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Sorry, sci-fi fans: star's oddness not due to alien mega-structure


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - It was too good to be true. Scientists have ruled out the most exotic explanation -- an orbiting alien mega-structure -- for the behavior of a celestial oddity dubbed Tabby's Star that has been puzzling scientists with its sporadic dimming and brightening. [Source]

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Blast injures several in Belgium, terrorism ruled out: police

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - An explosion injured several people and brought down a residential building in the Belgian city of Antwerp on Monday evening, police said, stressing the incident was not related to terrorism.

Scientists identify what may have killed millions in mystery epidemic

In the 16th century, an epidemic known as "cocoliztli" that caused bleeding and vomiting swept through large areas of Guatemala, Mexico and even reached Peru. It wiped out 80% of the population, killing millions of people.


Chinese 'rainbow dinosaur' had iridescent feathers like hummingbirds

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - There's not a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. There's an iridescent dinosaur.

Air Pollution

Op-Ed Contributor: Why China’s Good Environmental Policies Have Gone Wrong

Haste and zeal to please an increasingly authoritarian government have created unexpected problems.


Trump denies saying he probably had good relationship with Kim

PALM BEACH, Fla. (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday disputed a newspaper's account of an interview with him last week in which he was quoted as saying he probably has a very good relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Thai Food (Cuisine)

A Good Appetite: The Secret to Better Thai Dishes May Already Be in Your Fridge

Doctoring up a jar of red curry paste makes for a deeply flavored noodle dish.


France's Macron welcomes Merkel's deal with Social Democrats, says good for Europe

PARIS (Reuters) - French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday welcomed a deal in Germany between Chancellor Angela Merkel and Social Democrat (SPD) that paves the way for a coalition government, saying its provisional terms were good for Europe.


India sends its 100th satellite into space to watch borders

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India launched its 100th satellite on Friday as Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeks to project the country as a global low-cost provider of services in space.

Trump, Donald J

Trump Boasts of ‘Very Good Relationship’ With North Korean Leader

The president’s rosy description of his relationship with Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, was a jarring reversal in tone after months of the two leaders trading taunts.


Martian ice deposits could sustain human outposts in the future

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Scientists using images from an orbiting NASA spacecraft have detected eight sites where huge ice deposits near the Martian surface are exposed on steep slopes, a potential source of water that could help sustain future human outposts.


Trump says 'probably' has a good relationship with North Korea's Kim: WSJ

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday he "probably" has a very good relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.


Fossil of dinosaur swept away in ancient Australian river found

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In sandstone next to the high tide mark at the edge of Bass Strait in southeastern Australia, scientists have unearthed fossils of a two-legged, turkey-sized, plant-eating dinosaur apparently swept away in a large, powerful ancient river.


BRIEF-Goodfood Market Qtrly Adjusted Loss Per Share $0.05


PM to Trump: Don't miss good opportunity

President Trump told reporters he still supports his decision to back out of the Paris Climate Agreement, while the Norwegian Prime Minister told the President that environmental regulations are one of the reasons for the US economic surplus.


Trilobites: Emperor Penguins: Good Dads, but Less Dedicated Than You May Have Thought

"March of the Penguins” showed penguins going up to 115 days without food, but new research suggests that many hunted for food during breeding season.


BRIEF-Klondex Announces Reduction In Underground Operations And Workforce At True North


North Carolina

North Carolina Congressional Map Ruled Unconstitutionally Gerrymandered

The ruling was the first time that a federal court had blocked a congressional map because the judges believed it to be a partisan gerrymander.


U.S. spy satellite believed destroyed after failing to reach orbit: officials

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. spy satellite that was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, aboard a SpaceX rocket on Sunday failed to reach orbit and is assumed to be a total loss, two U.S. officials briefed on the mission said on Monday.

Romney had prostate cancer treatment last year and the prognosis is good

Former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney was treated for prostate cancer over the summer, a source close to Romney told CNN Monday.

Author: Bannon's statement about Trump Jr. 'not true'

The author of a book that has driven a wedge between President Donald Trump and former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon said Monday that Bannon's recent statement backing away from his criticism of the President's eldest son is "not true."

Opinion: Thank goodness for Oprah. She saved the show.

Thank goodness for Oprah Winfrey. She saved the show.

Scientists explore surprising alternative to light bulbs

The connection between people and plants has long been the subject of scientific interest. Recent studies have found positive effects.


China's Tiangong-1 space lab is not out of control: top Chinese engineer

BEIJING (Reuters) - China's Tiangong-1 space station is not out of control and does not pose a safety threat, a top Chinese spaceflight engineer said on Monday, after reports that the station was falling toward earth.

Hospice Care

Opinion: This Was Not the Good Death We Were Promised

Hospice care failed my father when it mattered most.

How good the stock market under Trump really is, in one chart

President Donald Trump has spared no opportunity to brag about the surging stock market in recent days. He has a point. It took the market almost 100 years to reach 5,000. It's grown more than 5,000 points in Trump's first year in office.

Trump biographer: Much of what Michael Wolff says about him rings true

Children and Childhood

Gray Matter: Is Your Child Lying to You? That’s Good

Kids who know how to deceive are smarter and better adjusted.

