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Survivors in Mosul dig out the dead six months after ISIS' defeat

The crew gently digs around the dark, matted hair protruding from the rubble. As they pull away bits of debris, the stench of rotting flesh grows more pungent.


Tennis: Kyrgios bows out defeated but wins over Australia

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - Nick Kyrgios's Australian Open ended with a gallant fourth round defeat by an inspired Grigor Dimitrov on Sunday but the maverick talent leaves Melbourne Park after winning over a nation.


Streaming: The Hidden Gems of 2017 Movies Are on ... Netflix?

In the off-season for new releases, why not explore the shadowy corners of your streaming services?


Recipe for Ruckus in India: A Queen’s Honor, a New Film and Politics

Hindu extremists smashed up the film set, pulled the director’s hair and threatened to behead the lead actress. “Padmaavat,” the most potentially explosive Indian film in years, opens Thursday.


Zverev collapses to defeat by relentless Chung

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - South Korean Chung Hyeon does not appear especially intimidating with his Zen-like demeanor and white-framed spectacles but as German wunderkind Alex Zverev will testify, the 21-year-old should come with a health warning.


Tennis: Zverev collapses to defeat by South Korea's Chung

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - Relentless South Korean Hyeon Chung ground fourth seed Alexander Zverev into submission in a ferocious battle of young guns to reach the fourth round of the Australian Open on Saturday.


It’s Time to Take a Serious Look at Michael Stuhlbarg

The supporting actor had a breakout year with turns in “Call Me by Your Name,” “The Shape of Water” and “The Post.” Will the academy remember?


Critic’s Notebook: ‘Proud Mary’ has a ‘Proud Mary’ Problem

Movies misuse music all the time. The Taraji P. Henson vehicle “Proud Mary” misuses it hilariously.


Review: ‘12 Strong’ Believes in the Brotherhood of Battle

Chris Hemsworth stars in this action movie about a Special Forces team on a dangerous mission in Afghanistan right after Sept. 11.


Why Are We Ashamed to Call ‘Get Out’ and ‘The Shape of Water’ Horror Films?

Jump scares and monsters: Those are the hallmarks of seminal horror, and the label should be a badge of honor, not something to shun at awards time.

Franco, James

The Carpetbagger: Why James Franco Could Easily Get a Best Actor Nomination

The star of “The Disaster Artist” faces accusations of sexually exploitative behavior, but the news broke after many academy members had already voted.


Does ‘Three Billboards’ Say Anything About America? Well …

The movie thinks it’s saying something profound about human nature and America. But really, it’s off key about so many things.

Bundy, Ammon E (1975- )

Feature: Fear of the Federal Government in the Ranchlands of Oregon

Two years after the standoff at the Malheur Refuge, many people in the region remain convinced that their way of life is being trampled.


Tennis: Muguruza outfoxed by Hsieh in second-round defeat

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - Third seed Garbine Muguruza became the latest big-name casualty at the Australian Open as she lost 7-6(1) 6-4 in the second round to tricky Taiwanese doubles specialist Hsieh Su-wei on Thursday.

Google's face match feature doesn't work in Illinois and Texas


Sundance Film Festival: 5 Movies to Watch

The festival starts Thursday. Here’s a look at five films we’re excited about.

Anger (Emotion)

Feature: I Used to Insist I Didn’t Get Angry. Not Anymore.

On female rage.


Timothée Chalamet Promises Salary From Woody Allen Film to Charity

The money will go to groups fighting sexual abuse and harassment. The actor is one in a series of Hollywood figures distancing themselves from the director.

Bitcoin (Currency)

Feature: Beyond the Bitcoin Bubble

Yes, it’s driven by greed — but the mania for digital cash could wind up building something much more important than wealth.


Chinese 'rainbow dinosaur' had iridescent feathers like hummingbirds

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - There's not a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. There's an iridescent dinosaur.


Opinion: Guess Who’s Coming to ‘Peanuts’

The introduction, 50 years ago, of a black character into the Schulz comic strip was a major social statement.


Review: In ‘Proud Mary,’ Taraji P. Henson Is a Hit Woman With a Soft Spot

Babak Najafi directed this action thriller that aims to carry on the tradition of films like “Foxy Brown.” Danny Glover also stars.

Pens and Pencils

Feature: Inside One of America’s Last Pencil Factories

A photographer captures a colorful world of craft and complexity.


Women’s Accusations Follow James Franco After Golden Globes

Mr. Franco’s victory on Sunday became a flash point for women who came forward to say Mr. Franco sexually exploited them or behaved inappropriately.

David Heredia

Front and Center: Celebrating Black Comics and Their Creators

The animator David Heredia, who will be at the Black Comic Book Festival this weekend, brings to life heroes who don’t necessarily wear capes.


Review: ‘The Commuter’ Has Panic, Paranoia and Punches. Liam Neeson Too.

Our favorite angry-dad action hero gets back to work in Jaume Collet-Serra’s latest film.


