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Critic’s Notebook: On Artists and Audiences at American Realness

Watching performances at the American Realness festival, our critic was nudged into thinking about artists’ attitude toward audiences.


Olympics: A level playing field, with pebbles

MAUCHLINE, Scotland (Reuters) - Mark Callan recoils at the idea of a Zamboni ever being driven out onto one of his curling sheets.


Critic’s Notebook: A Pan-American Dance Sampler at the Joyce

The American Dance Platform showcases multiple American companies and idioms including hula, Irish footwork, tap, Lindy, modern and ballet.

Caro, Robert A

Robert Caro and Carnegie Hall: Revisiting the ’60s

Known for his multivolume biography of Lyndon B. Johnson, Mr. Caro helped inspire a citywide cultural festival organized by Carnegie Hall.


BRIEF-Esterline Technologies Names Stephen Nolan To Succeed Robert George As CFO



The Bright (and Dark) Side of Roger Deakins

The cinematographer Roger Deakins has been nominated 13 times for an Oscar, but has never won. Here's why he should.


BRIEF-Spark Therapeutics Announces Addition Of Robert J. Perez To Board



Trump's ex-campaign manager Manafort sues Special Counsel Robert Mueller

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort sued Robert Mueller on Wednesday, alleging that the special counsel's wide-ranging investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia exceeded his legal authority and needed to be reined in.

Monster storm expected to hit the East Coast

Freezing rain, sleet and snow will fall along the Southeast on Wednesday -- and lead the way for a brutal winter storm that is expected to strengthen rapidly as it moves toward the Northeast.


China says hopes U.S. can create level playing field for Chinese firms

BEIJING (Reuters) - China said on Wednesday that it hopes the United States can create a level playing field and a predictable environment for Chinese enterprises.

Mann, Robert

Robert Mann, a Founder of the Juilliard Quartet, Dies at 97

With their prodigious technique, vast musicality and muscular playing, Mr. Mann and his colleagues helped renew America’s passion for chamber music.


For Michelle Ellsworth, Practice Makes … More Practice

Ms. Ellsworth is a performer whose ambivalence about performing is baked into the title of her new work, “The Rehearsal Artist.”


Ballet Leaders Allowed Peter Martins to Act With Impunity, Dancers Say

Current and former dancers and executives at New York City Ballet say that some leaders were enamored with or fearful of Mr. Martins.


Critic’s Notebook: At City Ballet, History Is About to Change. How?

Peter Martins inherited George Balanchine’s roles: running the School of American Ballet and City Ballet and choreographing. Should this model persist?


Peter Martins Retires From New York City Ballet After Misconduct Allegations

Mr. Martins had been accused of sexual harassment as well as physical and verbal abuse.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures

DealBook: Toasts to the Deals (and Other Winners) of 2017

The last year gave us some whopping deals, including’s acquisition of Whole Foods, that will shape the business landscape in 2018.


Boy, three, playing with stove caused deadly New York fire, officials say

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A 3-year-old boy playing with the burners on a kitchen stove started a fire in a New York City apartment building that killed 12 people, including four children, city officials said on Friday.


Boy, three, playing with stove caused deadly N.Y. fire, officials say

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A 3-year-old boy playing with the burners on a kitchen stove started a fire in a New York City apartment building that killed 12 people, including four children, city officials said on Friday.


Boy playing with stove caused deadly New York fire, officials say

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A 3-year-old boy playing with the burners on a kitchen stove started a fire in a New York City apartment building that killed 12 people, including four children, city officials said on Friday.

Bronx (NYC)

Child Playing With Stove Caused Bronx Fire That Killed 12

The city’s deadliest blaze since 1990 was a “horrible, tragic accident,” the mayor said.


Child playing with stove may have started deadly N.Y. fire, mayor says

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A child playing with a stove may have caused the fire in a New York City apartment building that killed 12 people, including four children, Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Friday.


These N.B.A. Dancers Bring Their High Kicks Courtside

With packed routines, the hard-working Brooklynettes and Knicks City Dancers are “there to create just as much of a show as the basketball players.”


Review: In ‘Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein,’ a Monster to Love

The dancer Robert Fairchild’s creature has a delicate, disarming beauty in Ensemble for the Romantic Century’s ambitious but awkward production.


Encounters: Taye Diggs Doesn’t Feel Like Dancing

The “Empire” actor and Broadway star visited his former dance studio. But he never broke a sweat.

Cooper, Anderson

When They Met: That Time Andy Cohen Asked Anderson Cooper Out (and About His Mom)

The hosts of New Year’s Eve on CNN banter about Panda Express, gay nightclubs, Mr. Cooper’s angry silences and Mr. Cohen’s advice about Hurricane Katrina.