Cooking and Cookbooks

A Good Appetite: A Weeknight Dish for Lovers of Non-Fishy Fish

This quickly braised cod in butter and wine is practically defined by its simplicity and speed.


How ‘The Alienist’ Finally Found a Screen

Nearly 24 years after it was published, the historical thriller is appearing onscreen, as a TNT series beginning Jan. 22.

Start a new (good) habit, kill an old (bad) one

Odds are, you are trying to break a bad habit or institute a good one right now. As a species, we are impressively committed to self-improvement, and most of us believe that habits are an effective means to that end.


Starfish eating Australia's Great Barrier Reef alarm scientists

SYDNEY (Reuters) - A major outbreak of coral-eating crown of thorns starfish has been found munching Australia's world heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef, scientists said on Friday, prompting the government to begin culling the spiky marine animals.


Trump says chances good for passing U.S. immigration reform

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday he was working with lawmakers to create an immigration system that will serve American workers and improve security, adding he thinks Congress has a good shot at passing an immigration reform bill.


BRIEF-Brainstorm Cell Received Good Manufacturing Practice Approval From Israel Ministry Of Health


Opinion: Does alien life exist?

Last month, the New York Times published an article describing a secret government program investigating reports by military pilots of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) they encountered in the course of their daily duties. The media was awash with stories of flying saucers and extraterrestrial encounters, with scientists downplaying the likelihood of alien visitation and UFO enthusiasts exclaiming their excitement.


Sorry, sci-fi fans: star's oddness not due to alien mega-structure

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - It was too good to be true. Scientists have ruled out the most exotic explanation -- an orbiting alien mega-structure -- for the behavior of a celestial oddity dubbed Tabby's Star that has been puzzling scientists with its sporadic dimming and brightening.


When Old News Is Good News: The Effect of 6 Elderly New Yorkers on One Middle-Aged Reporter

No work I have ever done has brought me as much joy and hope, or changed my outlook on life as profoundly.


BRIEF-Good Times Restaurants Says Same Store Sales Increase 5.9 Pct



Phys Ed: Exercise Alters Our Microbiome. Is That One Reason It’s So Good for Us?

Lean people were especially responsive to exercise’s effects on the bacterial makeup of our guts.


Ant-MoneyGram deal's rejection by U.S. another indication of fading goodwill - China's Xinhua

BEIJING, Jan 3 (Reuters) - A U.S. government panel's decision to block Ant Financial's $1.2 billion acquisition of MoneyGram International Inc. is another indication that goodwill built during President Donald Trump's November Beijing trip is fading, according to China's state-run Xinhua news agency.

Olympic Games (2018)

On Olympics: Nathan Chen Has Taken the Quad to a New Level. Is It Good for Figure Skating?

Chen, the 18-year-old American sensation, is the first to complete the difficult jump five times in a four-and-a-half-minute routine, but some worry it is dulling the sport.


Israel's Spacecom expands deal for satellite service to Nepal

TEL AVIV (Reuters) - Israel's Space Communication Ltd, operator of the Amos satellites, said on Tuesday Nepal's Dish Media Network has contracted for more capacity on the Amos-4 satellite starting in the fourth quarter.

Fiber (Dietary)

Matter: Fiber Is Good for You. Now Scientists May Know Why.

A series of unusual experiments in mice finds that dietary fiber fine-tunes the immune system and may help prevent chronic inflammation.


Dollar starts new year in doldrums, Asia stocks in good cheer

SYDNEY (Reuters) - The euro stood within striking distance of its 2017 peak on an ailing U.S. dollar on Tuesday, while Asian stocks began the new year close to their highest in a decade.


GLOBAL MARKETS-Dollar starts new year in doldrums, Asia stocks in good cheer

* Asian shares consolidate past gains as Japan takes holidays

Preventive Medicine

Finding Purpose for a Good Life. But Also a Healthy One.

Happiness has little to do with it. Research suggests meaning in your life is important for well-being.

See the world say goodbye to 2017, hello to 2018

From Australia to the Vatican, here's a look at New Year's celebrations around the world.

The President tweeted support for protesters in Iran, saying 'the entire world understands that the good people of Iran want change'

President Donald Trump on Saturday tweeted his support for protests taking place in Iran this weekend, writing, "The world is watching!"


Serena says good to be back, despite loss to Ostapenko in Abu Dhabi

(Reuters) - Serena Williams was pleased to get back on court despite losing what was her first match in almost a year, against Jelena Ostapenko, at the Mubadala World Tennis Championship in Abu Dhabi on Saturday.


Norway says made 'good progress' in China trade talks

OSLO (Reuters) - Norway and China made "good progress" in a recent round of negotiations over a planned free trade agreement in Beijing, the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries said in a statement on Friday.


Russia re-establishes contact with Angola's telecoms satellite

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia said on Friday it had re-established contact with Angola's first national telecoms satellite AngoSat-1.


Kremlin says Russian satellite launch failures being investigated

MOSCOW (Reuters) - The Kremlin said on Thursday that Russia was analyzing its space sector after two failed satellite launches in as many months.


