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Rocket attack kills at least 29 in Damascus market: Syrian state media

AMMAN (Reuters) - At least 29 people were killed and scores injured on Tuesday when a rocket landed in a busy market place in an eastern suburb of the Syrian capital Damascus, state media said.


TSA says doesn't search phones, devices of air travelers for content

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Transportation Security Administration, responding to a lawsuit, said on Tuesday it does not search devices like the mobile phones of air travelers for electronic content.

Trump's opioid plan to kill drug dealers is about vengeance, not solutions

Vengeance is not a public health policy. But it's implicit in a policy measure coming out of the White House, which would attempt to solve the opioid crisis with a plan that includes sentencing some high-intensity traffickers to death. It may feel good, and for some segment of the population, vengeance may even look good.

International Trade and World Market

Op-Ed Contributor: What the West Doesn’t Get About Xi Jinping

Why would China commit to a liberal world order that doesn’t reflect its own political values?

Photos: The great white rhino hope


FEATURE-From Wall Street to weed: How the financial crisis lit up the pot industry

NEW YORK, March 20 (Reuters) - As a senior vice president at Wachovia and then Morgan Stanley during the dark months of the 2008 and 2009 financial crisis, Derek Peterson watched as colleagues lost their jobs and life savings and wondered if he was next.

Computers and the Internet

The Shift: How Facebook’s Data Sharing Went From Feature to Bug

Sure, third-party Facebook apps collected data about users’ lives. But they seemed convenient and harmless, and, really, what could go wrong?


Self-driving Uber car kills Arizona woman crossing street

TEMPE, Ariz./SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - An Uber self-driving car hit and killed a woman crossing the street in Arizona, police said on Monday, marking the first fatality caused by an autonomous vehicle and a potential blow to the technology expected to transform transportation.


U.S. top court rebuffs Arizona killer's death penalty challenge

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rebuffed a direct challenge to the constitutionality of the death penalty, refusing to hear an Arizona contract killer's argument that it amounts to impermissible cruel and unusual punishment and that American society has reached a consensus on the need to strike it down.

Driverless and Semiautonomous Vehicles

Self-Driving Uber Car Kills Arizona Pedestrian

A woman in Tempe, Ariz., died after being hit by a self-driving car operated by Uber, in the first known fatality of a pedestrian from an autonomous vehicle on public roads.

Analysis: Trump does next best thing to firing Mueller

Firing special counsel Robert Mueller would be "the beginning of the end of (Donald Trump's) presidency," predicted South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham on CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday.

Fashion and Apparel

‘I Feel Like I Am Part of a Great Moment’

This season, dark-skinned models helped diversify the runways.


Bomb blast in Syria's Afrin kills seven civilians, four Syrian rebels: Anadolu

ISTANBUL (Reuters) - A bomb blast in a four-floor building in the town of Afrin in northwest Syria killed seven civilians and four Free Syrian Army members overnight, state-run Anadolu news agency reported on Monday.


Tropical storm Eliakim kills 17 in Madagascar: authorities

ANTANANARIVO (Reuters) - At least 17 people died when a tropical storm hit eastern Madagascar over the weekend, authorities said.


Hundreds flee Australian bushfires that kill cattle, destroy homes

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian authorities urged people to remain alert on Monday as bushfires that have destroyed dozens of homes, killed cattle and forced hundreds of residents to flee continued to burn out of control in the southeast of the country.

War Crimes, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity

Editorial: Investigate Killings in the Philippines

President Rodrigo Duterte’s move to pull the country out of the International Criminal Court should not impede a probe into deaths there.


Daryl Hannah directs first feature, wants more women in film industry

AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - Film star Daryl Hannah returned to the red carpet with her debut as a feature film director and said the odds are stacked against women taking prominent roles in the film industry.


Australian wildfires destroy homes, kill cattle as hundreds of people flee

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian authorities urged people to remain alert on Monday as wildfires that have destroyed homes, killed cattle and forced hundreds of residents to flee continued to burn out of control in the southeast of the country.

Opinion: Trump's 'great day for democracy' smacks of dictatorship

If the firing of former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe on Friday night felt like something you'd see in a third-world dictatorship, you aren't alone.

Two polio workers killed in attack in Pakistan

Two polio workers were killed in an attack in a tribal area of Pakistan on Saturday, according to a local official.

Two Israeli soldiers killed in West Bank car ramming attack

Two Israeli soldiers were killed and three more were injured in a car ramming attack on Friday afternoon in the northern West Bank, according to the Israeli military and emergency services.

Mother in agony after baby killed

Residents say Turkish-led forces bombed a hospital in their Kurdish town of Afrin in northern Syria, killing at least nine people. CNN's Ben Wedeman's has the story.


BRIEF-China Greatwall Technology In Strategic Agreement With Baidu On AI, Smart Tech

March 18 (Reuters) - China Greatwall Technology Group Co Ltd :


Florida school aware of bridge crack before collapse that killed six

MIAMI (Reuters) - Engineers and state and university officials met hours before a new pedestrian bridge collapsed in southern Florida, killing six people, but concluded a crack in the structure was not a safety concern, Florida International University said on Saturday.


Car bomb kills at least three in Afghan capital

KABUL (Reuters) - A car bomb killed at least three people and wounded two in the Afghan capital Kabul on Saturday in an apparent attack on a foreign contractor company, officials said.


Syrian monitor says strikes on Ghouta rebel town kill 30

BEIRUT (Reuters) - The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said air strikes on a rebel pocket in eastern Ghouta killed 30 people gathering to leave to government lines on Saturday.


