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Little-known Venezuelan evangelical pastor launches presidential bid

CARACAS (Reuters) - A little-known Venezuelan evangelical pastor on Sunday launched his candidacy for the upcoming presidential election, an illustration of the growing religious influence in Latin American politics.

Opinion: 'Black Panther' inspires more than African Americans

The box-office success of "Black Panther" gives me hope that one day my minority group, Arab Americans and Muslims, will see a superhero from our community on the big screen.


Second Afghan governor defies President Ghani

MAZAR-I-SHARIF, Afghanistan (Reuters) - A second Afghan provincial governor defied an attempt by President Ashraf Ghani to remove him on Sunday, deepening a political crisis that has underlined the weakness of the Western-backed government in Kabul.

Opinion: The consequences of inaction in Syria are about to become alarmingly clear

Over the past few weeks, the shadow cast by Syria's conflict has been growing longer and darker.


Leftist and young buck lead as Mexico parties make presidential picks

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexico's political parties will formally choose presidential candidates on Sunday, setting the stage for a race between a leftist holding a strong lead, a young leader of a right-left coalition catching up, and a trailing ruling party candidate.


Threatened and vilified, but Philippine lawyer says he wants 'death squad president' in court

MANILA (Reuters) - Philippine attorney Jude Sabio says he hasn't been home for a year, steers clear of public events and is forever looking over his shoulder after accusing President Rodrigo Duterte of crimes against humanity.

Conflicts of Interest

President or Luxury Towers: Either Way, Trump Is the Rage in India

President Trump’s eldest son is headed to India on a sales trip for the family’s real estate business. Indians are star-struck by a family both rich and famous.

The President tweets that the special counsel's indictments show that Russian meddling had no effect on the outcome of the election

The White House continues to vehemently deny collusion with Russia a day after multiple indictments of Russian nationals and entities were announced by the Justice Department in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US election.


French President Macron's approval rating falls below 50 percent: Ifop

PARIS (Reuters) - French President Emmanuel Macron's approval rating has fallen below 50 percent to its lowest level since October last year, a poll showed on Sunday, as the government pushes ahead with plans to shake up France's costly civil service.


NBA's Africa Game returns to South Africa in August

(Reuters) - NBA players will return to South Africa in August to participate in the third NBA Africa Game, officials said on Saturday.


Weinstein Company removes president and chief operating officer Glasser

(Reuters) - The board of the Weinstein Company has dismissed the beleaguered film studio's president and chief operating officer, less than a week after he was cited for failing to act on employee harassment complaints.

Politics and Government

As Ramaphosa Hails a ‘New Dawn,’ South Africans See More of the Same

Few in Soweto township expect change now that Cyril Ramaphosa is president. But none can imagine voting against the African National Congress.


Britain's May wins backing for EU security pact, timing unclear

MUNICH (Reuters) - Prime Minister Theresa May made her case on Saturday for a new security treaty with the EU from next year, winning support from EU and U.S. officials who agreed the issue was too important to risk getting subsumed in broader Brexit negotiations.


Iranian president pledges to stick to nuclear deal commitments

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday it would adhere to commitments under its 2015 international nuclear agreement, signed with six world powers to limit its disputed nuclear program.


Public reports 'clearly show' Assad's use of chemical weapons: McMaster

MUNICH (Reuters) - U.S. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster said on Saturday that, despite denials, public reports showed that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was using chemical weapons, and added that it was time for the international community to hold the Syrian government accountable.


Iranian President says will adhere to nuclear deal commitments

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday it would adhere to commitments under its 2015 international nuclear agreement, signed with six world powers to limit its disputed nuclear program.


Post-Brexit security deal must transcend ideology, May tells EU

MUNICH (Reuters) - Britain and the EU should sign a new security treaty and must not let ideological differences block co-operation in that sector after Brexit, Prime Minister Theresa May said on Saturday.

Weinstein Co

Weinstein Company Fires David Glasser, Its President

The move to get rid of the man the Weinsteins called their “third brother” comes at an urgent moment for the troubled company.

Anderson Cooper: Indictments don't clear Trump

CNN's Anderson Cooper explains how President Donald Trump's case that the Russia investigation is a hoax has been weakened by special counsel Robert Mueller's indictment of 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities for allegedly meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Big business tells Trump that tariffs could backfire


With Blackface and Monkey Suit, Chinese Gala on Africa Causes Uproar

A skit in the annual Lunar New Year gala, which is broadcast live to millions, aimed to accentuate African ties. But many found the portrayals offensive.


Former U.S. presidential candidate Romney announces Utah Senate bid

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, a frequent critic of President Donald Trump, announced on Friday he would run for a U.S. Senate seat in Utah, confirming months of speculation about a return to national politics.

Kelly changes security clearance process in wake of Porter scandal

White House chief of staff John Kelly, under fire over the White House's handling of domestic abuse allegations against a senior aide, ordered an overhaul of the security clearance process for current and incoming top administration officials.


Exclusive: Haiti president says many aid organizations hid misconduct

PORT-AU-PRINCE (Reuters) - Haiti's president said on Friday that sexual misconduct by staff of British charity Oxfam was only the tip of an "iceberg" and called for investigations into Doctors Without Borders and other aid organizations which came to the country after its 2010 earthquake.

United States Politics and Government

Kelly Orders Overhaul to White House Security Clearance After Abuse Claims

The changes require F.B.I. officials to directly report to the White House counsel concerns that they uncover during the background investigation of the president’s top aides.


