Modern Love: When Your Body Tells You What Your Brain Won’t

A woman who had collected stories of others’ marriages and infidelities for years learns a powerful lesson that research alone could never teach.

Larry Nassar claimed he was 'the body whisperer'

Larry Nassar boasted that people called him "the body whisperer" because of his close connections with his patients, according to a 2014 police report.


Guess shares slump after model Kate Upton tweets about exec

(Reuters) - Guess Inc shares fell more than 17 percent on Thursday following a tweet by model and actress Kate Upton accusing the company's co-founder of using his power to harass women.


Guess shares slump after model Kate Upton tweets about executive

(Reuters) - Guess Inc shares fell more than 14 percent on Thursday following a tweet by model and actress Kate Upton about the company's co-founder using the #MeToo hashtag designed to highlight sexual harassment.

She filed a complaint against Larry Nassar in 2014. Nothing happened

Amanda Thomashow was hopeful as she left a meeting with Michigan State University officials in 2014 about Larry Nassar.

Elder Care

Britain Was a Pioneer in Outsourcing Services. Now, the Model Is ‘Broken.’

For a generation, Britain has eagerly enlisted private contractors to provide social services. But the model may be cracking under the pressure of austerity.


Formula One to stop using female models on the grid

LONDON (Reuters) - Formula One is ending the use of female models who parade on the starting grid and stand with the drivers' name boards before every grand prix.


Qualcomm's earnings top estimates as modem chip sales surge

(Reuters) - Chipmaker Qualcomm Inc's earnings and revenue topped Wall Street forecasts for the first fiscal quarter as demand surged for its chips used in smartphones and cars, making up for a fall in licensing revenue.

Biles wishes Larry Nassar got 'like 3,000 years' in prison

Olympic gymnast Simon Biles praised the "hero" judge who presided over Larry Nassar's recent criminal sentencing for sexual abuse -- but she did have one complaint.

Can three titans of modern industry revolutionize your health care?


A modern land run? Trump move opens Utah to mining claims under 1872 law

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw federal protections from millions of acres of Utah wilderness will reopen much of the iconic terrain to gold, silver, copper, and uranium land claims under a Wild West-era mining law, according to federal officials.

Child Abuse and Neglect

Larry Nassar, Sentenced in Sexual Abuse Case, Heads Back to Court

The former doctor for U.S.A. Gymnastics and a Michigan State University clinic faces sentencing for similar crimes against three girls in another case.

Chenault, Kenneth I

DealBook: For His Next Act, Ken Chenault Turns His Focus on Silicon Valley

Seeing an opportunity to have a larger impact on Silicon Valley and its business culture, Mr. Chenault plans to join the venture capital firm General Catalyst Partners.


Medieval Times Goes Modern, Replacing Its Kings With Queens

Zounds! In a coup for gender equality, only women will now preside over a realm of chicken legs, beer and jousting. But do the commoners care?


Alibaba looks to modernize Olympics starting in Pyeongchang

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, one of the few Olympics sponsors signed up until 2028, said it wants to upgrade the technology that keeps the Games running and will study the Pyeongchang Games to help find ways to save future host countries money.


U.S. lawmakers at NAFTA talks express optimism about modernizing trade pact

MONTREAL (Reuters) - U.S. lawmakers attending NAFTA talks in Montreal expressed optimism on Sunday that efforts to update the trade pact would avoid collapse and start gaining momentum and said they urged negotiators not to bind themselves to a specific deadline.

Child Abuse and Neglect

Op-Ed Columnist: Larry Nassar Is a Familiar Monster

The doctor’s harrowing abuse of gymnasts fit a pattern among child molesters.

Fashion and Apparel

Kaia Gerber’s Dad Was a Model, Too

Rande Gerber is married to Cindy Crawford, father to the teenage supermodels Kaia and Presley Gerber, and is a tequila baron (with his pal George Clooney).


Covered on the catwalk: modest fashion struts its stuff in Paris

PARIS (Reuters) - Models in brightly colored pant suits and ankle-length dresses graced a Paris catwalk this week in what organizers said was the city's first show of modest fashion that highlights styles popular with Muslim women.

Sex Crimes

Op-Ed Contributor: Rachael Denhollander: The Price I Paid for Taking On Larry Nassar

Nothing could have prepared me for the pain of telling the truth.

The fallout from Larry Nassar's sexual abuse is just beginning

When dusk falls Friday on Michigan State University, some students will try to keep the light shining on Larry Nassar's sexual abuse of scores of girls and young women -- and the school's role in it.

Single Persons

Modern Love: Are Bitcoins More Real Than Boyfriends?