Purge of Kevin Spacey Gives ‘All the Money in the World’ a Pay Problem

Mark Wahlberg received $1.5 million for reshoots of the kidnapping drama after it cut out the disgraced Spacey. Michelle Williams got just a small per diem.

Academy Awards (Oscars)

The Carpetbagger: Oscars So Awkward? Trying to Top the Globes Won’t Be Easy

As the women behind Time’s Up figure out if they can sustain the momentum from Sunday’s event, the Academy Awards face the specter of uncomfortable male moments.


Review: In ‘The Insult,’ the Dispute Is Personal. And Political.

Lebanon’s energetic Oscar entry is the story of a quarrel that escalates into greater conflict.


Rex Reed Bangs a Gong on the Mediocrity of Modern Life

The tirelessly acidic film critic recalls when screens were silver, not small; when actors were stars, not celebrities; and when written opinion wasn’t free.


Review: Excellence Pursued in ‘Paddington 2’

A neighborly bear makes for an adorable sequel.


Tonya Harding Would Like Her Apology Now

In the movie, “I, Tonya,” the disgraced figure skater looks back on the 1994 Nancy Kerrigan scandal and her struggles to tell her side of the story.

Corruption (Institutional)

Feature: The Mystery of the Exiled Billionaire Whistleblower

From a penthouse on Central Park, Guo Wengui has exposed a phenomenal web of corruption in China’s ruling elite — if, that is, he’s telling the truth.


Muguruza withdraws from Sydney after defeating Bertens

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Garbine Muguruza's preparations for next week's Australian Open were thrown into disarray when the world number three pulled out of the Sydney International with a thigh injury on Wednesday.


Op-Ed Contributors: Greta Gerwig, Aaron Sorkin: Hollywood Must Change

She says she wouldn’t work with Woody Allen again. He says Donald Trump is bad TV.


For Your Reconsideration: Supporting Whom, Exactly?

Lead film performances demoted so as not to split the vote (we’re looking at you, Armie Hammer) take away spots from worthy pros like Rob Morgan in “Mudbound.”


Review: The Moping Comics of ‘Alone Together’

The two friends in this show on Freeform, yet another autobiographical comedy about comedy, have confused complaining for companionship.

Teachers and School Employees

feature: Why Are Our Most Important Teachers Paid the Least?

Many preschool teachers live on the edge of financial ruin. Would improving their training — and their pay — improve outcomes for their students?

Olympic Games

Look Who’s Coming to the Olympics

North Korea has agreed to send athletes to the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea, but the Olympics have long been a window into geopolitics between the two sides.

Facebook is shutting down a feature you probably didn't know existed

Stars transformed the red carpet. Shows featuring women won awards. Then Oprah made history.

The Golden Globes delivered a powerful, concerted message about and from women, addressing sexual harassment and gender inequity. Yet they also highlighted the at-times awkward challenge of tackling such sobering issues within an award-show format.


Iran Guards say unrest fomented by foreign enemies defeated

DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran's Revolutionary Guard said on Sunday the country's people and security forces had defeated unrest fomented by foreign enemies, as parliament and security officials met to discuss the boldest challenge to the clerical establishment since 2009.


UPDATE 1-Iran Guards say unrest fomented by foreign enemies defeated

* MPs express concern over detained students (Adds MPs' enquiries about arrested students)


Iran's Revolutionary Guard says unrest fomented by foreign enemies defeated

DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran's Revolutionary Guards said on Sunday the country's people and security forces had defeated unrest fomented by foreign enemies -- including the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia -- and opposition groups, according to a statement on its Sepahnews website.


The Bright (and Dark) Side of Roger Deakins

The cinematographer Roger Deakins has been nominated 13 times for an Oscar, but has never won. Here's why he should.


Daniel Kaluuya Isn’t Waiting for Your Approval

The breakout star of “Get Out” says he can relate to his character: “Being young, working class and black, everything you do is policed.”


Review: ‘In Between’ Tells of Three Women Fighting Patriarchy in Tel Aviv

Maysaloun Hamoud’s debut feature is a timely, warm and energetic celebration of friendship.

Banking and Financial Institutions

Feature: Where Pot Entrepreneurs Go When the Banks Just Say No

As the legal markets for marijuana spread, a small credit union is solving a big problem: what to do with all the cash.

Golden Globes (Awards)

The Carpetbagger: On the Golden Globes Red Carpet, Fighting Back in Black

Sunday’s red-carpet statement may seem superficial, but it’s part of a larger initiative that’s striking for its leap from the days of #AskHerMore.


Hollywood on the Brink

Will the industry learn from this moment of reckoning or will it be business as usual? Our chief critics see small signs of hope.


The Carpetbagger: Tiffany Haddish on Nasty Men, Her ‘S.N.L.’ Feat and ‘Girls Trip’

For the comic, who’s being honored by the New York Film Critics Circle, 2017 was a breakthrough year. Her reaction? “Finally it is happening to me.”


