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Simone Biles Says She, Too, Was Abused by Larry Nassar

Biles, a four-time gold medalist, is the latest and most prominent gymnast to formally accuse Dr. Nassar, the former U.S.A. Gymnastics doctor, of sexual abuse.


Three still missing in California's deadly mudslides

(Reuters) - The number of people missing from last week's deadly Southern California mudslides fell to three on Monday as hundreds of rescue workers searched for survivors from the rain-driven slides that killed 20 people.

Simone Biles says team doctor abused her

On the eve of former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar's sentencing for sexually abusing girls in his care, American gymnast Simone Biles has come forward to say me, too.


Olympic gold medalist Biles says doctor sexually abused her

(Reuters) - Four-time Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles said on Monday she was sexually abused by former USA Gymnastics team physician Larry Nassar, the latest in a list of female athletes to accuse the doctor of misconduct.

Computers and the Internet

Alexa, We’re Still Trying to Figure Out What to Do With You

Many people use digital assistants for the basics, like the weather forecast or music. It’s a long way from the digital home envisioned by their makers.

Victims of ex-Team USA Gymnastics doctor finally get their days in court

One by one, the young women will step up in court, just feet away from their abuser. And they will deliver the message that so many have repeated.


California rescuers search for victims of deadly mudslides

(Reuters) - The search for victims of last week's deadly Southern California mudslides pushed into Monday, with hundreds of rescue workers with dogs and scanners hunting for four people still listed as missing after the rain-driven slides that killed 20 people.


France's Deneuve apologizes to sex assault victims, stands by letter

PARIS (Reuters) - Actress Catherine Deneuve apologized to victims of sexual assault who were offended by a column denouncing "puritanism" she signed following the Harvey Weinstein scandal, but maintained her reservations about the #MeToo campaign.


Color returns to Hollywood's red carpets but Time's Up still strong

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - After making a strong statement in black dresses at the Golden Globes to protest sexual harassment, actresses brought a burst of color back to the red carpet last week but said the message of the Time's Up campaign will continue throughout Hollywood's awards season.

Sexual Harassment

Catherine Deneuve Apologizes to Victims after Denouncing #MeToo

“I fraternally salute all women victims of odious acts,” the French actress said, while adding that she stood by her previous statement.


Madagascar cyclone death toll rises to 51, with thousands displaced

ANTANANARIVO (Reuters) - The death toll from a cyclone that hit Madagascar about 10 days ago has risen to 51, with another 22 people reported missing, authorities said on Sunday.

California mudslides: Death toll rises to 20, 4 still missing

At least 20 people have died as a result of the mudslides that devastated Montecito, California, according to the California Department of Fire and Forestry Protection. Four people are still missing.

Hawaii visitor: I could feel the blood stand still in my body

It was a beautiful morning, like most, on the island of Oahu: 79 degrees with a big, bright sun. I was at a marina with my family on Kaneohe Bay, blowing the last bits of air into an orange inflatable raft, when the alert came. All caps: "BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND ... NOT A DRILL."


Death toll rises to 19 in California mudslides, five still missing

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The death toll from mudslides that devastated parts of California's scenic Santa Barbara County rose to 19 on Saturday amid a massive influx of emergency crews searching for five people still missing.


Crews ramp up effort to rescue live victims of California mudslide

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A massive influx of search and rescue crews scoured parts of California's Santa Barbara County on Saturday for seven people still missing following mudslides that killed at least 18.


Tennis: Returning Djokovic still managing elbow injury

Jan 13 (Reuters) - Former world number one Novak Djokovic admits his elbow is not yet 100 percent as the Serb prepares to return from six months out at the Australian Open.

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

Vital Figure Excludes Family From N.F.L. Settlement: Date of Death

Mike Webster was the first N.F.L. player to receive a diagnosis of C.T.E., but his family has been left out of the $1 billion N.F.L. concussion settlement so far.


Tennis: Uncle Toni still 'more than anything' for Nadal

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - World number one Rafa Nadal embarks on a new era without his coach and uncle in the players' box at the Australian Open but the Spaniard said he would always welcome advice from his lifelong mentor with open arms.


'Window closing' for California mudslide searchers as death toll rises to 18

MONTECITO, Calif. (Reuters) - Rescue crews expanded their search on Friday for five missing people as the death toll rose to 18 from mudslides in Southern California that damaged hundreds of buildings and caked highways with sludge.

What we know about the mudslide victims

The vicious mudflows that raced through the Southern California town of Montecito early Tuesday were swift and ruthless. Families were ripped apart, being swept away, with some victims surviving, while some did not.


Pope Faces Turmoil in Chile Over Indigenous Group and Sex Abuse

Firebombs exploded at three churches in Santiago, Chile’s capital, on Friday, just days before Pope Francis is scheduled to visit Chile and Peru.


On Baseball: Winter Drags On, With Free Agents Still Waiting by the Phone

In an off-season of few signings, teams leery of overpaying seem content to wait for prices to drop in the spring.

Treasury chief still won't commit to Tubman on $20 bill


James Spader Still Lives for the Surprise of ‘The Blacklist’

Mr. Spader talks about his 100th episode, the pleasures of playing the provocateur and why now is the time for men to keep quiet and listen.

The future of DACA negotiations still unclear on Capitol Hill

Things were getting heated on Capitol Hill on immigration even before President Donald Trump asked lawmakers in a closed-door meeting Thursday why the US was bringing in immigrants from "shithole" countries into the US.


