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Taj Mahal

Editorial: Hate Smears India’s Symbol of Love, the Taj Mahal

Powerful Hindu extremists are so obsessed with demonizing Muslims that they are deprecating the nation’s unifying cultural treasure.

Demonstrations, Protests and Riots

Protests in Lebanon Near U.S. Embassy After Trump’s Jerusalem Decision

Lebanese Army forces fired tear gas and water cannons to disperse thousands of protesters outside the embassy near Beirut.

United States Politics and Government

Editorial: The Looting of America’s Public Lands

Mr. Trump thinks the environment has gotten too good a deal, so he eliminated two million acres from national monuments in Utah.

Trump, Donald J

Inside Trump’s Hour-by-Hour Battle for Self-Preservation

With Twitter as his Excalibur, the president takes on his doubters, powered by long spells of cable news and a dozen Diet Cokes. But if Mr. Trump has yet to bend the presidency to his will, he is at least wrestling it to a draw.

United States International Relations

Editorial: Trump’s Scare Tactics on North Korea Scare Us

The Trump administration’s threats of war will not make Kim Jong-un back down.

Wildfires, Puerto Rico, Star Wars: Your Friday Evening Briefing

Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

Sexual Harassment

Editorial: What Congress Can Learn from Al Franken

Will other lawmakers who abuse their power be held to the same standard?


Nearly Every Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel Disagrees With Trump’s Jerusalem Decision

All but two of the 11 former envoys said the decision — a departure from seven decades of U.S. policy — was foolish and even dangerous.


Palestinians Vent Their Anger After Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration

Amid predictions of violence and calls by Hamas for a new intifada, protesters in the West Bank and Gaza clashed with Israeli forces.

Jews and Judaism

Praise and Alarm From American Jews Over Trump’s Jerusalem Move

While some Jewish leaders welcomed recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, many worried that the step would inflame tensions and make peace in the Middle East even harder to achieve.

Prison Guards and Corrections Officers

Editorial: Holding Prison Guards Accountable

New York State’s corrections officers are too often protected from punishment, even for brutal attacks on prisoners.

Elections, Mayors

Editorial: Let’s Limit the Term-Limit Debate

New York City voters have made clear over the years that two terms are enough for city officials, but City Council members are considering a third.


Kids aren’t protecting themselves against STDs during oral sex

(Reuters Health) - Adolescents and young adults regularly engage in oral sex but seldom use condoms to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, new research shows.

News and News Media

On the Night News Desk When Trump’s Tweeting Starts

Lara Jakes, recent night editor for our Washington bureau, and Steve Kenny, night editor in New York, discuss how Year 1 of the Trump era has affected their jobs and their sleep.

Emergency Medical Treatment

Amid Puerto Rico Disaster, Hospital Ship Admitted Just 6 Patients a Day

The Comfort, a hospital ship, saved lives while on a relief mission to Puerto Rico, but its admissions process was a continuous work in progress.

United States Politics and Government

Trump’s Endorsement of Roy Moore Points Up a G.O.P. Problem: Chaos

President Trump’s impulsive, improvisational political style is preventing the Republican Party from establishing a true organization for the coming midterm elections.

United States International Relations

Editorial: Does President Trump Want to Negotiate Middle East Peace?

Moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem is almost certain to anger the Palestinians and most Arab nations.

Gun Control

Editorial: Going National With Concealed Guns

Concealed-carry reciprocity is a threat to law and order.

Corporate Taxes

Tax Plan Crowns a Big Winner: Trump’s Industry

Commercial real estate gets lower rates and new breaks in the Republican bills, and trusts that have been key financing sources do especially well.

Trump, Donald J

Op-Ed Columnist: Mueller’s Facts and Trump’s Make-Believe

The president’s credo: “Just tell them and they believe you.”

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

Editorial: Yes, the President Can Obstruct Justice

Also: Why lie if you’ve done nothing wrong?

New York Times Neediest Cases Fund

The Neediest Cases Fund: At 76, Studying Social Work After Reaching for a Helping Hand

Selwyn Allen, a longtime carpenter, fell behind on his rent while fighting bladder cancer. Now he’s seeking to make a late-in-life career change.

Politics and Government

Supreme Court Allows Third Version of Trump’s Travel Ban to Take Effect

The decision was a victory for the administration after its mixed success before the court over the summer, when justices considered and later dismissed disputes over the second version.


Editorial: Art, Freed From Guantánamo

The military seems unsettled by the attention an exhibition of prisoner art has garnered from news organizations.

United States National Anthem Protests (2016- )

Op-Ed Contributor: Trump’s Racist Tweets. My Growing Patriotism.

The upside to him attacking outspoken black people? We can fight back and declare what America really stands for.

Editorial: Hands Across the Water, Then a Slap in the Face

The ranting of the American president dashed the good cheer from a royal Anglo-American engagement.

Federal Budget (US)

Editorial: Tasks for Congress: Ignore President, Keep Government Open …

Congress faces much unfinished business this month. Working around Mr. Trump would help them get it done.