White House's Kelly tightens security clearance procedures post-scandal

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, under pressure to act, strengthened the process for security clearances for President Donald Trump's aides on Friday in response to a scandal involving a former official accused of domestic abuse by two ex-wives.

United States Politics and Government

News Analysis: Indictments Present a New Political Reality for a President Crying ‘Hoax’

By laying out in excruciating detail the evidence of Russian meddling spanning the last four years, the special counsel instantly created a new political reality for President Trump.


South Africa's Ramaphosa hails 'new dawn', warns of tough decisions

CAPE TOWN (Reuters) - South Africa will face "tough decisions" as it works to repair its economy after years of stagnation, new President Cyril Ramaphosa said in a sober address on Friday that sought to draw a line under the turbulent rule of his predecessor Jacob Zuma.

African superhero: How we made Black Panther

Wakanda is a lushly futuristic, equatorial enclave.


Former presidential candidate Romney announces Utah Senate bid

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced on Friday he would run for a U.S. Senate seat in Utah, confirming months of speculation that he would return to national politics.


Berlin festival movie tells true story of Cold War rebels with a cause

ESSEN, Germany/BERLIN (Reuters) - As Soviet tanks crushed an uprising in Hungary in 1956, a group of children in East Germany began their own protest, taking on a communist regime that would keep their country divided for three more decades.


South Africa's Ramaphosa set to outline priorities in key speech

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africa's new president, Cyril Ramaphosa, is expected to give more details about how he plans to tackle corruption and boost economic growth on Friday, when he delivers his first state of the nation address.

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NY Post cover: 'Mr. President, please act'

Politics and Government

South Africa Sees Fresh Start for Economy, With the Same Challenges

Jacob Zuma’s ouster as president is raising hopes of better fortunes for the nation’s moribund economy, but it will not happen easily.


New York top court clears man held six years at Rikers Island without trial

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A divided New York State Court of Appeals, the state's highest court, on Thursday threw out the indictment of a man who spent more than six years in the Rikers Island jail in a Manhattan murder case, saying his constitutional right to a speedy trial was violated.


New York police sergeant cleared in deadly shooting of woman: union

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A New York City police sergeant was found not guilty of all charges on Thursday in the 2016 death of a emotionally disturbed woman whom he shot as she wielded a baseball bat in her apartment, the officer's union said.

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Opinion: Don't tell me about the warning signs, President Trump

It's not easy to predict who will murder someone -- or to stop them, even when you respond to the "warning signs." I know from first-hand experience.


U.S. regulator moves to clear market barriers for energy storage technology

WASHINGTON, Feb 15 (Reuters) - In a boost for electric storage technology, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on Thursday approved a new rule to remove barriers to batteries and other storage resources in U.S. power markets.

Race and Ethnicity

Op-Ed Contributor: Jacob Zuma and the Legacy of Race in South Africa

He governed as a man distorted by the violence and oppression of white supremacy.


Ramaphosa elected president of South Africa, vows anti-corruption fight

CAPE TOWN (Reuters) - Cyril Ramaphosa was elected as South Africa's president in a parliamentary vote on Thursday and pledged to tackle endemic corruption after scandal-ridden Jacob Zuma resigned on orders from the ruling African National Congress.


Ramaphosa elected president of South Africa

CAPE TOWN (Reuters) - Cyril Ramaphosa was elected as South Africa's president in a parliamentary vote on Thursday after scandal-ridden Jacob Zuma reluctantly resigned on orders from the ruling African National Congress.


Wily negotiator Ramaphosa takes South Africa's top job

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - After weeks of tortuous discussions to convince scandal-plagued Jacob Zuma to step down as head of state, South Africa's great negotiator, Cyril Ramaphosa, has fulfilled his long-held ambition to lead the country.

Mandela's chosen one gets his turn as South Africa's president

It was the moment Cyril Ramaphosa wanted in 1999. The former anti-apartheid activist was Nelson Mandela's favorite to succeed him as leader of the African National Congress and South African president, but the party overlooked him in a crushing blow to his political ambitions.

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EU tells Facebook, Google and Twitter to do more for users

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Europe's justice commissioner told Facebook , Twitter and Google on Thursday to do more to bring their user terms in line with EU law, ramping up pressure on the tech giants after their efforts were deemed too little.

Ramaphosa, Cyril

An Elite South African Who Vows to Fight for the Ordinary Citizen

Cyril Ramaphosa was a protégé of Nelson Mandela before becoming one of South Africa’s richest men. As president, he vows to address gaping inequality.


Eat: A Chef’s Dream to Restore an Ancient West African Grain

For the Senegalese-American chef Pierre Thiam, a meal with fonio tastes of both past and future.

South Africa's parliament to elect a new President

South Africa's parliament is expected to meet Thursday to elect a new President after Jacob Zuma's late night resignation ended a protracted campaign to push him from office.


South Africa starts walk back to post-Zuma rehabilitation

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africans awoke to a nation without Jacob Zuma as president for the first time in nine years on Thursday, after the scandal-plagued head of state reluctantly resigned on orders from the ruling African National Congress (ANC).

Presidents react to mass shootings

Pres. Trump and his three predecessors have had to respond to mass shootings, often addressing the nation's concerns while encouraging unity and healing.


Taiwan president wishes China happy new year, gets warm response

TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen wished "friends" in China a happy Lunar New Year on Thursday, drawing a surprisingly warm reaction from Chinese state media which is more used to disparaging her as a dangerous separatist.