Feature: The Case for the Subway

It built the city. Now, no matter the cost — at least $100 billion — the city must rebuild it to survive.


Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks on Power and the #MeToo Moment

In a wide-ranging conversation, the stars discuss President Trump, the fallout from the Harvey Weinstein case and why they hadn’t worked together until “The Post.”

Child Abuse and Neglect

Feature: Can an Algorithm Tell When Kids Are in Danger?

Child protective agencies are haunted when they fail to save kids. Pittsburgh officials believe a new data analysis program is helping them make better judgment calls.


Financier Tilton defeats lawsuit by Zohar funds she founded

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Lynn Tilton, the colorful New York financier recently cleared of wrongdoing in a U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission fraud case, won another legal victory on Friday as a...


The Little Tramp and the Refugees Who Loved, Then Loathed Him

At a film club for young women who have escaped bleak lives, Charlie Chaplin’s silents offered an escape. Then they learned about his offscreen life.


MoviePass Adds a Million Subscribers, Even if Theaters Aren’t Sold on It

Users can go to the movies once a day for $9.95 a month. While multiplexes doubt that’s sustainable, the chief executive, who slashed the price, says, “We seem to have hit a nerve in America.”

United States Politics and Government

Op-Ed Contributor: Who’s Winning the Culture War? Corporate America.

The realignment of our parties by region has left a bigger imprint on economic policy than on cultural issues.


Review: ‘In the Fade’ Is a Tale of Grief and Violence in Modern Germany

In Fatih Akin’s new film, Diane Kruger plays a Hamburg woman who fights for justice and sanity after the murder of her husband and son.


Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson on How They Created ‘Phantom Thread’

The stars and director of the provocative psychosexual drama detail the controlled chaos of the shoot Mr. Day-Lewis says will be his last.


Pakistani Women Seize Film Dispute as Chance to Discuss Rape and Injustice

A film about an abduction case was banned by Pakistan’s censors, but a public outcry, fueled by a social media campaign, helped overturn the ruling.


Review: The Big and Minor Stakes of ‘Molly’s Game’

In Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut, Jessica Chastain plays a gambling entrepreneur running a high-stakes poker game. Much talking, some walking.

Sexual Harassment

VIDEO FEATURE: What Happens When You Report Sexual Harassment?

For many women, it’s a complicated maze that can cost them their careers and leave them with long-term emotional scars. Here are some of their stories.

Comics make fun of Trumpy Bear

Trump plus bear equals Trumpy Bear ... a bizarro gift of the holiday season. CNN's Jeanne Moos cuddles one.


A Word With: Diane Kruger Returns Home and Wins Big

Ms. Kruger talks about “In the Fade,” her first German-language film; winning best actress at the Cannes Film Festival; and why women are owning the moment in Hollywood.


The Women Who Run the ‘Star Wars’ Universe

The members of the Lucasfilm story group are fulfilling fans’ expectations — and creating meaningful female characters while they’re at it.


Leontyne Price, Legendary Diva, Is a Movie Star at 90

The unlikely scene-stealer in a documentary about the 1966 opening of the Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center reflects on the film and her career.


Peru president defeats bid to oust him by eight votes in Congress

LIMA (Reuters) - Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski pulled off a surprise victory against the opposition's bid to force him from power as a graft scandal rocks Latin America, with a motion in Congress falling eight votes short of the 87 needed to oust him.

Democrats acknowledge defeat on DACA this year

Democrats on Thursday acknowledged that they had all but been defeated on efforts to pass an immigration fix and other priorities by the end of the year, with a short-term funding bill on track for passage.


Review: In ‘The Post,’ Democracy Survives the Darkness

Steven Spielberg’s film about the Pentagon Papers is a ticktock thriller that pits freedom of the press — and a tough woman — against the White House.


Review: In ‘Downsizing,’ Matt Damon Sweats the Small Stuff

Alexander Payne looks at the big picture in his new movie.


The Carpetbagger: Can Anita Hill Fix Hollywood’s Harassment Problem?

The Brandeis professor is in charge of a commission backed by the most powerful players in the industry. The hard part is figuring out what comes next.


Review: ‘Hostiles’ Grapples With the Contradictions of the Western

An Army captain escorts an old enemy and a young widow from New Mexico to Montana in Scott Cooper’s violent modern horse opera.

Children and Childhood

Feature: Inside the High-Drama World of Youth Competition Dance

False eyelashes and real tears on the competition dance circuit.


Review: ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Keeps the Songs but Loses the Plot

The latest entry in this movie series fares best when its director treats it as a fantastical buddy comedy.

Race and Ethnicity

Feature: Jordan Peele’s X-Ray Vision

“Get Out,” his docu-horror-thriller-comedy about race in America, was the movie of the year. What will he show us next?


Elizabeth Banks Was a Frustrated Actress. Now She’s a Determined Mogul.

