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UPDATE 2-Vivendi selling Ubisoft stake for $2.45 bln, ends battle for control

* Ubisoft makes Assassin's Creed, South Park games (Adds details of Tencent investment, bullets)

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

Editorial: Why Is Trump So Afraid of Russia?

Nary a bad word about Vladimir Putin can the U.S. president find.

Blankenship, Don L

Editorial: G.O.P. Karma in West Virginia

If a man who spent a year in prison for violating mine safety standards wins the Republican Senate primary, it would be just what the party deserves.


House panel passes bill handing Federal Reserve control over 'Volcker Rule'

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A committee in the U.S. House of Representatives voted Wednesday to name the Federal Reserve as the primary regulator for the "Volcker Rule," which bars banks from speculative trading.

Report: EPA administrator Scott Pruitt spent nearly $68,000 for recent travel

The Environmental Protection Agency has handed documents to Congress that show new travel expenses from agency administrator Scott Pruitt, totaling some $68,000 in hotel stays and air travel, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.

Communist Party of China

China Gives Communist Party More Control Over Policy and Media

A blueprint lays out steps to enhance the party’s authority over films, TV and newspapers, as well as foreign affairs and economic policy, among other areas.

Soaring drug prices? Here's how to control them

New Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar has identified his main priorities. At the top of his list is lowering prescription drug prices.

Male birth control 1 step closer to reality

A male birth control pill that is safe and effective is on the horizon, according to a new study, but CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta said it is probably still several years away.


WADA says Russia making slow progress towards reinstatement

LAUSANNE (Reuters) - The head of the world anti-doping agency (WADA) complained on Wednesday of slow progress by Russian authorities towards making the country's anti-doping agency (RUSADA) compliant with international standards.

Drug Abuse and Traffic

Editorial: Trump’s Bluster on the Opioid Epidemic

In a speech this week, the president laid out a plan to address the crisis that was at turns thin on details and alarming in content.


Crime spike prompts Canada to unveil tougher gun control steps

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada's Liberal government unveiled proposals on Tuesday to tighten already tough gun control laws to address a spike in crimes involving firearms, including a deadly attack on a mosque last year.

Male birth control pill one step closer to reality

For decades, birth control pills have exclusively been used by women. But a male birth control pill that is both safe and effective may be on the horizon, according to a new study.


U.S. high court skeptical toward California law on anti-abortion centers

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Conservative U.S. Supreme Court justices on Tuesday signaled sympathy toward Christian-based facilities that argued that a California law requiring them to post signs disclosing the availability of state-subsidized abortions and birth control violates their right to free speech.

NRA rips Florida GOP house speaker over gun control law

The National Rifle Association is criticizing Florida's Republican House Speaker Richard Corcoran for his comments lauding the passage of gun control legislation and accusing him of "betrayal."

United States Defense and Military Forces

Editorial: America’s Role in Yemen’s Agony Can End on Capitol Hill

For too long, Congress has abdicated its duty as presidents prolonged and expanded wars. Proposed resolutions would say, Enough.


Exclusive: U.S. advancing toward first Guantanamo repatriation under Trump

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States is advancing toward the first transfer of a prisoner from the Guantanamo Bay detention center under U.S. President Donald Trump, the U.S. military told Reuters on Monday, a move that would repatriate the detainee to Saudi Arabia.

Presidential Election of 2016

Editorial: Facebook Leaves Its Users’ Privacy Vulnerable

After learning how advisers to Donald Trump exploited the company’s vulnerabilities to get him elected, Congress needs to strengthen privacy laws.

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

Editorial: The Wrong People Are Criticizing Donald Trump

In the wake of Andrew McCabe’s firing, and the president’s gloating tweets, Republicans once again could take action to protect democracy — but they refuse.


BRIEF-Serinus Energy Announces Results Of Independent Investigation Of Loss Of Well Control With Moftinu-1001 Gas Well


Lawmaker apologizes for raising theory about Jewish family controlling weather

A Washington, DC, council member apologized Sunday night after receiving backlash for comments he made in a video implying Washington's snowy March weather was controlled by Jewish financiers.

War Crimes, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity

Editorial: Investigate Killings in the Philippines

President Rodrigo Duterte’s move to pull the country out of the International Criminal Court should not impede a probe into deaths there.

Student Loans

Editorial: The Student Loan Industry Finds Friends in Washington

The Trump administration seems more interested in appeasing student loan companies than helping those who are in debt.


Syrian Rebels, Backed by Turkey, Seize Control of Afrin

The city in the Syrian enclave was the target of a two-month military operation against Kurdish militias. Tens of thousands of civilians evacuated as its fall neared.

Voter Registration and Requirements

Editorial | Tune In, Turn Out: Kris Kobach’s Voting Sham Gets Exposed in Court

In a Kansas courtroom, the nation’s leading vote suppressors are being revealed for the con artists they are.

Search interest in gun control sticks around

Search interest in gun control after the massacre at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, had more staying power compared to other recent mass shootings.