There's a good boy: Thai nurses dress babies up as dogs to ring in New Year

BANGKOK (Reuters) - Nurses at a hospital in the Thai capital showed some festive puppy love on Thursday, dressing up newborn babies up in fetching canine outfits ahead of the Year of the Dog.

Computers and the Internet

The Shift: Some Things About Tech Were Good in 2017. No, Really.

Amid a series of scandals and sins, a few righteous tech innovators actually brought positive change this year.


Russia says satellite launch failure due to programming error

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said on Wednesday the failed launch of a 2.6 billion-rouble ($44.95 million) satellite last month was due to an embarrassing programming error.

Two Thousand Seventeen

10 Cultural Battles That Ruled 2017

Trump versus Hollywood. Echoes of the Confederacy. Taylor Swift and the alt-right. Here’s a not-so-nostalgic look back at some of the year’s fiercest fights.


Scientists Are Designing Artisanal Proteins for Your Body

The human body makes tens of thousands of cellular proteins, each for a particular task. Now researchers have learned to create custom versions not found in nature.


On Beauty: When Good Beauty Products Smell Downright Bad

When it comes to fancy things for the face, does leaving a natural aroma lend a certain authenticity?


BRIEF-Modern Cinema Group Inc - ‍Signs Agreement To Co-Finance Animated Movie "Panda Versus. Aliens"


Argentine prosecutor's death ruled a murder

An Argentine prosecutor who accused top government officials of a cover-up in the country's deadliest terror attack was murdered, a federal judge said Tuesday.

Fish and Other Marine Life

Fish May Be Good for the Growing Brain

Children who eat fish tend to sleep better and score higher on IQ tests, a new study has found.

There's a good chance your holiday returns will end up here

Hockey, Ice

Realizing He ‘Used to Be Good,’ Don Cherry Recalibrates His Rancor

Cherry, a Canadian TV staple for decades, was at risk of becoming a dinosaur, droning on about fighting as the N.H.L. turned toward more skill and speed.

Sanders: Middle class tax breaks a good thing

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) says the tax breaks middle class Americans will receive as a result of the GOP's new tax reform bill are "a good thing," but says they should be permanent.

In just a year, the White House has alienated US allies and played into the hands of foes

Men in combat fatigues posed for pictures on the border between Syria and Iraq, as they waved national and paramilitary flags. To them, this was not just another meeting, but a hard-fought triumph. Years of fighting had allowed Iran's partners and proxies to finally link up from various parts of the war-torn Levant.

Tech giant Elon Musk causes alien scare

SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket in southern California Friday night leaving a trail behind.


Japan's Nishikori ruled out of Brisbane International

(Reuters) - Japan's Kei Nishikori has withdrawn from the season-opening Brisbane International tournament as he continues to recover from a wrist injury, the event's organizers have said.

Great Britain Withdrawal from EU (Brexit)

Feeling Blue (and Feeling Good): U.K. Picks a Post-Brexit Passport Color

Once the country leaves the European Union, Britons’ travel documents will return to a shade that was phased out in the name of solidarity.


Japan Display says reports of seeking funds not true, wants partner

TOKYO, Dec 22 (Reuters) - Smartphone screen maker Japan Display Inc said in a statement on Friday that recent reports that it was seeking funds were not true, and that it was seeking a partnership with a "global company".

Weirder than aliens: Trump's America in 2017

If in 2012 a stranger tapped you on the shoulder, leaned in and whispered: "Donald Trump will be the president of the United States in 2017 and also The New York Times, on a random Saturday in December, will publish a convincing report on the existence of aliens in our midst," you'd have wheeled away and laughed.

New York City

New York Today: New York Today: The Year in (Good) News

Thursday: A look back at some of the city’s happier moments, celebrating the winter solstice, and our readers share their best news of 2017.

1-vote win is now a tie after judges declare a ballot good

A battle over one vote has left control of the Virginia House of Delegates up in the air -- and headed for the winner's name to be drawn at random.

2017 is a record-breaker -- and not in a good way

Ignore the noise: Russia still wants good relations with Trump

The curtain has risen on what may be President Vladimir Putin's last constitutional run at Russia's top job -- and the orchestra is playing a very familiar tune, albeit with a new accompaniment.

United States International Relations

Op-Ed Contributor: Susan Rice: When America No Longer Is a Global Force for Good

President Trump’s National Security Strategy articulates an “America First” vision that may only make America weak.

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Call me when you have a dinner invitation from an alien

Astrophysicist and author Neil deGrasse Tyson gives his perspective on the UFO video released by the Department of Defense. Watch the full interview.


Special Report: Scientists describe problems in Philip Morris e-cigarette experiments

By Tom Lasseter, Paritosh Bansal, Thomas Wilson, Ami Miyazaki Duff Wilson and Aditya Kalra


BRIEF-Goodrich Petroleum Announces Preliminary Capital Expenditure Budget For 2018 Of $65 - $75 Mln



BRIEF-Manitowoc Says On Dec 11, Court Ruled In Co's Favor In Its Trade Secrets Misappropriation Lawsuit Against Sany Regarding Manitowoc's VPC Technology


Aliens, flying discs and sightings -- oh my! UFOs in America

The mysterious flying object that one man saw looked like a "40-foot-long Tic Tac" and was maneuvering and shifting directions rapidly.