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Indigenous Mexican presidential candidate injured in highway accident

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - The first indigenous woman to run for the Mexican presidency was injured and at least one other person killed when a van in which she was traveling was involved in an accident in western Baja California state on Wednesday, campaign social media said.


Indigenous Mexican presidential candidate involved in highway accident

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - A van carrying the first indigenous woman to run for the Mexican presidency was involved in a highway accident on Wednesday in western Baja California state that killed at least one person and injured the candidate, according to social media associated with her campaign.

President Zuma, you will not be missed

In March 2009, less than two months before Jacob Zuma assumed office as the fourth President of post-apartheid South Africa, the Dalai Lama's visa application to enter the country was denied. The Tibetan spiritual leader had been scheduled to attend a peace conference in Johannesburg, on the invitation of fellow Nobel Peace Prize laureates Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and F.W. de Klerk.

At least 100 WH officials lacked full security clearances a year after election

Nearly a year into President Donald Trump's administration, senior-level staffers -- including Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner and Rob Porter -- remained on interim clearances even as other senior advisers were granted full security access, according to information obtained by CNN from a US government official.

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Zuma quits, ending scandal-plagued term as South African president

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Jacob Zuma resigned as President of South Africa on Wednesday, reluctantly heeding orders by the ruling African National Congress (ANC) to bring an end to his nine scandal-plagued years in power.

Politics and Government

Editorial: South Africa’s Zuma Leaves Behind a Broken Democracy

Can the party of Nelson Mandela, which has had a near-monopoly on South African politics, cleanse and revive itself?


Egyptian authorities detain former Islamist presidential candidate

CAIRO (Reuters) - Egyptian security forces detained former Islamist presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Abol Fotouh for alleged contacts with the banned Muslim Brotherhood group, state news agency MENA reported on Wednesday.

Politics and Government

Jacob Zuma’s Legacy Is a Weakened South Africa

Jacob Zuma’s legacy includes a series of scandals, increased corruption, few successes and a loss of faith in Nelson Mandela’s party.

Asia and Australia Edition: Jacob Zuma, Stormy Daniels, Year of the Dog: Your Thursday Briefing

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South Africa's President resigns

Jacob Zuma is quitting as President of South Africa, finally succumbing to a slew of corruption scandals that have drained support from his ruling African National Congress party.


Zuma quits as President of South Africa

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Jacob Zuma resigned as President of South Africa on Wednesday, heeding orders by the ruling African National Congress (ANC) to bring an end to his nine scandal-plagued years in power.

South Africa

Jacob Zuma Resigns as South Africa’s President

Cyril Ramaphosa, newly elected as the leader of the African National Congress, is in line to be the next leader of the country.


Egypt orders detention of former Islamist presidential candidate

CAIRO (Reuters) - Egypt's public prosecutor ordered the arrest of former Islamist Presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Abol Fotouh for contacts with the banned Muslim Brotherhood group, state television reported on Wednesday.


Any U.S. talks with North Korea would press denuclearization demand: Pence

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States is open to talks with North Korea, but only to convey the U.S. stance that "the most tyrannical and oppressive regime on the planet" must give up its nuclear weapons, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence said on Wednesday.


Zimbabwe opposition leader Tsvangirai dies in South Africa

HARARE (Reuters) - Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai died on Wednesday after a long battle with cancer, casting his Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party into the unknown less than three months after the army ousted long-time ruler Robert Mugabe.


Former Republican presidential candidate Romney to run for Senate: source

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will run for a U.S. Senate seat representing Utah and plans to announce his bid online on Thursday, a source familiar with Romney's plans said.


U.S. tells NATO allies spending plans still falling short

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump's defense secretary told European allies on Wednesday to step up efforts to increase military budgets and warned that troop contributions to missions did not exempt them from broader spending goals, officials said.


South African police raid Gupta home, ANC to sack Zuma via parliament

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africa's ANC unveiled plans on Wednesday to sack President Jacob Zuma via a parliamentary no-confidence vote, hours after armed police raided the luxury home of his friends, the Gupta brothers, as part of an anti-corruption investigation.


BRIEF-Constellation Brands Names Bill Newlands President And COO, Rob Sands Remains CEO



UK tells charities: no more cash if you don't come clean on abuse

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain will stop funding overseas aid agencies if they fail to learn the lessons from Oxfam's sex abuse scandal, and the government will discuss possible prosecutions with law enforcement, the British development minister said on Wednesday.


South African police raid Gupta home, pressure cranks up on Zuma

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Heavily armed South African police raided the luxury home of the Gupta family on Wednesday as part of a probe into allegations the three brothers had corrupt links with President Jacob Zuma, who has been ordered by the ruling ANC to quit as head of state.

Corruption (Institutional)

South Africa Police Raid Home of the Gupta Family, Allies of Zuma

The police action came as the embattled president faced calls from his party, the African National Congress, to step down.


South Africa's Zuma expected to respond to 'recall' order

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South African President Jacob Zuma was expected to respond on Wednesday to an order from the ruling African National Congress (ANC) to step down as head of state, party officials said, after nine years in office dogged by scandal and a stagnant economy.

The President's personal lawyer says he paid $130,000 to Stormy Daniels, who allegedly had a sexual encounter with Trump in 2006


Sime Darby's Africa ambitions stall pending new deforestation rules

GBAH, Liberia/KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - When Malaysia's biggest plantation company Sime Darby leased 220,000 hectares of lush forest in northwest Liberia in 2009, executives said they had found a much needed new frontier in global palm oil development.