BRIEF-Enable Midstream Provides Update On Recent FERC Ruling


Analysis: Field is tipping toward Democrats

In the wake of Conor Lamb's near-certain victory in a strongly conservative district in southwestern Pennsylvania on Tuesday, political handicappers are moving a slew of seats in Democrats' direction -- a reflection of a national political environment looking increasingly toxic for Republicans trying to hold their House majority this fall.

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

Editorial: Finally, Trump Has Something Bad to Say About Russia

And, not surprisingly, it still falls short.


FDA takes fresh step towards curbing U.S. nicotine addiction

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration took a fresh step on Thursday towards setting a maximum nicotine level for tobacco products in a bid to lower tobacco-related deaths across the country, saying it would collect public comment and scientific research over the next three months.


Putin rides 'Russia First' wave toward election victory

MOSCOW/YEKATERINBURG, Russia (Reuters) - Russian voters are set to propel Vladimir Putin to another term as president in an election on Sunday, giving him credit for standing up for Russia against Western governments that view him as a dangerous autocrat.


School safety bill passes House, no action on gun control

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. House of Representatives approved spending more money on metal detectors, locks and other school security measures on Wednesday, but took no steps to tighten gun control laws a month after a Florida high school shooting that killed 17 people.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures

Editorial: Trump Was Right to Block a Merger

The attempted Broadcom-Qualcomm deal would have hurt competition.


Birth defect rate pegged at 7 percent for babies born to Zika-infected women

(Reuters Health) - A pregnant woman who becomes ill from the Zika virus faces a 7 percent chance that her child will be born with birth defects, and that risk jumps to nearly 13 percent if she becomes ill during the first trimester, a new study conducted in French territories in the Americas has concluded.

Appointments and Executive Changes

Editorial: Having a Torturer Lead the C.I.A.

Few American officials were so directly involved in the frenzy of abuse after 9/11 as Gina Haspel, President Trump’s choice to head the agency.

School Shootings and Armed Attacks

Editorial: America Has Failed Its Kids on Guns. It’s Time to Let Them Lead.

The nation’s adults must listen to the students walking out of their schools Wednesday to protest gun violence.


Gun control bills wait in Congress despite public support

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An unexpected resurgence of gun control proposals following last month's shooting at a Florida high school is showing signs of ebbing in the U.S. Congress, where a bill to strengthen a national background check for gun ownership is treading water despite public pressure in favor of it.

United States International Relations

Editorial: Trump May Make America Miss Rex Tillerson

Tillerson eviscerated the State Department, but his replacement, Mike Pompeo, will encourage the president’s hot-headed hawkishness.


Golf: Garcia delivers thoughts on Masters while wife gives birth

(Reuters) - Winning a Masters did not change Sergio Garcia but the Spaniard was poised to have his life turned upside down on Tuesday as he discussed his Green Jacket defense while in a Texas hospital awaiting the birth of his first child.


UPDATE 2-Fibria controlling shareholders confirm bid from Paper Excellence

RIO DE JANEIRO, March 13 (Reuters) - BNDESPar and Votorantim Participações SA confirmed on Tuesday that they have received an unsolicited takeover bid from Netherlands-based Paper Excellence for their controlling stake in Brazilian pulp producer Fibria Celulose SA.

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

Editorial: Vladimir Putin’s Toxic Reach

President Trump must get NATO to forcefully respond to the poisoning of a former Russian spy on British soil.


China’s Communist Party Centralizes Power Over Finance, Pollution Control

Beijing plans to reorganize its financial, environmental and anti-corruption agencies as President Xi Jinping solidifies his hold on official levers.

United States Politics and Government

Editorial: Democrats Can’t Win if They Don’t Run

Tuesday’s special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district is a reminder of why it’s important to run candidates in every race.


Editorial Notebook: Being the Mayor’s Wife Shouldn’t Be a Paying Job

It’s fine for Mr. de Blasio to value the counsel of his wife, but it’s wrong for him to think she should be paid.

Congress eyes school safety, but not major gun control overhaul

President Donald Trump has finally outlined exactly what he wants to see from Congress on guns, and it's not much.


Judge rejects Massachusetts challenge to Trump birth control rules

BOSTON (Reuters) - A federal judge on Monday rejected a lawsuit by Massachusetts' attorney general challenging new rules by President Donald Trump's administration that make it easier for employers to avoid providing insurance that covers women's birth control.

United States Politics and Government

Conceding to N.R.A., Trump Abandons Brief Gun Control Promise

After a made-for-television moment in which he appeared to embrace expansive gun control, President Trump completed his walk-back on Monday.


BRIEF-IntelGenx Clarifies Recent Preliminary 2018 Proxy Statement Filing


Wages and Salaries

Editorial: Restaurant Servers Deserve a Better Deal on Tipping

New York could join seven other states in doing the right thing by passing a proposal to raise the minimum wage for tipped workers

As gun control efforts paused, House to vote on school safety bill this week

The US House of Representatives is set to vote this week on a bill to give money for more security at schools, as the nation's lawmakers continue to search for legislative solutions to gun violence that can pass the Legislative Branch.