Israel's NRGene maps genome for three types of potatoes

TEL AVIV (Reuters) - Israel's NRGene said on Tuesday it was working with a team of researchers from Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands as well as commercial partners to create multi-genome mapping of potatoes.

Noah, Trevor (1984- )

Best of Late Night: Trevor Noah, Reflecting on the ‘Paradox’ of Trump, Bids Goodbye to 2017

In a year-end special, Mr. Noah said that while President Trump’s conduct worried him, “I also wake up knowing he’s going to make me laugh.”


U.S., Russian, Japanese crew arrive at space station

(Reuters) - A trio of U.S., Japanese and Russian astronauts arrived at the International Space Station on Tuesday, a NASA TV broadcast showed.

Ex-Pentagon official believes there's evidence of aliens on Earth

A former Pentagon official who led a recently revealed government program to research potential UFOs said Monday evening that he believes there is evidence of alien life reaching Earth.


ArianeGroup to start building first Ariane 6 launcher

PARIS (Reuters) - ArianeGroup, the space-launchers joint-venture between Airbus and Safran, has passed an industrial milestone allowing it to move ahead with production of the first Ariane 6, Europe's next-generation rocket, the company said on Monday.


BRIEF-Dariohealth - ‍ Received Therapeutic Goods Administration Mark For Its Lightning-Enabled Version Of Dario Blood Glucose Monitoring System



Season's micro-greetings: Scientists claim smallest Christmas card

(Reuters) - British scientists have created what they believe is the world's smallest Christmas card, a seasonal greeting so tiny that over 200 million of them could fit into a standard postage stamp.


U.S., Russian, Japanese crew blasts off for space station

(Reuters) - A trio of U.S. and Japanese astronauts and a Russian cosmonaut blasted off from Kazakhstan on Sunday for a two-day trip to the International Space Station, a NASA TV broadcast showed.

Real Estate and Housing (Residential)

Homeowners Have Had It Good. Too Good, Says the Tax Bill.

The tax code has long offered rewards for buying rather than renting, an equation that has troubled some economists — and that the Republican bill upends.


Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Gift-Giving Tips From Scientists

No matter how terrible the present, remember to wrap it nicely.

Cooking and Cookbooks

A Good Appetite: Lamb Shanks Show Off Their Inner Beauty

Braised lamb shanks with plenty of fresh herbs brighten up a winter meal.


Google crunches data to help NASA find two new planets

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Alphabet Inc's Google and NASA said on Thursday that advanced computer analysis identified two new planets around distant stars, including one that is part of the first star system with as many planets as Earth's solar system.

Jean-Claude Van Johnson (TV Program)

Review: In ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson,’ Van Damme Gives Us the True Hollywood Story

In Amazon’s “Jean-Claude Van Johnson,” we learn that films like “Bloodsport” and “Timecop” were covers for a career as a secret agent. That’s a relief.


Three-man crew returns from space station - NASA TV

(Reuters) - A capsule carrying U.S., Russian and Italian astronauts from the International Space Station landed in Kazakhstan on Thursday, a NASA TV live broadcast showed.


Commissioner Goodell to retire at end of contract in 2024

(The Sports Xchange) - NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who signed a five-year contract extension last week, intends to retire at the completion of his new deal in 2024.

National Anthems

On Pro Football: Goodell Gets $200 Million for Last Deal, Owners Get … Continuity?

Exactly what did N.F.L. owners get for the $200 million they just committed to Roger Goodell?

Rosenstein: No good cause to fire Mueller

The second-highest ranking official at the Justice Department stepped back into the national spotlight Wednesday to say he believes there's no good cause for firing special prosecutor Robert Mueller and that to date no one has asked him to remove the special counsel.

A good day for decency is a bad day for Trump

Hurricane Harvey (2017)

Scientists Link Hurricane Harvey’s Record Rainfall to Climate Change

Two studies of the storm that overwhelmed Houston last summer say global warming made the rain much worse.


Philippines' Duterte says dengue campaign carried out in 'good faith'

MANILA (Reuters) - President Rodrigo Duterte believes the previous Philippine government acted in good faith in launching an immunization drive that used a new dengue vaccine on hundreds of thousands of children, he said on Wednesday.


Waddling into history: huge ancient penguin inhabited New Zealand

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Scientists have unearthed in New Zealand fossil bones of what might be the heavyweight champion of the penguin world, a bird nearly 6 feet tall (1.77 meters) that thrived 55 to 60 million years ago, relatively soon after the demise of the dinosaurs.


Amber discovery shows 'Dracula' sucked blood of feathered dinosaurs

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Ticks, the notorious disease-spreading parasites, have been making life miserable far longer than human beings have walked the Earth. Even dinosaurs felt their blood-sucking wrath.


North Korea's Kim Jong Un fetes rocket scientists, promises more weapons

SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un vowed to develop more nuclear weapons on Tuesday while personally decorating scientists and officials who contributed to the development of Pyongyang's most advanced intercontinental ballistic missile, the Hwasong-15.


‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Is Really Good! Here’s Our Review.

With charm and wit, the latest “Star Wars” movie unites the past and present as it looks toward the future.