FOCUS-Sime Darby's Africa ambitions stall pending new deforestation rules

* New rules expected by November on planting in forested areas

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Mexico presidential hopeful says he is target of government spying

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - A Mexican presidential candidate denounced on Tuesday alleged surveillance of his movements by the government and demanded an explanation, the latest in a series of accusations that Mexico is spying without due cause on its own citizens.

School tells girls they can't say no if a boy asks them to dance

Sometimes the best of intentions have unintended consequences.


Give us the options, energy debate commission tells French government

PARIS (Reuters) - The French government should await the findings of a public debate before it drafts how it will meet its goal of reducing the share of nuclear energy in power generation, the commission tasked with organising the forum said on Tuesday.


South Africa declares drought a national disaster

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africa has declared a national disaster over the drought afflicting southern and western regions including Cape Town, though the city pushed back its "Day Zero", the date when its taps are expected to run dry.


Blackstone names real estate chief Gray president in succession move

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Blackstone Group LP said on Tuesday that Jonathan Gray, who turned the buyout firm into the world's biggest real estate investor as head of its property business, will take over from Tony James as president, setting him up as successor to Chief Executive Stephen Schwarzman.


UPDATE 1-Blackstone names real estate chief Gray president in succession move

* Gray built up Blackstone's real estate unit (Adds CEO quote, context on real estate business and industry)


ANC orders Zuma to step down as South African president

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africa's ruling party ordered Jacob Zuma on Tuesday to step down as head of state after marathon talks over the fate of a leader whose scandal-plagued years in power darkened and divided Nelson Mandela's post-apartheid 'Rainbow Nation'.

South Africa's ruling party demands that Zuma resign

South Africa's ruling African National Congress has "recalled" the country's leader, Jacob Zuma, ramping up pressure on the scandal-hit President to resign.


Erdogan tells Cyprus not to test Turkey over gas standoff

ANKARA (Reuters) - Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday warned Cyprus not to "overstep the mark" in the eastern Mediterranean, after Greek Cypriots accused the Turkish military of obstructing a vessel exploring for natural gas over the weekend.

African National Congress

A.N.C. Tells Jacob Zuma to Step Down as South Africa President

It was not immediately clear whether Mr. Zuma, a masterful politician who has escaped many dire predicaments throughout his career, would oppose the effort.


South Africa's drought-stricken Cape Town pushes back 'Day Zero' to June 4

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africa's drought-stricken city of Cape Town has pushed back its estimate for "Day Zero," when residents will have to start queuing for water, to June 4 from May 11 due to a decline in water usage, the city's deputy mayor said on Tuesday.


Don't take the president literally, aide says, after women deride 'macho-fascist' Duterte

MANILA (Reuters) - Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte should be taken seriously, but not literally, his spokesman said on Tuesday, after the controversial leader drew criticism for saying he once ordered soldiers to shoot female Maoist insurgents in the genitals.


Ice Hockey: Statue of Liberty image cleared for U.S. helmets

GANGNEUNG, South Korea (Reuters) - Two U.S. goaltenders are free to take to the ice on Tuesday with images of the Statue of Liberty on their helmets after a misunderstanding about whether they violated an Olympic ban on political symbols.

United States International Relations

Washington Is Willing to Talk With North Korea, the South’s President Says

The United States “has expressed its willingness to start dialogue with the North,” said a spokesman for President Moon Jae-in, who met with Vice President Mike Pence last week.


Lotte chief and ex-president's friend jailed in South Korea scandal

SEOUL (Reuters) - The friend of former South Korean leader Park Geun-hye who was at the center of an influence-peddling scandal that rocked the country's business and political elite has been sentenced to 20 years in jail, a Seoul court said on Tuesday.


UPDATE 3-Lotte chief and ex-president's friend jailed in S. Korea scandal

* Corruption scandal rocked S.Korea's political, business elite


ANC decides to remove Zuma as South African President

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - The ANC has decided to sack Jacob Zuma as President of South Africa, a senior official said on Tuesday, after a marathon meeting to determine the fate of a leader whose scandal-plagued years in power darkened and divided Nelson Mandela's 'Rainbow Nation'.


South Africa's Exxaro to pay $377 mln special dividend

JOHANNESBURG, Feb 13 (Reuters) - South African miner Exxaro Resources said on Tuesday it would pay a special dividend of 4.5 billion rand ($377 million) from its income reserves after the firm sold stake in U.S. titanium products company Tronox.

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South Africa's ANC decides to remove Zuma as head of state

PRETORIA/JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africa's African National Congress party executive committee has decided to "recall" or remove President Jacob Zuma as head of state, a senior ANC source told Reuters on Tuesday, after a 13-hour meeting of the party's top leadership.


Trump tells Putin more steps needed to scrap North Korea nuclear program

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump, who complained last month that Moscow was "not helping us at all with North Korea," told Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday that more needs to be done to scrap Pyongyang's nuclear program, the White House said.

President's budget includes a plan for 'Blue Apron'-style boxes of food along with a big cut to food stamps

United States Politics and Government

Accusations Against Aide Renew Attention on White House Security Clearances

More than a year after joining the White House as a senior adviser, the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is among those without a permanent security clearance.


After Porter scandal, White House leaves clearance changes up to FBI

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Grappling with the fallout over a former aide accused of domestic abuse, the White House on Monday said any changes in how security clearance investigations are conducted on President Donald Trump's team would be up to the FBI and intelligence agencies.