Aung San Suu Kyi

Editorial: ‘Never Again,’ Holocaust Museum Tells Burmese Leader

It is sad, and proper, that Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s Elie Wiesel Award for human rights was revoked.

Foreign Investments

Op-Ed Contributor: Emmerson Mnangagwa: Toward a New Zimbabwe

It will be built by liberalizing the economy, promoting enterprise and a commitment to democracy and the rule of law.

Voter Registration and Requirements

Editorial: Vote. That’s Just What They Don’t Want You to Do.

Disillusionment and disenfranchisement have combined to undermine our democracy. We don’t have to let them.


WADA sourcing new doping control kits after Swiss firm pulls out

(Reuters) - The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) will seek alternative sources of sample collection kits after Swiss manufacturer Berlinger Special AG announced it was pulling out of the business.

Education (K-12)

After Demanding Local Control, DeVos Finds That It Limits Her Influence

An ardent federalist, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is learning that leaving school policymaking to the states means not always getting what she wants.


U.S. states with more support for midwives have better birth outcomes

(Reuters Health) - States with laws that make it easier for midwives to care for pregnant women and deliver babies may have better birth outcomes than states where it’s harder for midwives to provide care, a recent study suggests.


Wall Street climbs on bull market's birthday as inflation fears ebb

NEW YORK (Reuters) - To celebrate the bull market's ninth birthday on Friday, the three major U.S. stock indexes climbed almost 2 percent and the Nasdaq closed at a record high, as February's jobs report assuaged fears of inflation and aggressive interest rate hikes.

United States International Relations

Editorial: On North Korea, Donald Trump Does the Right Thing, for Once

The president will need to do a lot of careful planning in the coming weeks for his historic meeting with Kim Jong-un to be a success, though.

Biological and Chemical Warfare

Editorial: What Happened to Trump’s Red Line on Chemical Weapons?

Russia has been Syria’s biggest defender as it has used chemical weapons in its scorched-earth plan to destroy rebel holdouts.


Hong Kong by-elections seen as protest vote against China control

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Hong Kong's pro-democracy camp is seeking to regain lost turf in crucial legislative by-elections on Sunday that it hopes will draw protest votes against perceived political screening and creeping control from Communist Party rulers in Beijing.


Tropical Cyclone Hola headed towards New Caledonia after battering Vanuatu

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - Tropical Cyclone Hola was set to batter New Caledonia on Friday, after tearing off roofs and knocking out communications in Vanuatu earlier in the week.

International Trade and World Market

Editorial: Donald Trump’s Empty Words on Trade

The tariffs he announced last week will not do what he says they will.

Birth Control and Family Planning

Editorial: The Trump Administration’s Backward Attitude Toward Birth Control

A recent announcement about funding priorities for a major family planning program hints at retrograde thinking about contraception.

Florida passes a gun control bill. Here's what's in it

The Florida gun bill spurred by the Parkland school massacre is just one signature away from becoming law.


ECB drops easing bias, taking baby step toward stimulus exit

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - The European Central Bank dropped a long-standing pledge on Thursday to increase bond buys if needed, taking another small step in weaning the euro zone economy off protracted stimulus.

Tariffs, Gun Control, International Women’s Day: Your Thursday Briefing

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.


Top shareholders in talks to sell control of Orbotech -report

TEL AVIV, March 8 (Reuters) - Leading shareholders in Orbotech are holding talks in the United States for the sale of a controlling stake in the Israeli technology firm, TheMarker financial news website reported on Thursday.


With Venezuelan hyperinflation, multinationals buck price controls

VALENCIA, Venezuela/CARACAS (Reuters) - When Colgate-Palmolive Co's Venezuelan unit in January raised the price of laundry detergent to keep up with inflation that hit 85 percent the month before, it drew a swift rebuke from the government of President Nicolas Maduro, which demanded a nearly 90 percent price cut.

Gun Control

With Gun Control Nearing a Dead End, G.O.P. Turns to ‘School Safety’

The House plans to vote next week on legislation to beef up security at the nation’s schools, but Democrats accused Republicans of diverting attention from guns.

Parkland, Fla, Shooting (2018)

Florida House Passes Gun Control Bill, Defying N.R.A.

State lawmakers passed a $400 million gun bill that would raise the minimum age to buy a gun, among other provisions. The bill now heads to the governor.

Florida lawmakers pass gun control bill, send to governor

The Florida House on Wednesday passed the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act, which includes several gun control measures.


Editorial: The Race-Based Mortgage Penalty

A study found that minorities are denied mortgages more than whites, even when accounting for income and other factors.


FDA receives new reports of issues with Essure birth control device

(Reuters) - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is investigating new reports of Bayer's implanted birth control device Essure causing problems during removal, the agency said on Wednesday, two years after it slapped a warning label on the product.


Republican lawmakers in tight races now embrace gun control measures

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A majority of Republican lawmakers in the tightest congressional races are changing their message on guns, expressing new support for restrictions after last month’s high school shooting in Florida, according to a Reuters review of the candidates’ public statements.


Editorial: Famine Stalks South Sudan

The disaster is caused by greedy men’s struggle for power. An arms embargo should accompany international aid.