Critic’s Notebook: Under City Ballet’s ‘Nutcracker’ Tree, Dancers Find New Roles

In the week before Christmas, new Dewdrops, a Cavalier and Coffee.

Books and Literature

Otherworldly: From ‘Frankenstein’ to Nora Roberts in 200 Years

New releases in speculative fiction include a viral dystopia, a fantasy kingdom ruled by magic, a lesbian pulp noir satire and a classic revisited.


Robert Fairchild: From God to Monster (and Choreographer)

Mr. Fairchild is playing Frankenstein’s monster — and making choreography that reveals the monster’s inner life.

Great Britain Withdrawal from EU (Brexit)

Feeling Blue (and Feeling Good): U.K. Picks a Post-Brexit Passport Color

Once the country leaves the European Union, Britons’ travel documents will return to a shade that was phased out in the name of solidarity.

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

Op-Ed Contributors: The Four Threats to Robert Mueller

Trump may be holding off from firing the special counsel. That doesn’t mean he’s safe.


Robert O’Hara Thinks ‘Men Are Stupid.’ His New Play Shows Just How.

In “Mankind,” the playwright imagines a world in which women are extinct. “You have to go for the throat,” he says.

A disabled, biracial, (and totally normal) American family

Rebecca Cokley is a white little person. Her husband Patrick is African-American and vision-impaired. Together, they have a loving family. What is it like to them to raise a family with disabilities? Normal.


After the Curtain Falls: Talking to Suzanne Farrell, Artist and Muse

Ms. Farrell talked to our critic about George Balanchine; her life as a dancer; and her company, which closed shop this month.


Review: The Met’s Holiday ‘Hansel’ Is Surreal (and Timely)

Children will enjoy the company’s colorful, daffy production of Humperdinck’s opera, while adults will be struck by its dark undercurrents.


Dancing Down the Years

Dancers of retirement age reflect on why they’re still dancing. “Why not now?”


Dancing with Brenda Bufalino

"The body has this incredible way of healing itself and finding itself anew."


Dancing with Douglas Dunn

Douglas Dunn + Dancers perform at a Norte Maar event in Brooklyn. "No other physical activity, and no degree of mental gymnastics, come close to replacing the daily ecstasy of unimpeded kinetic exploration."


Dancing with Gus Solomons Jr.

"I am playing the instrument as hard as it can be played, given the instrument."


M&T Bank's CEO Robert Wilmers dies: bank

NEW YORK (Reuters) - M&T Bank's chairman and chief executive officer, Robert Wilmers, died on Saturday night at home after nearly 35 years leading the Buffalo, New York-based company, the bank said on Sunday.


M&T Bank's CEO Robert Wilmers dies -bank

NEW YORK, Dec 17 (Reuters) - M&T Bank's chairman and chief executive officer, Robert Wilmers, died on Saturday night at home after nearly 35 years leading the Buffalo, New York-based company, the bank said on Sunday.


Dancing With Sequins and a Death Drop

In New York, a new group of dancers keeps the city’s legendary vogue scene on the map.


Op-Ed Columnist: Bringing Down Our Monsters

As assailants in Hollywood, media and politics fall, will the Harasser in Chief elude the posse of women lawmakers giving chase?


BRIEF-Quartz Mountain Says Robert Dickinson Named CEO And Executive Chairman



Critic’s Notebook: How to Fall Under a Butoh-like Spell

Change is glacial in Kota Yamazaki’s “Darkness Odyssey Part 2: I or Hallucination”; Indah Walsh’s “homespun” is playful and benign.


For Russians Tired of ‘Swan Lake,’ a Contemporary Alternative

Diana Vishneva’s Context is a high-profile festival devoted to contemporary dance in a country synonymous with ballet.

Robin Roberts to Omarosa: Bye Felicia

An anchor throws shade at Omarosa and she throws it back. CNN's Jeanne Moos says farewell as Omarosa loses her White House job.


'He was my monster': Actress Salma Hayek alleges Harvey Weinstein misconduct

(Editor's Note: Please be advised that paragraph 9 contains a graphic description.)


Review: Trisha Brown Company Is Back, in Witty, Delicate Glory

For anyone who cares about the continuance of Brown’s oeuvre, this performance by a crop of mostly new dancers was encouraging.

Books and Literature

Critic’s Notebook: With a Little Help From Their Friends (and Agents and Librarians and Fact-Checkers ...)

Within the rote exercise of authors’ acknowledgments, truths about family, struggle, pride and terror manage to seep out.

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

Editorial: Fox News v. Robert Mueller

The propaganda machine has kicked into high gear, and has a single goal: convincing President Trump to fire the special counsel.


Five Dancers Accuse City Ballet’s Peter Martins of Physical Abuse

The accusations, spanning decades, come after a sexual harassment claim against Mr. Martins.