A Wary Response, So Far, on Trump’s Expected Declaration on Jerusalem

Arabs and Israelis alike were impatient to see whether Mr. Trump would really declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel and how he might hedge it.

United States Politics and Government

Editorial: A Historic Tax Heist

In which Republican donors pick your children’s pockets.

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

Op-Ed Columnist: Writing at the Speed of Trump’s Scandals

In which a columnist attempts to keep up with White House news.

Flynn, Michael T

Editorial: Flynn Flipped. Who’s Next?

Michael Flynn’s guilty plea raises obvious questions: What did President Trump know? And when did he know it?


Fluor wins $831 million contract for Puerto Rico power work: Pentagon

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Fluor Enterprises Inc, a subsidiary of Fluor Corp, was awarded an $831 million contract for construction services to help restore electric power to Puerto Rico, the Pentagon said on Friday.

United States Politics and Government

Tom Cotton, Said to Be Trump’s C.I.A. Pick, Would Bring Ambition but Little Experience

Mr. Cotton, a senator from Arkansas, would be the youngest person ever to run the C.I.A. should a White House plan to shuffle the cabinet come to fruition.

Federal Taxes (US)

Trump’s Red Line Is Holding Up Tax Cuts

Insistence on a 20 percent corporate tax rate is slowing negotiations for a final deal in the Senate.

United States International Relations

Editorial: Help Wanted: Top Diplomat

President Trump undermined Rex Tillerson’s success at the State Department, but that doesn’t mean his successor will do a better job.

Pain-Relieving Drugs

Editorial: Kellyanne Conway Might as Well Be ‘Opioid Czar’

President Trump trusts Ms. Conway. Is that enough to get something done on the opioid addiction crisis?

Trump, Donald J

Letter: Psychiatrists Warn About Trump’s Mental State

Dr. Bandy X. Lee of Yale calls for an urgent evaluation of the president.

United States International Relations

U.K. Outcry at Trump’s Tweets Reopens Fight Over State Visit

Lawmakers responded angrily after the president shared videos from a British far-right group, then rebuked Prime Minister Theresa May.

United States International Relations

Editorial: Is North Korea’s Nuclear Test a Sign of Hope?

With his nuclear ambitions apparently realized, Kim Jong-un may now be willing to negotiate.

Federal Taxes (US)

Editorial: The Senate is Rushing to Pass Its Tax Bill Because It Stinks

This is no way to handle a complex piece of legislation, and the Republicans must know it.


Op-Ed Columnist: Wavering Senators Buy Trump’s Assurances on Taxes. Really.

Senators who voiced concerns about the tax bill say everything will be fine because Trump said so. Then he sold them land in the Everglades.

United States Politics and Government

Editorial: Senate Considers Making a Terrible Tax Bill Even Worse

Dragging its abysmal standards lower, it may throw more money at billionaires to win two crucial votes.


U.S. Senate liberals propose new steps for Puerto Rico recovery

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Puerto Rico would get substantial debt relief and other new aid to help it recover from destruction inflicted by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in September, under legislation unveiled on Tuesday by leading liberals in the U.S. Senate.

Sexual Harassment

Editorial: What Congressmen Are Hiding

A system for settling sexual harassment complaints against lawmakers puts the burden on victims, and taxpayers.

Moore, Roy S

Senate Race in Alabama Tests Reach of Trump’s Endorsement

President Trump has endorsed Roy Moore’s embattled campaign for a Senate seat. But even Republicans are skeptical of how much influence the president has.

Appointments and Executive Changes

Op-Ed Contributor: Trump’s Bureaucratic Showdown

Congress gave the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau an unusual amount of autonomy — including the power to appoint a successor.


Denver Cafe ‘Happily Gentrifying’? Neighbors Aren’t So Happy

The flippant message on a sidewalk sign touched a nerve in a city where housing costs are shooting up and newcomers are pricing out residents of modest means.

Search and Seizure

Editorial: Cops, Cellphones and Privacy at the Supreme Court

The justices have a good opportunity to bring the Fourth Amendment up-to-date in the digital age.

Hurricane Maria (2017)

Added to the Storm’s Toll, Guilt and Heartache for Puerto Ricans Who Fled

After Hurricane Maria, the reasons for leaving Puerto Rico were obvious. Still, an exodus has stirred guilt, resentment and fear it could slow the recovery.

United States Economy

Editorial: The Republican Tax on the Future

More debt, a growing trade deficit, factories moving overseas — that’s no way to make America great.

Hurricane Maria (2017)

Editorial: Mr. Trump’s Paper Towels Aren’t Helping Puerto Rico

With little sign of progress, thousands of people are leaving for the mainland each day.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures

Op-Ed Columnist: AT&T’s C.E.O. Meets Trump’s Justice

Economic policy driven by presidential pique.

Health Insurance and Managed Care

Editorial: When a Tax Cut Costs Millions Their Medical Coverage

Republicans couldn’t kill Obamacare. Their latest plan could be almost as damaging to people’s health.