Federer still the man to beat at Melbourne Park

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - It might be argued that 36-year-old fathers of four have no business winning grand slam titles but try telling that to Roger Federer as the evergreen Swiss bids to claim a record-equalling sixth Australian Open crown in two weeks' time.


Op-Ed Contributor: Will the Pope Address Sexual Abuse in the Chilean Church?

Francis must confront the crimes of a Chilean priest, Fernando Karadima, who was protected from punishment for decades.


UPDATE 4-Ford urges 2,900 pickup owners to stop driving after new Takata death

* Ford confirms second death caused by Takata airbag inflator


U.N. says suspected rights abuses after deadly gunfight 'troubling'

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - The United Nations said on Thursday it was deeply concerned that Mexican security forces may have violated human rights in responding to a gun battle near the seaside resort of Acapulco in which 11 people were killed.

Fires and Firefighters

Victims of California Mudslides Were Swept Away Weeks After Surviving Fires

The mudslides in Montecito, Calif., wiped out entire blocks, pulling people from their homes and killing at least 17.


California mudslide's victims include three-year-old, octogenarians

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (Reuters) - The mudslides that tore through a coastal Southern California area this week claimed the lives of children as young as 3 and senior citizens as old as 89, officials said on Thursday, while rescue crews continued to search for eight people believed missing.


U.S. still eye ice hockey gold without NHLers

(Reuters) - The U.S. men's ice hockey team competing at next month's Winter Olympics will feature a new mix of players given the absence of NHL players but the group's expectations remain exactly the same.


UPDATE 3-Ford urges 2,900 pickup owners to stop driving after new Takata death

WASHINGTON, Jan 11 (Reuters) - Ford Motor Co said on Thursday it had confirmed a second death in an older pickup truck caused by a defective airbag inflator of Takata Corp and urged 2,900 owners in North America to stop driving immediately until they can get replacement parts.


California mudslide's death toll includes mother, school founder

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (Reuters) - Rescue workers on Thursday searched for eight people missing after mudslides that ripped through a coastal Southern California community, as the identities of some of the 17 who died in Tuesday's disaster began trickling out.

Outrage over teacher's arrest leads to death threats for superintendent

A Louisiana superintendent says he's received death threats after a teacher who criticized his proposed raise was sent to jail.

Feds freeze program that provides info for help on mental health and substance abuse

Federal health officials recently froze a program aimed to educate the public and provide information about evidence-based mental health and substance abuse treatment programs.


Ford urges 2,900 pickup owners to stop driving after new Takata death

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Ford Motor Co said on Thursday it had confirmed a second death in an older pickup truck caused by a defective Takata airbag inflator and urged 2,900 owners in North America to stop driving immediately until they can get replacement parts.


Migrants risk death crossing Alps to reach France

BARDONECCHIA, Italy (Reuters) - It took Abdullhai almost three years to get from his home in Guinea to a rocky, snow-covered Alpine mountain pass in the dead of winter, for what he hopes will be the final stage of his journey into France.


The New Health Care: Why It’s Still Worth Getting a Flu Shot

Even a “less effective” vaccine packs a payoff in averting illness and death.


Pope to meet Pinochet-era victims on visit to Chile

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Francis will meet victims of the dictatorship of the late Augusto Pinochet when he visits Chile next week, the Vatican said on Thursday.


German SPD leader says still 'big hurdles' to clear in coalition talks

BERLIN (Reuters) - German Social Democrat (SPD) leader Martin Schulz said on Thursday his party had found common ground with Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives in many areas but there were still "big hurdles" to clear before they could agree to join a governing coalition.


Death toll rises to 17 in California mudslides, 17 missing

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (Reuters) - The death toll from devastating mudslides in affluent communities along a stretch of Southern California coastline rose to 17 on Wednesday after two more bodies were recovered, the local sheriff said, and the number of people missing also climbed to 17.

US military leader threatens ISIS with death by shovel

The top enlisted leader in the US military has issued a stark and graphic warning to all remaining ISIS fighters: Surrender or face a violent death at the hands of coalition forces, who will carry out the task using anything from bombs to entrenchment shovels.

Aly Raisman: USA Gymnastics is '100% responsible' for doctor's abuse

Star gymnast Aly Raisman on Wednesday accused USA Gymnastics of being "100% responsible" for former team doctor Larry Nassar's years of sexual abuse, saying in a series of tweets that the organization enabled him and manipulated athletes.

WeCroak (KKIT Creations LLC)

Outing Death

Once a social taboo, the topic is trending.


On eve of trip, Pope orders takeover of Catholic group in Peru

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Francis has ordered the Vatican takeover of an elite Catholic society in Peru whose founder is accused of sexually and physically abusing children and former members of the group.


Adrienne Kennedy, Playwright: Still Quiet, Still Bold, Still Furious

Her new Jim Crow-era play, “He Brought Her Heart Back in Box,” shows that even late in an influential career, she’s not mellowing.

Landslides and Mudslides

Rescuers Search Montecito for Mudslide Survivors as Death Toll Reaches 15

Two dozen people were unaccounted for and 300 were stuck in their homes after hours of heavy rain unleashed a deluge of mud and debris, the authorities said.

Drug Abuse and Traffic

Iran Eases Death Penalty for Drug Crimes, Saving Potentially Thousands of Lives

A rare overhaul by Iran’s hard-line dominated judiciary came amid domestic and international pressure to reduce its executions, which are second only to China’s.