A Dance of Vaporizing Bodies, With a Nod to Butoh

Kota Yamazaki and his wife, the dancer Mina Nishimura, talk about their new work coming to Baryshnikov Arts Center.


At Chapelco in Argentina, Skiing, Steaks, Sun (and Few Crowds)

This modern resort in Patagonia is relatively undiscovered, but the slopes can be stunning. And it’s close to a charming town with great empanadas.


Critic’s Notebook: At Ailey, a Dance Set to Coltrane Finds a Somber Radiance

Jamar Roberts’s new “Members Don’t Get Weary” was emotional and virtuosic. And Twyla Tharp’s 1983 “Golden Section,” set to David Byrne, returned.


Critic’s Notebook: ‘Nureyev’ Opens at Bolshoi After Delay and Much Speculation

The ballet had its premiere on Saturday in front of a starry crowd that didn’t include its director, who’s under house arrest.

Race and Ethnicity

Op-Ed Columnist: An Abomination. A Monster. That’s Me?

Vilifying whiteness and maleness isn’t just illiberal. It’s bad politics.


‘Merci, Johnny’: Hallyday Honored With Rock-Star Funeral (and Motorbikes)

Crowds lined the streets of the French capital to watch the singer’s funeral procession. “He was part of France,” President Emmanuel Macron said.


Review: ‘Brooklyn Nutcracker’ Is Simply, Imperfectly Charming

Diverse in multiple ways, “The Brooklyn Nutcracker” combines ballet and hip-hop — with a superb Arabian belly dance number, too.


Soccer: Born in Japan, playing for North Korea under shadow of missile crisis

TOKYO (Reuters) - Born and raised in Japan, three North Korean soccer players are expecting to face boos from the home crowd in a match that comes less than two weeks after the latest North Korean test missile splashed into the Sea of Japan.

Wonder Woman (Movie)

Screens (and Titles) Full of ‘Wonder’

“Wonder Woman,” “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women,” “Wonderstruck,” “Wonder Wheel” and just plain “Wonder” — movies with suchlike titles but different aims.

‘The Last Jedi’: 6 Burning Questions (and Answers) Before You Watch

What is a porg, how did Leia become a general and what happened in the last movie?


The Best Dance of 2017

The dance critics of The New York Times pick the best events of the year.


A ‘Nutcracker’ Dressed in Bon Bons, With a Pineapple Throne

How do you redesign a classic? Isabel and Ruben Toledo took on “George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker” for Miami.


New York City Ballet Investigates Sexual Harassment Claim Against Peter Martins

The longtime leader of City Ballet has been removed from teaching his weekly class at the School of American Ballet while the two organizations investigate.


Critic’s Notebook: Alvin Ailey Dancers Return Like Conquering Heroes

The differences between the Ailey dancers is of greater consequence than the difference between the works they’re dancing.


BRIEF-Monster Digital Terminates License Deal Between Monster Inc, SDJ Technologies



BRIEF-Robert Way Reports 7.3 Pct Passive Stake In JRJR33 Inc



A Word With: Claire Foy Is Ready to Quit Playing the Queen

Ms. Foy of “The Crown” talks about playing a middle-age Queen Elizabeth II, some coveted new roles and becoming Hollywood’s latest next big thing.


After drought, monster storm threatens Australia's wheat crop

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Heavy rains in eastern Australia forecast to intensify over the weekend are threatening to wipe out or damage up to 4 million tonnes of wheat due to be harvested shortly, forecasters said on Friday.

Defense and Military Forces

In China, Aung San Suu Kyi Finds a Warm Welcome (and No Talk of Rohingya)

Myanmar’s civilian leader is turning to China for diplomatic and economic help as the Rohingya crisis frays relations with the United States.


Playing with fire: tens of thousands refuse to leave Bali volcano homes

KARANGASEM, Indonesia (Reuters) - Tens of thousands of villagers on the Indonesian holiday island of Bali are refusing to evacuate a 10-km (six-mile) danger zone around an erupting volcano, putting their fate in the hands of the gods or simply staying put to protect homes and livestock.

Ana Navarro: GOP playing dumb on Trump's tweets

CNN political commentator Ana Navarro said that President Trump continues to go back to the same "crazy lies" and GOP lawmakers look like "idiots" for pretending not to know about Trump's activity on Twitter.


BRIEF-Monster Digital provides update regarding closing date for merger with Innovate Biopharmaceuticals


Robert Mueller's team asked Trump's son-in-law about Michael Flynn, sources say

Jared Kushner met earlier this month with Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team as part of the investigation into Russia's meddling in the election, according to two people familiar with the meeting.


Walking the dog? Motion monitor to aid actors playing pooches

BATH, England (Reuters) - From a poodle's strut to a basset hound's lolloping gait, scientists plan to capture the movements of different breeds to make on-screen animated dogs played by humans more authentic.