African-American portrait artist: Can't ignore Obamas' choice of artists like us

The artist who painted former President Barack Obama's official presidential portrait hailed the former first couple's choice of black artists for both paintings, calling it a signal that it was now OK for the work of artists who look like them to hang in the halls of the world's great institutions.


EU's Tusk speaks to Cyprus leader, tells Turkey to avoid threats

BRUSSELS, Feb 12 (Reuters) - European Council head Donald Tusk told Turkey on Monday "to avoid threats or actions against any EU member and instead commit to good neighbourly relations, peaceful dispute settlement and respect for territorial sovereignty".


British watchdog tells algorithmic traders to tighten controls

LONDON (Reuters) - Some firms using computers to trade at ultra-fast speeds are not applying safeguards required to avert market meltdowns, Britain's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said on Monday.

Zuma, Jacob G

Negotiations Continue Over Zuma: Will He Go Now or Now-Now?

The South African president, Jacob Zuma, is almost certain to step down in the near future, but it is unclear when, and anxiety and frustration among South Africans is deepening.


British watchdog tells computer traders to tighten controls

LONDON (Reuters) - Some firms using computers to trade at ultra-fast speeds are not applying safeguards required to avert market meltdowns, Britain's Financial Conduct Authority said on Monday.

New York City

New York Today: New York Today: Dog Concierge Tells All

Monday: Secrets from the hotel that hosts 600 Westminster show dogs, Off-Broadway week and the anniversary of the premiere of “Dracula.”


EMERGING MARKETS-Emerging stocks bounce, S.Africa firms as Zuma's fate weighed

LONDON, Feb 12 (Reuters) - Emerging stocks bounced off 1-1/2 month lows on Monday, snapping a seven-day losing streak as developed equity markets steadied, while South African markets gained ahead of a meeting set to decide President Jacob Zuma's fate.


RPT-COLUMN-VIX 20-20 vision needed for clear market outlook: McGeever

LONDON, Feb 9 (Reuters) - Market seismographs are still twitching at levels almost twice the historical average and Wall Street's gauge of implied volatility needs to return below 20 percent for stocks to stabilise.


South African President Zuma's fate to be decided on Monday, says ANC head

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - The ANC will decide President Jacob Zuma's fate at a special meeting on Monday, the party's new chief said, in what could be the most serious bid yet to unseat a leader damaged by corruption allegations.

Harvard names its new president

In hiring its 29th president, Harvard University is turning to one of its own.


Harvard names veteran academic administrator as new president

(Reuters) - Harvard University on Sunday announced that Lawrence Bacow from its Kennedy School of Government would be its 29th president starting on July 1, calling him one of the most experienced and respected leaders in U.S. higher education.

Colleges and Universities

Harvard Chooses Lawrence Bacow as Next President

Mr. Bacow, a former head of Tufts University known as a capable manager, is seen as a safe choice at a time when the university is under pressure from Washington.

Opinion: Trump may be the most anti-women US President ever

Donald Trump wants you to believe he has "great respect" for women, but his words and actions tell a far different story. In fact, Trump may be the most anti-women US president ever.

Space and Astronomy

NASA Budgets for a Trip to the Moon, but Not While Trump Is President

The administration sees a greater role for the private sector in returning to the moon and running the International Space Station, which it would stop financing in 2025.


South Africa's ruling ANC to finalize talks on Zuma's future

CAPE TOWN (Reuters) - South Africa's African National Congress (ANC) leader Cyril Ramaphosa said on Sunday the party's executive body would meet on Monday to finalize discussions on the future of President Jacob Zuma, who is under mounting pressure to step down.

Hispanic Trump voter defends President's rhetoric

A Hispanic Trump voter and an undocumented immigrant debate Trump's immigration policies on The Van Jones .


Ramaphosa avoids questions on Zuma as ANC calls special meeting

CAPE TOWN (Reuters) - African National Congress leader Cyril Ramaphosa avoided questions about the future of South African President Jacob Zuma on Sunday as the party's executive body called a meeting to discuss a transition of power.


South Africa's ANC to hold special meeting as pressure mounts on Zuma

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africa's ruling African National Congress (ANC) will convene a special meeting of its executive body on Monday, its spokesman said, amid mounting pressure on President Jacob Zuma to step down.

Baron Noir (TV Program)

On TV, France’s New President Is Young, Centrist and Female

As Emmanuel Macron has shaken up French politics, an acclaimed television thriller, “Baron Noir,” has found a way to mirror his story.

Bernstein: No modern president lied like Trump

Carl Bernstein, who along with Bob Woodward investigated the Watergate scandal for the Washington Post, compares the Trump presidency to that of Nixon, saying, "we never had a president who lies like this."

Immigration and Emigration

Op-Ed Columnist: President Trump, How Is This Man a Danger?

Immigration agents took away a chemistry professor about to drive his daughter to school.


Kim Jong Un invites South Korean president for summit: South Korea

SEOUL/PYEONGCHANG, South Korea (Reuters) - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un invited South Korean President Moon Jae-in for talks in Pyongyang, South Korean officials said on Saturday, setting the stage for the first meeting of Korean leaders in more than 10 years.


Carlos Cordeiro Elected U.S. Soccer President

Cordeiro, who succeeds Sunil Gulati, takes over a federation rife with disagreements about its past failures and plans beyond 2018.


McDonald succeeds Gerry Adams as Sinn Fein president

DUBLIN (Reuters) - Mary Lou McDonald was confirmed as the new president of Sinn Fein on Saturday, taking over from Gerry Adams in a handover that could advance the nationalist party's ambition of governing on both sides of the Irish border.