UPDATE 3-France awards climate grants to U.S.-based scientists on summit eve

PARIS, Dec 11 (Reuters) - French President Emmanuel Macron plans to award multi-year grants for several U.S.-based scientists to relocate to France, his office said on Monday on the eve of a climate summit hosted by the president to raise finances to counter global warming.


Trump starts process of sending Americans back to moon

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - At a time when China is working on an ambitious lunar program, President Donald Trump vowed on Monday that the United States will remain the leader in space exploration as he began a process to return Americans to the moon.

'This Is Us,' 'The Good Doctor' among broadcast TV's nominees

Yes, streaming and cable television shows still got the bulk of attention during Monday's Golden Globes. But broadcast TV wasn't left out in the cold thanks to two returning Globe favorites, a new breakout drama and an old favorite that shined like it's new again in 2017.


France awards climate grants to U.S.-based scientists on summit eve

PARIS (Reuters) - Emmanuel Macron plans to award multi-year grants for several U.S.-based scientists to relocate to France, his office said on Monday on the eve of a climate summit hosted by the president to raise finances to counter global warming.


Farenthold should resign if misconduct accusations true: senior House Republican

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the fourth-ranking Republican in the House of Representatives, on Friday told Fox News Channel that fellow Republican Representative Blake Farenthold should resign if an ethics investigation finds that sexual misconduct accusations against him have merit.

Cooking and Cookbooks

A Good Appetite: Want to Pamper Your Holiday Guests? Make Gougères

Served still warm from the oven, pancetta and sage gougères are an indulgent and elegant hors d’oeuvres.


Ericsson may make Digital goodwill impairment after revamp

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Ericsson said on Friday it may have to book a goodwill impairment in its struggling digital services and media businesses, potentially hitting the Swedish mobile network equipment maker's operating income but not its cashflow.


Are Earthlings alone? Half of humans believe in alien life

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Nearly half of humans believe in alien life and want to make contact, a survey in 24 countries has found, in what researchers said helps to explain the lasting popularity of the "Star Wars" franchise 40 years after the first movie was screened.

If you think Pence rule is a good idea, think again

Animal Cognition

Matter: Scientists ‘Inject’ Information Into Monkeys’ Brains

In an experiment with science fiction implications, neurologists say they taught monkeys to play a game by stimulating their brains with electrodes.

These cozy home goods are the perfect gift for the holidays


Ryan feels good about spending bill, wants budget cap talks

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan said he felt good about the vote count on a government spending bill coming before House on Thursday afternoon that is aimed at keeping the government from shutting down this week.


Colossal distant black hole holds surprises about early universe

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The oldest and most distant black hole ever observed -- a celestial brute 800 million times more massive than the sun -- is providing scientists some surprises about the nature of the universe when, on a cosmic scale, it was a mere toddler.


Goodell signs extension to remain NFL Commissioner

(Reuters) - Roger Goodell has signed a contract extension to remain the commissioner of the National Football League, according to a letter from the league's compensation committee that was sent to owners on Wednesday.


N.F.L. Extends Roger Goodell’s Contract, Ending Weeks of Discord

A committee of owners signed off on a contract worth about $200 million over five years, ending a bitter standoff with Jerry Jones, the Cowboys’ owner.


'Good to go': Top Trump aide gave inaugural day ok to nuclear plan - congressman

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - As President Donald Trump delivered his inaugural address on Capitol Hill in January, his incoming national security adviser Michael Flynn, sitting a few yards away, texted a former business partner that a nuclear power project that would require lifting sanctions on Russia was "good to go," a senior House Democrat said in a letter released on Wednesday.


Oddball dinosaur was 'mixture between a Velociraptor and a goose'

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A strange turkey-sized, bird-like dinosaur that boasted a swan's neck, arms resembling flippers, long legs and a mouth full of needle-like teeth staked out a unique amphibious lifestyle in rivers and lakes about 75 million years ago in Mongolia.


BRIEF-The Federal Court Of Appeals Has Ruled To Uphold The Suspension Order Against The Volta Grande Project Construction Licence


Tillerson: Good opportunity for peace

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the Trump administration still believes there's a very good opportunity for peace in the Mideast.


Rats join mosquitoes as targets for 'gene drive' pest control

LONDON (Reuters) - Rodents have joined mosquitoes in the cross-hairs of scientists working on a next-generation genetic technology known as "gene drive" to control pests.


Trilobites: Sometimes Seeing More Endangered Tigers Isn’t a Good Sign

The concentration of Sumatran tigers in Indonesia’s protected forests has gone up, a researcher says, but probably because they are fleeing deforestation elsewhere.


Scientists watch and wait as Bali's menacing volcano rumbles

KARANGASEM, Indonesia (Reuters) - The question Indonesian volcanologist Devy Kamil Syahbana gets most is the one he cannot answer - when, or if, rumbling Mount Agung on Bali island will blow up in a major eruption.


Arctic sea ice melt to exacerbate California droughts: study

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Melting Arctic sea ice could render sun-soaked California vulnerable to a recurrence of the severe drought suffered in recent years as it is likely to cause high pressure systems that push away rain-bearing storms, a study released on Tuesday said.