United States Politics and Government

Editorial: Gary Cohn’s Exit Won’t Make This Administration Any Better

What credible financial leader will join the Trump White House now?

'Sex and the City' star takes another step toward running for governor

Actress and activist Cynthia Nixon is reportedly gearing up to launch a progressive primary challenge to New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

United States International Relations

Editorial: North Korea Has Put the Ball in Trump’s Court

It seems President Moon Jae-in of South Korea got what Washington has asked for: an agreement to consider eliminating nuclear weapons.

Megan Barry steps down after pleading guilty to felony theft of property and a recent admission of an affair

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry announced her resignation at a news conference Tuesday morning after she admitted to felony theft.

New York Times

We Want to Elevate the Voices of College Students and Recent Graduates. 20,000 Responded.

The Edit, a New York Times newsletter, at first sought to find five contributors. Now we’ll bring on even more. Here’s an update on the process.


Citigroup moving toward 'national digital bank': CFO

(Reuters) - Citigroup Inc is laying the foundation, through a growing network of mobile banking tools, to support the launch of a national digital consumer bank sometime within the next three years, its chief financial officer said on Tuesday.


Kuroda's tough task: navigating the long road toward stimulus exit

TOKYO (Reuters) - When Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda spooked markets last week with talk of winding down the bank's crisis-mode stimulus, he was describing a goal on the distant horizon - not warning of an imminent shift, say sources familiar with his thinking.

Jeffrey Toobin: A subpoena is not a birthday party invitation

CNN's chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin says that former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg's grand jury subpoena to testify is legally binding.

Immigration and Emigration

Editorial: Demagogues Win as Europe’s Populist Tide Sweeps Italy

A flood of migrants and years of stagnation sent traditional parties reeling.

United States Politics and Government

Editorial: Donald Trump’s Tunnel Vision

The president has changed his mind about offering federal support for a critical underwater project between New York and New Jersey.


Netflix to give parents more control over access to content

(Reuters) - Netflix Inc is rolling out features that will give parents more control over access to content by allowing them to block individual movies and specific shows.


Oscars red carpet glitters in anything-goes fashion attitude

(Reuters) - The stars of Hollywood sparkled on the Oscars red carpet on Sunday with plunging necklines and vibrant bursts of color, as the awards season's grand finale signaled that anything goes in fashion, as long as it's fabulous.

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

Editorial: Donald Trump Sure Has a Problem with Democracy

The president’s praise of Xi’s authoritarian rule goes against basic American principles.

International Trade and World Market

Editorial: Trade Wars Are Destructive. Of Course Trump Wants One.

A chaotic White House has come up with a chaotic trade policy.


U.S. gun-control group pledges $2.5 million for marches to end school shootings

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Gun-control advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety said on Friday it will donate up to $2.5 million to support marches around the United States on March 24, the date of a planned March For Our Lives in Washington to demand an end to school shootings.


Kremlin rejects U.S. charge Russia in breach of arms control treaties

MOSCOW (Reuters) - The Kremlin on Friday rejected a U.S. allegation that Russia had been developing destabilizing weapons systems for over a decade in direct violations of its treaty obligations.

Collective Bargaining

Editorial: West Virginia Teachers Give a Lesson in Union Power

While the Supreme Court considers crushing public sector unions, one group of workers is inspired by a tradition of solidarity.


Recent return from deployment tied to preterm births for military women

(Reuters Health) - Military women who give birth within six months of returning from deployment are twice as likely to have premature babies compared to other soldiers, a U.S. study suggests.


Dangerous Nor’easter Plows Toward East Coast

The storm could cause widespread power failures and severe flooding this weekend. Officials are warning residents that they may have to evacuate.

Trump, Donald J

Senate Republicans Shun Trump’s Gun Control Ideas

A day after the president stunned lawmakers with his seeming support for tough restrictions, the contours of the gun debate appeared largely unchanged.

Schoolgirls unknowingly ran toward their attackers

A clock ticking in a deserted dorm room. A solitary slipper strewn across the red earth. A girl's headscarf on the grass, rippling in the breeze.


Germany allowed hackers 'controlled' access in cyber breach: lawmaker

BERLIN (Reuters) - German security officials allowed hackers "controlled" access to government networks in order to track possible culprits and their methods, a top interior ministry official said Thursday, as outraged lawmakers complained about being kept in the dark.

Hope Hicks, Gun Control, Spotify: Your Thursday Briefing

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

Noah, Trevor (1984- )

Best of Late Night: Trevor Noah Is Stunned by Trump’s Turnabout on Gun Control

The “Daily Show” host said the president’s attacks on fellow Republicans at a meeting reminded him of “a drunk uncle calling everyone out at a wedding.”


UK watchdog says markets fared well in recent volatility

LONDON, March 1 (Reuters) - Markets handled their recent bout of extreme share price volatility without widespread fallout but there is a need to remain vigilant, Britain's top markets regulator said on Thursday.


