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Ancient human ancestor 'Little Foot' makes public debut

South Africa's Cradle of Humankind, an expanse of farmland and rolling hills outside Johannesburg, has already unlocked some of the great mysteries of evolution. The unveiling of a near-complete fossil hominid skeleton dating back 3.67 million years will only solidify the importance of the region. [Source]

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Ancient Greek tragedy tells timeless story of Syrian flight

BERLIN (Reuters) - A group of Syrian women are adapting the Euripides' tragedy "Iphigenia", using a a play set during an ancient war to bring Berlin audiences closer to the plight of women driven...


Ancient statues looted in Lebanese war returned decades later

BEIRUT (Reuters) - A marble bull's head made 2,400 years ago for a Phoenician temple and looted during Lebanon's civil war arrived in Beirut on Friday after American officials found it in the United...


In cradle of Tunisia's revolution, new unrest over broken promises

SIDI BOUZID, Tunisia (Reuters) - Shouting slogans and holding up placards outside a government office in the impoverished Tunisian city of Sidi Bouzid, university graduates have a message for officials - give us jobs or you will face trouble.

Ancient village uncovered in Spanish water reservoir

Take a look at 32 photos of the week from January 5 through January 11.

Western taste for bamboo art is transforming an ancient tradition

When Japan opened up to the world in the middle of the 19th century, Western merchant ships were quick to return home with exotic art from the once reclusive nation. The private galleries and curiosity shops of London and Paris were flooded with Japanese woodblock prints, calligraphy and ceramics.


Fossil of dinosaur swept away in ancient Australian river found

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In sandstone next to the high tide mark at the edge of Bass Strait in southeastern Australia, scientists have unearthed fossils of a two-legged, turkey-sized, plant-eating dinosaur apparently swept away in a large, powerful ancient river.

Police stand guard outside class on 'white racism'

A Florida university posted campus police outside a sociology class titled "White Racism" after the professor was flooded with harassing

Ancient village moved across China

According to Confucius: "The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones."


Netanyahu defends son taped illicitly outside strip club

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday defended his son over drunken remarks made between visits to strip clubs and taped illicitly that drew criticism for being derogatory of women.

Railroad Accidents and Safety

South Africa Train Crash Injures Hundreds Outside Johannesburg

At least 226 people were hurt after a train smashed into another at a station, the second serious rail accident in a week in the country.


Ancient finding in Peru sheds light on desert society - archaeologist

LIMA (Reuters) - Archaeologists have discovered two chambers used for political ceremonies on Peru's desert coast more than 1,500 years ago that had previously only been glimpsed in the illustrations...


Eleven dead after gun battle erupts outside Mexican beach resort

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - The aftermath of a gunfight on the outskirts of the Mexican seaside resort of Acapulco that pit residents of a small town against members of a local, self-appointed community police force has left 11 dead, state officials said on Sunday.

Prisons and Prisoners

Outside Iran’s Most Notorious Prison, Calls for Loved Ones to Be Freed

More than 500 people have been arrested in Tehran during the recent protests, and the families and friends of prisoners have gathered outside Evin Prison to call for their release.

11,500-year-old infant remains reveal ancient population

The skeletons of two ancient infants, who lived and died in Alaska 11,500 years ago, are helping tell the story of a previously unknown population called the Ancient Beringians, according to a study published in the journal Nature on Wednesday. This is the first genomic evidence that all Native Americans can be traced back to the same population that migrated using a land bridge.


Alpine skiing: Snow chance? Outsiders compete against the odds

LONDON (Reuters) - Most of the top Alpine skiers have grown up on snow, which is something of a disadvantage for those whose countries see little of the stuff.


The Wall of Love Outside a Jail

Families have turned the side of a warehouse facing a federal jail in Brooklyn into a message board for their imprisoned relatives.

Olympic Games (2018)

Book Excerpt: A Tiny Vermont Town Is a Big Cradle of Olympians

Norwich’s outsize success in Olympic sports has much to do with the way it collectively rears its children, helping them succeed without causing burnout.


Gunman kills nine outside Coptic church in Cairo suburb - ministry

CAIRO (Reuters) - A gunman fired at worshippers and Egyptian police stationed outside a Coptic Orthodox church near Cairo on Friday and killed at least nine people before he was wounded and arrested, the interior ministry and church officials said.


Gunman kills seven outside Coptic church in Cairo suburb: ministry

CAIRO (Reuters) - A gunman opened fire on worshippers and Egyptian security forces stationed outside a Coptic church in a Cairo suburb on Friday and killed at least seven people before he was wounded and arrested, the Interior Ministry said.

Trump, Donald J

It’s Cold Outside. Cue the Trump Global Warming Tweet.

With frigid temperatures in the East, President Trump cast doubt on the reality of climate change. But weather is not the same as climate.

United States Politics and Government

Homeland Security Increasingly Means Putting Agents Outside the Homeland

Set up to defend the United States, the Homeland Security Department is going beyond American borders to fight foreign threats from abroad.


Egypt wants outside experts to help settle Nile dispute

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Egypt said on Tuesday it had suggested to Ethiopia and Sudan that they all call in international experts to help settle a dispute on an Ethiopian dam project on the river Nile.


Explosion outside Athens court shatters windows, no injuries

ATHENS (Reuters) - A makeshift bomb exploded outside a Greek court in Athens early on Friday shattering windows and damaging the facade of the building, police officials said.


Art Review: Remaking Ancient Greece, With Paints or Pixels

Elizabeth Price, a Turner Prize winner, pairs art and archaeology in her digital videos.

Alexandria (Egypt)

Frugal Traveler: An Ancient Egyptian City Stays Vibrant

Alexandria, which has reinvented itself frequently over the centuries, still delights — and provides great deals for travelers, too.