Opinion: Amazingly, some people still think men are the real victims of #MeToo

Importune -- v. to harass (someone) persistently for or to do something.


California mudslide death toll up to 15 as rescues continue

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - California rescuers worked through the night plucking stranded Santa Barbara residents from mudslides that have killed at least 15 people and devastated the coastal community after it was drenched by rain, authorities said on Wednesday.


Death toll in California mudslides expected to rise

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The number of those killed by mudslides in California was expected to rise from at least 13 dead but rescue efforts would become easier on Wednesday after the powerful rain storm heads west and skies clear, authorities said.

Collegiate star says she told USA Gymnastics about abuse in 2015

Until Tuesday, former national team gymnast Maggie Nichols had been known as "Athlete A" in investigatory documents in connection with the sexual abuse case against a former team doctor.

Fans rally around Bella Thorne after sexual abuse revelation

Fans are pouring out support for actress Bella Thorne after the actress revealed on social media that she was a victim of sexual abuse as a child.


Four sentenced to prison, college fraternity banned for hazing death

STROUDSBURG, Pa. (Reuters) - A Pennsylvania court on Monday sentenced four members of a national college fraternity to a maximum of two years in prison and banned the group from operating in the state for 10 years because of the 2013 death of a student during hazing incident.


New York City traffic deaths fall to record low under safety program

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Led by a sharp drop in pedestrian deaths, overall traffic fatalities in New York City fell for the fourth consecutive year in 2017 to their lowest on record, thanks at least in part to an ongoing safety improvement program, city officials said on Monday.


Supreme Court sides with death row inmate over racist juror claim

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday paved the way for a black Georgia inmate to challenge his 1991 death sentence for killing his sister-in-law after he argued the case was tainted by a racist white juror who questioned whether black people have souls.

After Globes, the Oscar race is still wide open

The Golden Globes brought clarity and passion to the campaign to change Hollywood's culture regarding sexual harassment. The awards themselves did considerably less to outline the contours of a wide-open Oscar race, while exhibiting several familiar quirks associated with this particular event.


Fraternity Is Banned From Pennsylvania After Student’s Hazing Death

A Baruch College freshman died after taking part in a fraternity hazing, and the fraternity was convicted of aggravated assault and involuntary manslaughter.


College fraternity banned from Pennsylvania for hazing death

STROUDSBURG, Pa. (Reuters) - A Pennsylvania court on Monday banned a national college fraternity from operating in the state for 10 years because of the death of a student during an alcohol-fueled hazing incident in 2013.


Four face prison time in fraternity hazing death in Pennsylvania

HARRISBURG, Pa (Reuters) - Four former members of a New York college fraternity chapter face prison time when they are sentenced on Monday after pleading guilty to the most serious charges in a freshman's 2013 hazing death in Pennsylvania.


Versace family disowns 'fiction' of U.S. TV series on designer's death

MILAN (Reuters) - The family of Italian designer Gianni Versace has distanced itself from a long-awaited U.S. television series about his violent death.

Capital Punishment

Death Penalty Case Heard by Racist Juror Is Reopened by Supreme Court

In a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that a juror’s racist statements required an appeals court to reconsider a death row inmate’s case.


U.S. Supreme Court sides with death row inmate over racist juror claim

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday paved the way for a black Georgia inmate to challenge his 1991 death sentence for killing his sister-in-law after he argued the case was tainted by a racist white juror who questioned whether black people have souls.


Death toll in South Africa listeria outbreak jumps to 61

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - The death toll from an outbreak of listeria in South Africa has jumped beyond 60 in the past month, health authorities said on Monday, adding they had closed a poultry abattoir where the bug that causes the disease had been detected.


Rescue crews struggle to tame China oil tanker fire; crew still missing

BEIJING/SEOUL (Reuters) - Rescue crews scrambled to bring a blaze on an Iranian oil tanker off China's east coast under control on Monday as fire raged for a second day following a collision with a grain ship, while the U.S. Navy joined the search for 32 missing crew.


Iranian oil tanker still ablaze as rescuers search for missing mariners

BEIJING/SEOUL (Reuters) - A tanker carrying Iranian oil that collided with a Chinese freight ship in the East China Sea on Saturday was still ablaze on Monday morning, a South Korean coast guard official said, as emergency rescue teams continued to search for the missing crew.


Iranian oil tanker still ablaze after collision off China's coast

SEOUL (Reuters) - A tanker carrying Iranian oil that collided with a Chinese freight ship in the East China Sea over the weekend was still ablaze on Monday morning, a South Korean coast guard official told Reuters.


France remembers Charlie Hebdo victims three years after attacks

PARIS (Reuters) - French President Emmanuel Macron led a somber tribute on Sunday to the 17 victims of attacks in Paris three years ago that marked the first of a wave of deadly Islamist assaults in France.

Mines, Explosive

Editorial: Why Do Land Mines Still Kill So Many?

Because some of the world’s biggest military powers — including the U.S. — refuse to sign treaties that would ban these vicious weapons.

Hospice Care

Opinion: This Was Not the Good Death We Were Promised

Hospice care failed my father when it mattered most.

Prostate Cancer

Take a Number: Cancer Deaths Continue a Steep Decline

More than two million patients have been saved by advances in diagnosis and treatment since 1991, according to new data.


Olympics: Langton looks for glory after Holcomb death

(Reuters) - United States bobsledder Steve Langton, a double Olympic bronze medalist in Sochi four years ago, thought his success in Russia was the perfect way to bow out of the sport.