The “Pitch Perfect” star has become an industry force, with producing deals at many studios: “There just became a moment where I was like, I need more control.”


Review: In ‘The Greatest Showman,’ a P.T. Barnum Smaller Than Life

The film has the ingredients of a splashy good time — the charismatic Hugh Jackman, for one — but it fast becomes a standard-issue holiday biopic.


Review: ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ Has Dwayne Johnson as a Nerd

The magical game is back, and this time it’s turning geeks into action heroes and jocks into zoologists.


Op-Ed Contributor: How Hollywood Blockbusters Explain American Politics

Like moviemaking studios, our political class has largely forgotten how to tell compelling, original stories.

Military Tribunals

Feature: Alka Pradhan v. Gitmo

The human rights lawyer thinks she has a good defense for her client, one of five accused Sept. 11 plotters imprisoned at Guantánamo Bay — if the government ever actually lets the case go to trial.

Federal Taxes (US)

Editorial: Tax Bill Lets Trump and Republicans Feather Their Own Nests

A 20 percent deduction on real estate income would help the president and a senator whose vote is crucial for passage.

The Florida Project (Movie)

The Carpetbagger: Meet the Youngest and Oldest Hopefuls in This Oscar Race

Brooklynn Prince (“The Florida Project”) and Lois Smith (“Marjorie Prime”) are 80 years apart. But they had plenty to talk about, like showbiz and ice cream.

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

Feature: What (if Anything) Does Carter Page Know?

He has been wiretapped by the F.B.I. and grilled by congressional investigators over his suspected Russia connections. But the Trump campaign foreign-policy adviser can’t seem to stop talking.

Secession and Independence Movements

Opinion: Who’s a Spaniard These Days?

The Catalan independence referendum was the most dangerous outcome of a populist nationalism aimed at breaking Europe apart.


Anita Hill to Lead Hollywood Commission on Sexual Harassment

Kathleen Kennedy, Nina Shaw and other female powerbrokers spearheaded the idea, and top agents, studio chief executives union leaders have signed on.

Bergen: It was this general's elite soldiers, not Trump, who defeated ISIS

Lt. Gen. Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi is virtually unknown outside Iraq, but he is a hero in his own country. When the three-star general walks into the lobby of a guesthouse in Baghdad he is quickly surrounded by well-wishers who want to take selfies with him. Iraqis know that the taciturn general was key to the long, grinding campaign that defeated ISIS.


Don’t Be the Parent You See in Holiday Films

Beloved characters in some of our favorite holiday films set truly poor examples. What were they thinking?


A Word With: Zendaya Doesn’t Need a Safety Net

She talks about her leap from the Disney Channel’s “K.C. Undercover” into adult fare as a trapeze artist in “The Greatest Showman.”


Review: ‘Wormwood’ Confirms That Errol Morris Is Our Great Cinematic Sleuth

The American filmmaker chases down clues and tries to exorcise demons as he tackles the biggest case of his career.


Despite parliament defeat, Britain's May on course to deliver Brexit

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Theresa May said on Thursday she was on course to deliver Brexit and a new partnership with the European Union, shrugging off a parliamentary defeat that could weaken her hand as the decisive phase of talks begins.


What Disney Is Getting From Fox

Benefits include overseas assets, a television hit factory, popular film franchises, regional sports networks and a more diverse pool of executives.


Review: The Sidekick as Hero in ‘The Ballad of Lefty Brown’

Bill Pullman stars in this Montana-set western, which tips its cowboy hat to classics of the genre.

Illegal Immigration

Feature: ‘Will They Take Me, Too?’

More than a thousand children are counting on Nora Sándigo to become their guardian if their undocumented parents are deported. How many of those promises will she now have to keep?


Feature: To Unlock the Brain’s Mysteries, Purée It

A Vanderbilt neuroscientist has discovered an unusual but shockingly fruitful way to study our most enigmatic organ.


After defeat at home, Britain's May urges EU leaders to move on with Brexit

LONDON/BRUSSELS (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Theresa May will urge European Union leaders to approve an agreement to move Brexit talks on to a second phase on Thursday, just hours after an embarrassing parliamentary defeat at home that weakens her hand.


Finisar deal helps Apple block rivals' path to AR features

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple Inc's $390 million deal with chip supplier Finisar Corp announced on Wednesday helps lock in the supply of a component that Apple believes will play a big role in its future products by bolstering augmented reality features.


Britain's May defeated in parliament over Brexit blueprint

LONDON (Reuters) - Prime Minister Theresa May's government was defeated on Wednesday, when lawmakers forced through changes to its Brexit blueprint that ministers said could endanger Britain's departure from the European Union.


British lawmakers defeat May's government on Brexit law

LONDON (Reuters) - British lawmakers defeated Prime Minister Theresa May's government on Wednesday, voting to change her Brexit blueprint in a move which could complicate her efforts to sever ties with the European Union.