For-Profit Schools

Editorial: Exploiting Veterans for Profit

And the Trump administration wants to make for-profit colleges even less accountable.

Civilian Casualties

Editorial: Telling the Truth About the Cost of War

As civilian casualties appear to rise, the American military is not acknowledging the extent of the problem.

For Puerto Ricans, a bittersweet holiday

San Juan, Puerto Rico (CNN) -- On the southeastern coast of this island, where Hurricane Maria made landfall two months ago, the waves of the Caribbean lash the crumbling foundation of Jose Morales' battered seaside home.

Religion and Belief

Editorial: What America Celebrates on Thanksgiving

It’s the one holiday that truly invites all comers.

Analysis: Roy Moore is using Trump's playbook -- and Trump is helping him

Roy Moore is threatening to sue his accusers. Roy Moore is threatening to sue the news outlets reporting on their allegations. Roy Moore says he doesn't care what the Republican establishment wants him to do.


Mexico's Pemex helping to extinguish fire near Madero refinery

MEXICO CITY, Nov 22 (Reuters) - Mexico's national oil company Pemex said on Wednesday that it was helping to put out a gas-related fire close to its Madero refinery in the state of Tamaulipas.

Thanksgiving Day

A Helping of Science With Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Biology. Chemistry. Physics. It’s all there on your plate. Take a moment to appreciate it before you dig in.

Editorial: Ms. Merkel Struggles to Hold Germany Together

Her failure to form a governing coalition could lead to new elections amid a growing threat from the right.

United States Defense and Military Forces

Second Judge Blocks Trump’s Transgender Ban in the Military

The ruling went further than a similar one last month by blocking a policy that prohibited gender-reassignment surgery at the government’s expense.

Race and Ethnicity

Editorial Observer: Colin Kaepernick and the Legacy of the Negro National Anthem

African-Americans have sound historical reasons for resenting “The Star-Spangled Banner.”


Editorial: Who to Blame for Your Subway Nightmare

Here’s a hint: You probably voted for them.

Justice Department

How Trump’s Hands-Off Approach to Policing Is Frustrating Some Chiefs

The president says the Justice Department has meddled too much in policing. But even police chiefs in Republican areas are frustrated with his rollback.

Power Failures and Blackouts

Contractor for Puerto Rico Power Suspends Work, Citing Unpaid Bills

While its highly criticized $300 million contract has been canceled, Whitefish Energy Holdings says that it is still owed tens of millions of dollars.

Hazardous and Toxic Substances

Fixes: After Flint, Helping Doctors Recognize Chemical Exposure

Few of the 80,000 chemicals registered for use have been tested for safety. Educating medical students on their effects is essential.

After CNN investigation, Puerto Rico asks for help to tally hurricane victims

Puerto Rico is asking for help with its efforts to tally deaths from Hurricane Maria.


New Puerto Rico utility head, same old challenges

NEW YORK (Reuters) - New leadership at Puerto Rico's beleaguered electric utility may not be sufficient to compensate for missteps following Hurricane Maria that led to delayed work, recurrent blackouts and more than $500 million in contracts with untested companies now under federal investigation.

Juvenile Delinquency

Editorial: Justice at Last for the Youngest Inmates?

The Supreme Court has narrowed the use of life sentences without parole for juveniles. Now it can end it for good.


UPDATE 1-Fluor's work on Puerto Rico power project halted over safety issue

Nov 20 (Reuters) - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said on Monday it temporarily halted Fluor Corp's work under its Puerto Rico power restoration contract over safety concerns and expects the work to resume on Tuesday.

Whitefish is halting Puerto Rico power repairs

Whitefish Energy is stopping its work to restore Puerto Rico's broken electricity grid because the company says it is owed more than $83 million by the island's power authority.

Inheritance and Estate Taxes

Editorial: ‘Only Morons Pay the Estate Tax’

That’s a heck of a way for the Trump administration to talk about the richest Americans.

United States Politics and Government

Op-Ed Contributor: Whatever Happened to Trump’s Populist Agenda?

He won the election because voters want something different than policies like the establishment Republican tax plan.


Fluor's work on Puerto Rico power project halted over safety issue

Nov 20 (Reuters) - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said on Monday it temporarily halted Fluor Corp's work under its Puerto Rico power restoration contract over safety concerns and expects the work to resume on Tuesday.

Americans haven't forgotten about Puerto Rico, poll finds

Two months ago today, Hurricane Maria made direct landfall in Puerto Rico, devastating the island and wiping out the power grid and transportation infrastructure for its millions of residents.

Renting and Leasing (Real Estate)

Editorial: Why is New York Full of Empty Stores?

All these dead spaces hurt, and neighborhoods have a right to protect themselves.

Coups D'Etat and Attempted Coups D'Etat

Editorial: Mr. Mugabe Won’t Say What Zimbabwe Longs to Hear: I Quit

It’s good that the army has taken power, but whoever takes over must heed the cheering crowds who want an end to corruption and brutality.