Trilobites: An Ancient Step Toward Modern Birds

Anchiornis was a feathered dinosaur, about the size of a pigeon and incapable of flight. Its wings say a lot about how birds came to be.


Indonesia court rejects petition to bar consensual sex outside marriage

JAKARTA (Reuters) - Indonesia's constitutional court on Thursday narrowly rejected a controversial petition to bar all consensual sex outside of marriage in the world's biggest Muslim-majority country.


Indonesia's constitutional court rejects petition to bar consensual sex outside marriage

JAKARTA (Reuters) - Indonesia's constitutional court on Thursday rejected a petition to bar all consensual sex outside of marriage.

Baby survives after being born with heart outside her body


Waddling into history: huge ancient penguin inhabited New Zealand

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Scientists have unearthed in New Zealand fossil bones of what might be the heavyweight champion of the penguin world, a bird nearly 6 feet tall (1.77 meters) that thrived 55 to 60 million years ago, relatively soon after the demise of the dinosaurs.

Birth Defects

Baby Born With Heart Outside Her Body Is Saved by U.K. Surgeons

Vanellope Hope Wilkins, who had her first operation within an hour of birth, is believed to be first newborn in Britain to survive the corrective procedure.

Young boxers think outside the ring

Growing up in Detroit was not easy for Khali Sweeney.


Matter: Ancient Penguins Were Giant Waddling Predators

Scientists have discovered an fossilized penguin as big as a human, and with a long, spear-like beak.

Moore: Don't let outsiders control Alabama election

Republican Roy Moore cast the sexual allegations he faces as an outside effort to tank his Senate candidacy Monday night at his final rally before Tuesday's special election.

Mars (Planet)

Trilobites: New Pacific Island Could Resemble Ancient Martian Volcanoes

An explosive volcanic eruption in 2014 resulted in a new addition to the Tonga Islands. Its shifting landscape could help scientists studying Mars.


Ancient Roman Pantheon to start charging entry fee in 2018

ROME (Reuters) - Visitors to Rome's Pantheon, one of the ancient world's best preserved monuments, will have to pay an entry fee from next May unless they are going there to pray, Italy's culture and tourism ministry said on Monday.

Protesters and police clash outside US embassy in Beirut

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called Israel a "terrorist" and "child murderer state" in an address Sunday as he criticized US President Donald Trump over his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.


Egypt reveals artifacts, mummy from tombs in ancient city of Luxor

LUXOR, Egypt (Reuters) - Egypt's authorities on Saturday revealed artifacts and a linen-wrapped mummified body, possibly that of a top official, from two tombs that were discovered two decades ago in the Nile city of Luxor but had not been fully unexplored.


Justice Department seeks warrant to seize ancient ring trafficked by ISIS

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Justice Department said Wednesday it is seeking a warrant so it can seize an ancient ring believed to be trafficked by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the militant organization also known as "ISIS."

Ancient human ancestor 'Little Foot' makes public debut

South Africa's Cradle of Humankind, an expanse of farmland and rolling hills outside Johannesburg, has already unlocked some of the great mysteries of evolution. The unveiling of a near-complete fossil hominid skeleton dating back 3.67 million years will only solidify the importance of the region.

Women & Power: A Manifesto (Book)

Books of The Times: From Ancient Myths to Modern Day, Women and the Struggle for Power

In “Women & Power: A Manifesto,” the Cambridge classicist Mary Beard describes the scale of the problem and suggests some exciting remedies.


U.S. top court wary over allowing seizure of ancient Persian artifacts

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Supreme Court justices expressed skepticism on Monday over whether ancient Persian artifacts housed in a Chicago museum can be seized to pay for a $71 million court judgment against Iran over its alleged role in a 1997 bombing attack in Jerusalem.


One killed, five hurt by car in brawl outside New York bar

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A driver deliberately plowed a car into six people during a fight outside a hookah bar in the New York City borough of Queens in the early hours of Sunday morning, killing one and injuring five others before fleeing, police said.


India's Infosys appoints outsider Parekh as CEO

MUMBAI (Reuters) - Infosys, India's No.2 IT services company, named Salil S Parekh as chief executive on Saturday, picking an outsider for the job a second time and handing him the twin challenges of reviving growth and making peace between its founders and board.


Dazzling egg fossils crack open secrets of ancient flying reptiles

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A dazzling discovery in northwestern China of hundreds of fossilized pterosaur eggs is providing fresh understanding of these flying reptiles that lived alongside the dinosaurs including evidence that their babies were born flightless and needed parental care.

What these ancient statues really looked like

Artists in classical cultures such as Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome were known to paint with a variety of hues -- a practice known as polychromy (from Greek, meaning "many colors.") So why do we always think of antiquities as colorless?


Muslim holds ancient key to Jesus tomb site in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - As dark falls, Adeeb Joudeh, a Muslim, makes his way through the stone alleyways of Jerusalem's walled Old City cradling the ancient key to one of Christianity's holiest sites.


Two human heads found outside broadcaster's office in Mexico

MEXICO CITY, Nov 28 (Reuters) - Two human heads were discovered in a cooler outside an office of broadcaster Televisa in the Mexican city of Guadalajara, authorities said on Tuesday.


Activists say Poland breaches EU laws on logging in ancient forest

WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland has repeatedly breached a European Union court ruling banning logging in the Bialowieza forest, a UNESCO World Heritage site, environmentalists said on Tuesday.

Crosby, Taylor (1996- )

Hockey’s Other Crosby Toils Outside the Spotlight

Taylor Crosby, a goalie for St. Cloud State, is used to talking about her famous older brother. But to her teammates, she’s a leader on her own terms.

After an explosion, gunmen waiting outside opened fire at fleeing worshipers, according to reports

At least 85 people were killed in an attack on a mosque in Egypt's North Sinai region on Friday, Egyptian state-owned news agency MENA reported.