She believed that loving a person would be a safer bet than investing in a cryptocurrency she could neither touch nor understand.

Child Abuse and Neglect

The Larry Nassar Case and What Comes Next

The string of events that ended this week in a Michigan courtroom began nearly two years ago. Here’s a look at the scandal as it continues to unfold.

Nassar, Lawrence G (1963- )

How Did Larry Nassar Get Away With It?

Lawrence G. Nassar, the sports doctor accused of sexually abusing more than 160 young women, committed his crimes with impunity for decades. Here’s how.


Tesla denies further Model 3 production issues

(Reuters) - Tesla Inc is on track to achieve its production targets for the Model 3, the electric car-maker said on Thursday, squashing a report of further delays and quality issues for its latest and most-affordable sedan.


BRIEF-Tesla Says On Track With Previous Projections For Achieving Increased Model 3 Production- Techcrunch



Former teen model accuses magician Copperfield of sexual assault

(Reuters) - A former teen model has accused illusionist David Copperfield of drugging and sexually assaulting her in 1988 after he judged a modeling competition in Japan that she took part in.


BRIEF-Tesla Employees Say To Expect More Model 3 Delays- CNBC



On Olympics: Will Larry Nassar Take Down the U.S. Olympic Committee?

The sexual assault case of Larry Nassar has felled the president of Michigan State and the leaders of U.S.A. Gymnastics. Is the U.S.O.C. leadership next?

Archaeology and Anthropology

In an Israeli Cave, Scientists Discover Jawbone of Earliest Modern Human Out of Africa

The discovery could rewrite the migration story of our species, pushing back by about 50,000 years when Homo sapiens were thought to have first left Africa.

How the Indy Star and Rachael Denhollander took down Larry Nassar

After 156 women came forward to say they were abused by Larry Nassar, Michigan Assistant Attorney General Angela Povilaitis singled out for praise the organization that started the reckoning with the disgraced doctor's two decades of sexual abuse.

Colossal images of modern capitalism

After two years of extensive renovations to its brutalist home, London's Hayward Gallery has reopened with a major retrospective dedicated to German photographer Andreas Gursky.

Presidential Election of 2016

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Is President Trump a Stealth Postmodernist or Just a Liar?

His successful deployment of “truthful hyperbole” has got people thinking.

They helped serve justice to Larry Nassar

They took down Larry Nassar.


Editorial: Sentencing Larry Nassar Is Only a Start

Michigan State’s president is stepping down, and others must be held accountable, for full justice to be served.

Davos, Senate, Larry Nassar: Your Wednesday Evening Briefing

Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.


Op-Ed Contributor: What Homoerotic Videos Can Teach Us About Modern Russia

How teenagers dancing in their underwear triumphed over Russian officialdom.

Read Rachael Denhollander's full impact statement about Larry Nassar

Rachael Denhollander was the first woman to publicly accuse Larry Nassar of sexual abuse. And she was the last of more than 150 women and girls to confront him in court during Nassar's sentencing hearing for criminal sexual conduct.

Asia and Australia Edition: Afghanistan, Davos, Larry Nassar: Your Thursday Briefing

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

Read Judge Aquilina's powerful statement to Larry Nassar

As she sentenced Larry Nassar up to 175 years in prison for sexual assault, Circuit Court Judge Rosemarie Aquilina ripped into the former USA Gymnastics doctor.


Dr. Larry Nassar Sentenced to 40 to 175 Years for Sexual Abuse

More than 150 women, including Olympic gymnasts, testified during an extraordinary seven-day hearing for the former U.S.A. Gymnastics and Michigan State team doctor.

Child Abuse and Neglect

At Larry Nassar’s Sentencing, Parents Ask: ‘How Did I Miss the Red Flags?’

Over day after day of victim statements in a Michigan court, some parents have wondered how they could have missed signs that the sports doctor was molesting their children.

NCAA investigating Michigan State over Larry Nassar case

The NCAA has opened an investigation into Michigan State University's handling of sexual abuse allegations against sports doctor Larry Nassar.

Larry Nassar will never get out of prison

Serial child abuser and former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar will be sentenced to a lengthy prison sentence on Tuesday or Wednesday, and he could face as many as 125 years in prison.

Larry Nassar sentencing


Victims in Larry Nassar Abuse Case Find a Fierce Advocate: The Judge

For more than a week, Judge Rosemarie Aquilina has cleared her docket to let more than 100 young athletes make statements about Dr. Nassar, accused of sexually abusing them.

Larry Nassar's fate nears after more than 100 victim impact statements

The girls trusted their doctor.