Former FIFA vice-president Chung's ban cut to 15 months

ZURICH (Reuters) - Former FIFA vice-president Chung Mong-joon's five-year ban from soccer, over ethics violations in connection with South Korea's unsuccessful bid to host the 2022 World Cup, has been cut to 15 months by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).


South Africa's ANC official urges patience during Zuma exit talks

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africans should be patient with the ruling African National Congress (ANC) leader Cyril Ramaphosa as he holds talks with President Jacob Zuma for a transition of power, the party's national chairperson said on Saturday.


North Korea's Kim invites South Korean president for summit: South Korea

SEOUL/PYEONGCHANG, South Korea (Reuters) - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un invited South Korean President Moon Jae-in for talks in Pyongyang, South Korean officials said on Saturday, setting the stage for the first meeting of Korean leaders in more than 10 years.

United States Defense and Military Forces

Inquiry of Soldiers’ Deaths Urges Curtailing West Africa Missions

The Pentagon is poised to scale back patrols and commanders’ authorities as a result of the October ambush in Niger that killed four American soldiers.


China's top diplomat tells Trump hopes to increase coordination on North Korea

BEIJING (Reuters) - China hopes both it and the United States can increase their coordination on the North Korea issue, China's top diplomat Yang Jiechi told U.S. President Donald Trump during a meeting in Washington, China's Foreign Ministry said on Saturday.

Porter, Robert R (1977- )

News Analysis: Amid Turmoil From Washington to Wall Street, a Surprisingly Passive President

President Trump stayed largely on the sidelines as a volatile stock market plunged, Congress sealed a budget deal and a top aide was ousted over abuse charges.


BRIEF-Rachel Brand Joins Walmart as Executive Vice President, Global Governance and Corporate Secretary


Dozens of Trump officials still lack full security clearance

Thirty to 40 White House officials and administration political appointees are still operating without full security clearances, including senior adviser to President Donald Trump Jared Kushner and -- until recently -- White House staffer Rob Porter, according to a US official and a source familiar with the situation.

Sources: Many White House officials lack full security clearance

Sources tell CNN's Jim Sciutto that dozens of Trump administration officials, including Jared Kushner, are still working without full security clearance.


Exclusive: Brazil police see no evidence in port bribery case against president

BRASILIA (Reuters) - Brazil's Federal Police will likely recommend shelving an investigation into alleged bribery of President Michel Temer in return for extending port concessions last year because it has turned up no evidence, its chief told Reuters on Friday.

Source: Kelly tells aides it was he who secured Porter's resignation

White House chief of staff John Kelly, who has come under fire for his handling of domestic abuse allegations leveled against the White House staff secretary Rob Porter, told aides on Friday that he was responsible for securing Porter's resignation after the allegations became public.

The President did not express sympathy for women Rob Porter has been accused of abusing

President Donald Trump on Friday called the departure of his former staff secretary Rob Porter following allegations of domestic abuse "very sad" and said he wishes Porter "well."


Exclusive: Renault's Mueller quits, clearing CEO succession path - sources

PARIS (Reuters) - Renault's Chief Performance Officer Stefan Mueller is leaving the company, sources told Reuters on Friday - likely clearing the way for rival candidate Thierry Bollore to be named second-in-command and eventual successor to CEO Carlos Ghosn.

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Encounters: Playing the President and Protesting One, Too

Elizabeth Marvel returns as President Keane on Season 7 of the political thriller “Homeland.”

President is upset over handling of abuse allegations involving Hicks' boyfriend Rob Porter, source say

President Donald Trump has grown increasingly frustrated with Hope Hicks, his communications director and one of his closest confidantes, amid the fallout from the Rob Porter scandal, people familiar with the matter say.

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Colombia’s FARC Suspends Presidential Campaign After Attacks

Colombia’s largest rebel group has suspended all campaigns in the country’s upcoming congressional and presidential elections.


Review: ‘Our Cartoon President’ Misses a Huuuge Target

Amid an endless array of Trump spoofs, Showtime’s comedy manages to be mean and toothless at the same time.


On Pro Basketball: Cavaliers Clear the Air by Blowing Up the Building

Deadline deals rarely lead to championships, but there is little precedent for the dramatic roster overhaul Cleveland engineered on Thursday.


World Food Programme warns of deeper hunger across southern Africa

CAPE TOWN (Reuters) - Poor rains and crop infestations in southern Africa are threatening deeper hunger across the region, with millions of people, particularly children, at risk, the UN's World Food Programme (WFP) said on Friday.

Vice President Pence and Kim Jong Un's sister seated close together

President tweets he has signed the bipartisan bill passed by Congress to end a brief government shutdown


Shoot me, don't jail me, Philippines' Duterte tells Hague court prosecutor

MANILA (Reuters) - Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday told the International Criminal Court (ICC) to go ahead and investigate him for crimes against humanity, and said he would prefer to face a firing squad than be jailed.


Trump tells Israel peace means compromise; U.S. envoy under fire

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump told Israel on Friday that it too would need to make "significant compromises" for peace with the Palestinians, even as they accused one of his Middle East envoys of bogging down diplomacy with what they see as pro-Israel bias.

Bush: 'Pretty clear' that Russia meddled

Former President George W. Bush said Thursday that there is "pretty clear evidence that the Russians meddled" in the 2016 presidential election.