China to strictly control new solar capacity expansion, boost tech innovation

BEIJING (Reuters) - China will strictly control the expansion of solar power production capacity and encourage more innovation, the industry ministry said in new guidelines Thursday, to improve technology and cut production costs in its fast-growing solar sector.

Trump, Donald J

Trump Stuns Lawmakers With Seeming Embrace of Gun Control

In a televised meeting in the White House, the president appeared to stun giddy Democrats and stone-faced Republicans by calling for comprehensive gun control.

Gun Control, Florida, Hope Hicks: Your Wednesday Evening Briefing

Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

Political appointee at Interior resigns after 'birther' and anti-Muslim comments

A political appointee at the Department of Interior resigned Wednesday after CNN's KFile flagged inflammatory comments she made on Facebook and Twitter.

Trump, Donald J

Editorial: Donald Trump Gets a Lesson From That ‘Very Bad Judge’

Can you guess which man is the model public servant?

United States Politics and Government

On Washington: Once Again, Push for Gun Control Collides With Political Reality

Despite immense pressure to act, members of Congress are badly divided and prospects for consequential agreement seem slim.


Germany confirms hack of government computers, says incident under control

BERLIN (Reuters) - The German government on Wednesday confirmed it was investigating a cyber attack that affected government computer networks, but said the incident had been brought under control.

Trump to meet with key lawmakers on gun control

In the congressional debate over gun control, all eyes are on the Cabinet Room in the White House for a Wednesday afternoon meeting.


EU drafts Northern Ireland control, urges faster Brexit talks

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union could maintain much of its sway in Northern Ireland after Brexit under a draft treaty published on Wednesday that caused anger in London and Belfast as the EU warned time was running out for a deal.


Happy 90th birthday, Oscar. You must remember this?

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The Oscars, the highest honors in the movie business, celebrate their 90th anniversary on Sunday.


Plan to privatize U.S. air traffic control lacks support: congressman

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The chairman of the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee said on Tuesday there is not enough support in Congress to move forward with a plan backed by President Donald Trump to privatize the air traffic control system.


UPDATE 1-Plan to privatize U.S. air traffic control lacks support -congressman

WASHINGTON, Feb 27 (Reuters) - The chairman of the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee said on Tuesday there is not enough support in Congress to move forward with a plan backed by President Donald Trump to privatize the air traffic control system.

Gun Control

Most Americans Want More Gun Control. Why Doesn’t It Happen?

Polls show solid support for stricter laws, especially after mass shootings. But there are also deep disagreement, staunch opposition and growing disenchantment with gun control.

Law and Legislation

Gun Control Bills, Including Program to Arm Teachers, Race Through Florida Legislature

Florida lawmakers are considering funding a voluntary program that would allow school staff, including teachers, to carry concealed weapons on campus.


RBNZ leans towards ramped up capital reporting requirements for banks - deputy governor

WELLINGTON, Feb 28 (Reuters) - The Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) said on Wednesday it was considering ramping up reporting requirements to make major Australian-owned banks' capital ratios more transparent.

Xi Jinping

Editorial: Xi Jinping Dreams of World Power for Himself and China

Decades of hope that China might join a global liberal order are dashed. He can be president for life, as China becomes more dominant in the world.

GOP senator: We need 'idiot control,' not gun control

A Republican senator is arguing that the country needs more "idiot control" rather than more gun control in the wake of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting that has reignited a national debate about gun violence.

Elder Care

I Was Misinformed: Ground Control to Major Mom

Before her stroke, Ma was an adventurous traveler: the Amazon, the Nile, the Galápagos. Now, she’s planning on tagging along with Elon Musk to Mars.


Formula 1 puts viewers in control with streaming TV product

BARCELONA (Reuters) - Formula 1 is launching a new TV streaming product that it says will put fans in control of their race viewing experience, letting them watch from their favorite driver's perspective or tracking battles for position.

Familiar obstacles arise in Congress over gun control

Republican leaders in both chambers of Congress appear very wary of entering into a gun debate.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures

Comcast Makes Competing Bid for Control of Sky

The all-cash offer could potentially derail 21st Century Fox’s efforts to acquire full control of the British satellite broadcaster.

Organized Labor

Editorial: We All Must Live With Mitch McConnell’s Proudest Moment

A Supreme Court case on public-sector unions is a reminder of why it matters how Justice Neil Gorsuch landed on the court.

Opinion: What France can teach the US about gun control

On November 13, 2015, terrorists burst into the Bataclan concert hall and several restaurants across Paris, killing at least 130 and wounding hundreds more. Concertgoers and diners were raked by high-powered AK-47s, a cheaper, more primitive cousin of America's popular weapon of choice, the AR-15.


Qualcomm proposes price talks with Broadcom in potential step toward deal

(Reuters) - Qualcomm Inc on Monday urged Broadcom Ltd to enter into price negotiations for the first time on Broadcom's $117 billion offer for the company, a potential step toward a deal between the two chipmakers after almost four months of disagreement.

Gun Control

Is This the Moment for Gun Control? A Gridlocked Congress Is Under Pressure

Lawmakers have no clear consensus on even incremental changes to gun restrictions, let alone more sweeping legislation.