Executive Compensation

DealBook: Tesla’s Pay Deal to Keep Elon Musk: All or Nothing

Mr. Musk agreed to stay as chief executive for 10 years, with compensation tied to $50 billion leaps in Tesla’s valuation. Otherwise, he makes zero.

Hijab-wearing model pulls out of L'Oreal campaign over 2014 tweets

The model making history by being featured in a headscarf for a hair care advertising campaign is pulling out of it due to controversy over alleged tweets she penned in 2014.


Women Confront Larry Nassar in Court: ‘I Was So Brainwashed Then’

For the fifth day, gymnasts and other athletes spoke about Dr. Nassar’s abuse.

United States Politics and Government

With Talking Stick in Hand, Moderate Senators Broke the Shutdown

Two dozen centrist senators from both parties banded together to push their leaders to a deal to reopen the government. Now comes the hard part.

How Larry Nassar got away with it for so long


Moderate Republican senators urge firmer pledge on immigration from McConnell

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Three moderate Republican U.S. senators on Monday, emerging from a bipartisan meeting aimed at trying to end the government shutdown, said there could enough support if Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell made a firmer commitment to move legislation that would address so-called Dreamer immigrants.

Jordyn Wieber says Larry Nassar also abused her

American gymnast Jordyn Wieber said she, too, was sexually abused by Larry Nassar during her time at USA Gymnastics, the gold medalist said in court Friday.


Road to ruin? Carillion collapse puts spotlight on UK outsourcing model

LONDON/BALMEDIE, Scotland (Reuters) - In Balmedie, a village on the northeast coast of Scotland, an unfinished 12 km stretch of dual carriageway is a stark illustration of why British construction company Carillion went bust this week.

Bicycles and Bicycling

Modern Love: The Bike That Saved My Life

Saddled with a run-down house, a faltering marriage and a vanishing bank account, a woman takes to her two-wheeler.

Hijab-wearing model stars in L'Oréal Paris hair campaign

L'Oreal Paris is breaking barriers and making history by featuring a hijab-wearing woman in a hair campaign.

Sex Crimes

McKayla Maroney, Describing Sexual Abuse, Calls Larry Nassar a ‘Monster of a Human Being’

The Olympic gymnast is one of over 100 victims who submitted impact statements about abuse by Dr. Lawrence G. Nassar, the former gymnastics team doctor.

Jews and Judaism

Op-Ed Columnist: A Modest Immigration Proposal: Ban Jews

Those in favor of selective admission to our country should heed the lessons of a century ago.


UPDATE 1-European shares post modest rise after U.S. and Asia rally

LONDON, Jan 18 (Reuters) - European shares notched up modest gains on Thursday, failing to match a rally that lifted Wall Street and Asia to new records.


European shares post modest rise after U.S., Asia rally

LONDON, Jan 18 (Reuters) - European shares notched up modest gains on Thursday, falling short of a rally that lifted Wall Street and Asia to new records.

Judge doubles as therapist in Larry Nassar case

As a teenager, Amanda Cormier loved music. She would sing in musicals and choirs and be endlessly creative as she wrote songs on the guitar, she said.

Larry Nassar's abuse victims, in their own words

One by one the women stepped forward to the podium, some fighting back tears, to face their abuser.

Vaccination and Immunization

After a Debacle, How California Became a Role Model on Measles

Changing minds on vaccination is very difficult, but it isn’t so important when a law can change behavior.


Simone Biles Says She, Too, Was Abused by Larry Nassar

Biles, a four-time gold medalist, is the latest and most prominent gymnast to formally accuse Dr. Nassar, the former U.S.A. Gymnastics doctor, of sexual abuse.

Corporate Social Responsibility

DealBook: BlackRock’s Message: Contribute to Society, or Risk Losing Our Support

Laurence Fink, the chief executive of BlackRock, the $6 trillion investment firm, plans to tell C.E.O.s in a letter that businesses must serve a social purpose.


UPDATE 2-Rio Tinto targets modest hike in 2018 iron ore shipments

* Mined copper output down 9 pct in 2017 (Adds expansion details, iron ore price, Oyu Tolgoi tax bill)

Designer gets heat for drag queen model

Designer Brandon Hilton is facing criticism after announcing the new covergirl for his brand, House of Mann: 9-year-old drag queen Lactatia.


VW to spend more than $3.3 billion through 2020 on U.S. model expansion

DETROIT (Reuters) - Volkswagen plans to spend more than $3.3 billion on development and production of new models in North America from 2018 to 2020 as the German group reboots operations in the world's second-largest auto market.