United States Politics and Government

Right and Left React to Roy Moore’s Defeat in Alabama

Writers from across the political spectrum on the victory of Doug Jones and the defeat of Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race.


The Carpetbagger: At the Screen Actors Guild Awards, It Will Be Women First

Championing actresses and nodding at #MeToo, the industry’s biggest union will have only female presenters will hand out its acting awards.


Amber discovery shows 'Dracula' sucked blood of feathered dinosaurs

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Ticks, the notorious disease-spreading parasites, have been making life miserable far longer than human beings have walked the Earth. Even dinosaurs felt their blood-sucking wrath.

Analysis: Trump's stinging defeat

President Donald Trump is waking to a self-inflicted political disaster Wednesday morning that even he could not chalk up to fake news, after Republican Roy Moore crashed to defeat in the Alabama Senate race.


The Race to Erase Kevin Spacey

“I took action,” the director Ridley Scott said of his whirlwind reshoot of “All the Money in the World,” which featured Christopher Plummer in a role originally filmed by Mr. Spacey.

Tapper: Moore's loss is a huge defeat for Trump

CNN's Jake Tapper talks about what Doug Jones' victory in the Alabama special election means for President Donald Trump.


‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Is Really Good! Here’s Our Review.

With charm and wit, the latest “Star Wars” movie unites the past and present as it looks toward the future.

If Doug Jones defeats Roy Moore tonight, he'll achieve something that hasn't been done in more than a decade


German watchdog recalls VW Touaregs over defeat devices

HAMBURG/BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany's KBA automotive watchdog on Tuesday announced a recall of Volkswagen's flagship European sport-utility vehicles (SUV) with 3-litre diesel engines after detecting two illicit emissions control devices in the models.


Return of defeated IS fighters 'real threat' to Russia: RIA cites FSB chief

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Former militants from "bandit units" in Syria are now a real threat after the defeat of Islamic State, as many of them may be now planning to return to Russia, the RIA news agency cited the head of Russia's FSB security service as saying on Tuesday.


The Carpetbagger: James Franco Can Relate to Tommy Wiseau

With a Golden Globe nomination for “The Disaster Artist,” the actor, director and recent “SNL” host talks about making a good movie about a bad one, and the wave of sexual harassment allegations in Hollywood.


The Carpetbagger: Jessica Chastain Feared Speaking Out Would Hurt Her Career

The Golden Globe nomination on Monday was especially gratifying for the “Molly’s Game” actress, who has been an outspoken critic of sexual harassment.


Saudi Arabia to Allow Movie Theaters After 35-Year Ban

The move was seen as part of a drive by Prince Mohammed bin Salman in a broad campaign to transform Saudi society.

Books and Literature

Nonfiction: The Comic Strip’s Heyday in ‘Cartoon County’

Cullen Murphy recounts his coming-of-age among the elites of American illustration.

Comic Books and Strips

Nonfiction: The Hand of the Comic Artist

Manohla Dargis reviews two new books that examine the aesthetics and the business of comics, from Superman to R. Crumb.


Iraq holds victory parade after defeating Islamic State

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - An Iraqi military parade in Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone celebrated final victory over Islamic State on Sunday, with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi looking on as troops marched in formation, their bodies spelling "victory day" in Arabic.

Computers and the Internet

An Alexa Holdout Wants to Know Who’s Listening

Some 24 million so-called smart speakers are expected to sell this year. But not all of us are ready to share our thoughts.


BRIEF-Facebook Says Introduces New Gaming Features on Messenger



Bobby Cannavale, Tough Guy, ‘Can Handle a Pink Couch’

He charms Martin Scorsese and thrills his co-stars, so isn’t it time you recognized that Mr. Cannavale isn’t “the guy you went to high school with”?


Trilobites: You Should Think of Hummingbirds as Bees With Feathers

Scientists say it will be easier to understand hummingbirds in some cases if we use insights gained from the study of bees.


Russian military: mission accomplished, Islamic State defeated in Syria

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia's military said on Thursday it had accomplished its mission of defeating Islamic State in Syria, and there were no remaining settlements there under the group's control.


The Best Performances of 2017

A critic shares his favorite moments, from Tina Fey’s sheet-cake meltdown to the NFL’s end zone celebrations to Betty Gabriel in “Get Out.”


Review: ‘I, Tonya.’ I, Punching Bag. I, Punch Line.

In this winking biopic, Margot Robbie plays the disgraced ice skater Tonya Harding.


Qualcomm adds security, battery life features to phone chips

Dec 6 (Reuters) - Qualcomm Inc on Wednesday revealed new security and battery life features on its latest Snapdragon 845 mobile phone processor, a chip that customarily powers high-end Android-based phones from Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and others.

‘The Last Jedi’: Who’s Fighting Whom and Why?

If the good guys won at the end of "Return of the Jedi," why is everyone shooting lasers at each other again?


The Carpetbagger: ‘I’d Never Seen My Fears as an African-American Man Onscreen’

Jordan Peele, writer-director of “Get Out,” says his own concerns almost prevented it from being made. Now prize givers love it. Will the academy agree?