Nuclear Weapons

Editorial: Will the U.S. Help the Saudis Get a Nuclear Weapon?

They want American atomic power technology, but are resisting terms that would prohibit fuel enrichment that could lead to a weapon.

Corporate Taxes

Editorial: Well-Heeled Investors Reap the Republican Tax Cut Bonanza

Businesses are buying back stock to boost prices, giving dividends and pursuing mergers, not raising wages.

Tapper presses sheriff on tone toward NRA

CNN's Jake Tapper asks Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel when he found out about the deputy who did not enter Stoneman Douglas high school during the shooting, and why the sheriff didn't disclose that at a CNN town hall with families and survivors.

Manbij (Syria)

Women Are Free, and Armed, in Kurdish-Controlled Northern Syria

Women wield significant authority in northern Syria — in the police, the courts and the militias — and the push for gender equality is spreading from Kurdish-majority areas to conservative Arab ones.

Drug Abuse and Traffic

Editorial: Let Cities Open Safe Injection Sites

State and local governments should pass laws to protect facilities that help curb overdose deaths, in the face of the Trump administration’s threats.

Comic Books and Strips

Editorial Observer: The Afrofuturism Behind ‘Black Panther’

The film, which had a wildly successful first week at the box office, draws inspiration from a movement of black artists imagining possible futures.

Writer: Gun control debate could break America

National Review writer David French says the "vicious rhetoric" in the gun control debate is putting strains on the US system.


Australian PM declines to offer Trump any advice on gun control

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has declined to offer U.S. President Donald Trump any advice on gun control days after the latest mass shooting at a U.S. school, despite Australia's success in cutting gun violence.


Editorial: When Charity Workers Turn Predatory

Oxfam’s admission that staff in Haiti paid for sex with desperate local people puts aid groups on notice worldwide.


Corporate partners cut cord with NRA as gun control debate rages

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The fallout over last week's shooting rampage at a Florida high school started to take its toll on the National Rifle Association's roster of corporate partners on Friday as a half dozen companies severed marketing ties with the gun advocacy organization.


CORRECTED-UPDATE 6-Corporate partners cut cord with NRA as gun control debate rages

NEW YORK, Feb 23 (Reuters) - The fallout over last week's shooting rampage at a Florida high school started to take its toll on the National Rifle Association's roster of corporate partners on Friday as a half dozen companies severed marketing ties with the gun advocacy organzation.

United States Defense and Military Forces

Editorial: Trump’s Chance to Do Right by Transgender Troops

The president should seize the opportunity proposed by his defense secretary to reverse the cruel ban he unveiled on Twitter last summer.


Brookfield abandons plan to buy controlling stake in Brazil's Renova

SAO PAULO, Feb 23 (Reuters) - Brookfield Energia Renovável SA, a Brazil-based unit of Canada's Brookfield Asset Management , abandoned a plan to make a capital injection of 1.4 billion reais in Brazil's Renova Energia SA, which would give it a controlling stake in the company.

United States International Relations

U.S. Will Move Embassy to Jerusalem in May, Marking Israel’s 70th Birthday

A building now used for consular affairs will be designated the embassy, but most employees will remain in Tel Aviv for now.

Trump to meet with key Democrat on gun control

Allies urge Trump: Don't go too far on gun control

President Donald Trump's aides and outside allies are attempting to convince him that he has done enough when it comes to proposing gun safety measures in the wake of the Florida high school shooting, assuring him he doesn't need to go any further, a source inside the White House and a source outside tell CNN.

China seizes control of insurer that owns the Waldorf Astoria


China seizes control of Anbang Insurance as chairman prosecuted

BEIJING/SHANGHAI (Reuters) - The Chinese government on Friday seized control of Anbang Insurance Group Co Ltd and said its chairman had been prosecuted, a dramatic move that highlights Beijing's willingness to curtail big-spending conglomerates as it cracks down on financial risk.

Four huge obstacles for Congress to do something on gun control

As pressure mounts for congressional action on gun control, it's unclear just how much can be done given the thick political fog that shrouds any major legislative effort on Capitol Hill -- especially in an election year.


With Easy Ride trial, Nissan takes new step toward being Uber competitor

YOKOHAMA (Reuters) - Facing a future in which self-driving cars may curb vehicle ownership, Nissan Motor Co is taking its first steps to becoming an operator of autonomous transportation services, hoping to break into a segment set to be dominated by Uber Technologies and other technology firms.


With Easy Ride trial, Nissan takes new step towards being Uber competitor

YOKOHAMA, Feb 23 (Reuters) - Facing a future in which self-driving cars may curb vehicle ownership, Nissan Motor Co is taking its first steps to becoming an operator of autonomous transportation services, hoping to break into a segment set to be dominated by Uber Technologies and other technology firms.


Regulator in China seizes control of Anbang as chairman prosecuted

BEIJING/SHANGHAI (Reuters) - The Chinese government on Friday seized control of Anbang Insurance Group Co Ltd [ANBANG.UL], one of China's biggest insurance conglomerates, in a dramatic move that underscores Beijing's intent to crackdown on financial risk.