Trump lawyer says a president can't obstruct justice. Can that be true?

The new assertion of Donald Trump's lawyer that a president can never be guilty of obstructing justice because he is the country's top law enforcement officer recalls Richard Nixon's remark that "when the president does it, that means it is not illegal," and intensifies debate over whether a sitting president can be indicted.


Tattooed wish for withholding treatment not good enough, doctors say

(Reuters Health) - Consumers are often told, "Put it in writing." But in the case of a hospitalized Florida man facing death, displaying his wish by having it tattooed on his chest wasn't good enough.


'Dream come true': Brigitte Macron names French baby Panda

BEAUVAL, France (Reuters) - French First Lady Brigitte Macron revealed on Monday that the first panda born in France, to whom she is "Godmother", will go by the name of Yuan Meng.


Singapore researchers' underwater robot inspired by manta ray

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Researchers in Singapore have built an underwater robot that looks and swims like a manta ray, using only single motors and flexible fins to propel it through water in a manner uncannily like its biological cousin.


The Stone: In Dark Times, ‘Dirty Hands’ Can Still Do Good

To transcend our complicity in the world’s worst crises, we need self-knowledge and humility.

McConnell: 'Not a single Dem thought this was a good idea'

Republican senators hold a press conference after their tax plan passed the Senate with a 51-49 victory.


Scientists identify remains of 88 Argentine soldiers on Falklands

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Forensic scientists have identified the remains of 88 Argentine soldiers buried in anonymous graves on the Falkland Islands after the country's 1982 conflict with Britain, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Friday.


Dazzling egg fossils crack open secrets of ancient flying reptiles

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A dazzling discovery in northwestern China of hundreds of fossilized pterosaur eggs is providing fresh understanding of these flying reptiles that lived alongside the dinosaurs including evidence that their babies were born flightless and needed parental care.

Income Tax

Common Sense: Trump Says G.O.P. Tax Bill Won’t Benefit Him. That’s Not True.

The tax legislation hurtling through Congress this week seems almost tailor-made to benefit the president, despite his claims that the bills are “not good for me.”


Scientists look to Bali volcano for clues to curb climate change

OSLO (Reuters) - Climate scientists are tracking an erupting volcano on the Indonesian holiday island of Bali for clues about a possible short-cut to curb global warming by injecting sun-dimming chemicals high above the Earth.

A guide to raising good men, by a mom

I can safely declare that I'm not going to end up on any list of media dirtbags. Like most men I know, I have managed to have a professional career and personal relationships free of assault, harassment or even run-of-the-mill jerkiness.

Hate Crimes

30 Years Later, Gay Man’s Fall From Australian Cliff Is Ruled a Hate Crime

The 1988 death of Scott Johnson, an American mathematician, was initially ruled a suicide. But it later emerged that gangs had been pushing gay men to their deaths.


Trump nominates Marvin Goodfriend for Fed governor post

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump has nominated Carnegie Mellon University professor Marvin Goodfriend to be a member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, the White House said in a statement on Wednesday.


U.S. scientists take step toward creating artificial life

CHICAGO (Reuters) - In a major step toward creating artificial life, U.S. researchers have developed a living organism that incorporates both natural and artificial DNA and is capable of creating entirely new, synthetic proteins.

Scientists perform DNA tests on 'Yeti' samples

Scientists have tied DNA samples from "Yetis" to Asian bears in the Himalayan region.


Motor racing: Kubica in good shape after 100 laps with Williams

ABU DHABI (Reuters) - Robert Kubica completed 100 laps of Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina circuit on Tuesday and said he was in better shape than ever as the Pole pushes for a remarkable Formula One comeback with Williams next year.


Russia says cannot make contact with new space satellite

VOSTOCHNY COSMODROME, Russia (Reuters) - Russian space agency Roscosmos said on Tuesday it had failed to establish contact with a newly-launched weather satellite.

Scarlet fever is on the rise and scientists don't know why

The age-old killer scarlet fever is on the rise in England and East Asia, according to research published Monday in The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal, and investigators don't know why.


Rocket maker SpaceX raises another $100 million

(Reuters) - Elon Musk-led SpaceX has raised $100 million by selling shares, in an extension to a financing round earlier this year that raised up to $350 million, a regulatory filing showed on Monday.


Critic’s Notebook: Why Plays About Sexual Assault Are Too Murky for Our Own Good

He-said, she-said ambiguities are certainly dramatic. But they also ignore hard truths that we need to hear right now.


UPDATE 1-Ping An Good Doctor readies $1 bln Hong Kong IPO -IFR

* Good Doctor is working with Citigroup, JPMorgan on IPO -IFR


Ping An Good Doctor readies $1 bln Hong Kong IPO -IFR

HONG KONG, Nov 27 (Reuters) - China's most popular online medical platform, Ping An Good Doctor, is working with Citigroup and JPMorgan on an initial public offering of up to $1 billion, IFR reported.


French minister believes banks had 'good reasons' to close National Front accounts

PARIS (Reuters) - French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Saturday he believed the banks that closed the accounts of far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen and her party had good reasons to do so.