Feature: From Farm to Farm With the King of ‘Bro-Country’

Luke Bryan has been testing the sonic limits of country music for a decade. Just how much novelty can the genre take?


The Best Movies of 2017

Our chief film critics on their favorite pictures of the year.

Academy Awards (Oscars)

The Carpetbagger: How Syria’s First Oscar Contender Eluded the Government

The director of “Little Gandhi” worked with a cameraman via Skype, then had the footage smuggled out. Qualifying for the academy was another adventure.


Op-Docs: No Jail Time: The Movie

To beg for leniency, defense attorneys are producing documentaries for an audience of one: the judge.


The Carpetbagger: Kumail Nanjiani on How to Shut Down Racist Hecklers

The star and writer of “The Big Sick” prepared responses in advance of standup sets. But the bigotry “still flattens you,” he says.

Title IX (Gender Discrimination Legislation)

Feature: The Takedown of Title IX

Inside the fight over federal rules on campus sexual assault.

Football (College)

College Football Playoff Picture: Oklahoma Defeats T.C.U., 41-17

The College Football Playoff picture began taking shape on Saturday with four conference championship games.

Flynn, Michael T

Editorial: Flynn Flipped. Who’s Next?

Michael Flynn’s guilty plea raises obvious questions: What did President Trump know? And when did he know it?

Murder suspect featured on HLN's 'The Hunt' caught after 10 years on the run

A Texas fugitive accused of killing his girlfriend has been captured after more than 10 years on the run.

8 coolest futuristic car features


Review: In ‘The Disaster Artist,’ How to Fail at Moviemaking

James Franco directs and stars in this fictionalized look at the making of “The Room,” which fans call the worst movie ever made.


Review: ‘The Shape of Water’ Is Altogether Wonderful

Guillermo del Toro’s latest film is an unlikely and lyrical love story, inspired by “The Creature From the Black Lagoon.”


Review: ‘Wonder Wheel,’ Woody Allen’s Coney Island Memory Palace

Kate Winslet plays an unhappily married woman whose affair with a local Romeo is derailed when he falls for her stepdaughter.


Conservationists Face Once-Remote Prospect in Arctic Drilling Fight: Defeat

A measure to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil exploration is in the tax bill before Congress. Drilling advocates have cause for optimism.


Feature: ‘They Will Have to Answer to Us’

El Salvador’s gangs try to negotiate a way out of their bloody stalemate with the police.


When Your Movie Is a Hit for All the Wrong Reasons

Tommy Wiseau has made his peace with the cult status of his drama, er, comedy “The Room,” the subject of James Franco’s new film, “The Disaster Artist.”

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (TV Program)

Feature: Rachel Brosnahan’s Comic Timing

Her star turn in ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ — the first major comedic role in her career — comes at a moment when it’s crucial to reclaim women’s place in stand-up history.


Rouhani says Saudis call Iran an enemy to conceal defeat in region

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that Saudi Arabia presents Iran as an enemy because it wants to cover up its defeats in the region.


Saudis call Iran an enemy to conceal defeat in region, Iranian president says

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia presents Iran as an enemy because it wants to cover up its defeats in the region, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in a live interview Tuesday broadcast on state TV.


‘Coco’ Was the Story of My Life: Readers Share Reactions to Pixar’s Film

“My son tells everyone that the hero, Miguel, is Latino ‘just like me.’”

News and News Media

Feature: How Far Will Sean Hannity Go?

The Fox News host is willing to defend Trump at all costs — and is reaching more than 13 million people a day.


Kabul Journal: In Her Film About Afghan Life, the Woman Slaps Back

Roya Sadat sold her apartment, car and jewelry to make a movie that deepens the conversation on women’s rights. It’s Afghanistan’s selection for the Oscars now.


Critic’s Notebook: Why ‘Wonder,’ the Movie, Can’t Best the Book It’s Based On

The film version of a book often has an unfair advantage. But R.J. Palacio’s best-selling novel offers much more than meets the eye.


‘The Shape of Water’: Meet Guillermo del Toro’s Favorite Creature

Doug Jones has had crucial roles in many of the director’s projects; this is the first time he’s been the star — and a romantic hero at that.


Review: A Boy’s Own Desire in ‘Call Me by Your Name’

In the latest movie from the Italian director Luca Guadagnino (“I Am Love”), Armie Hammer plays a visiting student who falls for his host’s teenage son.

Favreau, Jonathan E (1981- )

Feature: The Voices in Blue America’s Head

For years, liberals have tried, and failed, to create their own version of conservative talk radio. Has Crooked Media finally figured it out?


Review: ‘Darkest Hour,’ or the Great Man Theory of History (and Acting)

Gary Oldman plays Winston Churchill in Joe Wright’s drama about the early days of World War II.