Gun Control

Editorial: Let the Teachers Teach

Even police officers often fail to hit their target when they shoot. How much worse would such an unintended consequence be in a crowded school?

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

Editorial: Why Americans Could Believe the Worst From Russian Trolls

What was most disconcerting about the indictment of Russian operatives is what it says about the state of democracy in America.

The last 24 hours have featured a more intense national conversation about guns than in recent memory

The last 24 hours have featured a more intense -- and, generally speaking, more honest -- national conversation about guns and culture than in, at least, the last five years.


UPDATE 1-Bombardier CFO says used business jet market inching toward sellers

MONTREAL, Feb 22 (Reuters) - The market for higher-end, pre-owned business jets is beginning to favor sellers, after years where buyers had the upper hand because of elevated supply, Bombardier Inc's chief financial officer said on Thursday.

Wayne LaPierre calls out Democrats and warns of a government overreach over and above gun control

The National Rifle Association's executive vice president and CEO Wayne LaPierre slammed Democrats for their reaction to the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, and warned of government overreach extending far beyond the limiting of fire arms.

Parkland congressman: 'It's not too soon, it's too late' to talk about gun control

Rep. Ted Deutch said "it is too late" to be having the conversation about gun control after 17 people were killed last week in the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Civilian Casualties

Editorial: Who Has Innocent Syrians’ Blood on Their Hands?

The enablers of President Bashar al-Assad deserve scorn in light of this week’s slaughter in Ghouta.


U.S. students turn to gun-control group after school shooting

NEW YORK (Reuters) - When they got prayers and thoughts from U.S. lawmakers after a massacre at a Florida high school that left 17 students and teachers dead, thousands of young people turned to the country's largest gun-control advocacy group to learn how to make their voices heard.

Health Insurance and Managed Care

Editorial: Trump Tries to Kill Obamacare by a Thousand Cuts

Encouraging junk health policies is the latest proposal that would weaken health care while helping no one.

Gun Control, Billy Graham, Netanyahu: Your Wednesday Evening Briefing

Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

Congressman booed at his gun control town hall

Colorado Rep. Mike Coffman faced tough questions about regulating gun control at his town hall event.

Asia and Australia Edition: Billy Graham, Gun Control, North Korea: Your Thursday Briefing

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.


Exclusive: India's PNB adopts strict SWIFT controls after mega fraud case

MUMBAI (Reuters) - India's state-run Punjab National Bank has stepped up its controls on the use of global payments network SWIFT following an alleged $1.77 billion fraud, according to memos issued this month and seen by Reuters.

S.E. Cupp, Angela Rye clash over gun control

HLN host S.E. Cupp and CNN political commentator Angela Rye clash over the role of the National Rifle Association in the gun control debate.

Gun owners are talking about gun control. Stop and listen

Pump the brakes, progressives, and listen. Thanks to those activist kids from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the national conversation surrounding guns is evolving -- and it's evolving in a serious way. Some gun owners are already taking action.

Gun Control

Florida Republicans Face Mounting Pressure to Act on Gun Control

Student protesters who survived last week’s shooting want a range of new restrictions. Yet G.O.P. leaders appear set on pursuing a package of narrower measures.

Gun control's newest activists aren't backing down

No one wants to be here.

Colbert, Stephen

Best of Late Night: Stephen Colbert Stands With Florida Students Fighting for Gun Control

“I hope these kids don’t give up,” Colbert said on Tuesday. “Someone else may be in power, but this country belongs to them.”

Congress wonders if this time will be different for gun control

In America, gun violence has become a reoccurring fact of life, and the response to it is even more predictable.

School Shootings and Armed Attacks

With Grief and Hope, Florida Students Take Gun Control Fight On the Road

Students fed up with gun violence hopped a bus to Tallahassee, Fla., and planned protests from coast to coast. Whether their activism would amount to anything was far from clear.

Gun Control

Editorial: Will America Choose Its Children Over Guns?

Maybe sensible teenagers, sickened by the terror they must live with at school, can at last compel their senseless elders to act.


Serena says 'almost died' after giving birth

(Reuters) - Serena Williams "almost died" after giving birth to her daughter last September, the former women's world number one tennis player wrote in a column for CNN that was published on Tuesday.


Survivors of Florida school shooting launch gun control push

PARKLAND, Fla. (Reuters) - Dozens of students and parents from the Florida high school where 17 teens and staff members died in a shooting rampage boarded buses on Tuesday for a trip to the state capital Tallahassee to push for a ban on assault rifles.

Gun Control

Florida School Shooting Survivors Take Gun Control Message on the Road

Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where 17 people were killed last week, are traveling to the state capital to call for a ban on assault rifles.


Britain set to take further budgetary control of Northern Ireland

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain must take steps towards setting a budget for Northern Ireland while it explores whether agreement can be reached to restore the province's power-sharing government, the British minister for the region said on Tuesday.