Cambodia kicks off drills with 'great friend' China as U.S. ties sour

PHNOM PENH (Reuters) - China and Cambodia on Saturday kicked off military exercises focused on counter-terrorism and rescue operations, highlighting the strong ties between the two countries amid strained relations between Cambodia and the United States.

United States Defense and Military Forces

2 New York City Firefighters Killed in Iraq Helicopter Crash

The crash of an American military helicopter killed seven service members, including the two firefighters attached to an Air National Guard unit.


BRIEF-Ngl Energy Partners Does Not Expect Material Impact From Ferc Ruling


Vatican removes archbishop but doesn't say why

The Vatican has removed Archbishop Anthony Apuron of Guam from office and barred him from living in the Pacific territory, saying a church tribunal had found the cleric guilty of "certain of the accusations" made against him.

Alcoholic Beverages

Spirits of The Times: Does Blended Scotch Still Have a Place in the Modern Bar?

This category outsells single malts, but it’s in decline and is seeking a role beyond legacy drinkers and cocktails.


A Word With: Bill Hader Kills With More Than Just Kindness on His New HBO Show

Mr. Hader, the “Saturday Night Live” alumnus, talks about taking on the unlikely role of a hit man in his new HBO comedy series, “Barry.”

United States Defense and Military Forces

All 7 U.S. Troops Aboard Helicopter Killed in Crash in Iraq

The helicopter crashed shortly after takeoff, according to residents of the town of Qaim, near the Syrian border.


U.S. helicopter crash in Iraq kills all aboard: military

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - All personnel aboard a U.S. military helicopter carrying American service members were killed in a crash in western Iraq, the U.S. Central Command said on Friday.


Air strike on Syria's eastern Ghouta kills 12, wounds more than 100 - monitor

BEIRUT (Reuters) - The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Friday Russian air strikes on the Syrian rebel-held village of Kafr Batna in eastern Ghouta killed 12 civilians and wounded more than 100 others.


Islam doesn't belong to Germany, new interior minister says

BERLIN (Reuters) - New Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said Islam did not belong to Germany, in an interview published on Friday, setting him on a collision course with Chancellor Angela Merkel who has stressed the need to integrate Muslims.

2 killed, 2 hurt in series of explosions in Austin, Texas

These Austin residents fear explosions may be racially motivated

Former US North Korea envoy calls Trump's acceptance of Kim meeting 'a great outcome'

The man who spearheaded US diplomatic efforts on North Korea until his surprise retirement earlier this month said he welcomes plans for a meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, which is expected to take place in May.


Six to 10 people killed in Florida foot bridge collapse: senator

MIAMI (Reuters) - Six to 10 people were killed when a newly erected pedestrian bridge spanning several lanes of traffic collapsed at Florida International University on Thursday, U.S. Senator Bill Nelson of Florida told TV station CBS Miami.

Progressives rallied hard to kill the bank bill. It didn't work.

Even as Democrats celebrate their narrow victory in southwest Pennsylvania, party solidarity is in doubt -- and progressive groups, Capitol Hill darlings for so much of the past year, are getting a preview of the challenges to come.

Writing and Writers

The Enthusiast: In Praise of Ruth McKenney

I wish McKenney’s life had been as joyous and carefree as her effervescent memoirs. But I rejoice that her books are still available at my hometown library.

Barron Trump's school doesn't want armed teachers

The school attended by President Donald Trump's youngest son joined an open letter demanding the President pass gun legislation to protect students.


Hezbollah doesn't expect Israeli war, but is ready for one

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Lebanon's powerful Hezbollah does not expect its arch foe Israel to launch a war for now in Lebanon but is prepared for one, the deputy leader of the Iran-backed Shi'ite group told Reuters in an interview on Thursday.

No, Mr. President. The US doesn't have a trade deficit with Canada


Rockslide kills one, hurts another beach camper in storm-hit Portugal

LISBON (Reuters) - At least one foreign tourist was killed and another seriously injured by a rockslide that hit their beach camp just off continental Europe's westernmost point in Portugal as a result of a violent storm, authorities said on Thursday.


'Forget about it': EU kills pizzeria's 'Mafia' trademark

LUXEMBOURG (Reuters) - EU judges failed to see the funny side of branding a chain of pizzerias as "The Mafia", rejecting an appeal on Thursday by a Spanish company to keep European trademark protection for its marketing slogan.


Saudi crown prince says will develop nuclear bomb if Iran does: CBS TV

RIYADH (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia will develop a nuclear bomb if its arch-rival Iran does so, the kingdom's 32-year-old crown prince said in a preview of a television interview released on Thursday.

The boom of online shopping didn't kill the toy store giant. Many of its wounds were self-inflicted.

Couple killed in crash while fleeing immigration agents

A couple was killed in a crash while trying to flee from federal immigration agents in California, police said.


Two aviators killed in Super Hornet jet crash: U.S. Navy

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Navy said on Wednesday two aviators had been killed in a F/A-18F Super Hornet crash during a training flight off the coast of Key West, Florida.


Harper Lee estate sues Broadway's 'To Kill a Mockingbird' play

(Reuters) - The estate of "To Kill a Mockingbird" author Harper Lee has sued the producer of an upcoming Broadway adaptation, arguing that writer Aaron Sorkin's script deviates too much from the beloved novel about race relations in the Depression-era U.S. South.

Endangered and Extinct Species

Feature: Should Some Species Be Allowed to Die Out?

As the list of endangered animals worldwide grows longer, society may soon be faced with an impossible decision: which ones to take off life support.