U.N. to investigate deaths of Tanzanian peacekeepers in Congo

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The United Nations will investigate an attack in Congo last month that killed 15 Tanzanian peacekeepers, U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres said in a statement on Friday.

HIV-positive school aide pleads guilty to sex abuse charges

An HIV-positive former Maryland school aide and track coach pleaded guilty Friday to sexually abusing students and filming child pornography, prosecutors said.


Illegal immigrant acquitted in California death gets prison on gun charge

(Reuters) - An illegal immigrant acquitted in a fatal San Francisco shooting, in a verdict condemned by President Donald Trump, was sentenced to three years in prison on a lesser gun charge on Friday.

Review of hurricane deaths raises new questions

A newly-ordered government review of the deaths in Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria is already coming under fire because the man leading it has staunchly defended an official tally widely believed to be low.


Deal on'Dreamer' immigrants still ways off: Republicans

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Congressional Republicans on Friday downplayed the likelihood of a deal soon with Democrats on saving 700,000 young, undocumented U.S. immigrants from being kicked out of the country in March, a possibility created by President Donald Trump.


Georgian ex-president sentenced in absentia for abuse of power

TBILISI (Reuters) - A Georgian court sentenced former leader Mikheil Saakashvili in absentia to three years in prison on Friday for seeking to cover up evidence about the murder of a Georgian banker when he was president - a verdict which he denounced as illegal.


Alabama woman who accused Roy Moore of sexual abuse sues for defamation

(Reuters) - An Alabama woman who accused former U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexually abusing her when she was 14 years old sued Moore and his campaign on Thursday for what she said was defamation.


Puerto Rico sets 90-day target for review of hurricane deaths

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Facing mounting criticism that his administration understated the death toll from September’s Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello on Thursday established a 90-day process to review the causes of thousands of recent deaths.


Israeli military to probe death of disabled Palestinian in Gaza

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - The Israeli military said on Thursday it would further investigate the death of a wheechair-bound Palestinian who was killed in clashes over U.S. President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.


Quest for new oil discoveries still on back burner

LONDON, Jan 4 (Reuters) - Despite the strongest start for oil prices in four years, the world's top oil companies are hesitating to accelerate the search for new resources as a determination to retain capital discipline trumps the hope of making bonanza discoveries.


BRIEF-Shaw Communications Announces Death Of Former CEO Jim Shaw

* SHAW COMMUNICATIONS ANNOUNCES THE DEATH OF JIM SHAW Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:

Tesla is still struggling with Model 3 production


Israeli death penalty advocates win preliminary vote in parliament

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel's parliament gave preliminary approval on Wednesday for legislation that would make it easier for a court to impose a death sentence on assailants convicted of murder in attacks classified as terrorism.


Death toll from Peru bus crash rises to 48 : emergency services

LIMA (Reuters) - At least 48 people were killed in Peru when a bus collided with a truck and careened off a cliff along a sharply curving highway north of the capital Lima, emergency services officials said.


BRIEF-Flotek Industries Announces Death Of Past Executive



Executive at top hedge fund among Costa Rica crash victims

SAN JOSE (Reuters) - A senior executive at the world's largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, was among 12 killed when their plane crashed and exploded Sunday in Costa Rica, according to Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio.


Iran's leader blames enemies for unrest as death toll rises

LONDON (Reuters) - Iran's supreme leader accused the country's enemies on Tuesday of stirring unrest, as the death toll from anti-government demonstrations rose to 21.


Wall Street begins 2018 with gains as momentum still strong

(Reuters) - U.S. stocks rose on Tuesday in the first session of the new year as investors were optimistic that 2018 will bring more gains for the market.


US STOCKS-Wall St begins 2018 with gains as momentum still strong

* Indexes up: Dow 0.3 pct, S&P 0.7 pct, Nasdaq 1.3 pct (Updates to late afternoon)


New York Ballet leader retires after claims of sexual, physical abuse

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Longtime New York City Ballet chief Peter Martins said on Monday he was retiring from the prestigious dance company and from the American School of Ballet, where he is chairman of faculty, after allegations of sexual harassment and verbal and physical abuse of dancers.


Congo's top Catholic slams state's 'barbarism' after deadly protests

KINSHASA (Reuters) - The head of the Roman Catholic Church in Congo on Tuesday condemned a crackdown on protests against President Joseph Kabila as "barbarism", escalating a confrontation between the government and one of the country's most powerful institutions.


Alpine skiing: Speed merchants still kings of the hill

LONDON (Reuters) - Olympic downhills have a special allure, with the fastest and bravest Alpine skiers going full tilt for gold and a place in history.

Chicago police count fewer murders in 2017, but still 650 people were killed

Chicago saw nearly a 16% decline in murders in 2017 from the previous year, according to statistics released in the early hours of New Year's Day.

Murders, Attempted Murders and Homicides

New Jersey Teenager in Custody After 4 Are Found Shot to Death in Home

The boy, 16, was held by the police after they discovered his mother, father and sister and a family acquaintance shot dead in their home.

Death toll rises in Iran amid anti-government protests

Two people were shot dead in demonstrations in Iran on Sunday evening, bringing the death toll to four in the biggest wave of unrest that the country has seen since 2009.

Capital Punishment

Editorial: Capital Punishment Deserves a Quick Death

It’s time for the Supreme Court to end state-sanctioned killing for good.