Helping the poor is a 'Passport to Paradise,' Pope says

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Francis welcomed the poor, homeless and unemployed as guests of honor for a Mass and gourmet meal in the Vatican on Sunday, saying that helping the needy was one way of obtaining a "passport to paradise".

Why I'm marching for Puerto Rico

Trump, Donald J

Editorial Notebook: Dear Nobel Winners, Mr. Trump Has All the Brains He Needs

The president won’t meet this year’s American laureates, no surprise for “a very intelligent person” with no need for science.

United States International Relations

Editorial: The Trump Administration Is Making War on Diplomacy

Rex Tillerson, ill suited as secretary of state, is dismantling his department to fit his limited ambitions.

Puerto Rican migration could shape Florida for years to come

In the wish lists of Democratic strategists, one imagines the arrival of tens of thousands of Democratic-leaning voters to Florida, seemingly overnight, ranks pretty high.

Voter Registration and Requirements

Editorial: Virginia Makes Every Voter Count

Its governor restored the rights of thousands of disenfranchised felons to go to the polls, something all states should do.

Hurricane Maria (2017)

A Great Migration From Puerto Rico Is Set to Transform Orlando

Tens of thousands of new arrivals fleeing damage from Hurricane Maria have arrived. Many expect to stay — and they could reshape Florida and its politics.

Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority

C.E.O. of Puerto Rico Power Authority Resigns

Ricardo L. Ramos stepped down amid a continuing blackout on the island and withering criticism for a costly repair contract.

Federal Taxes (US)

Trump’s Tax Cuts Are Likely to Increase Trade Deficit

President Trump wants to cut taxes and reduce the nation’s trade deficit, two goals that stand in direct conflict with each other.


U.S. agency approves AT&T drone in Puerto Rico for cellular service

Nov 17 (Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration on Friday said it had approved a request by AT&T Inc to use a new drone known as the Flying Cow or Cell on Wings to help restore cellular service in Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria.


UPDATE 3-Puerto Rico utility head resigns after slow Hurricane Maria response

NEW YORK, Nov 17 (Reuters) - The head of Puerto Rico's indebted utility has resigned following criticism of the slow restoration of power to the island after Hurricane Maria, the U.S. territory's governor said.

Puerto Rico electric power boss resigns

Ricardo Ramos, the executive director of Puerto Rico's Electric Power Authority (PREPA), resigned Friday, according to PREPA spokesperson Odalys de Jesus.

Latin Grammy Awards

Critic’s Notebook: Puerto Rico Mattered at the Latin Grammys. So Did Salsa.

As anti-immigrant sentiments spread and natural disasters have torn through Latin America, the awards became a showcase for Latin pride and solidarity.


Puerto Rico utility head resigns after slow Hurricane Maria response

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The head of Puerto Rico's indebted utility has resigned following criticism of the slow restoration of power to the island after Hurricane Maria, the U.S. territory's governor said.


UPDATE 2-Puerto Rico utility head resigns after slow Hurricane Maria response

NEW YORK, Nov 17 (Reuters) - The head of Puerto Rico's indebted utility has resigned following criticism of the slow restoration of power to the island after Hurricane Maria, the U.S. territory's governor said.

Sexual Harassment

Op-Ed Contributor: How to Stop the Predators Who Aren’t Famous

The past few weeks have shown that publicly shaming some men can work. Now we need to deal with the rest of them.


Editorial: The da Vinci Lode

The sale of Leonardo’s “Salvator Mundi” for almost a half-billion dollars says more about grotesque financial inequality than about art.


U.S. Congress to seek new tax incentives for Puerto Rico rebuilding

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan said on Thursday he wants to craft changes to a just-passed tax overhaul bill to provide "additional tax incentives" that would help Puerto Ricans recover from Hurricane Maria.

Federal Taxes (US)

Editorial: A Tax-Cut Bill to Make Scrooge McDuck Proud

Republicans have made clear where their values lie. Well-heeled campaign funders matter. Middle-class families don’t.


Editorial: Saudis Try to Starve Yemen Into Submission

Impeding humanitarian assistance and using famine as a weapon are war crimes, and the world is finally taking notice.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures

Editorial: Mr. Trump Casts a Shadow Over the AT&T-Time Warner Deal

He politicizes everything he touches, so unless his appointees act with utmost integrity they will be tainted as his henchmen.

Nuclear Weapons

Editorial: The Senate Questions the President’s Power to Launch Nukes

Mr. Trump has brought on himself this examination of his authority to order the launch of the world’s most deadly weapons.

Economic Conditions and Trends

As Power Grid Sputters in Puerto Rico, Business Does Too

The catastrophe of the storm has been followed by an economic disaster with no end in sight.

Presidential Election of 2016

Editorial: Attorney General Jeff Sessions Doesn’t Recall

Over more than five hours, Mr. Sessions on Tuesday still forgot a lot of things most people would remember.

Comedy and Humor

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Why Men Aren’t Funny

The post-Louis C.K. reckoning is actually the best thing to happen to comedy in a long time.