VAM Funds names Robert Gordon director of two funds

(Reuters) - Luxembourg-based fund management company VAM Funds appointed Robert Gordon as a director of VAM Funds and VAM Managed Funds.

Eli Manning reflects on playing against Peyton

In 2013, Eli Manning talked to CNN about growing up with big brother and former NFL quarterback, Peyton.


Serena, Kuznetsova uncertain of playing Australian Open

(Reuters) - Former world number one Serena Williams has yet to make a decision about her participation at the Australian Open, while world number 12 Svetlana Kuznetsova is also a doubt for the first grand slam of 2018 after undergoing wrist surgery.


It Could Happen to You: A Raw, Pointed Revival at Alvin Ailey

Jawole Willa Jo Zollar’s “Shelter,” about homelessness, may be the work in this Ailey season that speaks most strongly to the anxieties of the moment.

Travel and Vacations

In the South and North, New (and Vital) Civil Rights Trails

African-American history is the subject of new museums, memorials and routes like the US Civil Rights Trail.

Sevigny, Chloe

Chloë Sevigny on Playing an Addict in ‘Downtown Race Riot’

Ms. Sevigny talks about starring in the new play, beating up stuffed animals for Pussy Riot and moving back to Manhattan.


Two Very Young Dancers, Living the ‘Nutcracker’ Dream

Each year two lucky girls are cast to play Marie in New York City Ballet’s “Nutcracker.” This year’s Maries tell us what it’s like.


Brantley in Britain: Showgirls, a Monster and a Drag Queen: Singing Songs of Self

New musicals on London’s stages include a merciless and compassionate “Follies,” a revitalized “Young Frankenstein” and a timely saga of an aspiring drag queen.

The Daily

The Daily: Listen to ‘The Daily’: Robert Mugabe’s Rise and Fall

Mr. Mugabe has resigned as president of Zimbabwe after nearly four decades in power. Will he be remembered as a tyrant, or as a hero?

Europe Edition: Robert Mugabe, Angela Merkel, Syria: Your Wednesday Briefing

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.


The First Time: Billy Porter: The First Time I Refused to Keep Playing a Stereotype

Seeing “Angels in America” in 1994 was the moment Mr. Porter, the Broadway star, realized he had to rethink his career path and chase a new dream.

Asia and Australia Edition: Robert Mugabe, North Korea, Mount Agung: Your Wednesday Briefing

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

Those coming after Robert Mugabe are not good, clean men

The resignation of Robert Mugabe, after the intervention of the army and then the move to impeach him, ends his 37 years in power -- which included his physical and intellectual degeneration over the last decade.


Critic’s Notebook: 10 Ways to Tell if Your ‘Nutcracker’ Is Traditional

Variations on “The Nutcracker” abound. Our critic sorts out what’s true to the ballet’s heart and (a different thing) to its tradition.


Review: ‘Darkest Hour,’ or the Great Man Theory of History (and Acting)

Gary Oldman plays Winston Churchill in Joe Wright’s drama about the early days of World War II.

Jubilation erupts in the streets following the resignation of President Robert Mugabe

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has resigned, the speaker of the country's Parliament said, bringing an end to his 37 years of rule.

Politics and Government

Emmerson Mnangagwa Urges Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe to Resign

The man seen as the country’s probable next president said the aging incumbent should step down, as lawmakers moved toward impeachment.

Europe Edition: Robert Mugabe, North Korea, Angela Merkel: Your Tuesday Briefing

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

Reich, Robert B

Robert Reich, a Multiplatform Gadfly, Comes to Netflix

A social media star, the former labor secretary extends his critique of big money’s influence on politics with a new documentary, “Saving Capitalism.”

Asia and Australia Edition: North Korea, Angela Merkel, Robert Mugabe: Your Tuesday Briefing

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

Analysis: Trump is playing zero-dimensional chess (again)

On Sunday night, President Donald Trump attacked Jeff Flake on Twitter.

Robert Mugabe: What you need to know

Robert Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe and one of Africa's longest serving leaders, is in the throes of a political battle to remain in power. CNN looks at what you need to know about him.

Politics and Government

Robert Mugabe Is Ousted From His Ruling Party in Zimbabwe

The embattled president was also set to meet with the military commander who placed him under house arrest to negotiate his departure.

Robert Mugabe, Roy Moore, Republican Party: Your Weekend Briefing

Here’s what you need to know about the week’s top stories.

New York Times

Insider: For the 52 Places Job, 9,000 Applicants (and an Avalanche of Unicorns)

When our travel editor, Monica Drake, said she wanted the new writer-at-large to be someone who had it all, the internet responded.


Critic’s Notebook: East Side, West Side: Lighting the Way, Darkly

Two new works by the choreographers Marjani Forté-Saunders and Gillian Walsh make dramatic use of the Manhattan spaces in which they are performed.