'The fruit of war': Pope prints photo of Nagasaki victims

Pope Francis is having cards printed and distributed showing a 1945 photo of victims of the nuclear bombing of Nagasaki along with the words "the fruit of war."

Grief consumes loved ones of NY apartment fire victims

Fernando Batiz says he's "just numb" after the deadly fire that claimed the lives of 12 people in a Bronx apartment building.

Deaths (Obituaries)

Deaths in 2017: Among the Luminaries, Fighters With a Cause

Remembering Mary Tyler Moore, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lewis, Sam Shepard, Della Reese and many more, but also a remarkable roster of champions who pressed for change.

Prof's resignation after death threats highlights uncomfortable truth

Until recently, George Ciccariello-Maher was an anonymous political science professor at Drexel University in Philadelphia. However, of late a white-hot mob has threatened him -- and his child -- so gravely that he is now teaching via a video feed. This week he announced he's resigning out of concern for his family's safety: "My situation has become unsustainable," he explained on his Facebook account.

Electricity still out to 45% in Puerto Rico

Exactly how bad was Puerto Rico's power system damaged by Hurricane Maria? Everybody knows a lot of people were in the dark, but information provided by authorities has been confusing.

Trump, Donald J

Op-Ed Columnist: Why I’m Still a NeverTrumper

A president’s character matters, no matter which policies he champions.

Puerto Rico

Three Months After Maria, Roughly Half of Puerto Ricans Still Without Power

The authorities said Friday that “approximately 55 percent of the customers who are able to receive electric power have the service restored.”

Sexual Harassment

Women in Blue-Collar Workplaces Describe Frequent Harassment and Abuse

Several said they faced sustained, even dangerous, abuse at work.

Waste Materials and Disposal

First Person: Taking Out the Trash? That’s Still a Man’s Job, Even for the Liberal Coastal Elite

Trash duty might be the last bastion of accepted 1950s behavior among big-city liberals. “Women deal with the rest of the garbage,” one theorized.

Celebrating death in style: Ghana's fantasy coffins

It's a business that thrives on death, but a group of coffin makers in Ghana has made something quite remarkable out of it.


Italian Bombs, Yemeni Deaths: Tracking the Global Arms Trade

We followed shipments of bombs from a holiday island in Italy to Saudi Arabia, then found those bombs at the scene of civilian deaths in Yemen. Is Italy capitalizing on a brutal conflict or just doing business?

It's been 100 days, and still Puerto Ricans are without power

It has been three months since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, and many residents still do not have power. CNN's Leyla Santiago reports.

Snow and Snowstorms

Even Sharks Are Freezing to Death. Winter Rages and the Nation Reels.

Snow blocks the doors. Cold cancels New Year’s. And relief is a ways off.

Foster Care

Op-Ed Contributor: The Opioid Plague’s Youngest Victims: Children in Foster Care

Children are pouring into the beleaguered child welfare system.

Death threats force professors off campus

Two dozen students marched out of their classroom at Drexel University in Philadelphia last month carrying signs that read "Where is our professor?" and "Bring back GCM."

Charges in Justine Ruszczyk's death won't come in 2017

The decision over whether to charge a Minneapolis, Minnesota, police officer for shooting an unarmed woman last July won't come until 2018, according the county attorney.

2017 celebrity deaths felt like family

It certainly feels like 2017 was the year of nostalgic deaths.


Cotton swabs still a major cause of eardrum perforations

(Reuters Health) - A sampling of U.S. emergency department records confirms that sticking anything smaller than your elbow in your ear is a good way to puncture an eardrum.

Bono had a near-death experience

Don't expect Bono to share details of his near-death experience.


One bidder still interested in buying airline Niki, Lauda pulls out

VIENNA (Reuters) - One bidder is left in what was a four-party competition to take over Air Berlin's insolvent Austrian airline Niki, its administrator said in an emailed statement on Thursday.


U.N. says 'massive' rights abuses in southern Philippines could intensify under martial law

GENEVA (Reuters) - A Muslim indigenous community in the southern Philippines has suffered widespread human right abuses that could intensify with President Rodrigo Duterte's extension of martial law there, U.N.-appointed experts said.


U.N. rights investigator calls for pressure on China, Russia over Myanmar abuses

SEOUL (Reuters) - The United Nations' independent investigator into human rights in Myanmar has called for international pressure on China and Russia to try to get them to oppose human rights abuses in Myanmar.

FBI won't lead investigation of Baltimore officer's shooting death

The FBI declined to take over the investigation of a Baltimore homicide detective's fatal shooting the day before he was scheduled to testify to a federal grand jury in a police corruption case involving seven fellow officers.


Even brief exposure to low-level air pollution tied to deaths

(Reuters Health) - Older adults are more likely to die on days when air pollution rises, even when contaminant levels are below the limit considered safe by U.S. regulators, a new study suggests.

Deaths (Fatalities)

The Avalanche of Rock ’n’ Roll Death

Want to feel old? Everyone — well, every man — died.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Air Pollution Contributes to More Than 20,000 Deaths a Year

Soot causes more deaths than AIDS each year in the United States.

Carrie Fisher remembered a year after her death

Wednesday is a bittersweet day for Carrie Fisher fans.

Women's Rights

Deal With Japan on Former Sex Slaves Failed Victims, South Korean Panel Says

The conclusions threaten the 2015 agreement over so-called comfort women, forced to work in brothels for the Japanese military from the 1930s until 1945.