Rights groups say outside monitors needed for Rohingya return to Myanmar

YANGON (Reuters) - Human rights groups called on Friday for international agencies to be allowed to monitor the planned repatriation of hundreds of thousands Rohingya Muslim from Bangladesh to the homes they fled in Myanmar during the past three months.

Holocaust memorial built outside home of far-right German politician

Political activists built a replica of Berlin's Holocaust Memorial outside the home of a far-right German politician to protest his call for Germany to stop feeling guilty about Nazi atrocities.


Trilobites: Rock Carvings of Ancient Dogs Getting Taught New Tricks

Engravings in the Saudi desert may be the earliest depictions of human-canine companionship.


UPDATE 1-Televisa exec shot dead outside Mexico City while riding bike

MEXICO CITY, Nov 19 (Reuters) - Adolfo Lagos, the head of struggling Mexican broadcaster Grupo Televisa's telecoms unit izzi, was shot dead on Sunday on the outskirts of Mexico City, the state attorney general's office said in a statement.


Televisa exec shot dead outside Mexico City while riding bike

MEXICO CITY, Nov 19 (Reuters) - Adolfo Lagos, the head of struggling Mexican broadcaster Grupo Televisa's telecoms unit izzi, was shot dead on Sunday on the outskirts of Mexico City, the state attorney general's office said in a statement.


Bones of contention: Australia returns ancient Aboriginal remains for outback burial

SYDNEY (Reuters) - The 40,000-year-old remains of an Aboriginal man that prompted a drastic rewrite of Australian history were returned to his ancestral homeland on Friday after four decades of...

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

Russia May Make All Outside News Media Register as ‘Foreign Agents’

The measure is said to be a response to a U.S. requirement imposed on the state-owned RT television network, but it is far broader in scope.


U.S. judge denies request for outsider to oversee Puerto Rico's PREPA

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A U.S. federal judge on Monday rejected a request to install a former military officer to oversee Puerto Rico's beleaguered electric utility, PREPA, a victory for Governor Ricardo Rossello, whose government opposed the appointment.

Fire destroys ancient Peruvian mural

A fire destroyed much of an archaeological site in northern Peru including a mural believed to be the oldest discovered in the Americas, site officials said.


Lebanon's Hariri shackled by bigger outside forces

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Nothing so encapsulated the political shackles in which Saad al-Hariri has operated as Lebanon's prime minister as the way he resigned in a televised statement made from Saudi Arabia.

Ancient Egyptian tomb 'resurrected'

It's one of the great wonders of the ancient world: the magnificent tomb of Pharaoh Seti I, the most elaborate and beautifully decorated in Egypt's Valley of the Kings near Luxor. And in an extraordinary feat of modern technology, a specialist art company, Factum Foundation, has begun a five-year project to 3D-print a perfect copy of it. The eventual aim is to install it in Egypt on a site not far from the original.

Car drives into crowd outside high school in France

A car was driven into a group of students Friday outside a high school in Toulouse, France, according to CNN affiliate BFM TV.


Ancient Egypt Gives a New Twist to Turin’s Contemporary Art Week

The art world’s weekly journey from fair to fair can become ho-hum. But the industrial city in the north of Italy has found some novel ways to keep it fresh.


BRIEF-Farmland Partners reports quarterly AFFO per share of $0.09

* Farmland partners - Q3 ‍AFFO earnings per share was negatively impacted by $0.03 per share​


Ancient Hebrew manuscripts to go online in Israel-Russia deal

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - One of the most treasured collections of ancient Hebrew manuscripts and books will be digitized and available for public view online under an agreement by the state libraries of...


Egypt Western Desert attack exposes front outside Sinai

CAIRO (Reuters) - A deadly attack on the police in Egypt's Western Desert claimed by a new militant group risks opening up another front for security forces far beyond the remote northern Sinai, where they have battled a stubborn Islamic State insurgency since 2014.

Ancient city of gods, kings and ruins

It's a view that renders speech impossible.


Exclusive: Beleaguered Airbus looks outside for new sales chief

PARIS (Reuters) - Airbus has embarked on a fresh search for a sales chief to take over from soon-to-retire John Leahy as the aerospace group seeks a clean break from turmoil over investigations into the use of middlemen, said three people familiar with the plans.


Trilobites: Ancient Fossil Offers a New European Ancestor to Giraffes

Found near Madrid, the fossil provides evidence that members of the giraffe family roamed Europe much earlier.


Goldman CEO has high hopes for London HQ post-Brexit, much outside his control

LONDON (Reuters) - Goldman Sachs chief executive Lloyd Blankfein expects to fill up the firm's new European headquarters which is currently under construction in London, but said Britain's exit from the European Union leaves much outside the bank's control.


Bites: Outside Anchorage, a Chef Makes the Case for Local Alaskan Cuisine

Zachary Reid, who opened Froth & Forage in May, is serving up inventive comfort food that pops with color and flavor.

Space and Astronomy

Trilobites: Astronomers Race to Study a Mystery Object From Outside Our Solar System

The object, faster than known asteroids or comets, was first spotted by a telescope in Hawaii, and is leaving just as quickly as it arrived.


Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Games torch lit in ancient Olympia

ANCIENT OLYMPIA, Greece (Reuters) - The torch for the Pyeongchang 2018 winter Olympics was lit in ancient Olympia on Tuesday using the backup flame from the dress rehearsal due to rainy weather, kicking off the countdown for the first winter Games in Asia outside Japan.


Remains of late Thai king collected after night of tears and ancient funeral rites

BANGKOK (Reuters) - The cremated remains of Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej were collected on Friday as part of an elaborate, five-day funeral ceremony that drew hundreds of thousands of black-clad mourners to Bangkok's historic old quarter.