Making (and Seeing) Dance in the Politicized World

Even dances with no obvious agenda have seemed like quiet protests recently. How are choreographers thinking about their work?

Coups D'Etat and Attempted Coups D'Etat

Robert Mugabe Swaps House Arrest for a Cap and Gown (Briefly)

Military leaders allowed the strongman to attend a college graduation, a sign that the country’s upheaval was no ordinary attempt to oust a despot.

Asia and Australia Edition: Robert Mugabe, Myanmar, Da Vinci: Your Friday Briefing

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday (Shopping)

How to Shop Smart on Black Friday (and Cyber Monday)

Whether you plan to get in line or shop from home, here are ways to beat the marketing madness.

Politics and Government

Robert Mugabe Under House Arrest as Rule Over Zimbabwe Teeters

The nearly 40-year reign of one of Africa’s last liberation leaders appeared to be coming to a close as tanks were deployed in the streets of the capital.

Tax Plan, Robert Mugabe, Rancho Tehama Reserve: Your Wednesday Briefing

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

Young Zimbabweans face up to Robert Mugabe

A perfect storm of protests, police dissatisfaction and poverty in Zimbabwe is challenging long-time leader Robert Mugabe.


Critic’s Notebook: When the Body Is a Canvas, Accented With Paint or Peanuts

Yvonne Meier turned ordinary objects (tomatoes, Band-Aids) into tools for artistic expression; Jillian Sweeney engaged with memory and storytelling.


Gillian Walsh, Taking Dance to a Still Place

Ms. Walsh, whose recent works involve minimal movement, talks about transcendence, seeing time, “Dance Moms” and what audiences want.


Neymar can lead Brazil to World Cup glory, says Roberto Carlos

BELGRADE (Reuters) - Brazil are among the favorites for next year's World Cup in Russia and Neymar can lead the South American nation to their sixth title, former winner Roberto Carlos said on Tuesday.

Former intel chiefs: Putin is playing Trump

CNN's Jim Acosta reports on President Donald Trump's accomplishments during his trip to Asia.


Review: Finding the Beat and Pulse of the Great Migration

Inspired by Jacob Lawrence’s paintings, Step Afrika’s show has resilient vitality.

New Pacific trade deal could leave US playing catchup

Comedy and Humor

Jon Stewart and Robert Smigel Craft a Comedy Benefit at a Polarized Moment

The two friends talk about “Night of Too Many Stars,” their annual benefit for autism groups, and how comedy has been affected by internet culture and politics.

American Witness: The Art and Life of Robert Frank (Book)

Q. & A.: Tell Us 5 Things About Your Book: Capturing the Elusive Robert Frank

R J Smith’s “American Witness” is a biography of the pioneering photographer and filmmaker.

Clapper: Downplaying Russia threat a 'peril' to US

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said Sunday that President Donald Trump's downplaying the threat posed by Russia's meddling in last year's election was dangerous to US national security.


When He Needs Advice, a Philadelphia Flyer Turns to His Brother the Dancer

Taylor Leier is in his first full season in the N.H.L. while his brother, Keaton, is in his first year in the company of the Atlanta Ballet.

The right (and wrong) way to apologize

There is a right way and a wrong way to apologize, psychologists say. Over the course of the past two weeks, we've seen two high-profile examples that fall somewhere in between.


Kenneth MacMillan’s School of Ballet Sex, Neurosis and Grit

A London celebration provided a chance to think about MacMillan’s reputation and legacy 25 years after his death.

Johnson, Robert Leroy (1911-38)

Is This Really the Bluesman Robert Johnson?

Zeke Schein says a vintage photo he discovered on eBay may be that of Robert Johnson, the legendary bluesman who up to now has appeared in only two surviving images.


From Misty Copeland: Adjustments, Tips and Inspiration

A class became a larger learning experience when Ms. Copeland and Carmen de Lavallade talked about breaking down barriers for black dancers.

When playing it safe with your money can be risky

United States Defense and Military Forces

Op-Ed Contributor: Robert Gates: Ending DACA Will Hurt Immigrant Troops

While I was secretary of defense, Dreamers played a vital role in the military. They have earned the right to become citizens.


David Hallberg’s Tell All (About His Own Psyche)

Mr. Hallberg, the American Ballet Theater principal and paragon of classical style, has a new memoir about life, dancing and returning from an injury.


Review: A Triple Bill at the Royal Ballet Comes Up Two-Thirds Short

Three choreographers tackle the question of “what is ballet?” Only Twyla Tharp seems to know the answer.

Hotels and Travel Lodgings

Trending: Hotels That Help You Say Hola or Bonjour (and More)

Learning the local language is a great way to get a sense of place, and some hotels today have programs for their guests to do just that.