Japanese woman, confined by parents for years, found frozen to death: police

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese police said on Wednesday they have arrested a couple whose 33-year-old daughter froze to death in a tiny room where they had confined her for years because they believed she had a form of mental illness that made her violent.

Argentine prosecutor's death ruled a murder

An Argentine prosecutor who accused top government officials of a cover-up in the country's deadliest terror attack was murdered, a federal judge said Tuesday.


Argentina judge says death of prosecutor Nisman was murder

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Alberto Nisman, the Argentine prosecutor who was found dead days after accusing former President Cristina Fernandez of covering up Iran's role in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center, was murdered, a federal judge said on Tuesday.


India angered by Pakistan's treatment of death row prisoner's wife, mother

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India denounced Pakistan on Tuesday for its handling of the visit of the wife and mother of an Indian man on death row, saying they were harassed and prevented from talking to the prisoner freely.

George Michael remembered a year after death

Friends, family and fans of George Michael shared tributes Monday to the music superstar, who died a year ago on Christmas Day.


Global Health: Measles Deaths Fall to a Record Low Worldwide

Thanks to vaccines, the disease — which not long ago killed over 2 million children a year — now kills fewer than 100,000, the W.H.O. reported.


India angered by Pakistan's treatment of death row prisoner's wife and mother

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India denounced Pakistan on Tuesday for its handling of the visit of the wife and mother of an Indian man on death row, saying they were harassed and prevented from talking to the prisoner freely.

Books and Literature

Books of The Times: Recipes for a Tidy and Tasty Death

“The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning” has wisdom about sorting through and disposing of many of your possessions, and “The Southern Sympathy Cookbook” offers “funeral food with a twist.”

Queen pays tribute to terror and fire victims in Christmas speech

Queen Elizabeth II paid tribute to the victims of the Manchester terror attack and the Grenfell Tower fire in London during her annual Christmas Day message Monday.


Iran confirms upholding death sentence for academic over spying

DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran's Supreme Court has upheld a death sentence against a Sweden-based Iranian academic convicted of spying for Israel, the Tehran prosecutor was quoted as saying on Monday, confirming reports by Amnesty International and his family.


Bahraini military court convicts six to death on terror charges

DUBAI (Reuters) - A Bahraini military court sentenced six Shi'ite Muslim men to death and revoked their citizenship after they were convicted on charges of forming a terrorist cell and plotting to assassinate a military official, Bahrain news agency BNA reported on Monday.


Pakistan allows wife, mother to visit Indian man sentenced to death

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Pakistan allowed the wife and mother of an Indian man convicted of spying to visit him on Monday in Islamabad, eight months after he was sentenced to death by a military court.


6 More Shows to See if You Still Need Holiday Spirit

If you missed the preholiday rush, fret not. There is still time for festive theater.


Rescuers search for Philippine storm victims as toll rises to 200

MANILA (Reuters) - Rescuers in the Philippines searched on Sunday for survivors of a storm that triggered floods and landslides and killed about 200 people, left scores missing and thousands homeless, most of whom apparently ignored warnings to move to safety.


‘I’m Struggling to Survive’: For Rohingya Women, Abuse Continues in Camps

Even after escaping Myanmar, survivors of rape and other trauma find themselves still vulnerable and commodified in the brokenness of refugee life.

Sexual Harassment

Letters: Sexuality, Sex Abuse and Sexism

Readers discuss giving consent for sex and the “complexity of human mating dances.”

Las Vegas, Nev, Shooting (October, 2017)

The Las Vegas Gunman Was Rich. Will His Wealth Go to the Victims?

Stephen Paddock’s family supports the idea of giving his money to victims. The challenge will be to make sure it’s not depleted by legal expenses.

TV host apologizes for remarks about Mark Halperin victims


Racial disparities in trauma deaths not seen with Tricare

(Reuters Health) - With the same health insurance and access to the same medical providers, black trauma patients may be no more likely to die than their white counterparts, a U.S. study suggests.


CSX names Foote as CEO, following death of Harrison

(Reuters) - CSX Corp , the third-largest U.S. railroad, on Friday named Jim Foote as chief executive officer, succeeding Hunter Harrison, who died last week only months into the railroad's ambitious turnaround plan.


UPDATE 2-CSX names Foote as CEO, following death of Harrison

Dec 22 (Reuters) - CSX Corp, the third-largest U.S. railroad, on Friday named Jim Foote as chief executive officer, succeeding Hunter Harrison, who died last week only months into the railroad's ambitious turnaround plan.


BRIEF-Harbert Discovery Fund Says Perceptron Entered Into Amendment To Standstill Agreement With Harbert



UPDATE 1-Succession doubts cloud Apotex future after billionaire owner's death

* Sherman had no succession plan in place before death -sources


South Korean city cancels Olympics celebration as it mourns blaze victims

SEOUL (Reuters) - The small South Korean city of Jecheon was reeling Friday, a day after a fire ripped through an eight-storey building, killing at least 29 people, mostly women trapped in a sauna, on what should have been a day of celebration ahead of the Winter Olympics.

House still working on overhauling harassment procedures

House lawmakers have delayed plans to unveil a sweeping proposal that would change the decades-old law that put in place the system through which sexual harassment, discrimination and other workplace related claims on Capitol Hill are handled.


Succession doubts cloud Apotex future after billionaire owner's death

TORONTO (Reuters) - Canadian pharmaceuticals billionaire Barry Sherman failed to implement a succession plan at his Apotex business before his death last week, two business associates told Reuters, potentially leaving it vulnerable to takeover approaches.