Deaths (Fatalities)

Trilobites: Ancient Skull May Be History’s Earliest Known Tsunami Victim

The 6,000-year-old Aitape skull, found in Papua New Guinea in 1929, was excavated from sediments that contain telltale signs of ocean water left behind by a tsunami.


Ancient Papua New Guinea skull called oldest-known tsunami victim

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A mysterious partial skull unearthed in Papua New Guinea in 1929 that once was thought to belong to an extinct human species now turns out to have another unique distinction. Scientists believe it belongs to the oldest-known human tsunami victim.


Olympics: Pyeongchang 2018 Games torch lit in ancient Olympia

ANCIENT OLYMPIA, Greece (Reuters) - The torch for the Pyeongchang 2018 winter Olympics was lit in ancient Olympia on Tuesday using the backup flame from the dress rehearsal due to rainy weather, kicking off the countdown for the first winter Games in Asia outside Japan.


Olympics: Pyeongchang 2018 torch lit in ancient Olympia

OLYMPIA, Greece (Reuters) - The torch for the Pyeongchang 2018 winter Olympics was lit in ancient Olympia on Tuesday using the backup flame from the dress rehearsal due to rainy weather, kicking off the countdown for the first winter Games in Asia outside Japan.


Body found, likely Texas girl, 3, sent outside as punishment: police

AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - The body of a toddler found in a culvert beneath a Texas road was likely that of a 3-year-old girl reported missing after her father said he punished her for not drinking her milk by making her stand alone outside at night, police said on Monday.


Roadside bomb kills seven outside Somali capital Mogadishu

MOGADISHU (Reuters) - A roadside bomb killed at least seven people on Sunday - mostly women farmers - in an area outside the Somali capital dominated by Islamist insurgents who have defied public protests to end years of violence, residents and the army said.


Car bomb kills 15 Afghan cadets, trainers outside Kabul military school

KABUL (Reuters) - A suicide attacker rammed a car full of explosives into a bus leaving Afghanistan's top military training center in Kabul on Saturday, killing at least 15 soldiers, including cadets and their trainers, officials said.

Egyptian Civilization

Volcanoes Helped Violent Revolts Erupt in Ancient Egypt

During the Ptolemaic Period, fluctuations in Nile flooding triggered by eruptions may have led to violent uprisings, researchers report.


NFL meeting kicks off in New York as protesters kneel outside

NEW YORK (Reuters) - National Football League officials weighed the fervor of players protesting racism against U.S. President Donald Trump's anger as their two-day autumn meeting began on Tuesday with supporters of the players kneeling outside in solidarity.

Ancient Roman theater unearthed next to Jerusalem's Western Wall

Israeli archeologists say they have made a dramatic discovery adjacent to the Western Wall in Jerusalem after unearthing what they believe could have been a theater dating from ancient Roman times.

Politics and Government

Iraqi Forces Said to Seize Oil Sites and Airport Outside Kirkuk

Iraq said it was at the gates of the Kurdish-held city, and Kurds loyal to an opposition party said they had intentionally made way for advancing government forces.

Why Bannon could have more influence on Trump from outside the White House

Golf diplomacy, a key assist for Nancy Pelosi, big questions about what the White House would accept in a bipartisan health care deal and behind-the-curtain details of President Trump's relationship with former chief strategist Stephen Bannon: it's all a part of our "Inside Politics" forecast, where you get a taste of tomorrow's news today.

Oil (Petroleum) and Gasoline

Oil and Money: Oil Firms Learn to Move an Ancient Product With New-Age Tech

The industry often resisted introducing new technology in producing oil, but it is learning that it’s a path to saving big money.

Car Services and Livery Cabs

Uber, Surging Outside Manhattan, Tops Taxis in New York City

The ride-sharing app has recently shifted its focus to the city’s other boroughs, leading it to a milestone: More people are using Uber than the city’s fabled yellow cabs.


Mystery surrounding ancient Easter Island people deepens

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The massive brooding stone figures peering from Easter Island's hillsides are emblematic of the enigmatic people who once thrived on the dot of land in the middle of the Pacific. New genetic research only deepens the mystery around these people.

Country Music

Margo Price, Nashville Outsider, Tells It Like It Really Is

The singer and songwriter, who isn’t afraid to brush up against the country music establishment, is releasing a new album that draws on her lifetime of struggle.


Texas girl, 3, missing after she was sent outside at night as punishment

AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - A 3-year-old girl in suburban Dallas is missing after her father said he punished her for not drinking her milk by telling her to stand outside by herself at night near an alley behind her home, police said on Monday.


Caixabank considers moving base outside Catalonia - source

MADRID, Oct 5 (Reuters) - Spain's third-biggest lender Caixabank is considering moving its legal base from Catalonia to another Spanish location as a result of the ongoing political crisis in the region, a source with knowledge of the matter told Reuters on Thursday.

Genetics and Heredity

Matter: Ancient Viruses Are Buried in Your DNA

Endogenous retroviruses wormed into the human genome eons ago. Today viral genes continue to produce a variety of mysterious proteins in the body.


From death to no-contact, ancient martial art revived in Egypt

Sohag, EGYPT (Reuters) - Turn the clock back just over half a century and a contest between two men in the ancient Egyptian martial art of tahteeb could see the loser injured, or even killed.


Robots under Swedish forest breathe life into ancient mines

* Mining belatedly embraces digital innovation to boost efficiency

'ICU Grandpa' cradles babies when parents can't

With the preemie cradled in his arms, the retiree glanced toward the entrance of the pediatric intensive care unit.


Somalia's al Shabaab militants attack military base outside Mogadishu, say kill 17 soldiers

MOGADISHU (Reuters) - Somalia's al Shabaab fighters attacked a military base outside the capital Mogadishu using car bombs and guns, killing 17 soldiers and taking control of the base and a nearby town, the group said on Friday.