BRIEF-Swiss takeover board says EY to probe gategroup deal after 'untrue' disclosures

* Swiss takeover board says information about hna aviation (hong kong) air catering holding co., ltd., as disclosed in the gate group offer prospectus dated 20 may 2016 is partially untrue or incomplete

Weddings and Engagements

Vows: A Good Day in New York for a Former TV Anchor

Greg Kelly, the former Marine and television personality, marries Judith Grey, an advertising creative director.

Women and Girls

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: The Bad News on ‘Good’ Girls

What parents want for their sons versus their daughters can set up dangerous dynamics in the future.

Real Estate and Housing (Residential)

Moving to the East End for Good

The allure of Long Island’s North Fork has convinced some weekend homeowners to shift gears and move out full-time.

Foreign Workers

Op-Ed Contributor: Is Anyone Good Enough for an H1-B Visa?

Many of my Stanford classmates and I had plans to use our education to contribute to this country. Instead, we’re being kicked out.

Say goodnight to starry nights

Artificial lighting at night is contributing to an alarming increase in light pollution, both in amount and in brightness, affecting places all over the world, a new study has found.

3 to 4 cups of coffee per day can be good for you, study finds

It's one of the age-old medical flip-flops: First coffee's good for you, then it's not, then it is -- you get the picture.


Hamilton mourns end of good-looking era for F1

ABU DHABI (Reuters) - Formula One faces an uglier future after Sunday's season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix with the 'halo' head protection device due to be introduced in 2018, four times world champion Lewis Hamilton said on Thursday.

This is the only time these luxury home goods are on sale

Space and Astronomy

Out There: An Interstellar Visitor Both Familiar and Alien

Astronomers offer new details about Oumuamua, a probable asteroid arriving from beyond the solar system and leaving in a big hurry.

Jerry Jones addresses Trump, Goodell deal

When it comes to renewing NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's contract, Dallas Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones is reiterating his stance on wanting himself -- and all of the league's owners -- involved.


Apple scientists disclose self-driving car research

(Reuters) - Research by Apple Inc computer scientists on how self-driving cars can better spot cyclists and pedestrians while using fewer sensors has been posted online, in what appears to be the company's first publicly disclosed paper on autonomous vehicles.

Weather looks good for holiday travel

Maybe there will be less family fighting due to seasonal affective disorder this year, because if there is one thing to be thankful for, it will be the cool, crisp, blue-sky days ahead this week.


Trump says AT&T plan to buy Time Warner 'not a good deal'

(Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday stood by his criticism of pay TV and wireless company AT&T's deal to buy movie and TV show maker Time Warner Inc, which the Justice Department has sued to stop.

Bellizzi, Miyako

Up Next: The ‘Good Time’ Stylist Has Some Tips for Style on a Budget

Miyako Bellizzi, who transformed Robert Pattinson from a “pretty boy” into a greasy-haired con artist, knows how to recreate a look.

Those coming after Robert Mugabe are not good, clean men

The resignation of Robert Mugabe, after the intervention of the army and then the move to impeach him, ends his 37 years in power -- which included his physical and intellectual degeneration over the last decade.

Travel and Vacations

Travel Tips: 5 Rules for a Really Good Trip With the Kids

Tips include: Let everyone pick an activity, figure out child care in advance, determine the accommodations that best suit your family.

Kaepernick, Colin

Op-Ed Contributor: Colin Kaepernick and the Myth of the ‘Good’ Protest

Colin Kaepernick and Rosa Parks are more alike than we think.


BRIEF-Truett-Hurst posts qtrly loss per share $0.04‍​

* Truett-Hurst Inc - ‍For Q1 of fiscal year 2018, total net sales from continuing operations totaled $6.2 million, an increase of 5.2% compared to prior year​


Scientists solve the mystery of America's scuba-diving fly

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A small fly that thrives at an inhospitable California lake east of Yosemite National Park long has perplexed observers who watch as it crawls into the severely salty and alkaline water, snacks on some algae or lays some eggs, then emerges dry as a desert.


German president presses parties to form coalition for good of Europe after talks collapse

BERLIN (Reuters) - Efforts to form a three-way governing coalition in Germany collapsed on Monday, pitching Europe's biggest power into political crisis, and its president told parties they owed it to voters and European neighbors to form a government.


How ABC Found a Surprise Hit in ‘The Good Doctor’

The actor Daniel Dae Kim — in his new role as executive producer — was turned down twice by CBS before landing the show at the last-place network.

Rohingya rape victim: It would be good if I too died'

The slash marks on Rashida Begum's neck have turned into dark, red scars.


A Good Appetite: Pizza for Breakfast, but Not What You Think

Topped with bacon and eggs, it’s perfect for breakfast or brunch, and even goes well with coffee.


UPDATE 3-Venezuela ruled in default by trade group after bond payment delays

CARACAS, Nov 16 (Reuters) - Venezuela's cash-strapped leftist government has defaulted on sovereign debt and bonds issued by state oil firm PDVSA after failing to make timely payments, a New York-based derivatives group ruled on Thursday.

Genetics and Heredity

Matter: ‘Gene Drives’ Are Too Risky for Field Trials, Scientists Say

New research casts doubt on a gene-editing strategy that scientists had hoped to use against invasive species and epidemic diseases.