Writing and Writers

Harper Lee’s Estate Sues Over Broadway Version of ‘Mockingbird’

The federal suit says that Aaron Sorkin’s script for the play, set this fall for Broadway, deviates too much from “To Kill a Mockingbird.”


Bomb targets police in Pakistan, killing seven people in eastern city of Lahore

LAHORE, Pakistan (Reuters) - A bomb blast ripped through a police checkpoint in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore on Monday, killing seven people and wounding 18, a rescue official said.

Georgia school district doesn't support walkouts. The parents do.

The Atlanta suburb of Cobb County plans to take disciplinary action against protesting students — ranging from Saturday school to five days' suspension per district guidelines.

Florence (Italy)

Footsteps: In Florence, Finding the Legacy of One of Literature’s Great Couples

For nearly 15 years, the poets Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning lived under the spell of this elegant Renaissance capital — and the mark they left remains.

Kidnapping and Hostages

Feature: How a Ransom for Royal Falconers Reshaped the Middle East

Qatar went to extreme lengths to secure the release of its hunters — including a deadly population transfer in Syria.

Man Booker Prize

Feature: The Evolution of One of Fiction’s Gay Liberators

Alan Hollinghurst, one of England’s most celebrated novelists, has changed with the times and found new ways to surprise.

Economic Conditions and Trends

Op-Ed Contributor: China’s Economy Is Not Normal. It Doesn’t Have to Be.

What seem like weaknesses — imbalance, debt — have been strengths: Even corruption has spurred growth.

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

Op-Ed Contributor: Where Does Mike Pompeo Stand on the Issues? Too Close to Trump

From Iran to Russia, the new nominee for secretary of state will encourage all of the president’s worst instincts.

Overdose antidote doesn't always mean fewer deaths

Naloxone, a drug that rapidly reverses opioid overdose, has become more widely available as the United States struggles with an epidemic of drug abuse.


Bus carrying students crashes in Alabama, killing driver

(Reuters) - A bus carrying dozens of Texas high school band members home from a trip to Disney World plunged into a ravine off of an interstate highway in Alabama on Tuesday, killing its driver and injuring several others, authorities said.


Loneliness doesn’t drive seniors to see more doctors

(Reuters Health) - Older adults who are socially isolated may not necessarily see doctors or visit health clinics more often than their peers who have close ties to many friends and family members, a research review suggests.


Bus carrying students crashes in Alabama, killing at least one

(Reuters) - A bus carrying dozens of Texas high school students on a trip veered across the median separating two lanes of an interstate highway in Alabama and plunged into a ravine, killing at least one person and injuring several others, authorities said.

Opinion: Breaking glass ceiling doesn't give her a pass

Donald Trump's elevation of Gina Haspel to director of the CIA is historic: She will be the first woman to lead the agency. While the announcement comes amid the chaos of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's firing and the move of present CIA Director Mike Pompeo to run the State Department, it's important to note that in a nation focused on women's equality, payments to porn stars and a Trump administration that is far behind its predecessors in the promotion of women to top posts, Haspel has broken a glass ceiling.


Namibia records first listeria case after it kills 180 in South Africa

WINDHOEK (Reuters) - Namibia's health minister said on Tuesday it had recorded its first case of listeriosis, the biggest recorded outbreak of which has killed over 180 people and infected almost 970 in neighboring South Africa.

Writing and Writers

Feature: Does Recovery Kill Great Writing?

As I emerged from alcoholism, I had to face down a terrifying question.

China, 5G among reasons US killed tech deal


Nepal begins probe of plane crash that killed 49, airline defends pilot

KATHMANDU (Reuters) - Investigators have retrieved the flight data recorder from the wreckage of a Bangladeshi airliner that crashed, killing at least 49 aboard, including the crew, when it attempted to land in Nepal's capital, officials said on Tuesday.

Opinion: Overseas killings are in Russia's DNA

The attempted murder last week in the United Kingdom of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal by means of a nerve agent immediately called to mind the fatal poisoning of another former officer of the Russian security services, Alexander Litvinenko, victim of a polonium attack in London in 2006. The Russian government denies any involvement, of course, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov expressed outrage that anyone would suggest otherwise.

How the Great Recession impacted your health

The Great Recession of the early 21st century was a period of global economic decline marked by high unemployment and stagnant wages.

The company everyone wants to kill

Turkish socialite killed in plane crash after bachelorette party

A wealthy Turkish socialite and seven of her friends were killed on Sunday after the airplane carrying them home from her bachelorette party crashed in Iran, according to Turkish media reports and the head of the Turkish Red Crescent.

Arrest made in 1986 killing of teen

Michael Hand, 61, was arrested at his North Carolina home and accused of killing then 15-year-old Tracy Gilpin in 1986.


Teen killed, woman injured in Austin package bomb explosion

AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - A 17-year-old boy was killed and a woman injured in a package bomb explosion on Monday at a home in Austin in an incident similar to another fatal blast in the Texas state capital earlier this month, authorities said.


Bangladeshi plane crashes in Nepal, killing at least 49

KATHMANDU (Reuters) - At least 49 people were killed on Monday when a Bangladeshi airliner crashed in cloudy weather as it came in to land at the Nepalese capital's hill-ringed airport, officials said.


Bangladeshi plane crashes in Nepal, killing at least 50

KATHMANDU (Reuters) - A Bangladeshi airliner crashed on Monday after making an unexpected turn in cloudy weather as it came in to land at the airport in Nepal's capital, killing at least 50 people, officials said.