Puerto Rico utility defends decision to postpone mutual aid

(Reuters) - Puerto Rico's electric utility on Tuesday defended its decision not to seek mutual aid from mainland utilities immediately following Hurricane Maria in a contentious hearing with the U.S. Senate's energy and natural resources committee.

United States International Relations

Trump’s Mixed Messages Fail to Reassure Asian Allies

The president’s marathon trip left many unsure about America’s staying power and fed a growing sense that China drives the region’s agenda.

Biden, Joseph R Jr

Best of Late Night: Biden Hopes Trump’s Presidency Will Be the ‘Exception’ in U.S. History

The former vice president sharply criticized President Trump, but declined to say whether he himself would run for president in 2020.

United States International Relations

Editorial: President Trump’s Thing for Thugs

The degree to which he grovels before some of the world’s most unsavory leaders hurts U.S. credibility and influence.

Executive Orders and Memorandums

Appeals Court Partly Reinstates Trump’s New Travel Ban

A federal appeals court in San Francisco said a ban on entry from six countries could go into effect for people with no ties to the United States.

United States Politics and Government

Editorial: Mitch McConnell Believes the Women. Good for Him.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for real change, but the Senate majority leader has set a good example by accepting the word of Roy Moore’s accusers.

US general leads troops out of Puerto Rico

The three-star general is leaving Puerto Rico, ending his mission of providing relief from the devastation of Hurricane Maria.


U.S. judge denies request for outsider to oversee Puerto Rico's PREPA

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A U.S. federal judge on Monday rejected a request to install a former military officer to oversee Puerto Rico's beleaguered electric utility, PREPA, a victory for Governor Ricardo Rossello, whose government opposed the appointment.

Hurricane Maria (2017)

Op-Ed Contributor: Puerto Rico’s Actual Death Toll

Trump’s initial figure turns out to be woefully low.


Puerto Rico requests $94.4 billion from U.S. Congress for rebuilding

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello on Monday requested $94.4 billion from Congress to rebuild the island's infrastructure, housing, schools and hospitals devastated by Hurricane Maria.

Hurricane Maria (2017)

After Hurricane, Signs of a Mental Health Crisis Haunt Puerto Rico

The storm’s violent winds and screeching rains assaulted the island’s psyche for 72 hours, and public health officials say much of the population shows signs of post-traumatic stress.

Gun Control

Editorial: Gun Carnage in the Nation, Groundhog Day in the Capitol

After predictable reactions to the latest killings, the National Rifle Association has its way, again.

Tax Credits, Deductions and Exemptions

Editorial: The Right Way to Cut Corporate Taxes

Here’s why the Republican tax plans are such a boondoggle.

International Trade and World Market

Trump’s Trade Policy Is Lifting Exports. Of Canadian Lobster.

How overseas markets opened to a remote Nova Scotian factory, giving it an edge over competitors in Maine.

Hurricane Maria (2017)

The Lineman Got $63 an Hour. The Utility Was Billed $319 an Hour.

A small energy company from Montana is charging Puerto Rico for repair work to power lines at a rate that industry experts say is far above the norm.

Politics and Government

Op-Ed Contributor: On Trump’s Trip to China

Is the American president ceding global leadership to China?

Politics and Government

Editorial: Choking on Air in New Delhi

Once again, it is hard to breathe in India’s capital. The culprits are farmers and a stingy government.

Hurricane Maria (2017)

Side Street: Battered and Tattered, Puerto Rico’s Flag Still Waves

A mural in a Bronx body shop portrays the island’s recovery efforts in a heroic light, likening its people’s resolve to the flag-raising at Iwo Jima.

United States Politics and Government

Full Transcript of Trump’s Remarks on Russia

President Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One that President Vladimir V. Putin’s reassurances that Russia did not meddle in the American election appeared sincere.

Puerto Rico's emergency director resigns

Puerto Rico's emergency management director resigned Friday as the island's slow recovery continues nearly two months after Hurricane Maria made landfall.

Hurricane Maria (2017)

Emergency Manager Resigns in Puerto Rico; Army Ends Its Mission

The head of Puerto Rico’s emergency management agency resigned Friday, on the same day that the Army announced that its mission on the island had ended.

Drug Abuse and Traffic

Editorial: The Insanity of Taxpayer-Funded Addiction

The answer to the opioids crisis surely isn’t to pay Big Pharma to sell more pills.

United States Politics and Government

Keith Schiller, Trump’s Ex-Bodyguard, Says He Turned Down Offer of Women in Moscow

Testifying before a congressional committee, Mr. Schiller also said that he was not aware of Donald J. Trump participating in compromising activity on the 2013 trip, people familiar with the testimony said.


Trump’s Visit to China Provides a Propaganda Bonanza

President Trump’s flattery of China’s president, Xi Jinping, and his praise for the country’s achievements made things easy for the state-run news media.