Trump says U.S. Senate candidate Moore should leave race if allegations true

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump finds the sexual misconduct allegations against U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore "troubling" and thinks he should leave the race if they are true, the White House said on Thursday, as party leaders in Alabama stood by their nominee.


Florida city to say goodbye to streets named for Confederate generals

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (Reuters) - Three streets in Hollywood, Florida named for Confederate generals were changed to Freedom, Hope and Liberty, the city's commission voted on Wednesday.


Jane Goodall urges U.S. Senate to halt quest for Arctic refuge oil

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - British primatologist Jane Goodall sent a letter to every U.S. senator on Tuesday urging them to oppose a push in the U.S. Congress to allow oil drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a region environmentalists say is one of the world's last paradises.

16,000 scientists sign dire warning to humanity

More than 16,000 scientists from 184 countries have published a second warning to humanity advising that we need to change our wicked ways to help the planet.


Jane Goodall urges U.S. Senate to halt push to drill in Arctic refuge

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - British primatologist Jane Goodall sent a letter to every U.S. senator on Tuesday urging them to oppose a push in the U.S. Congress to allow oil drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a region environmentalists say is one of the world's last paradises.

What's driving Jerry Jones' beef with Roger Goodell


Goldman Sachs CEO praises France for strong government and good food

PARIS, Nov 14 (Reuters) - Goldman Sachs Group Inc Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein praised the French government for its commitment to economic reforms during a visit to Paris on Tuesday.

Analysis: Trump is saying something that isn't true 5.5 times a day

Alternative facts. Lies. Distortions. Exaggerations. Misstatements. Half truths.


BRIEF-Delta Partners to nominate slate of directors to Good Times Restaurant board

* Delta Partners Lp says co, REIT Redux Partners delivered letter to Good Times Restaurant providing notice that they will nominate slate of directors


Biotech firms race to recruit good bugs in war on cancer

(Reuters) - Biotech companies are competing to develop medicines using "bugs as drugs" to fight cancer, building on the latest scientific findings that patients with high levels of good gut bacteria are more likely to respond to modern immunotherapy.


Exclusive: Kremlin tells companies to deliver good news

The Russian leadership has told major companies to supply it with news stories that put its stewardship of the country in a positive light, according to documents seen by Reuters.

United States Politics and Government

Editorial: Mitch McConnell Believes the Women. Good for Him.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for real change, but the Senate majority leader has set a good example by accepting the word of Roy Moore’s accusers.

How Roy Moore ruled in a past child rape case

Following new sexual misconduct allegations against Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, his past ruling on a sex abuse case comes into question. CNN's Jake Tapper has the details.


Drinking age: oldest evidence of wine-making found near Tbilisi

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Oenophiles take note: 5980 BC was a very good year for wine.

NFL owners weigh contract extension for Roger Goodell

Sandy's Story: 7 years after Alzheimer's diagnosis, 'there's still a good life'

When he first sees me, Sandy Halperin always gives a surprised snort and then a cackle of delight. Before I know it, I'm enveloped in a bear hug, snuggled close and patted heartily on the back. If I'm lucky and Sandy remembers that he really likes me, I'll get a back scratch too, a true Halperin hug.

New York Times Neediest Cases Fund

The Neediest Cases Fund: Her Secret to a Long Life? ‘It’s Good to Work a Lot’

As a teenager, Bella Pevzner fled Belarus after the Nazi invasion. She worked well into her 70s, and at 89, she is applying her dogged work ethic to her paintings.


Critic’s Notebook: On ‘The Good Doctor,’ the Anti-Antihero Is In

A decade after the rude genius of “House,” ABC’s sentimental hit drama focuses on the “care” part of health care.

Psaki: 'If true' is a shameful dodge

On Thursday, allegations surfaced in The Washington Post from not one, but four women, who said they had been pursued as teenagers by the Steve Bannon-backed conservative candidate for US Senate in Alabama, Roy Moore.


Cowboys owner says Elliott case not cause of Goodell rift

(The Sports Xchange) - Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said the reason he is threatening to sue the NFL are issues surrounding extending commissioner Roger Goodell's contract, not the suspension of star running back Ezekiel Elliott.

C K, Louis

Louis C.K. Responds to Accusations: ‘These Stories Are True’

The comedian released a statement in response to five women who said they had upsetting experiences with him involving sexual misconduct.


Comedian Louis C.K. says sexual misconduct allegations are true

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Louis C.K. said on Friday that allegations by several women of sexual misconduct by the U.S. comedian are true, and that he is sorry for his actions.


UPDATE 2-US comedian Louis C.K. says sexual misconduct allegations are true

LOS ANGELES, Nov 10 (Reuters) - Louis C.K. said on Friday that allegations by several women of sexual misconduct by the U.S. comedian are true, and that he is sorry for his actions.

United States Politics and Government

Op-Ed Columnist: The ‘If True’ Cowardice

Roy Moore — and John McCain’s moral clarity

Scientists replace skin of 'butterfly child' with rare genetic disease

For the first time, doctors were able to treat a child who had a life-threatening rare genetic skin disease through a transplant of skin grown using genetically modified stem cells.