Comedy and Humor

On Comedy: The Most Riveting Host in Late Night (and the Most Overlooked)

Conan O’Brien doesn’t draw much in the way of ratings or buzz, but he is taking artistic risks that make for truly compelling comedy.

Lifetime looks at Robert Durst, Elizabeth Smart

After dallying with some higher-quality fare, the Lifetime movie's tawdry, true-crime roots are showing with this month's premieres of "The Lost Wife of Robert Durst" and "I Am Elizabeth Smart."


Blood, Sweat, Toil and Tears: Playing Churchill on Screen

Gary Oldman is the latest in a very long line of actors to try to bring to life the man behind the cigar puffing and the jowls.

Hedge Funds

Robert Mercer to Step Down as Co-Chief of Renaissance Technologies

Mr. Mercer has been a leader of the giant hedge fund and is a patron of the former White House adviser Stephen K. Bannon.

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

Op-Ed Columnist: Robert Mueller in the Cross Hairs

If President Trump fires the special counsel, will we rise up?

Computers and the Internet

Where the STEM Jobs Are (and Where They Aren’t)

The enthusiasm for science education rests on the assumption that these fields are flush with opportunity. Physicists, go digital.

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Robert Mueller Will Never Get to the Bottom of Russia’s Meddling

To understand Vladimir Putin’s behavior, we have to actually understand his foreign policy.

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

Editorial: That Crazy Talk About Robert Mueller

Ludicrous accusations would be laughable, but they are linked to a dangerous move by Trump allies to shut down the Russia investigation for good.

Robert Mueller, Jerome Powell, Halloween: Your Tuesday Briefing

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

What the Manafort indictment proves (and what it doesn't)

On Monday morning former Trump presidential campaign chairman Paul Manafort was indicted on charges of money laundering and filing false foreign lobbying reports, among other counts.

Robert Mueller, Kevin Spacey, Houston Astros: Your Monday Briefing

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.


Review: All Life’s a Swirling Proscenium in ‘The Red Shoes’

The staging is the star in Matthew Bourne’s pass-the-popcorn adaptation of the movie.

Blakeley, Robert W,

Robert Blakeley, Whose Fallout Shelter Sign Symbolized the Cold War, Dies at 95

Robert Blakeley’s yellow-and-black placards reflected Americans’ anxieties about nuclear war while pointing the way to where they might be saved from it.


Baseball: Cubs' Rizzo given Roberto Clemente Award

(Reuters) - Anthony Rizzo of the Chicago Cubs was named the recipient of the 2017 Roberto Clemente Award on Friday for his charitable work on behalf of children with cancer.


BRIEF-South State Corp CEO Robert Hill reports open market sale of 13,024 shares of co's common stock on Oct 27

* South State Corp CEO Robert Hill reports open market sale of 13,024 shares of co's common stock on OCT 27 - SEC filing‍​ Source text - ( Further company coverage:


BRIEF-Auburn National elects Robert Dumas as CEO and President

* Chairman, ceo, and president, e. l. Spencer, jr., announces retirement; board elects robert w. Dumas ceo and president Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:


Life (and Death and Dance) Lessons From ‘The Red Shoes’

Ballet is religion in Powell and Pressburger’s 1948 movie. Dancers, 19 to 80, talk about what the movie and its intensity has meant to them.


BRIEF-Medical Facilities Corp appoints Robert Horrar as CEO

* ‍Medical Facilities Corporation appoints new president and chief executive officer​

Deaths (Obituaries)

Robert Guillaume, Emmy-Winning Star of ‘Benson,’ Dies at 89

Mr. Guillaume won awards for playing a character who began as a caustic butler on one sitcom and ended up as a candidate for governor on another.


Robert Guillaume, star of TV's 'Benson,' dies at age 89

, (Reuters) - Two-time Emmy Award-winning actor Robert Guillaume, who became one of the most prominent black actors on U.S. television playing the cantankerous title character in the hit 1980s series "Benson," died of complications from prostate cancer on Tuesday, his wife said. He was 89.

'Benson' star and voice of Rafiki Robert Guillaume dies

Actor Robert Guillaume, best known for his title role in the TV series "Benson," died Tuesday at his home in Los Angeles. He was 89.


BRIEF-Robert Half reports Q3 earnings $0.68/shr

* Q3 earnings per share view $0.70 -- Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:

United States Politics and Government

The Impossible Burden of Playing Donald Trump

Anthony Atamanuik of “The President Show” never wanted a Trump victory, but it has been great for his career. Now he must avoid the many pitfalls of mocking the man.

Olive Oil

How Climate Change Is Playing Havoc With Olive Oil (and Farmers)

Extreme weather is making olive oil production far more erratic just as global demand is growing. A summer heat wave in Europe was the latest calamity.