In Puerto Rico, a sinkhole of rebuilding struggles

BAYAMON, Puerto Rico/NEW YORK, (Reuters) - Along a stretch of highway in suburban Bayamon, Puerto Rico, construction workers tried desperately to make progress repairing a 100-foot-long sinkhole before the clouds rolled in.

Car Services and Livery Cabs

Uber Drivers Aren’t Independent Contractors, U.K. Tribunal Rules

The decision, which affirmed a ruling made last year, casts doubt on a hiring model used by many “gig economy” businesses.

Campaign Finance

Editorial: Nothing to Cheer About in New York City Elections

The mayor won with the votes of only 16 percent of the electorate. An unopposed prosecutor got surprising opposition. And fewer women will hold office.

Hurricane Maria (2017)

Editorial: Puerto Rico’s Second-Class Treatment on Food Aid

A 35-year-old budget cap has denied the island the more generous and swifter relief that storm victims this year in Texas and Florida received.

Courts and the Judiciary

Op-Ed Contributor: Trump’s Crazy Choices for the Courts

These judicial nominees are so far outside the mainstream, even some conservative Republicans have expressed dismay.

Puerto Rico's power problem just got so much worse

A massive outage has wiped out power to Puerto Rico's capital San Juan.

FEMA to transport Puerto Rico's hurricane survivors to US mainland

The Federal Emergency Management Agency will help transport hurricane survivors from Puerto Rico to the continental United States, with priority given to approximately 3,000 people who are living in shelters, the agency said.

Drug Abuse and Traffic

Despite Trump’s Pleas, China’s Online Opioid Bazaar Is Booming

China’s sprawling chemical industry is weakly regulated and riddled with illicit activity. Ending its role in the U.S. drug epidemic will be difficult.

Hurricane Maria (2017)

Puerto Rico Deaths Spike, but Few Are Attributed to Hurricane

Officials said deaths spiked in September, casting doubt on the official storm toll even as FEMA planned to fly 3,000 residents in shelters off the island.

Trump, Donald J

Op-Ed Columnist: Trump’s Totally Terrible Time

On the plus side, some places didn’t vote.

State Legislatures

Editorial: Message to Mr. Trump: We’re Better Than That

As he bitterly appeals only to the few Americans not repelled by his behavior, Democrats won with the politics of inclusiveness.

Tax Credits, Deductions and Exemptions

Editorial: Want Kids, a Degree or a Home? The Tax Bill Would Cost You

An immense tax giveaway to the rich will hurt everyone else. Here’s how.

State Legislatures

Op-Ed Columnist: Virginia’s Election and Trump’s Whupping

It wasn’t just in one state. Across the country, the normal rules do apply to him.

Trump, Donald J

Trump’s Striking Change in Tone on China

Since his election, President Trump has gone from hammering China on trade policy to praising President Xi Jinping for his country’s response to North Korea.

Doctors unite to deliver supplies to Puerto Rico

After Hurricane Harvey flooded her city of Houston in August, Jennifer McQuade planned to donate socks.

Marine One (Helicopter)

DMZ Memo: Shrouded in Secrecy, Trump’s DMZ Trip Is Foiled by Fog

Behind the scenes with President Trump as he tried and failed to make a surprise visit to one of the world’s most dangerous borders.

Trump, Donald J

Trump’s Visit to China: More Business Deals Than Trade Pacts

President Trump will take a team of business leaders who may sign sales agreements, but chances of a big breakthrough on trade frictions seem slim.

Presidential Election of 2016

Editorial: Virginia Rejects Your Hateful Politics, Mr. Trump

Turns out the center can hold, after all.


Puerto Rico board, governor take power struggle to Congress

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The federally appointed oversight board that manages Puerto Rico's finances asked Congress on Tuesday for backing in its fight with the island's governor over who should take charge of limping efforts to restore electric power after Hurricane Maria.


Puerto Rico board asks Congress for backing in fight with governor

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The federally appointed oversight board that manages Puerto Rico's finances asked Congress for support on Tuesday in its fight with the island's governor over who should take charge of halting efforts to restore electric power after Hurricane Maria.

Corden, James (1978- )

Best of Late Night: James Corden Roasts Trump’s Photo Op-Laden Visit to Japan

Mr. Corden and other late-night hosts made fun of President Trump’s interactions with the Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe.

Gun Control

Editorial: Mass Shootings Don’t Have to Be Inevitable

Are even more guns really your answer, Mr. President?

Another small firm wins Puerto Rico power deal

Politics and Government

Editorial: Ballot Proposals, Mayor and New Jersey Governor: How to Vote

For Tuesday’s elections, here are The Times’s recommendations in major races and on ballot proposals.


Puerto Rico oversight board, PREPA to testify at House hearing Tuesday

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. House of Representatives' Natural Resources committee, citing concerns about power contracts in the wake of Hurricane Maria, is set to hear testimony on Tuesday from Puerto Rico's oversight board and the territory's bankrupt power utility, PREPA.

Mayor: Puerto Rico death toll may be higher

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz suggested that the death toll in the aftermath of the hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico is actually hundreds higher than official government count numbers.