Airlines and Airplanes

Plane Crashes in Kathmandu, With Many of Its 67 Passengers Feared Killed

A US-Bangla Airlines flight from Bangladesh slammed into a field short of the runway and caught fire, and at least 40 people were killed.

Forest fire kills nine hikers at tourist spot

Nine people were killed in a forest fire in southern India after becoming trapped while hiking, police said Monday.


At Least 2 Killed in Helicopter Crash in East River Off Manhattan

A spokesman for the New York Fire Department said units were responding to a helicopter crash near Roosevelt Island, between Manhattan and Queens.

Aviation Accidents, Safety and Disasters

Turkish Jet Crashes in Iran, Killing Heiress and 7 Friends

Mina Basaran was in line to run the company that owned the business jet. Days before the crash, it had taken the group to Dubai for her bachelorette party.


Turkish socialite and friends killed in plane crash in Iran

ISTANBUL/DUBAI (Reuters) - A wealthy Turkish socialite and her friends were among the 11 people killed on Sunday when a private plane bringing them home from a Dubai bachelorette party crashed into an Iranian mountainside.


All eight passengers killed as private Turkish plane crashes in Iran: Red Crescent

ISTANBUL (Reuters) - All eight passengers were killed on Sunday when a private plane belonging to Turkish firm Basaran Holding crashed in Iran, the head of the Turkish Red Crescent said on Twitter.


At least 44 militants killed in clash with Philippine troops: army

MANILA (Reuters) - At least 44 pro-Islamic State militants were killed and 26 more were wounded when Philippine soldiers shelled positions held by the rebels in southern Maguindanao province, the army said on Sunday.


California man arrested for killing one police officer, wounding another

(Reuters) - A California man was arrested Saturday after a 15-hour standoff with a police SWAT team and charged with killing one police officer and wounding another, authorities said.


Trump says North Korea talks could fail or bring 'greatest deal'

MOON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump said on Saturday his planned meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un could fizzle without an agreement or it could result in "the greatest deal for the world" to ease nuclear tensions between the two countries.

President says his 2020 slogan will be 'Keep America Great!'

President Donald Trump on Saturday offered a preview of his 2020 campaign, announcing his new slogan will be "Keep American Great!" because 'Make America Great Again' is now outdated.

Presidential Election of 2016

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: YouTube, the Great Radicalizer

The videos it recommends seem to get more and more extreme.


Estate of Oklahoma man killed by reserve deputy to receive $6 million

(Reuters) - Officials in Tulsa County, Oklahoma, have agreed to pay a record $6 million to the estate of an unarmed black man who was fatally shot in 2015 by a white volunteer sheriff's deputy who thought his pistol was a Taser, federal court documents showed.


Trump's ex-aide Bannon sees 'great' future for Le Pen's niece

LILLE, France (Reuters) - Former White House strategist Steve Bannon on Saturday waxed lyrical about Marion Marechal-Le Pen, the young niece of French far-right leader Marine Le Pen, seeing a great future ahead of the "rising star".


Palestinian killed during clash with Israelis in West Bank: officials

NABLUS, West Bank (Reuters) - A Palestinian was shot and killed on Saturday in what began as a clash between Palestinians and Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank, Palestinian health officials said.


As many as 18 Afghan soldiers killed fighting in western province

LASHKAR GAH, Afghanistan (Reuters) - As many as 18 Afghan soldiers and members of the special forces have been killed in fighting in the western province of Farah, local officials said on Saturday.

Defectors (Political)

He Had the Treasonous Uncle Killed, but He Forgave the Disloyal Chef

Few outsiders have met North Korea’s reclusive leader, Kim Jong-un. But a handful of people who know him have filled in some gaps in recent years.


Common knee surgery doesn’t help older adults

(Reuters Health) – Many older adults are getting surgery to remove damaged cartilage in the knee even though these operations may not help ease pain or improve mobility in people over 65, a U.S. study suggests.


Israeli troops kill Palestinian in West Bank clashes

RAMALLAH, West Bank (Reuters) - Israeli soldiers shot dead a Palestinian man during clashes in the occupied West Bank on Friday, the Palestinian Health Ministry said.

Hurricane Maria (2017)

Art Museums in Puerto Rico Face Long and Expensive Recovery

Battling mold, wind damage and a lack of money, museum directors struggle to restore damaged buildings.

19 great places to skinny dip

Bathing naked isn't just for babies.

United States International Relations

Editorial: On North Korea, Donald Trump Does the Right Thing, for Once

The president will need to do a lot of careful planning in the coming weeks for his historic meeting with Kim Jong-un to be a success, though.

What does North Korea want and what does the US want?

Very little is known about US President Donald Trump's plans to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un except that the historic moment will happen before May.

Defense and Military Forces

Russia’s Greatest Problem in Syria: Its Ally, President Assad

The Syrian leader’s push for a military victory has put the Kremlin in a corner, unable either to risk a withdrawal or to craft the political settlement that would cement its gains in the region.

International Trade and World Market

A Trade Skirmish Is Underway. That Doesn’t Mean a Trade War Is Near.

The Trump administration has been aggressive, but so far it has followed the rules of the game.

Writing and Writers

Profile: A War Reporter Finds Refuge by Switching to Fiction

Wendell Steavenson, who felt intrusive when talking to victims of horrific attacks, found freedom in writing her novel, “Paris Metro.”

President's demand for tariffs have rattled US allies and prompted his top economist to quit. He doesn't care.

President Donald Trump signaled on Thursday he was intent on slapping new tariffs on steel and aluminum despite lingering legal questions and steep resistance from members of his own party and major US allies.