Canada pays tribute to billionaire couple after mysterious deaths

TORONTO (Reuters) - Tearful family members paid tribute to Canadian pharmaceutical billionaires and philanthropists Barry and Honey Sherman before thousands of people on Thursday, less than a week after news of the couple’s mysterious deaths shocked the nation.


U.S. sanctions Myanmar general, others for abuses, corruption

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States on Thursday imposed sanctions on 13 "serious human rights abusers and corrupt actors" including Myanmar general Maung Maung Soe, who oversaw this year's brutal crackdown against the Rohingya Muslim minority.

Embargoes and Sanctions

U.S. Imposes Sanctions on 52 People and Entities for Abuse and Corruption

The Trump administration announced the imposition of sanctions on 52 individuals and entities under a law to punish human rights abusers.


Cardinal Law funeral held at Vatican with no mention of sex abuse crisis

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - The funeral of Cardinal Bernard Law, who resigned as Archbishop of Boston 15 years ago after covering up years of sexual abuse of children by priests, was held in the Vatican on Thursday without a mention of what led to his downfall.


Quake of 5.2 magnitude hits southeastern Iran, no deaths reported: TV

ANKARA (Reuters) - An earthquake of magnitude 5.2 rocked Iran's southeastern province of Kerman on Thursday but there were no initial reports of deaths, state TV said, only a day after a deadly temblor near the capital Tehran.

Beauty queen plagued by death threats

Sarah Idan, Miss Universe Iraq, talks with CNN's Becky Anderson about the uproar over a selfie she took with Miss Israel.


U.S. sanctions Myanmar general, others over rights abuses

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States on Thursday imposed sanctions on 52 people and entities for alleged human rights violations and corruption, including Myanmar general Maung Maung Soe, who oversaw a brutal crackdown against the Rohingya Muslim minority.


U.S. drug overdose deaths rose 21 percent to 63,600 in 2016: CDC

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Life expectancy in the United States fell in 2016 as the number of deaths due to drug overdoses rose more than 21 percent to 63,600, mainly due to opioids, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Thursday.


Why There Are Still Trains in America Without Life-Saving Technology

Congress mandated in 2008 that all passenger rails have automatic-breaking systems. And yet preventable, deadly accidents keep occurring.

Law, Bernard F

‘The Hurt Is Still There’: Abuse Survivors Grapple With Cardinal’s Death

Victims of abuse by Catholic priests in the Boston archdiocese say they are still angry that Cardinal Bernard F. Law was never brought to justice for his role in the church’s cover-up.

A month after Border Patrol agent's death, no answers

One month after a Border Patrol agent died and another was injured in a nighttime incident near Van Horn, Texas, FBI investigators still have drawn no clear conclusion about what happened, according to Jeanette Harper, an FBI special agent and spokeswoman for the agency's El Paso office.

Firing Mueller 'would be a gross abuse of power,' top Democrat on intelligence committee says

Sen. Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said Wednesday that the firing of Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller would be a "gross abuse of power" and called for Congress to respond with "significant consequences" if President Donald Trump took that step.


U.S. cancels student-loan debts for 12,900 college fraud victims

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Education Department on Wednesday canceled the student-loan debts of 12,900 people defrauded by defunct Corinthian Colleges, after an internal review showed it stopped granting relief to former attendees of Corinthian and other failed for-profit schools once President Donald Trump took office.


Emergency dialysis for undocumented immigrants tied to more deaths

(Reuters Health) - - Undocumented immigrants with kidney failure who can only get emergency dialysis have worse survival odds than patients who get routine dialysis three times a week, a U.S. study suggests.  


Cardinal's death prompts U.S. sexual abuse activists to take stock of progress

BOSTON (Reuters) - The death on Wednesday of Roman Catholic Cardinal Bernard Law, who covered up the church's child sex abuse scandal for decades, prompted U.S. activists to reflect on how far their efforts have come to make sure abusers can be prosecuted and how many hurdles remain.

Law, Bernard F

Cardinal Law and the U.S.-Rome Sex Abuse Divide

Our correspondent, who reported for The Boston Globe from Rome during the “Spotlight” series, reflects on the disgraced archbishop.

Gymnast McKayla Maroney says she was paid to keep quiet about abuse

Olympic gold-medal-winning gymnast McKayla Maroney alleges in a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Los Angeles that USA Gymnastics paid her to be quiet about abuse by the team's longtime doctor who has admitted to sexually abusing underage girls.

Puerto Rico faces a big problem in review of hurricane deaths

In the world of forensic pathology, there's a morbid truism: Bodies are evidence, and you need a body in order to fully examine a death.

Ignore the noise: Russia still wants good relations with Trump

The curtain has risen on what may be President Vladimir Putin's last constitutional run at Russia's top job -- and the orchestra is playing a very familiar tune, albeit with a new accompaniment.

Child Abuse and Neglect

School Sex-Abuse Report Shows Difficulty of Substantiating Claims

The KIPP charter school network hired investigators to look into allegations against two teachers, but they were unable to reach conclusions.


U.S. home sales hit 11-year high, supply still tight

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. home sales increased more than expected in November, hitting their highest level in nearly 11 years, the latest indication that housing was regaining momentum after almost stalling this year.

Sex abuse survivors group urges against celebrating Cardinal's life

Cardinal Bernard Law, who has died 15 years after he resigned as Boston's archbishop amid allegations that he covered up for pedophile priests, will receive a full cardinal's funeral Thursday at St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City.