Australian Open to feature 25-second shot-clocks

LONDON (Reuters) - Players will have an additional five seconds between points at next year's Australian Open but time-wasters will have nowhere to hide thanks to the introduction of shot-clocks.


Review: ‘Coco’ Brings the Pixar Touch to Death

The movie delivers moments of cinematic rigor and playful pop-culture erudition. And though it deals with the afterlife, don’t let that scare you.


A Word With: Terry Gilliam and the Time He Shared a Crew With ‘Star Wars’

The director recalls the making of “Jabberwocky” and how workers told him his film was far better than the one they were working on with George Lucas.


Review: In ‘Mr. Roosevelt,’ an Ailing Cat and a Comedian in Crisis

Noël Wells wrote, directed and stars in this film about a young woman who returns to her former home and discovers much has changed.

Race and Ethnicity

Feature: The Culture Caught Up With Spike Lee — Now What?

After more than three decades as a provocateur, the filmmaker has returned to the movie that made him famous.

Microsoft Corp|MSFT|NASDAQ

Feature: Can A.I. Be Taught to Explain Itself?

As machine learning becomes more powerful, the field’s researchers increasingly find themselves unable to account for what their algorithms know — or how they know it.

United States Coast Guard

Feature: The Coast Guard’s ‘Floating Guantánamos’

In an expansion of the war on drugs, the U.S. Coast Guard is targeting low-level smugglers in international waters — shackling them on ships for weeks or even months before arraignment in American courts.

Meet a comic who plays Trump's 'inner self'

Presidential Election of 2016

Celebrating a 25-Year-Old Clinton Win, but Still Stung by a More Recent Defeat

At an event in Little Rock, it was clear that Bill and Hillary Clinton, and many of their supporters, have not gotten over her loss to President Trump.


How Pixar Made Sure ‘Coco’ Was Culturally Conscious

With a white director and a story based on a traditional Mexican holiday, the studio (mostly) pre-empted controversy through uncharacteristic collaborations.


BRIEF-FDA approves remote feature to program Cochlear implants

* Says approved remote feature for follow-up programming sessions for Nucleus Cochlear implant system through telemedicine platform


‘Call Me by Your Name’: A Love Story Fueled by Strangers’ Chemistry

Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet play lovers with a connection that crackles in this movie from Luca Guadagnino. Yet they first met on set in Italy.


Review: ‘Mudbound’ Is a Racial Epic Tuned to Black Lives, and White Guilt

Dee Rees’s new film illuminates the daily cruelties in post-World War II Mississippi.


Review: ‘A Fantastic Woman’ Lives Up to Its Title, in More Ways Than One

Facing a lover’s death and a society’s intolerance, in a film by Sebastián Lelio.


Feature: Three Gorgeous Cakes for the Holidays

A cranberry-lemon stripe cake, a devil’s-food cake with toasted-marshmallow frosting or a sugarplum gingerbread cake for your next special occasion.


Review: ‘Justice League,’ Better Than the Last One!

In this superhero jamboree, the Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg sign on with the DC Comics team leaders Batman and Wonder Woman. (Psst … where’s Superman?)

Mohammed bin Salman (1985- )

The Upstart Saudi Prince Who’s Throwing Caution to the Winds

Prince Mohammed bin Salman is taking on all comers — the royal family, wealthy Saudis, Iran and Hezbollah. But is he ambitious or simply reckless?

Barstool Sports Inc

Feature: Spurned by ESPN, Barstool Sports Is Staying on Offense

The insurgent media company has built a devoted following of what it sees as “average” sports fans: unruly, occasionally toxic and aggressively male.


FEATURE-Argentina seeks to overtake Chile in South America lithium race

CAUCHARI OLAROZ, Argentina, Nov 13 (Reuters) - The giant pools of turquoise water in the mountainous deserts of northwest Argentina shimmer in the sunlight like oases and for lithium miners like Australia's Orocobre Ltd, that is exactly what they are.

Trump, Donald J

Feature: How the ‘Resistance’ Helped Democrats Dominate Virginia

For campaign managers like Kathryn Sorenson, much of their job was simply channeling the enormous wave of energy that came their way.


Critic’s Notebook: Louis C.K. and Hollywood’s Canon of Creeps

In his new film “I Love You, Daddy,” the comic surveys male pathologies, nods at Woody Allen and reaffirms cinema’s long history of exploiting women.

Rajoy, Mariano

In Barcelona, Rajoy Calls for Record Turnout to Defeat Secessionism

In his first visit to Catalonia since taking control of the restive region, the Spanish prime minister urged Catalans to vote next month for a return to “normality.”

Comedy and Humor

Opinion: Being a Female Comic in Louis C.K.’s World

The calculated risks of a life in comedy.


Louis C.K. Movie and Netflix Special Canceled After Sexual Misconduct Allegations

The distributor of the film, “I Love You, Daddy,” said that it would cancel its release. The announcement came a day after a report alleging Louis C.K. had engaged in sexual misconduct.