Toxic particle linked to diesel kills 6,000 a year in Germany: Agency

BERLIN (Reuters) - Some 6,000 early deaths linked to nitrogen oxides (NOx) are recorded each year in Germany, the Federal Environmental Agency said on Thursday, providing more evidence of the health hazards posed by the toxic particles mostly produced by diesel engines.

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

Sam Nunberg Says He’ll Cooperate With Mueller. But What Does He Know?

Mr. Nunberg, who was one of the first people to take the idea of a Trump campaign seriously, would be in a position to tell the special counsel about the Trump campaign’s origins.


Best of Late Night: Trevor Noah Doesn’t Think Trump White House Has ‘Great Energy’

Stormy Daniels was a comedic reservoir for late night comedy on Wednesday, as another storm ravaged the East Coast.


U.S. destroyer McCain collision which killed 10 sailors caused by 'sudden turn': Singapore

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - A U.S. guided missile destroyer's deadly collision with an oil tanker near Singapore in 2017 was caused by "a sudden turn" made by the warship that put it in the path of the commercial vessel, said a report by the Singapore government on Thursday.


Great Wall seeks to double vehicle sales by 2025, plans electric car push

BEIJING (Reuters) - China's Great Wall Motor Co Ltd aims to more than double its annual sales to 2 million vehicles by 2025, with roughly a third of those expected to be all-electric battery cars.


Papua New Guinea sees long recovery ahead as quake death toll tops 100

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - Papua New Guinea faces a long road to recovery after the powerful earthquake that hit the nation's rugged highlands more than 10 days ago, with the death toll now believed to have climbed to more than 100, its leader said.


Clashes, machete attack kill more than 20 in central Nigeria

BAUCHI, Nigeria (Reuters) - More than 20 people have died in clashes between herders and farmers in central Nigeria, police said, part of an outbreak of violence that has piled pressure on President Muhammadu Buhari less than a year before elections.

Broadway star's daughter killed

Tony award-winning actress Ruthie Ann Miles' 4-year-old daughter was killed when they were both struck by a car.

Thiel, Peter A

Peter Thiel’s Money Talks, in Contentious Ways. But What Does He Say?

In a rare interview, the billionaire Facebook board member and Trump supporter shared his current takes on politics, Silicon Valley and more after “a crazier two years than I would have thought.”

California Today

California Today: California Today: Why This Year’s Low Snowpack Doesn’t Indicate a Drought

Wednesday: The reservoirs are in good shape, Jeff Sessions teases a sanctuary city announcement, and Democrats put up more House candidates.


Nigeria says 'unprecedented' Lassa fever outbreak killed 110 this year

LAGOS (Reuters) - An outbreak of Lassa fever, a viral hemorrhagic illness, has killed 110 people this year in Nigeria in an "unprecedented" outbreak that has hit half of the states in Africa's most populous nation, its disease control agency said on Wednesday.

Writing and Writers

Tony Kushner, at Peace? Not Exactly. But Close.

With “Angels in America” about to reopen on Broadway, the 61-year-old playwright is feeling serene — at least by his own intense standards. Don’t get him started on the president, though.


BRIEF-Fiat CEO does not rule out industrial partner for Magneti Marelli

March 7 (Reuters) - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne says:


Philippines' Duterte says 'not in a million years' does ICC have right to try him

MANILA (Reuters) - Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has said there is no chance of him going on trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC), because "not in a million years" would it have jurisdiction to indict him.


Woodside, partners dismayed Australia, East Timor have no plan for Greater Sunrise

MELBOURNE, March 7 (Reuters) - Woodside Petroleum and its partners said they were disappointed that Australia and East Timor had failed to settle on a development plan for the Greater Sunrise gas fields between the two countries as part of the process ending a long-running maritime border dispute on Wednesday.

Analysis: Trump is producing the greatest reality show ever

You can leave reality TV. But reality TV never leaves you.

Traffic Accidents and Safety

For de Blasio, Crash That Killed 2 Children Strikes Close to Home

The absence of charges in the deaths of the children inflamed tensions between traffic advocates and the police, with the mayor in the middle.


Tony-winner Miles injured in car accident that kills daughter

(Reuters) - Tony-award winning actress Ruthie Ann Miles was injured and her 4-year-old daughter was killed when a car stuck several people in New York City, Miles' agent said on Tuesday.

Russian military plane crashes in Syria, killing all 39 on board

Thirty-nine people, including military personnel, were killed when a Russian transport plane crashed Tuesday while trying to land at Hmeimin air base in northwest Syria, Russian state media reported.

United States Politics and Government

No Chaos in White House, Trump Says, ‘Only Great Energy’

President Trump pushed back against reports that his White House is in chaos after the resignations of senior staff members.


At least 18 killed as second earthquake strikes Papua New Guinea

SYDNEY (Reuters) - At least 18 people have been killed by a magnitude 6.7 quake that struck Papua New Guinea's mountainous Southern Highlands early Wednesday, an official said, adding to the death toll from a larger quake nine days ago.

President says he doesn't blame our trade partners for trade imbalances. He blames past US leadership.

President Donald Trump will face reporters on Tuesday amid questions about chaos inside the White House and new prospects for talks with North Korea.

Trump: No chaos at WH, 'only great energy'

President Donald Trump rebuffed claims Tuesday that his White House is in chaos amid reports of high-profile departures and discord within the top ranks of the West Wing.