Hurricane Maria (2017)

Edwidge Danticat: Dawn After the Tempests

The novelist Edwidge Danticat reflects on the devastation from Hurricanes Irma and Maria to many Caribbean islands whose economies rely on tourism.

New York State

Editorial: New York Voters Can Make Crooked Politicians Pay

A ballot measure would amend the state constitution to let judge dock the pensions of convicted officials.


Editorial: Willie Horton, Updated for the Trump Era

A certain amount of nastiness is inevitable as Election Day approaches, but a few utterly misleading campaign ads go over the line.

Northam, Ralph S

Trump’s Agenda Moves to Fore as a Race Tightens in Virginia

A racially tinged campaign by the Republican nominee for governor, Ed Gillespie, has tightened the race and, perhaps, presented a template for how to run in the Trump era.

United States International Relations

Editorial: In Asia, Mr. Trump Is Met by Doubt

Regional leaders fear that his threats and impulsiveness could bring on war, and feel that the future may lie with China.

Puerto Rico

Exposures: Puerto Rico in the Dark

Photographer Joseph Rodríguez captures the isolation of a storm-ravaged island.

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (2010)

Editorial: Obamacare vs. the Saboteurs

Most Americans want the administration to switch sides and start working to improve health care law.


Editorial: After ISIS, What Comes Next?

With a region in ruins, the United States faces the daunting challenge of promoting stability and countering extremism.


Following Trump’s Lead, Republicans Grow Quiet on Guantánamo

As the military commission system has struggled to bring terrorism suspects to justice, civilian courts have been much more effective.


MEDIA LINK-Mall landlord Taubman sues Saks Fifth Avenue over Puerto Rico store -WSJ

Nov 4 (Reuters) -

Real Estate and Housing (Residential)

Op-Ed Contributor: Fires Aren’t the Only Threat to the California Dream

Everything is political in the Bay Area, but housing most of all.

United States Economy

Editorial: A Good Choice for the Fed. But if Only …

President Trump could have done better by offering Janet Yellen, who has done a terrific job, a second term.

Travel and Vacations

Puerto Rico on Her Mind: How to Help a Stricken Island Called Home

Many loyal visitors to the Caribbean, including this writer, plan to travel to their island getaways, eager to help out, if only with their tourism dollars.

Real Estate (Commercial)

Commercial Real Estate, Which Fueled Trump’s Fortune, Fares Well in Tax Plan

On multiple provisions in the House tax package, commercial real estate developers were exempted from changes that would affect other industries.


Puerto Rico's PREPA utility creditors say power grid damage is overblown

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Bondholders of Puerto Rico's bankrupt power utility, PREPA, said on Friday that the damage to the local electric grid by Hurricane Maria is not as bad as the island's government says, and could be fixed quickly with an outside energy expert in charge.


Former Puerto Rico official denies any role in Whitefish deal

(Reuters) - A former Puerto Rico official who has been mentioned in connection with a controversial contract to restore electricity to the bankrupt U.S. territory after Hurricane Maria has denied having any role in securing it. 


RPT-Former Puerto Rico official denies any role in Whitefish deal

Nov 3 (Reuters) - A former Puerto Rico official who has been mentioned in connection with a controversial contract to restore electricity to the bankrupt U.S. territory after Hurricane Maria has denied having any role in securing it.

Computers and the Internet

Person Who Deleted Trump’s Twitter Account Said to Be Contractor

Originally described as a company employee, the person behind the deletion of President Trump’s Twitter account on Thursday was actually a contract worker, according to people briefed on the matter.

United States International Relations

Trump’s Grueling Asia Trip: 5 Nations, 12 Days

Mr. Trump will meet Pacific Rim leaders in the Philippines on Nov. 14 in the longest tour of Asia by a president since 1991.


Editorial: A Tax Plan for a New Gilded Age

The House Republicans’ proposal will primarily benefit corporations and rich families, and send the budget deficit soaring.


Exclusive: Trump boosts disaster aid for Puerto Rico rebuild

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday agreed to expand the use of disaster aid to help rebuild Puerto Rico's power grid and other infrastructure wrecked by Hurricane Maria, the White House said.


Exclusive: Trump agrees to pick up 90 percent of Puerto Rico rebuilding costs - aide

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump on Thursday agreed to expand the use of disaster aid to rebuild Puerto Rico's power grid and other infrastructure wrecked by Hurricane Maria, and said the federal government would pick up 90 percent of the costs, a senior White House official told Reuters.


New York to send 350 utility workers to Puerto Rico: Cuomo

NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York will send 350 utility workers and 220 vehicles and crews to help rebuild Puerto Rico's energy grid, Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a press conference Thursday with Puerto Rico governor Ricardo Rossello.


New York to send 350 utility workers to Puerto Rico - Cuomo

NEW YORK, Nov 2 (Reuters) - New York will send 350 utility workers and 220 vehicles and crews to help rebuild Puerto Rico's energy grid, Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a press conference Thursday with Puerto Rico governor Ricardo Rossello.