Somalia's al Shabaab militants say kill 17 in attack on military base outside capital

MOGADISHU (Reuters) - Somalia's al Shabaab fighters attacked a military base outside the capital using car bombs and guns, killing 17 soldiers and taking control of the base and a nearby town, the group said, while residents and officials confirmed the incident.


'You look so beautiful!': Indonesians celebrate the dead in ancient ritual

TORAJA, Indonesia (Reuters) - Yosefina Tumanan, a resident of the remote Toraja region of Indonesia's island of Sulawesi, was thrilled to see her sister-in-law.

Puerto Rico

Insiders and Outsiders: Nearly Half of Americans Don’t Know Puerto Ricans Are Fellow Citizens

A new poll suggests many Americans don’t realize that what happened in Puerto Rico is a domestic disaster, not a foreign one.


Outside quake stricken Mexico City, most kids going back to school

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Most schools in Mexico City remained closed on Monday after last week's deadly earthquake, but children outside the capital were set to return to their classrooms, although aftershocks were still jolting the country.


BRIEF-Farmland Partners acquires California farmland for $110 mln

* Farmland Partners announces $110 mln acquisition of California farmland


Volkswagen chairman doesn't rule out outsider as next CEO

HAMBURG (Reuters) - Volkswagen's supervisory board does not rule out doing away with a custom under which the carmaker's top executive must be a company veteran, Chairman Hans Dieter Poetsch said.

Trump, Donald J

Reporter's Notebook: President Trump Inside and Outside the Lines at the U.N.

Sticking to a speech or veering off script, the president often seemed like a fish out of water at the General Assembly gathering.


Man sets himself on fire outside New Zealand parliament

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - A man has reportedly set himself on fire on the grounds of New Zealand's parliament in Wellington, two days ahead of national elections, police said on Thursday.


Police lock fans inside ground after clashes erupt outside

SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Brazilian police locked Santos fans inside their home stadium for 20 minutes on Wednesday after violence erupted outside the Vila Belmiro ground following the team's elimination from the Copa Libertadores.


Wells Fargo's lone outsider aims to clean up bank's reputation

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Before a sales scandal upended its reputation, Wells Fargo & Co was something of a proud outsider in Washington and on Wall Street compared to its big bank peers.

Congressmen arrested in immigration protest outside Trump Tower

Three congressmen were among a group of protesters arrested outside Trump Tower on Tuesday, where they were participating in a demonstration in support of immigrants and protections recently ended by the Trump administration.


'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing' wins at Toronto film festival

TORONTO (Reuters) - Director Martin McDonagh's comic drama, "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri," won the award for audience favorite at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday, giving the film a boost ahead of the upcoming awards season.


Turkish police fire tear gas at protesters outside hunger strikers' trial

ANKARA (Reuters) - Turkish police fired tear gas to disperse protesters outside a courthouse in Ankara on Thursday at the start of the trial of two teachers who have been on hunger strike since losing their jobs in a crackdown following last year's failed coup.

The Rolex of the ancient world


Poland, EU executive clash in top court over ancient forest

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union executive asked the bloc's top court on Monday to fine Poland for violating a ban on logging in an ancient forest, but Warsaw said it was only trying to preserve unique woods.

Ancient cities that survived more than once

Ancient sites that have survived centuries, or even millennia, haven't fared so well in the 21st century.


Lower Saxony premier candidate calls for outsider as next VW boss

HANOVER, Germany (Reuters) - Someone from outside the auto industry should succeed Volkswagen chief executive Matthias Mueller, the man expected to lead the German state which is the carmaker's second-biggest shareholder told Reuters on Wednesday.


German state CDU backs automotive outsider as next VW CEO

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - The man forecast to become premier of the German state of Lower Saxony, Volkswagen's second-biggest shareholder, says someone from outside the car industry should succeed chief executive Matthias Mueller when his contract expires in 2020.


On Baseball: The Ancient Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry Gets a High-Tech Boost

At Fenway Park, an Apple Watch is at the center of accusations that the Red Sox stole signs when they played their most bitter rival.

Ancient Roman city found underwater

Part of a Roman city that experts believe was submerged in the 4th century has been found off the coast of northeastern Tunisia


BRIEF-Farmland Partners - John Conrad informs board of his resignation as a board member ​

* Farmland partners says ‍on August 28, John C. Conrad informed board of his resignation as a board member effective immediately - SEC filing ​


Activists climb ancient trees to stop Polish logging

WARSAW (Reuters) - Activists climbed trees and blocked felling machines in Poland's primeval Bialowieza Forest on Tuesday in a bid to stop what they say is an illegal logging operation authorized by the government.


Train derails outside India's financial capital, but no injuries

(Reuters) - Several coaches of a train went off the rails in western India on Tuesday, the third such incident within ten days on the world's fourth biggest rail network, but there were no immediate reports of injuries.


Man With 4-Foot Sword Shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ Outside Buckingham Palace, Police Say

The authorities in London said the 26-year-old had driven his car at a police van and tried to pull out the weapon before being subdued with tear-gas spray.


Man with sword injures police outside UK Queen's palace

(Reuters) - A man shouting "Allahu Akbar" (God is greatest) reached for a four-foot sword in his car and assaulted police officers outside Britain's Buckingham Palace on Friday night, police said.

Police investigate knifeman outside Buckingham Palace

Counterterrorism officers are investigating after two police officers were injured arresting a man with a large knife outside Buckingham Palace, London's Metropolitan Police said Saturday.

Man detained outside Buckingham Palace after attack on police

Two London police officers suffered minor injuries to their arms while detaining a man on The Mall outside Buckingham Palace, Metropolitan Police said.