Maldives' embattled president sends envoys to China, Saudi for support

MALE (Reuters) - The embattled president of the Maldives has sent envoys to friendly nations such as China, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to brief them on a political crisis in the Indian Ocean nation that spurred the imposition of a state of emergency, his office said.

'Good chance' South Korean President will be invited to North Korea

Several diplomatic sources with deep knowledge of North Korea's intentions say there is a "good chance" Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, will invite South Korean President Moon Jae-in to visit Pyongyang "sometime this year."

International Olympic Committee

The Quiet Diplomacy to Save the Olympics in a Nuclear Standoff

Organizers worried that the North would spoil the Winter Games in Pyeongchang. But after months of anxiety and failed diplomacy, there was a deal.


U.S., Chinese diplomats agree to exert pressure on North Korea over nuclear weapons: State Department

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and China's top diplomat Yang Jiechi on Thursday reaffirmed the commitment of Washington and Beijing to exert pressure in Pyongyang over its nuclear weapons.

Trump, Donald J

Opinion: President Trump’s Best People

From Rob Porter to Omarosa Manigault Newman, the Mooch and others. Here is the parade of characters who just couldn’t hold on to their White House jobs.


Iran says it can discuss other issues if nuclear deal successful

Paris (Reuters) - The United States and its European allies should ensure the 2015 nuclear deal is a success before demanding to negotiate on other issues such as Tehran's regional activities or ballistic missile program, Iran's deputy foreign minister said on Thursday.

'Clear evidence' Russia meddled in election, Bush says

Former President George W. Bush said Thursday that there is "pretty clear evidence that the Russians meddled" in the 2016 presidential election.


Athletics: World champion Gatlin to test out 150-metres in South Africa

CAPE TOWN (Reuters) - World 100-metre champion Justin Gatlin will race over a new distance next month at the inaugural Athletics South Africa (ASA) Athletix Grand Prix series meet in Pretoria.


IOC clears Iran, North Korea for gift after Samsung phone row

DUBAI (Reuters) - Iranian and North Korean athletes at the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Winter Games will receive Samsung mobile phones, organizers said on Thursday, after Iran summoned South Korea's ambassador over reports its athletes would not get the gifts.

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Best of Late Night: Trevor Noah Mocks President’s Plan for a Military Parade

The late-night host said: “The world knows America has a military. It’s in their countries right now.”


African Union says has no secret dossiers after China spying report

BEIJING (Reuters) - The African Union does not have any secret dossiers and nothing to spy on, a senior official said in Beijing on Thursday, rejecting a report in French newspaper Le Monde that Beijing had bugged the regional bloc's headquarters in Addis Ababa.


Venezuela sets presidential vote for April 22 after talks crumble

CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuela on Wednesday set a presidential election for April 22 after mediation talks between the leftist government and an opposition coalition collapsed, setting the stage for the likely re-election of President Nicolas Maduro.

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

Op-Ed Columnist: President Trump, if You’re Innocent, Why Act So Guilty?

Here are a dozen reasons to question Trump’s protests.


African-Americans disproportionately endangered by HIV/AIDS

(Reuters Health) - African-Americans are far more likely than other Americans to be infected with HIV but far less likely to get life-saving treatments that stop the virus’ spread, a new U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report finds.


Israel finds case of severe H5N8 bird flu, sounds all-clear

PARIS (Reuters) - Israel has reported a case of the highly pathogenic H5N8 bird flu virus in a wild bird, the Paris-based World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) said on Wednesday, citing a report from Israel's agriculture ministry.


Maldives supreme court judge ill-treated in prison: ex-president

MALE/COLOMBO (Reuters) - The exiled former president of the Maldives accused authorities on Wednesday of mistreating a supreme court judge thrown into prison following the imposition of a state of emergency in the Indian Ocean island nation.


End game looms for South Africa's Zuma

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - African National Congress (ANC) leader Cyril Ramaphosa said on Wednesday he is holding direct talks with Jacob Zuma over a transition of power, in the strongest indication to date the South African president will step down after years of scandal.

Polish President signs controversial Holocaust bill into law

Polish President Andrzej Duda signed Poland's controversial new Holocaust bill late Tuesday ahead of it being assessed by the country's Constitutional Tribunal.

Despite lawyers' concerns, the President remains eager to speak with the special counsel, sources say

President Donald Trump's lawyers have aimed to hit the brakes on a potential sit-down with Robert Mueller, but Trump remains eager to speak with the special counsel, according to his allies.


Two dead after Sibanye-Stillwater's South African mine collapse

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Two workers were killed after a section of Sibanye-Stillwater's Kloof gold mine in South Africa collapsed on Wednesday, the company said, a week after more that 1,000 workers were stuck underground at another of its mines in the country.


EMERGING MARKETS-Stocks stabilise, Zuma exit saga drags on

LONDON, Feb 7 (Reuters) - Emerging markets rode a stabilisation in global stocks on Wednesday to pull out of their heaviest slump in almost two years, though the dollar was gradually reapplying the pressure to the most heavily traded currencies.

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Nonfiction: A Recovering Sex and Porn Addict Tells All

Erica Garza’s debut memoir, “Getting Off,” reveals a path to rehabilitation that is equal parts sordid and inspiring.


South Africa gold miners seen close to silicosis lawsuit settlement

CAPE TOWN (Reuters) - A 9 billion rand ($755 million) class action suit brought against gold producers in South Africa by miners suffering from fatal lung disease is likely to be settled "within months", the chair of an industry group said on Wednesday.