The Point: Why the new Pennsylvania map is a 'huge' deal in the fight for House control

On Monday, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court redrew the state's congressional lines in advance of the 2018 election. (The court had previously ruled that the map drawn by Republicans earlier in the decade was driven mainly by partisan consideration and therefore in violation of the state's constitution.)

Survivors want to talk gun control with lawmakers

Endangered and Extinct Species

Editorial: The Dirty Little Deals That Would Foul the Environment

Republicans are adding measures to appropriations bills that would gut protections of the air, water and landscape.

Gun Control

DealBook: How Banks Could Control Gun Sales if Washington Won’t

As Corporate America espouses “social responsibility,” the financial industry could help limit sales of assault weapons, our columnist writes.

Gun Control

Op-Ed Columnist: Respect First, Then Gun Control

One reaction to the Florida school shooting is the shaming of supporters of gun rights. But there’s a more productive approach.

Analysis: Will more young people support gun control? Recent history suggests no.

In the aftermath of the shooting in Parkland, Florida last week, some of the student survivors are calling on Congress to pass legislation that would address gun violence in schools.


Students plan protests, Washington march, to demand gun control after mass shooting

PARKLAND, Fla. (Reuters) - Stunned by the deadliest high school shooting in U.S. history, students mobilized across the country on Sunday to organize rallies and a national walkout in support of stronger gun laws, challenging politicians they say have failed to protect them.

United States Politics and Government

Editorial: Trump’s ‘Best People’ and Their Dubious Ethics

There are so many scandals in this administration that many aren’t getting the attention they deserve.


Stunned by massacre, U.S. students demand tighter gun controls

PARKLAND, Fla. (Reuters) - Stunned by last week's bloodiest high school shooting in U.S. history, students across the country were mobilizing on Sunday for stronger gun laws, while Florida officials contemplated when to reopen their badly shaken school.


Australia's PM in damage control as scandal undermines deputy

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull brushed aside suggestions of a rift in his coalition government on Sunday, saying there were "no issues" between the Liberal and National parties in the wake of a sex scandal that has swamped Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce.

United States Politics and Government

Editorial: Donald Trump and the Undoing of Justice Reform

The president and his attorney general have a backward worldview that is translating into regressive policies.

Gun Control

In Wake of Florida Massacre, Gun-Control Advocates Look to Connecticut

Connecticut, which passed a strict gun law after the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, has seen a sharp drop in the number of gun deaths.


Cuban comedian denounces discriminatory policies, attitudes on island

HAVANA (Reuters) - Cuban comedian Luis Silva, better known as his popular television character Panfilo, denounced discriminatory policies against Cubans in their own country in a Facebook post on Friday, in an unusually strong, public criticism of the government.

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

Editorial: Stop Letting the Russians Get Away With It, Mr. Trump

Robert Mueller’s latest indictments show how real the threat to U.S. elections is. When will the White House acknowledge it?

School Shootings and Armed Attacks

Editorial: The N.R.A. Can Be Beat

It’s time to vote the gun lobby out of office.

Homeland Security Department

Editorial: Trump Kills Compromise on Immigration

A bill would have saved the Dreamers and given him his wall. He’d rather play political games.

United States Politics and Government

Right and Left React to the Gun Control Debate After the Florida Shooting

Writers from across the political spectrum on the predictable debate over gun control in the wake of a mass shooting.

Watch lawmakers' testy exchange over gun control

During Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin's testimony on Capitol Hill, Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) grilled Mnuchin about inaction on gun violence.


Give women more time to give birth, make choices: WHO

GENEVA (Reuters) - Women in labor should be given more time to give birth and have fewer medical interventions, while participating more in decision-making, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday.

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

Editorial: Why Does Trump Ignore Top Officials’ Warnings on Russia?

His refusal to take on the Russian threat to our democracy violates his oath to ‘preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.’

Politics and Government

Editorial: South Africa’s Zuma Leaves Behind a Broken Democracy

Can the party of Nelson Mandela, which has had a near-monopoly on South African politics, cleanse and revive itself?


Mind: The First Step Toward a Personal Memory Maker?

Electric pulses to the brain help subjects store memory, scientists have found. But the road to perfecting recall remains daunting.


Thailand bets on 'magic pills' to boost declining birth rate

BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thailand has tried cash bonuses and tax incentives to boost the country's birth rate, but on Valentine's Day today it adopted a new approach - handing out vitamin pills.

Religion and Belief

China’s Catholics Rue Church’s Slide as Powers Debate Control

As the powers that be in Beijing and the Vatican negotiate over who appoints clerics, many worshipers have more pressing worries.

Controversial new NYT editorial board member out within hours

United States International Relations

Editorial: Is North Korea Causing Trouble or Giving Peace a Chance?

The question shouldn’t keep the two sides from meeting to resolve a nuclear standoff.

Is mind control real? Here's what experts say

United States International Relations

Iraq Donor Conference Heads Toward Embarrassing Failure

Iraq received only $4 billion of the $88 billion it says it needs, and none from the United States, threatening efforts to stabilize the country.


UPDATE 1-China Jan outbound investment jumps, may tip relaxation in capital controls

* Outbound deals rise for 3rd straight month but for low levels