British police detain man with knife outside Buckingham Palace

LONDON (Reuters) - British police arrested a man carrying a knife outside Buckingham Palace on Friday night, they said, with two officers suffering minor injuries.


At ancient pyramid in Peru, remains of 20th century Chinese laborers found

LIMA (Reuters) - Archaeologists exploring Peru's pre-Colombian past recently unearthed a glimpse of a less prominent chapter in the Andean country's history - the remains of 16 Chinese laborers from...


Rotterdam mayor says bus with gas bottles found outside canceled concert

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - A bus with Spanish license plates and containing gas bottles was found near a concert hall where earlier on Wednesday a rock concert was canceled due to a threat, Rotterdam's mayor said.


Russian celebrities gather outside Moscow court to demand director's release

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Some of Russia's most famous actors, celebrities and directors on Wednesday joined crowds outside a Moscow court house to demand the release of prominent film and theater director Kirill Serebrennikov.


Police use gas to disperse protesters outside Trump rally in Phoenix

PHOENIX (Reuters) - Police deployed gas to disperse crowds in Phoenix, Arizona, after protesters outside a rally by U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday threw rocks and bottles, police said.

Multiple injuries in high-speed train incident outside Philadelphia

Multiple people are injured after an incident involving two high-speed trains outside Philadelphia early Tuesday morning, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), spokeswoman Heather Redfern tells CNN.


Gunman killed after wounding judge in ambush outside Ohio courthouse

(Reuters) - A gunman shot and wounded a judge in an ambush outside an Ohio courthouse on Monday before the assailant was fatally shot by a probation officer, authorities and local media said.


Police extend search for Barcelona attack van driver outside Spain

BARCELONA, Spain (Reuters) - Spanish police on Monday extended the search for the man who killed 13 people in Barcelona by ramming a van into crowds to all of Europe as details emerged of how he fled on foot through the streets of the old town before disappearing.

After 7 mostly unproductive months in office, Trump is again becoming what he has always been — an outsider


Two killed in explosion at fireworks factory outside Mexico City

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Two people were killed in an explosion at a large fireworks factory on the outskirts of Mexico City on Tuesday evening, officials said.


Mexican president embraces party change allowing outsider candidates

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto on Saturday endorsed a change to the Institutional Revolutionary Party's (PRI) rules that allows outsiders to run for president, a move that gives the embattled leader greater power to anoint his successor.

Woman finds baby in trash bag outside home

A "miracle baby" is recovering in a New York state hospital after she spent three days outside in a garbage bag, police say.


American Carter wins 400 meters hurdles from outside lane

LONDON (Reuters) - American Kori Carter pulled off another shock at the World Athletics Championships on Thursday, achieving the rare feat of winning the 400 meters hurdles title from the outside lane.


Trilobites: Bone’s Marks Suggest a Cannibal Ritual in Ancient Britain

Researchers have found a zigzag pattern on a human arm bone that might have been engraved as part of a cannibalistic funeral ritual 15,000 years ago.


Mexico's ruling party moves toward allowing outsider presidential candidate

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexico's ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) took a key step on Wednesday toward allowing non-party members, such as Finance Minister Jose Antonio Meade, to run for president in next year's election.


Crocodile rock: ancient beast named after Motörhead band's Lemmy

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A ferocious sea-going crocodile that menaced coastal waters about 164 million years ago during the Jurassic Period has been given a name honoring the similarly ferocious heavy-metal rocker Lemmy, the late front man for the British band Motörhead.


Infant ape fossil skull illuminates humankind's remote past

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The lemon-sized fossil skull of an infant ape nicknamed Alesi that inhabited a Kenyan forest about 13 million years ago is offering a peek at what the long-ago common ancestor of people and all modern apes may have looked like.

French soldiers hit by vehicle outside barracks

Six soldiers have been injured, two seriously, after being hit by a vehicle outside their barracks in a suburb northwest of Paris, according to CNN affiliate BFMTV.


Japan Display may seek outside investor for turnaround: Nikkei

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan Display Inc is considering seeking funds from an outside investor to help finance an overhaul of its ailing smartphone screen-making business, including 3,500 job cuts, the Nikkei business daily reported on Tuesday.


Activists accuse Poland of logging in ancient forest despite EU order

WARSAW (Reuters) - Environmental activists accused Poland of ignoring an order from the EU's top court to stop large-scale logging in one of Europe's last ancient forests - an allegation dismissed by Warsaw.

Ancient Roman neighborhood unearthed in France

Archaeologists discovered a well-preserved Roman town with mosaics and furniture left intact.


UPDATE 3-Outsider replaces long-time CEO at Oreo cookie maker Mondelez

Aug 2 (Reuters) - Mondelez International Inc on Wednesday named the head of Canadian frozen foods maker McCain Foods to succeed long-time chief as the snack firm battles declining profits and activist investors.

From outsider to the presidency

Explore how Donald Trump tapped into voter frustration and took on the Washington establishment to win the White House on the CNN Special Report "Why Trump Won," airing Monday, August 7, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Arts and Antiquities Looting

Ancient Vase Seized From Met Museum on Suspicion It Was Looted

Evidence indicates the 2,300-year-old vase, on display for decades, was illegally dug up from an Italian grave and later sold to the Met at auction.


Poland vows to keep logging ancient forest despite EU court ruling

WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland said on Monday it would press on with logging the country's primeval Bialowieza forest in defiance of a ruling by the European Union's top court, saying it needed to cut down trees to defeat insect pests.


Outside adviser to Trump calls for firing of CFPB head Cordray

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An outside adviser to U.S. President Donald Trump called on Sunday for the firing of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director Richard Cordray.


Nine bodies found outside home in Mexico's Nuevo Laredo

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - The bodies of five women and four men were found piled up in front of a house in the Mexican city of Nuevo Laredo on the border with Texas, local authorities said on Thursday.