Elections, Mayors

Editorial: Mayor de Blasio Has Earned a Second Term

Crime is down, the city‘s finances are sound and he has made progress on housing. Now, about those subways ...


Puerto Rico governor knocks U.S. Army Corps response after hurricane

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello said the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers lacked urgency in restoring power to the storm-hit island, and that it was pushing the clean-up effort down the road.

Banking and Financial Institutions

Who Is Jerome Powell: Trump’s Pick for Fed Chairman

Jerome H. Powell will come to the chairman’s job at the Federal Reserve with a wide-ranging résumé. One thing he lacks: an economics degree.

International Trade and World Market

Op-Ed Contributor: Trump’s Trade War With Canada

The president is throwing red meat to his base by attacking Canada and Nafta.

United States Politics and Government

Trump’s Female Accusers Feel Forgotten. A Lawsuit May Change That.

During his campaign, Mr. Trump said the women who accused him of sexual misconduct were liars. A defamation suit could give them a chance to confront him again.


Editorial: While New York Mourns, the President Postures

Mr. Trump sends condolences, then returns to fantasies of fighting terrorism with an immigration crackdown.

Race and Ethnicity

Editorial: About John Kelly’s Racist History Lesson

The White House chief of staff was supposed to be a calming force, but he has now echoed President Trump’s sympathy for white nationalists.

Computers and the Internet

Where the STEM Jobs Are (and Where They Aren’t)

The enthusiasm for science education rests on the assumption that these fields are flush with opportunity. Physicists, go digital.


UPDATE 2-U.S. House questions FEMA over Puerto Rico power contracts

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK, Nov 1 (Reuters) - The U.S. House of Representatives' energy committee on Wednesday said it wants the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to explain how it is overseeing contracts for rebuilding Puerto Rico's power grid after it was devastated by Hurricane Maria.


House questions FEMA over Puerto Rico power contracts

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. House of Representatives' energy committee on Wednesday said it wants the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to explain how it is overseeing contracts for rebuilding Puerto Rico's power grid after it was devastated by Hurricane Maria.

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

Senators Press Tech Executives but Split on Russia’s Role in Trump’s Win

After months of avoiding a public debate about whether Russia helped tip the election, Republicans sought to portray the Kremlin-backed effort as a broader misinformation campaign.


Trump’s U.N. Envoy Restores U.S. Support for Cuba Embargo

The American dissent on a General Assembly resolution condemning the embargo restored the United States’s extreme isolation on the issue.


Puerto Rico seeks help as Medicaid crisis deepens after Maria

WASHINGTON/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Puerto Rico, still reeling from Hurricane Maria, is asking the Trump administration and U.S. lawmakers for help in staving off a Medicaid crisis that has put a quarter of the island’s residents at risk of losing medical care.

EPA says water at Puerto Rico Superfund site is OK to drink

Water drawn from wells at a hazardous waste site in hurricane-hit Puerto Rico meets federal drinking water standards and is fit for consumption, the US Environmental Protection Agency said in a news release on Tuesday.

Ears and Hearing

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Glasses Are Cool. Why Aren’t Hearing Aids?

Millions of Americans suffer hearing loss, but too few of us do anything about it. That has to change.

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

Editorial: That Crazy Talk About Robert Mueller

Ludicrous accusations would be laughable, but they are linked to a dangerous move by Trump allies to shut down the Russia investigation for good.


UPDATE 2-Puerto Rico calls on U.S. utilities to help restore power

Oct 31 (Reuters) - It took almost six weeks, but Puerto Rico has finally called on U.S. mainland utilities to help restore power after Hurricane Maria knocked out electric service to all of the U.S. territory's 3.4 million residents.

International Trade and World Market

Economic Scene: Trump’s Trade Endgame Could Be the Undoing of Global Rules

Embracing bilateral agreements as a way to avoid trade deficits is a throwback to the 1980s. That era’s failures are a lesson for this administration.


UPDATE 1-Puerto Rico calls on U.S. utilities to help restore power

Oct 31 (Reuters) - Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) executive director Ricardo Ramos sent a letter to utility industry trade groups requesting assistance for power restoration crews, a Puerto Rico government official said on Tuesday.

UN experts blast US disaster response in Puerto Rico

Some 3.4 million Americans are facing "alarming" conditions more than a month after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, UN human experts said, calling the disaster response there ineffective compared with the urgency of federal aid to storm-ravaged states on the US mainland.


Puerto Rico calls on U.S. utilities to help restore power

(Reuters) - Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) executive director Ricardo Ramos sent a letter to utility industry trade group American Public Power Association (APPA) requesting assistance for power restoration crews, a Puerto Rico government official said on Tuesday.


UPDATE 1-Puerto Rico's path to restore power shifts after Whitefish exit

* Governor says 1,000 crews needed, compared with 400 now (Adds details, bullet points)

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

Editorial: Is the White House Scared Yet?

Robert Mueller III makes his move and goes to the heart of Donald Trump’s campaign.