Review: On Violence and the Pain of Others in ‘Three Billboards’

A ferocious Frances McDormand plays a grieving mother seeking justice in Martin McDonagh’s movie, which mixes tears and tragedy with corrosive laughs.


Hearing aid maker William Demant trusts in hearing quality, not smart features

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - William Demant, the world's second largest hearing aid maker, said it would continue to focus on products that provide hearing quality rather than smart features, after it sold fewer devices than expected in the third quarter.

New TripAdvisor feature aims to flag sexual assault concerns


Review: An All-Star ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ With Few Surprises

Kenneth Branagh assembles Judi Dench, Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer and others for his film remake of Agatha Christie’s mystery novel.


Excavating New York, Frame by Frame

In “Lost Landscapes of New York,” charming old home movies and other archival sources create a fascinating look at the city’s bygone eras.


Libyan Salafist-led force breaks up comic festival for 'indecency'

TRIPOLI (Reuters) - A Libyan force that acts as an anti-crime unit in Tripoli said it had arrested the organisers of a comic festival for "acts of indecency and against public morals".


Critic’s Notebook: George Clooney’s Awkward White Guilt in ‘Suburbicon’

In his directorial projects, it seems that dignified is the only way Mr. Clooney wants to imagine black people.


Islamic State on verge of defeat after fresh losses in Syria, Iraq

BEIRUT/ERBIL (Reuters) - Islamic State's self-proclaimed caliphate was on the verge of final defeat on Friday, with Syrian government forces capturing its last major city on one side of the border and Iraqi forces taking its last substantial town on the other.


The Hand-Drawn Journey of the ‘Shape of Water’ Poster

A look at the poster design behind Guillermo del Toro’s new film, about a woman who falls for an amphibious creature.


Blood, Sweat, Toil and Tears: Playing Churchill on Screen

Gary Oldman is the latest in a very long line of actors to try to bring to life the man behind the cigar puffing and the jowls.


Unraveling Racial Hatred in ‘Mudbound’

The film’s cast and crew — Mary J. Blige, Carey Mulligan, Garrett Hedlund and the director Dee Rees — explore a WWII-era story that painfully reverberates today.

Admissions Standards

Are You First Gen? Depends on Who’s Asking

With so many variations on what constitutes higher education as well as family, it’s no wonder there are so many definitions. And that matters.


Review: ‘LBJ’ Hides Its Light Under a Bushel of Makeup

Woody Harrelson swaggers through this movie, which tries to track the coming into consciousness of Lyndon B. Johnson.


Pingyao Journal: China’s Newest Film Festival Tests the Limits of Independence

The question hovers over a weeklong festival in Pingyao: Can you create and showcase independent films in a country that frowns on independence, much less dissent?

Computers and the Internet

Feature: How Facebook’s Oracular Algorithm Determines the Fates of Start-Ups

The platform is so good at ‘microtargeting’ that many small e-commerce companies barely even bother advertising anywhere else.

Writing and Writers

Feature: The First Woman to Translate the ‘Odyssey’ Into English

The classicist Emily Wilson has given Homer’s epic a radically contemporary voice.


Review: ‘Last Flag Flying’ Is a Starry, Somber and Comic War Movie

Three Vietnam vets — played by Steve Carell, Bryan Cranston and Laurence Fishburne — reunite during the Iraq war to accomplish a grim mission.


Broadway’s Comic Chameleon Writes a Heartfelt New Tune

Known for brassy musicals like “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,” David Yazbek is also a dark solo act. Now, with “The Band’s Visit,” his different personas come together.

Women and Girls

Feature: Greta Gerwig’s Radical Confidence

In her directorial debut, the writer and actress has created a character rarely seen onscreen: a young girl who loves herself.

Presidential Election of 2016

Feature: A Post-Obama Democratic Party in Search of Itself

The 44th president left office as one of the most popular in American history. He also left behind a party struggling to find an identity — and to reconnect with voters in time for the 2018 elections.


Baseball: Dodgers battle back to defeat Astros 3-1 and force Game Seven

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Corey Seager's sixth inning sacrifice fly helped the Los Angeles Dodgers squeak out a 3-1 come-from-behind victory on Tuesday over the Houston Astros and force a winner-take-all World Series Game Seven on Wednesday.


Review: ‘The Light of the Moon’ and the Trauma of Rape

Stephanie Beatriz plays a young woman who learns to survive after a night out ends in a brutal attack in this drama from Jessica M. Thompson.


Review: Greta Gerwig’s ‘Lady Bird’ Is Big-Screen Perfection

Saoirse Ronan plays a high school senior who insists on asserting her individuality, and it makes for a thrilling film.


Google ditched autopilot driving feature after test user napped behind wheel

ATWATER, Calif. (Reuters) - Alphabet Inc's self-driving car unit stopped developing features that required drivers to take control in dangerous situations, its chief executive said Monday, as autopilot reliance left users prone to distractions and ill-prepared to maneuver.