Genetics and Heredity

Trilobites: Fate of Ancient Canaanites Seen in DNA Analysis: They Survived

A study of ancient DNA recovered from remains found in Lebanon contradicts a biblical story that an ancient war wiped out the group.


UPDATE 1-AB InBev sees broad earnings rise outside weak Brazil

BRUSSELS, July 27 (Reuters) - Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world's largest beer maker, reported an increase in second-quarter earnings on Thursday as gains in China, Mexico and new market South Africa offset weakness in Brazil.

Protesters chant outside senators' homes

Around 70 people called on Senators John Boozman (R-AR) and Rob Portman (R-OH) to encourage them to vote "no" on replacing Obamacare.

National Parks, Monuments and Seashores

National Monuments: In Gold Butte in Nevada, Ancient Rock Art and Rugged Beauty

The national monument, which the Trump administration is reassessing, is full of life — Joshua trees, prairie falcons — and stunning petroglyphs.


Florida man goes 'bananas,' shoots up AT&T trucks outside home: media

(Reuters) - A Florida man "went bananas" when he allegedly fired up to 18 shots into two AT&T Inc trucks because they were parked in front of his driveway, media reports said.


Poland ejects protesters from ancient forest despite EU calls to halt logging operation

WARSAW (Reuters) - Security guards in Poland's Bialowieza Forest have forcibly ejected protesters who sought to stop the felling of trees in one of Europe's last primeval woods, a project that has drawn the threat of a European Union lawsuit.


Spokesman for Trump's outside legal team resigns: statement

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Mark Corallo, the spokesman for U.S. President Donald Trump's outside legal team, said on Thursday that he has resigned.

Man shoots at trucks parked outside home

Jorje Jove, 64, of Hialeah, Florida, shot at two AT&T trucks parked outside his home on July 19.

After parole, the future outside prison may not be so rosy for the former football star

O.J. Simpson was granted parole Thursday, after serving nearly nine years in prison for a 2007 armed robbery in Las Vegas. But the former NFL superstar and movie actor's future outside of prison may not be so rosy.


MH370 search data unveils fishing hot spots, ancient geological movements

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Detailed sea-floor maps made during the unsuccessful search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, released by Australia on Wednesday, could help increase the knowledge of rich fisheries and the prehistoric movement of the earth's southern continents.


MH370 search data unveils fishing hotspots, ancient geological movements

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Detailed sea-floor maps made during the unsuccessful search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, released by Australia on Wednesday, could help increase the knowledge of rich fisheries and the prehistoric movement of the earth's southern continents.


Three shot outside health department building in Florida: sheriff's office

(Reuters) - Three people were shot on Monday afternoon outside a health department building in Palm Beach County, Florida, the local sheriff's office said.


Orban courts voters outside Hungary with grants, cheap loans

* Ethnic Hungarians in Serbia buy houses, machinery using grants


Jaguar Land Rover to produce first car entirely outside of Britain

LONDON, July 13 (Reuters) - Britain's biggest carmaker Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) said on Thursday it is to build its new E-PACE compact sport utility vehicle in Austria and China, the first of its cars only to be manufactured outside of its home market.


Pelosi calls for outside commission to probe Russian meddling in U.S. election

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Top House Democrat Nancy Pelosi called on Thursday for the creation of an outside, independent commission to investigate what she said was "cold, hard evidence" that President Donald Trump's family intended to collude with Russians to influence the election.


Review: Thinking Outside (and Inside) B.F. Skinner’s Box

A British theater troupe considers the uses and abuses of psychological experimentation in “Opening Skinner’s Box.”

Forests and Forestry

Postolowo Journal: In Poland, a Battle for the Fate of Europe’s Last Ancient Forest

Environmentalists are fighting to prevent logging in Bialowieza forest, a Unesco world heritage site, but the Polish government has dismissed their concerns.

Explosion outside US Air Force recruiting office probed

Local and federal authorities are investigating an explosion at a US Air Force recruiting office in Bixby, Oklahoma.


Outsider Gabbai wins Israeli Labour Party leadership contest

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Outsider Avi Gabbai was elected chairman of Israel's opposition Labour party on Monday by beating veteran Amir Peretz, a former defense minister and labor union chief, in a leadership runoff.


‘The Cradle Will Rock’ Returns With Its Brazen Politics Intact

Opera Saratoga is staging Marc Blitzstein’s opera on its 80th anniversary, in a year when political messages onstage are under acute scrutiny.


Magnitude 5.1 quake hits outside of Sendai, Japan: USGS

(Reuters) - An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.1 struck 33 miles offshore and south-southeast of the city of Sendai in Japan at 8:48 a.m. EDT (1248 GMT) on Friday, the U.S. Geological Survey said.


Hobby Lobby to forfeit ancient Iraqi artifacts in settlement with DOJ

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Arts and crafts retailer Hobby Lobby has agreed to forfeit thousands of illegally smuggled ancient Middle Eastern artifacts obtained from antiquities dealers for a Bible museum headed by its president, the company and U.S. officials said on Wednesday.


Hobby Lobby to forfeit ancient Iraqi artifacts in settlement with U.S. DOJ

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The U.S. Department of Justice said on Wednesday it had reached a settlement with national arts and crafts retailer Hobby Lobby to forfeit thousands of ancient artifacts illegally smuggled into the country from the Middle East.


UNESCO urges Poland to halt logging in ancient Bialowieza forest

WARSAW (Reuters) - The United Nations' cultural body UNESCO has called on Poland to halt logging in its ancient Bialowieza Forest, saying it could otherwise decide to place it on its list of world heritage sites in danger.

Clashes erupt outside Venezuela's National Assembly

Clashes erupted Wednesday outside Venezuela's National Assembly in Caracas between supporters of embattled President Nicolas Maduro and opposition lawmakers.