Disgraced Cardinal Law, byword for Catholic sexual abuse crisis, dies

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Cardinal Bernard Law, the former Archbishop of Boston who resigned in disgrace after covering up years of sexual abuse of children by priests and whose name became a byword for scandal in the Catholic Church, died on Wednesday.

Couple climbed onto train to help victims

Daniel Konzelman and Alicia Hoverson jumped out of their car and rushed to pull injured passengers out of an Amtrak train that derailed in Washington state.

Muslims and Islam

Nonfiction: The Catholic Writer Garry Wills Explores the Quran

Lesley Hazleton reviews Wills’s new book, “What the Qur’an Meant.”


Cardinal Bernard Law, symbol of Church's sexual abuse crisis, dies

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Cardinal Bernard Law, the former archbishop of Boston who became a symbol of the Roman Catholic Church's worldwide sexual abuse scandals, died on Wednesday, the Vatican said. He was 86.

Ex-Cardinal Bernard Law, symbol of Catholic Church sex abuse scandal, is dead

Bernard Law, the former Boston cardinal who resigned in disgrace during the church sex abuse scandal, has died, the Vatican has confirmed.


Cardinal Bernard Law, forced to resign over sex-abuse scandal, dies: media

(Reuters) - Cardinal Bernard Law, who was forced to resign in 2002 as archbishop of Boston over a sex-abuse scandal after a two-decade reign as one of the highest-ranking Catholic officials in the United States, has died, news media reported.

Law, Bernard F

Bernard Law, Powerful Cardinal Disgraced by Priest Abuse Scandal, Dies at 86

Cardinal Bernard F. Law’s stature as archbishop of Boston and America’s senior Roman Catholic prelate was shattered in 2002 after revelations that he had protected child molesters for years.


American Honda says ruptured Takata airbag led to death in Louisiana

Dec 19 (Reuters) - Honda Motor Co's North American unit and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration confirmed on Tuesday that a ruptured airbag inflator of Takata Corp used in a Honda Civic caused the death of the driver on July 10.


Nutrition lessons might help substance abusers

(Reuters Health) - Working with nutritionists might improve drug addicts’ odds of recovery, experts believe.

Olive Garden is still a hit with pasta lovers


UPDATE 3-Facebook abused dominant position, says German watchdog

* No fine expected, but certain practices could be banned (Adds comment from German data protection official)


Ohio politicians call for inquiry into jail stun-gun abuses cited by Reuters

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Reuters) - In one video, Sergeant Mychal Turner stunned a mentally ill inmate with a Taser multiple times after the inmate defied an order to stand in his cell at Ohio’s Franklin County jail.


UPDATE 1-German cartel office says Facebook abused dominant position

FRANKFURT, Dec 19 (Reuters) - Germany's cartel office has found that Facebook abused its dominant market position, in a ruling that questioned the U.S. social network's model of monetising the personal data of its 2 billion users through targeted advertising.


German cartel office says Facebook abused dominant position

FRANKFURT, Dec 19 (Reuters) - Germany's cartel office has found that Facebook abused its dominant market position, in a ruling that questioned the U.S. social network's model of monetising the personal data of its 2 billion users through targeted advertising.

How many kids still believe in Santa?

About 85% of young children in the United States believe in Santa Claus, and that percentage has not changed since the '70s, according to researchers. The percentage seems to be similar in the UK.

Fans mourn death of SHINee K-pop star

Fans of K-pop superstar Kim Jong-hyun are expressing their grief at the loss of the 27-year-old singer who died Monday in an apparent suicide at a studio apartment in the Gangnam district of Seoul.

CNN investigation prompts review of death toll

Following pressure from the media, there is now a review of the death toll in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. CNN's Bill Weir reports.

Richardson, Jerry (1936- )

Sports of The Times: Jerry Richardson Is About to Cash In on His Abuse

The owner of the Carolina Panthers stands to profit handsomely after accusations of sexual harassment by selling the team.


Death toll from French school bus collision rises to six - official

PARIS (Reuters) - The death toll from a collision between a train and a school bus near the town of Perpignan in southwestern France has risen to six, the region's administrative head said on Monday.

Selfie leads to death threats for beauty queen

Miss Iraq's contestant at the 2017 Miss Universe pageant, Sarah Idan, says she's received death threats after posting a selfie with Miss Israel.


Puerto Rico orders review of official Hurricane Maria death toll

(Reuters) - Puerto Rico's governor on Monday ordered a review of the deaths that occurred in the U.S. territory after Hurricane Maria struck, following multiple media reports that the death toll was far higher than the official count.


British coal still burning abroad despite push for global ban

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain led calls for an end to coal-fired power generation at United Nations climate talks in Bonn last month but at the same time British companies are active in coal projects around the world, often with government help.

Puerto Rico's governor orders review of deaths possibly tied to Maria

Puerto Rico's Gov. Ricardo A. Rosselló has ordered a review of deaths that might be related to Hurricane Maria, according to Yennifer Alvarez, a spokeswoman for Rosselló. Currently the death toll stands at 64, but an in-depth investigation by CNN revealed the number could be much higher.

Young female execs still earn less than men


After UK's Grenfell Tower fire deaths review calls for ‘culture change’

LONDON (Reuters) - An interim review into UK building regulations commissioned after the Grenfell Tower social housing block fire in London which killed 71 people in June, has called for a "culture change" in respect to fire safety.