Lens: Finding Tenderness in Communities Affected by Manila’s Anti-Drug Killings

Hannah Reyes Morales photographed scenes of death in Manila during the anti-drug campaign. She later returned to those sites to capture the daily lives of residents living in the midst of violence.


H1N1 swine flu kills one in Hungary: MTI agency

BUDAPEST (Reuters) - A man has died of the H1N1 flu virus in a hospital in Hungary, national news agency MTI said on Tuesday, quoting regional daily Eszak-Magyarorszag.

United States Politics and Government

Ex-Trump Aide Sam Nunberg Says He Will Refuse Grand Jury Order. Unless He Doesn’t.

Mr. Nunberg set cable news and social media alight after he said he was subpoenaed to go before a grand jury, but was unlikely to appear or provide documents he was ordered to hand over.


Collapse of Iran nuclear deal would be 'great loss', IAEA tells Trump

VIENNA (Reuters) - A collapse of the Iran nuclear deal would be a "great loss", the U.N. atomic watchdog's chief warned U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday, giving a wide-ranging defense of the accord and his agency's work under it.

Apple didn't kill it. Now this is happening.


BRIEF-Black Iron Says It ‍Does Not Expect Proposed Tariffs On Steel To Have Adverse Impact To Value Of Shymanivske Iron Ore Project​


Mirror falls, kills 2-year-old inside a Payless

A 2-year-old girl has died after a mirror fell on top of her inside a Payless ShoeSource store in Riverdale, Georgia.


Serena's comeback her greatest challenge, says coach Mouratoglou

(Reuters) - Serena Williams' return to the WTA Tour following the birth of her first child will be the "greatest challenge" of her career, but the American can get back to her best in time for the French Open, according to her coach Patrick Mouratoglou.

'Trade wars are good?' Two words: Great. Depression.


Endangered Sumatran tiger falls victim to brutal killing spree

JAKARTA (Reuters) - A critically endangered Sumatran tiger was brutally killed in Indonesia on Sunday, the latest victim of a killing spree targeting near-extinct species that has alarmed conservationists.


REFILE-FEATURE-As Western banks leave, China adds Brunei to new silk road

* Chinese firm building $15 billion refinery complex offshore


'Coco' wins animated feature Oscar

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - "Coco," the colorful adventure into the land of the dead from Walt Disney Co's Pixar Animation Studios, won the Oscar on Sunday for best animated feature film.


U.S. Northeast still facing flooding, outages after killer storm

PRINCETON, N.J. (Reuters) - More than 1.5 million customers remained without power throughout the eastern United States early on Sunday, and communities on the New England coast faced more flooding two days after a powerful storm snapped trees, downed wires and killed at least nine people.


Australia's former deputy PM unsure if baby is his but doesn't care

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australia’s former deputy prime minister, who resigned last month over an extra-marital affair with his press secretary, acknowledged in a media interview that the baby being carried by his pregnant former staffer may not be his.


China says it does not want a trade war with U.S

BEIJING (Reuters) - China does not want a trade war with the United States, Zhang Yesui, a spokesman for the Chinese parliament, said on Sunday at a briefing ahead of China's annual session of parliament, which begins this week.


Unidentified man shoots, kills self near White House: Secret Service

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A man fatally shot himself in the head along the north fence of the White House on Saturday, the U.S. Secret Service said in a statement.


UK police charge three men over shop blast that killed five in Leicester

LONDON (Reuters) - British police investigating a shop blast a week ago which killed five people in the central English city of Leicester, said on Saturday they had charged three men with manslaughter and arson with intent to endanger life.


Northeast still facing flooding, outages after killer storm

PRINCETON, N.J. (Reuters) - Nearly 2 million customers remained without power along the eastern U.S. seaboard on Saturday as residents braced for more flooding in the wake of a powerful storm that killed at least seven people.


Avalanche kills Spanish skier in French Pyrenees

PARIS (Reuters) - An avalanche in the French Pyrenees swept away five Spanish skiers on Saturday, killing one and injuring another, authorities in the Hautes-Pyrenees said.


Israeli troops kill Palestinian near Gaza border: officials

GAZA (Reuters) - Israeli soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian near the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip on Saturday, Palestinian officials said.


U.N. halts aid work in northeast Nigeria town after humanitarian workers killed

GENEVA (Reuters) - The United Nations has suspended aid work helping tens of thousands of people in northeastern Nigeria after an attack by suspected Boko Haram militants left three humanitarian workers dead and at least three others missing, possibly kidnapped.


Turkish warplanes hit pro-Syrian government forces in Afrin, kill 36: monitor

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Turkish warplanes struck pro-Syrian government forces in the northwestern Afrin region of Syria on Saturday, killing at least 36 of them, as Turkey's assault in the Kurdish region gathered pace, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.


Suspect Detained in Killing of the Indian Journalist Gauri Lankesh

Naveen Kumar, a member of a far-right Hindu group, was held in connection with the death of Ms. Lankesh, a critic of the government.


Killer storm clears northeast U.S., leaving floods and outages

BOSTON (Reuters) - A powerful storm that killed at least five people will move away from the northeastern United States on Saturday, leaving a trail of flooded streets, power outages and brutal winds, forecasters said.


Police arrest Michigan college student suspected of killing parents

(Reuters) - A student at Central Michigan University suspected of shooting to death his parents inside a campus dormitory during a domestic dispute was arrested on Saturday, the school said, after a daylong manhunt.


Storm lashing U.S. Northeast kills at least five people

BOSTON (Reuters) - A powerful storm lashing the northeastern United States on Friday killed at least five people as winds topping 80 miles per hour (129 km per hour) helped flood streets in Boston, ground flights and halt train service across the region.