BRIEF-Starcore International Mines CEO Robert Eadie reports 5.51 pct stake in the co

* Starcore International Mines Ltd CEO Robert Eadie reports 5.51 percent stake in the company as of Oct 24 - SEC filing Source text: ( Further company coverage:


Love, Ecstasy, Infinity: Mark Morris’s ‘Layla and Majnun’

Mr. Morris’s staging of the Azerbaijani opera about star-crossed lovers arrives in New York. “It’s not about sex,” he says. “It’s about infinity.”


BRIEF-Robert Duggan reports 5.9 pct stake in Aurinia Pharmaceuticals - SEC filing‍​

* Robert Duggan reports 5.9 percent stake in Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc as on October 19, 2017 - SEC filing‍​


BRIEF-inTEST Corp CEO Robert Matthiessen to retire as President & CEO at end of 2017

* inTEST Corporation executive chairman, president & CEO Robert Matthiessen to retire as president & CEO at end of 2017

Books and Literature

Nonfiction: The Pop-Culture Evolution of Frankenstein’s Monster

In “Frankenstein: The First Two Hundred Years,” Christopher Frayling resurrects Mary Shelley’s classic through the countless visual adaptations of its monster.

Europe Edition: Catalonia, Japan, Robert Mugabe: Your Monday Briefing

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.


Op-Ed Contributor: Chris Matthews: What Robert Kennedy Knew About Gun Control

Nearly 50 years ago, the senator called for sensible restrictions on firearms — laws we’re still largely waiting to see.

Geostorm (Movie)

Review: In ‘Geostorm,’ Gerard Butler (and His Stubble) Save the Planet

In this action film, the world is threatened by a space-based weather-control system armed with ice, fire, hail and heavy rain.


Steve Paxton, a Buddha of American Dance

Mr. Paxton, 78, doesn’t perform much these days. But we talked to him a few weeks before a rare New York show with old friends Simone Forti and Yvonne Rainer.

Robertson: Trump's actions are beginning to have global consequences

The last time Baghdad sent troops into Kirkuk to kick out Kurdish forces, I was in the first group of journalists taken to see the aftermath.


At American Ballet Theater Gala, All Is the Same but Different

The gala program, with two premieres (one by Alexei Ratmansky one by Jessica Lang), demonstrated how this troupe has been changing.

New York Times Neediest Cases Fund

The Neediest Cases Fund: Playing by the Rules After Breaking Them in Foster Care

After nine years of tumult moving from home to home, Shaquille Samuel, 23, now possesses a Regents diploma, a food handler’s license and motivation for a brighter future.


Alexei Ratmansky’s Elective Affinity, Musically Speaking

Mr. Ratmansky keeps returning to Leonid Desyatnikov’s music. The two talked about their new work, Ukraine, their Jewish backgrounds and their Soviet upbringings.

President says he's not considering firing Robert Mueller, who leads investigation into Russia meddling

President Donald Trump said Monday he was not considering firing the Justice Department's special counsel leading the investigation into Russian interference in last year's election.

Books and Literature

Why Frankenstein’s Monster Haunts Queer Art

As the 200th birthday of Mary Shelley’s monstrous allegory approaches, an exploration of its resonance with artists.


Who’s Afraid of ‘Goldberg Variations’? Not This Choreographer.

The music may be intimidating, but Pam Tanowitz, collaborating with the pianist Simone Dinnerstein, found freedom in its formal structure.

Juvenile Delinquency

Op-Ed Contributor: Texas Should Not Execute Robert Pruett Tonight

He was just 15 years old when he last saw the outside world.

How politicians use Hollywood (and Hollywood uses them back)

The story of Harvey Weinstein is about appetite meeting power. It's one reason why out of fear of a Caligula becoming emperor, you don't have emperors. Weinstein sat at the center of a web of business and political power -- a position that could put anyone beyond justice. That's undemocratic. In an idealistic sense, it's un-American. It's why law and culture have to oppose any concentration of power in anyone's hands.

Pop and Rock Music

Robert Plant, Party of One. (With Friends, Too.)

On his new solo album, “Carry Fire,” the onetime Led Zeppelin frontman explores “grooves and moods,” from the blues to North African rhythms.


BRIEF-Kalytera Therapeutics names Robert Farrell CEO

* Kalytera Therapeutics, Inc. announces Robert Farrell, J.D. as CEO; additional board and management changes


Soldier Dances, From a Land Where Everyone Serves

Contemporary Israeli dance rarely treats soldiers’ experiences as explicitly as it does in two works in New York this week.

Women and Girls

Women Today: Women Are Playing Today, and Leading Tomorrow

Sports programs for girls provide more than just a physical benefit — they can also help educate girls about gender issues, and empower them.


BRIEF-GE announces retirement of Robert Lane from board of directors

* GE announces retirement of Robert Lane from board of directors

Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

In a Season of Monsters, Gulf Coast Feels Lucky All It Got Was Nate

Hurricane Nate sped ashore in Mississippi as a Category 1 storm and quickly weakened, leaving Gulf Coast residents relieved that it wasn’t worse.