Peru reveals replica of face of ancient female ruler

LIMA (Reuters) - She died in her twenties some 1,700 years ago, and is believed to have ruled over a desert valley in ancient Peru where her elaborately tattooed body was buried with weapons and gold...

United States Economy

How Low Can Taxes Go? Outside Washington, Republicans Find Limits

Republicans in several states have agreed to raise taxes recently, testing a fundamental economic principle for the right. But is Washington listening?

Where to celebrate 4th of July outside the US

Across the United States, Independence Day is most often associated with a backyard setting -- or celebrated by the lake, beach, pool or patio. But July 4th celebrations aren't restricted to American soil and the options for those traveling overseas on the holiday include events at some of the best vacation destinations around the world. Here are some of the hotels and resorts where you can celebrate July 4th if you're on the go internationally this year.


Erdogan events in Germany outside G20 would be 'inappropriate': Gabriel

KRASNODAR, Russia (Reuters) - The German government believes it would be inappropriate for Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan to make public appearances in Germany outside the G20 summit given current tensions between the two NATO allies, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said on Thursday.

DNA solves ancient animal riddle that Darwin couldn't

After the last of its kind died out about 12,000 years ago, a strange animal that stumped Charles Darwin is finally being added to the tree of life, according to a new study in the journal Nature Communications.


Once on the outside, conservative Koch network warms to Trump

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Reuters) - At a glitzy weekend gathering of donors to the powerful Koch brothers' network, much of the talk was about the conservative political group's criticism of the healthcare bill moving through the U.S. Senate.

Cooking and Cookbooks

Grab Your Picnic Baskets: The Party’s Moving Outside

Experienced outdoor diners say planning is crucial: scouting a spot, bringing the right extras and finding a spot on the menu for fried chicken.


Iraqi forces say major Islamic State attack blocked outside old city of Mosul

ERBIL, Iraq (Reuters) - Iraq's armed forces blocked a major wave of attacks by Islamic State suicide bombers outside the Old City of Mosul on Sunday, a military statement said.

Burned Quran, cut up pages left outside California mosques

Two Islamic centers in Northern California were the sites of possible hate crimes during the last days of Ramadan, law enforcement officials said.


Outside Collectors for I.R.S. Are Accused of Illegal Practices

A group of Democratic senators obtained call scripts from companies collecting overdue tax debt and found what they said were a range of abuses.


Muslim teen assaulted outside U.S. mosque, found murdered in Virginia

(Reuters) - A 17-year-old American Muslim girl was beaten and abducted after leaving a mosque in Virginia on Sunday by a man who police later arrested on suspicion of murder after her body was found dumped in a pond, authorities said.


Resort outside Mali's capital under attack, two dead

BAMAKO (Reuters) - At least two people were killed in an attack by gunmen on Sunday at a luxury resort outside Mali's capital Bamako popular with Western expatriates, the Security Ministry said.


Resort outside Mali's capital under attack

DAKAR (Reuters) - A luxury resort popular with Western expatriates outside Mali's capital Bamako came under attack by gunmen on Sunday, a spokesman at the Security Ministry said.

Julius Caesar (Play)

Protesters Outside ‘Julius Caesar’ in Central Park, and Laughs Inside

Just a day after the “Shakespeare in the Park” play was interrupted by protesters who rushed on stage, a few demonstrators picketed, and the production was adjusted to address the episode.


Bubbles, drums and tears: Chaos outside court as Cosby jury deliberates

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (Reuters) - The scene outside the courthouse where 12 jurors are determining Bill Cosby's fate at his sexual assault trial devolved on Thursday into a circus-like atmosphere, complete with dramatic confrontations, marching drummers and a bubble machine.


Shots fired outside Barclays Center in Brooklyn, one injured

NEW YORK (Reuters) - One man was shot outside a shopping center near a major sports arena in New York City on Wednesday but it was not immediately clear who opened fire or how badly the victim was hurt, police said.

7 impossible cars designed by industry outsiders

It makes sense for an automotive designer to come up with an automotive concept. That is, after all, what they get paid to do. But anyone with a pen and paper, or some sort of 3D software can have a go at creating the car of the future.


UPDATE 2-U.S. Justice Dept halts settlements funding outside groups

NEW YORK/WASHINGTON, June 7 (Reuters) - The U.S. Justice Department on Wednesday said it is barring legal settlements in federal investigations that include donating funds to community organizations or other third-party groups, rather than to those directly harmed by the wrongdoing or involved in the cases.


Justice Dept. halts settlements funding outside groups

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Justice Department has barred legal settlements in federal investigations that include donating funds to community organizations or other third-party groups, rather than to those directly harmed by the wrongdoing, in a change that could affect banks and other corporations.


Justice Dept. halts settlements funding out outside groups

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Justice Department has barred any legal settlements in federal investigations that include donating funds to community organizations or other third-party groups, rather than to those directly harmed by the wrongdoing or involved in the cases, in a change that could impact banks and other corporations.


Man shot after attacking police outside Paris' Notre Dame

PARIS (Reuters) - French police shot and wounded a man who attacked officers with a hammer outside the Notre Dame cathedral on Tuesday and the Paris prosecutor's office swiftly launched a counter-terrorism investigation.


Suspected bomb kills seven outside mosque in Afghanistan's Herat

HERAT, Afghanistan (Reuters) - A suspected bomb outside a mosque in the Afghan city of Herat killed at least seven people and wounded 15 on Tuesday, police said, the latest casualties in a particularly bloody week in Afghanistan.


Scientists hope to show humankind originated in Mediterranean

CHIRPAN, Bulgaria (Reuters) - A team of excavators in Bulgaria has resumed a search for fossils of an ape-like creature which may be the oldest-known direct ancestor of man and whose discovery has challenged the central hypothesis that humankind originated in Africa.