Police seek Michigan college student suspected of killing parents

(Reuters) - A student at Central Michigan University suspected of shooting to death his parents inside a campus dormitory during a domestic dispute on Friday was still at large, authorities said, and the campus remained largely shut down.


High winds, flooding lash U.S. Northeast, one person killed

BOSTON (Reuters) - A storm with winds topping 80 miles per hour (129 km per hour) lashed the U.S. East Coast from Maine to Virginia on Friday as it flooded streets in Boston, grounded flights, halted trains and claimed at least one life.


Attack on French embassy, army in Burkina Faso kills eight

OUAGADOUGOU (Reuters) - Attackers in Burkina Faso's capital killed eight people and wounded dozens more in a coordinated assault on the army headquarters and French embassy that France's foreign minister said was likely carried out by "terrorist groups".


Gunman kills two in domestic dispute in Michigan university dorm

(Reuters) - At least two people were shot dead in what authorities said was a domestic issue at a dormitory at Central Michigan University on Friday morning and police were searching for the gunman.

Analysis: The last American 'trade war' didn't work out so great

Thursday's surprise announcement from President Donald Trump that the US would institute tariffs on steel and aluminum imports as early as next week is already having a major effect, with the stock market plummeting on the news.


Attackers kill seven in coordinated assault on Burkina Faso capital

OUAGADOUGOU (Reuters) - Attackers in Burkina Faso's capital killed seven people and wounded some fifty others in a coordinated assault on the army headquarters and French embassy that a French ambassador said was a terrorist attack.


Avalanche in French Alps kills at least four

PARIS (Reuters) - An avalanche in the French Alps killed four people on Friday and injured one, while another person was missing, police said, adding that a mountain rescue operation was underway.

Borger: The great unraveling of Trump

Not since Richard Nixon started talking to the portraits on the walls of the West Wing has a president seemed so alone against the world.


Three aid workers killed in militant attack in Nigeria: U.N.

ABUJA (Reuters) - At least three aid workers have been killed in the northeastern Nigerian town of Rann during an attack by militants on a military facility, a United Nations spokeswoman said on Friday.

Xi Jinping

Op-Ed Contributor: Does a Stronger Xi Mean a Weaker Chinese Communist Party?

Term limits, now lifted, had allowed the government to control elite jockeying and manage popular expectations.


Georgia lawmakers kill proposed tax break in dig at Delta over NRA fight

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Georgia state legislators on Thursday struck down what would have been a lucrative tax exemption for hometown carrier Delta Air Lines , after vowing to punish the airline for ending its relationship with the National Rifle Association.


Tennessee bus driver convicted in crash that killed six children: report

(Reuters) - A Tennessee school bus driver was found guilty on Thursday of negligent homicide in a 2016 crash that killed six children, local media reported.


'Friendly fire' killed U.S. marshal in Pennsylvania in January: officials

HARRISBURG, Pa. (Reuters) - A deputy U.S. marshal who was killed in January while trying to serve an arrest warrant in Pennsylvania died by "friendly fire," the U.S. Marshals Service said on Thursday.


Eight Turkish soldiers killed, 13 wounded in clashes in Syria's Afrin

ANKARA (Reuters) - Eight Turkish soldiers were killed and another 13 were wounded in clashes in northwest Syria's Afrin region on Thursday, Turkey's armed forces said.

Customs, Etiquette and Manners

Social Q’s: The Drink That Stands Between Recovery and Relapse

How to tell friends and colleagues that you can’t do happy hour anymore, not even this once, and other advice.

5 great places to visit in March

March brings more moderate temperatures around the world, as the Northern Hemisphere enters spring and the Southern Hemisphere enters fall. That means that not only are many festivals and celebrations in full swing this month, but there are also plenty of pleasant destinations to visit sans the spring break crowds.


A Lot Is Riding on ‘A Wrinkle in Time.’ Ava DuVernay Doesn’t Care.

“I know it’s $100 million” for Disney, she says. “They’ll be fine.” She made the movie she wanted, about a multiracial world and the loss of a beloved parent.

Political Prisoners

Feature: Can Venezuela Be Saved?

As a nation unwinds, Leopoldo López, the opposition’s most prominent leader, sits under house arrest and contemplates what might still be possible.

Salman, Noor Zahi

Widow of Pulse Nightclub Killer Goes on Trial, a Challenge for Prosecutors

Noor Salman, accused of aiding and abetting her husband, Omar Mateen, who killed 49 people in Orlando, Fla., says she was abused and knew nothing of his plans.

NRA: Trump's meeting on guns 'great TV' but 'bad policy'

President Donald Trump's televised meeting Wednesday with lawmakers on gun control "made for great TV," a National Rifle Association spokesperson told CNN -- but the group was not entertained by the President's apparent sharp turn on policy.

Carpets and Rugs

Listen, There’s a Smorgasbord of Great Carpets Out There

There are plenty of different kinds of attractive floor coverings in the world, and not all of them will decimate the college fund.


FDA approves Sorrento's non-opioid painkiller patch, shares jump

(Reuters) - Sorrento Therapeutics Inc said on Wednesday the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved ZTlido, its non-opioid painkiller patch for nerve pain related to shingles, which it plans to launch later this year.


Trilobites: You Get Thirsty and Drink. How Does Your Brain Signal You’ve Had Enough?

Researchers have identified a set of neurons in mice that may explain the swift sensation of satisfaction that comes after a drink of water.