VW to spend more than $3.3 bln through 2020 on U.S. model expansion

DETROIT, Jan 14 (Reuters) - Volkswagen plans to spend more than $3.3 billion on development and production of new models in North America from 2018 to 2020 as the German group reboots operations in the world's second-largest auto market.


Male models say top fashion photographers harassed them: New York Times

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Male models and assistants who worked with high-powered fashion photographers Bruce Weber and Mario Testino say they were subjected by them to molestation, sexual advances and unnecessary nudity, The New York Times reported on Saturday.

Models (Professional)

Condé Nast Crafts Rules to Protect Models From Harassment

The publishing giant, which is creating a code of conduct for photo shoots, reflecting a new reality in the fashion industry.

Testino, Mario

Male Models Say Mario Testino and Bruce Weber Sexually Exploited Them

Models and assistants described how Mr. Testino and Mr. Weber, two of the most prominent photographers in fashion, used their authority to engage in unwanted sexual behavior.

Car Services and Livery Cabs

Inside Uber’s $100,000 Payment to a Hacker, and the Fallout

How Uber grappled with a 2016 hack is under scrutiny and has cast a chill over how other companies deal with security threats.


Ford to offer auto emergency braking on half its U.S. models in 2019

DETROIT (Reuters) - Ford Motor Co said on Friday it will offer automatic emergency braking on more than half its U.S. models in 2019, and that it is on track to equip all U.S. models with the device by 2022.

Dating and Relationships

Modern Love: For Best Hookup Results, Use Your Words, O.K.?

How physical desire, fake flattery and a vanishing act can make casual sex anything but casual.


Lagging industry, Ford puts auto emergency brakes on two 2019 models

(Reuters) - Ford Motor Co said on Thursday it will make automatic emergency brakes standard on two key 2019 models, an effort by the No. 2 U.S. automaker to catch up with rivals in offering the new technology designed to help vehicles avoid collisions.


Rex Reed Bangs a Gong on the Mediocrity of Modern Life

The tirelessly acidic film critic recalls when screens were silver, not small; when actors were stars, not celebrities; and when written opinion wasn’t free.

The modern problem with pursuing perfection

"Perfection, by definition, is an impossible goal, and that's the first thing to say."


Already ‘Moderately Severe,’ Flu Season in U.S. Could Get Worse

Fears of “Killer Aussie Flu” may be exaggerated, but this year’s predominant strain is the most dangerous, and the vaccine is a poor match for it.


Trilobites: A Mummified Child’s Remains Show Signs of a Modern Scourge

For decades, scientists thought the toddler died nearly 500 years ago from smallpox. New research shows it carried hepatitis B.


Modern Love: How 30 Blocks Became 30 Years

A teenager in a wheelchair forges an unlikely but enduring relationship with the young woman hired to care for his infant half brother.


In Norway, Electric and Hybrid Cars Outsell Conventional Models

The country offers generous benefits to buyers of vehicles that run on new types of fuel, making ownership more affordable.

Historic Buildings and Sites

Modernizing a Southern Home Without Losing Its Charm

Inside an 1853 Charleston townhouse, where the couple behind Workstead Studio created a private residence that showcases their lighting, furniture and more.


Tesla Model 3 delay raises cashflow risks, but analysts upbeat

(Reuters) - Tesla Inc shares fell as much as 3.6 percent on Thursday, setting the company up to lose nearly $1.9 billion in market value after it pushed back a production target for its much-anticipated Model 3 sedan yet again.

Fashion and Apparel

The Hospital Gown Gets a Modest Makeover

The ubiquitous chilly, exposing garment has been redesigned for more style and privacy.


China, Moving to Cut Emissions, Halts Production of 500 Car Models

The suspensions pointed to Beijing’s growing willingness to test forceful antipollution measures and assume a leading role in the fight against climate change.

Trolls can't stop this cover model

How Ashley Graham is redefining beauty standards and shaping the future of fashion.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures

DealBook: Toasts to the Deals (and Other Winners) of 2017

The last year gave us some whopping deals, including’s acquisition of Whole Foods, that will shape the business landscape in 2018.


Hyundai Motor, Kia Motors flag modest sales growth in 2018

SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea's Hyundai Motor and affiliate Kia Motors set a 2018 total sales target of 7.55 million vehicles, a likely modest improvement on the previous year.

Korean War

Korean War, a ‘Forgotten’ Conflict That Shaped the Modern World

The three-year conflict set the stage for decades of tension on the Korean Peninsula, but today many Americans know little about it.


Modern Love: Love Calls, and So Does the Priesthood

On a subway platform, she shared a New Year’s Eve kiss with a man planning to be a priest. Could it go any further?