Analysis: Trump is playing zero-dimensional chess

On Sunday morning, President Donald Trump decided to go after Bob Corker.


Critic’s Notebook: A Farewell and Other Dramas at New York City Ballet

The fall season has seen premieres, problems, debuts, major revivals — and a farewell by Rebecca Krohn.

Jason Aldean opens 'SNL' playing Tom Petty's 'I won't back down'

How to get fired by Donald Trump (and how not to)

Lawyers, diplomats and strategists take note: If you're going to work for Donald Trump, there's a good chance you're going to have to squirm.


Downplaying job losses, Fed officials eye December rate hike

AUSTIN, Texas/NEW YORK (Reuters) - Chocking up employment losses last month to the temporary hit of a severe hurricane season and reiterating expectations that inflation will strengthen, Federal Reserve policymakers on Friday signaled they continue to see gradual U.S. interest-rate hikes ahead.


Spanish PM seeks safety in numbers before playing Catalonia trump card

MADRID (Reuters) - Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is struggling to secure support from across the traditional political divide in his battle to stop Catalonia breaking away - a lack of consensus that could compound Spain's worst political crisis for decades.


Ralph and Alice and Ed and Trixie (and Song and Dance)

A musical of “The Honeymooners” aims to open the windows of that cramped Kramden apartment to let in a “contemporary worldview.”

Widow: I can't let a 'monster' overshadow the lives he took

Heather Melton, the wife of Las Vegas shooting victim Sonny Melton, said that she can't let a "monster" overshadow the lives of the people he took.

Books and Literature

Books of The Times: In Dan Brown’s ‘Origin,’ Robert Langdon Returns, With an A.I. Friend in Tow

Brown’s latest novel features a brilliant futurist and a plot that revolves around the tensions between creationism and science.


Review: Fall for Dance’s Eclectic Variations

The annual Fall for Dance season began with the usual unusual selection of unalike dances: ballet, African, postmodern, tap.

Actors and Actresses

The First Time: Caitriona Balfe: The First Time I Left Home (and Fell in Love)

Discovered by a modeling scout, Ms. Balfe, the Irish star of “Outlander,” left for Paris when she was 19. Falling in love with the city wasn’t easy.

Trump is the swamp monster

While the failure of the Obamacare repeal, the mishandling of the hurricane in Puerto Rico and the dangerous threats made toward North Korea are making national headlines, there is another story that could be more damaging to Trump in 2020.


Review: The Unstuffy Gala: City Ballet Delivers Youth and Style

Four premieres (and four sets of new couture costumes) showcased youthfulness and a liberal view of life and dance.


Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Condemns Trump’s N.F.L. Criticism

President Trump suggested N.F.L. owners should fire players who take a knee during the national anthem. The players are likely to react with stronger protests.

What 'Little Marco' has to do with 'Rocket Man' (and nuclear weapons)

"Little Marco" wasn't a despot. "Lyin' Ted" didn't have a missile program. "Crooked Hillary" wasn't trying to develop a hydrogen bomb.


Megan Fairchild, the Swan With the Screwball Spark

“It’s big Megan” now. After a stint on Broadway and a divorce, Ms. Fairchild has arrived at a new level of artistry and her first Odette-Odile.

On health care, GOP has a promise (and a deadline) to keep

Fashion and Apparel

In Fashion, the Beauty (and Challenge) of Looking Back

Designers at top houses often find great inspiration in the archives. But is the history stifling?

Translation and Interpreters

Sign Language Interpreter Warned of ‘Pizza’ and ‘Bear Monster’ at Irma Briefing

Officials in Manatee County, Fla., drew criticism for asking a local lifeguard unskilled at sign language to interpret crucial evacuation orders.


Iraqi PM says Kurds 'playing with fire' with independence vote: report

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Saturday that Kurdish plans to hold a referendum on independence was like "playing with fire", according to a local media website.

Presidential Election of 2016

Table for Three: Hillary Clinton and America Ferrera on Pain and Progress (and Hiking)

The former presidential candidate and the politically active actress discuss the hurt of the 2016 election and how they are both moving on.

Robert De Niro wants to help rebuild island

Hurricane Irma left behind catastrophic damage on the island of Barbuda last week.


Dallas removes Robert E. Lee's statue from city park

DALLAS (Reuters) - Workers in Dallas removed a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from a park on Thursday, with police on hand to provide protection after the mayor said the monument was a symbol of injustice and the city council voted to bring it down.


Twyla Tharp’s Back Pages, With Chapters to Come

Ms. Tharp pulls from her past — “Raggedy Dances,” “As Time Goes By,” early minimalist works — to fuel her present in three fall programs.