Temporary funding bill clears key procedural hurdle in U.S. House

WASHINGTON, Feb 6 (Reuters) - The U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday cleared a stop-gap funding bill for debate and a vote on passage later in the day as Congress maneuvered to avoid government agency shutdowns when existing money expires at midnight on Thursday.


South Africa's Zuma ready to quit if conditions met says news service

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africa's ruling African National Congress party on Tuesday put off a key meeting due to discuss President Jacob Zuma's future later this week, while an online news service quoted sources saying he was ready to quit if certain conditions were met.

'Treason is not a punchline, Mr. President,' Flake says

Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake, who is a frequent critic of President Donald Trump, sharply criticized the President on the Senate floor Tuesday for his "treasonous" remarks.

If the Democrats 'don't want safety,' then shut it down, President says at roundtable on MS-13 gang

President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he supports a government shutdown if Democrats won't agree to tighten immigration laws, undercutting ongoing bipartisan negotiations on Capitol Hill.


CAS decision to clear 28 Russians setback for clean sport: WADA committee

ZURICH (Reuters) - The World Anti-Doping Agency's Athlete Committee has expressed disappointment over the decision by sport's highest court CAS to reinstate the medals and results of 28 Russians at the 2014 Winter Games, calling it "a massive setback for clean sport".


Polish president signs Holocaust bill, triggers Israeli, U.S. criticism

WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland's president signed into law on Tuesday a bill that imposes jail terms for suggesting the country was complicit in the Holocaust, prompting sharp criticism from Israel and the United States.


Maldives opposition calls for Indian intervention as president imposes emergency rule

MALE/COLOMBO (Reuters) - Maldives President Abdulla Yameen's administration said on Tuesday it had put down a coup after declaring a state of emergency the day before and arresting two Supreme Court justices and opposition figures.

New York Times

‘This Milestone Feels Great’: A Chat With the First African-American Woman on Our Masthead

When Monica Drake started here in 1998, she was told, “We don’t hire interns.” Not only was she hired, she made history.

Zuma, Jacob G

President Zuma’s Speech Postponed Amid South Africa Power Struggle

With the president facing calls to resign, Parliament announced that the annual state of the nation speech would be postponed. But who knows for how long.


North Korea 'months away' from ability to hit U.S. with nuclear weapon: U.S. envoy

GENEVA (Reuters) - North Korea is only months away from obtaining the capability to hit U.S. territory with a nuclear weapon and must be disarmed, a U.S. envoy said on Tuesday, dismissing Pyonyang's diplomatic thaw with South Korea as a "charm offensive" that fooled no one.

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Poland’s President Supports Making Some Holocaust Statements a Crime

President Andrzej Duda said he would approve the law, but, in a concession to critics, he said the Constitutional Court would determine whether it violates freedom of speech.


Poland's president says will sign Holocaust bill, defying critics

WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland's president said on Tuesday he will sign into law a bill imposing jail terms for suggesting the country was complicit in the Holocaust, defying criticism from Israel, the United States and activists.

Poland's president says he will sign controversial Holocaust bill

Polish President Andrzej Duda says he will sign the country's controversial Holocaust bill, but plans to send the bill to the constitutional tribunal for review.


President of Thai construction firm charged with poaching

BANGKOK (Reuters) - The president of Italian-Thai Development Pcl, Thailand's largest construction company, and three others were charged with poaching and trespassing in a wildlife sanctuary, police said on Tuesday.


Myanmar policeman who arrested Reuters reporters tells court he burned his notes

YANGON (Reuters) - A Myanmar police officer who was part of the team that arrested two Reuters journalists in December told a court on Tuesday that he had burned the notes he made at the time, but gave no reason why he had done so.


Russia's Putin spoke to Iranian president: Kremlin

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke by telephone with his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani, the Kremlin said in a statement on Tuesday.


U.S. warns on growing nuclear arsenals of China, Russia, North Korea

GENEVA (Reuters) - North Korea may be only months away from being able to strike the United States with a nuclear-tipped ballistic missile and its atomic weapons program must be shut down, a senior U.S. disarmament official said on Tuesday.


Melbourne Journal: A Wrestling Team in Australia Fights to Prove It’s Not an ‘African Gang’

The Sudanese community in Australia has come under unwelcome scrutiny after politicians said its members were behind a crime wave in Melbourne.


President of Thai construction firm arrested for poaching

BANGKOK (Reuters) - The president of Italian-Thai Development Pcl, Thailand's largest construction company, and three others have been arrested for poaching and trespassing in a wildlife sanctuary, national park officials said on Tuesday.

Trump, Donald J

Op-Ed Columnist: Twitter: The New Nuclear Weapon

The Trump administration rolled out a strategy calling for smaller nuclear weapons.


South Korea spy agency tells lawmakers North Korean hackers possibly behind Coincheck heist: source

SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea's national spy agency told a parliamentary committee it was possible North Korean hackers broke into a cryptocurrency exchange in Japan to steal $520 million worth of digital coins, a person familiar with the matter said on Tuesday.

Analysis: The President thinks not clapping for him is 'treasonous'

President Donald Trump wasn't -- and, apparently, still isn't -- happy that Democrats in Congress didn't stand to applaud him in his State of the Union address last week.

Pentagon mistakenly labels Taiwan as part of China in nuclear report

The US Defense Department was forced to correct several mistakes in its Nuclear Posture Review after an initial version of the report released last week labeled Taiwan as part of China and included the disputed Kuril islands in a chart depicting Russia.