At least 15 people killed in Egyptian train crash

CAIRO (Reuters) - At least 15 people were killed and 40 others were injured in a train crash on Wednesday in Egypt's northern province of Beheira, the official news agency MENA said, citing the transport ministry spokesman.


U.S. tourist arrested in Cambodia accused of killing masseuse

PHNOM PENH (Reuters) - Cambodian police arrested a 24-year-old American tourist on Wednesday on suspicion of killing a masseuse by slitting her throat, police said.

Fashion and Apparel

Feature: What Is the Perfect Color Worth?

Inside the mysterious art — and big business — of color forecasting.


Taiwan warns its firms to be wary as China grants greater access

TAIPEI/BEIJING (Reuters) - Taiwan on Wednesday warned its companies and people to exercise caution and not rush to China's embrace after Beijing released new measures meant to further ease investment by Taiwan firms.

Gun Control

Most Americans Want More Gun Control. Why Doesn’t It Happen?

Polls show solid support for stricter laws, especially after mass shootings. But there are also deep disagreement, staunch opposition and growing disenchantment with gun control.


U.S. subpoenas Mallinckrodt for information on opioid painkillers

(Reuters) - Pharmaceutical company Mallinckrodt Plc said on Tuesday it had received a grand jury subpoena from federal prosecutors in Florida seeking documents related to generic drugs it produces that contain the opioid painkiller oxymorphone.

Man killed while streaming on Facebook

A North Carolina man was shot and killed while streaming on Facebook Live shortly after he left a police station where he reported a stolen cell phone.


Suspect arrested after North Carolina man killed on Facebook Live

(Reuters) - Police in North Carolina on Tuesday arrested a man they suspect of fatally shooting a 65-year-old man who had just informed him that they were on Facebook Live video, according to officials and local media reports.


Two killed as snow, sub-zero temperatures paralyze Europe

BUCHAREST (Reuters) - Two people were found dead in Romania as snow and sub-zero temperatures across much of Europe saw flights canceled, road and rail transport disrupted and schools closed on Tuesday.


Davis Cup revamp could 'kill its soul', say Belgians

LONDON (Reuters) - A proposal to rip up the Davis Cup format and replace it with a one-week World Cup of Tennis Finals in a single city risks "killing the soul" of the historic competition, according to Belgian tennis chief Gijs Kooken.

Colbert, Stephen

Best of Late Night: Stephen Colbert Doesn’t Think Trump Would Have ‘Run’ Into Florida School

“There’s a lot in there that I doubt, but the part I really don’t believe is that he can run,” the “Late Show” host said of the president’s comments.

North Carolina man killed on Facebook Live minutes after leaving police station

Police in North Carolina are searching for a suspect in the shooting death of a man who was killed while streaming live on Facebook, according to CNN affiliate WSOC-TV.


ScienceTake: For Fiddler Crabs, ‘Size Does Matter’

Male fiddler crabs wave an outsized claw to attract females — and the faster, the better, new research shows.

Politics and Government

A Governor Is Charged With ‘Invasion of Privacy,’ but What Does That Mean?

Lawyers for Gov. Eric Greitens of Missouri say a statute was never meant for a case like the governor’s. Passed in the 1990s, it has seldom been used.


BRIEF-Akorn Says Does Not Believe Investigation Should Affect Closing Of Transaction With Fresenius​


Gun Control

Georgia Republicans Vow to Kill Airline Tax-Cut Bill After Delta Ends N.R.A. Discount

A proposed $50 million tax break on jet fuel which would primarily benefit Delta is in jeopardy after the airline eliminated a discount for the N.R.A.


Georgia lawmaker threatens to kill Delta state tax breaks over NRA stance

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The lieutenant governor of Georgia on Monday threatened to block legislation that includes lucrative tax benefits for Delta Air Lines Inc because the Atlanta-based airline dropped a partnership with the National Rifle Association after a public backlash in the wake of the recent Florida school shooting.

The President urged governors not to be 'afraid' of challenging the gun lobby but has yet to propose legislation that does that


Review: Who Killed Biggie and Tupac? ‘Unsolved’ Might Know

A 10-part limited series on USA is a lightly fictionalized account of the various investigations into the two rappers’ deaths two decades ago.


Kurdish artist unveils memorial to victims of Anfal killings

SULAIMANIYAH, Iraq (Reuters) - A Kurdish artist has unveiled a new iron mural in the Iraqi city of Sulaimaniyah, commemorating the victims of Saddam Hussein's "Anfal" campaign that targeted Iraqi...


Air strike kills Syrian family of nine in rebel-held Ghouta: monitor

BEIRUT (Reuters) - A family of nine was killed in a Syrian government strike on eastern Ghouta, a war monitor said on Monday, as Russia said a truce demanded by the United Nations Security Council would only take effect when all sides agreed how to implement it.


Motor racing: Alonso does six laps before a wheel comes off

BARCELONA (Reuters) - Fernando Alonso did six laps of the Barcelona circuit before crashing into the gravel after a wheel came off his McLaren at the start of Formula One's pre-season testing on Monday.

'Rusiano' revolution: How Moscow does coffee

Until recently, the only flat whites to be found in Moscow were the city's snowy streets and parks during the depths of winter.


Avalanche kills Washington state hiker, injures five

(Reuters) - A 32-year-old man was killed and five other people were injured Sunday after being buried in an avalanche in western Washington state, local authorities said.

Trump, Donald J

Feature: How Long Can John Kelly Hang On?

Last year, Democrats and Republicans alike agreed that if anyone could bring order to the Trump administration, it was the retired four-star Marine general. Were they wrong?