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Health Insurance and Managed Care

A Last Push for Obamacare Sign-ups — and Worries About Who Got Hurt

Blacks and Hispanics saw the biggest gains under the Affordable Care Act. They’re also likely to be most affected by cuts to this year’s enrollment period, which ended Friday.


Ohio passes law barring abortion over Down syndrome diagnosis

CLEVELAND (Reuters) - Women in Ohio would be prohibited from receiving abortions because of a fetal Down syndrome diagnosis under a bill that passed the state senate on Wednesday and is heading to Republican Governor John Kasich’s desk.

Congressman reveals cancer diagnosis

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) shares details of his experience with aggressive prostate cancer on the House of Representatives floor.

Children and Childhood

Opinion: Ed Sheeran Raises Money for Liberia — And Is Promptly Shamed

Criticizing the singer for promoting “poverty porn” hurts people the world has forgotten.

If Doug Jones defeats Roy Moore tonight, he'll achieve something that hasn't been done in more than a decade

Great Britain Withdrawal from EU (Brexit)

Theresa May Quiets the Critics — in Her Own Party

The British prime minister had to calm waters roiled by her own cabinet members, who seemed to undercut a hard-won agreement on Friday to keep Brexit talks alive.


Op-Ed Contributor: An Everyman — Just Not Ours

Understanding France’s ardor for Johnny Hallyday does not come easily to Americans.

Analysis: Something very weird is going on with Trump's Twitter feed right now

President Donald Trump is -- almost -- nowhere on Twitter right now.


A Long-Dead Cambodian King Is Back — and He Looks Familiar

Some think Prime Minister Hun Sen considers himself the reincarnation of a 16th-century ruler. Recently built statues certainly suggest a resemblance.

Meyers, Seth

Best of Late Night: Seth Meyers Says Russia Meddled in the Olympics — and the Election

Mr. Meyers and other late-night hosts took on the news that Russia had been banned from competing in the 2018 Winter Games because of doping.


UPDATE 1-Apple, Facebook find something to praise China for amid internet clamp

WUZHEN, China, Dec 5 (Reuters) - Top executives at Apple Inc and Facebook Inc managed to find something to praise Beijing for at an internet conference in China this week, even as its Communist Party rulers ban Western social media and stamp on online dissent.


Apple, Facebook find something to praise China for amid internet clamp

WUZHEN, China, Dec 5 (Reuters) - Top executives at Apple Inc and Facebook Inc managed to find something to praise Beijing for at an internet conference in China this week, even as its Communist Party rulers ban Western social media and stamp on online dissent.


Bolt overwhelmed by unveiling of statue where it all began

KINGSTON (Reuters) - Multiple Olympic and world champion Usain Bolt has described the unveiling of his statue in front of Kingston's National Stadium as one of the greatest moments of his career.

Dengue vaccine found to worsen disease symptoms

The Philippines has suspended its large-scale dengue vaccination effort amid the surprising results of a new study conducted by the vaccine's manufacturer.

United States Politics and Government

News Analysis: Republicans Near a Big Win — but Will It Lift Them Politically?

Senate passage of a trillion-dollar tax cut will be a much-needed Republican victory, but it remains to be seen whether it lifts them out of their political ditch.

Russia 2018 World Cup draw — Live!

After almost three years of qualifying, 868 matches and 2454 goals, it has all come down to this.

Solar Energy

Australia Powers Up the World’s Biggest Battery — Courtesy of Elon Musk

South Australia had a blackout problem, and the Tesla founder had a solution: a battery the size of a football field.

Fashion and Apparel

10 Polaroids: Marco Zanini Captures His Italian Trip — in Polaroids

The designer for Santoni documents his excursion to Italy's Marche region exclusively for T.

Eyes and Eyesight

Matter: The Scallop Sees With Space-Age Eyes — Hundreds of Them

Each scallop eye is built something like the gigantic telescopes that peer into deep space, researchers reported on Thursday.


Smartphone pics may be sharp enough for dermatology diagnosis

(Reuters Health) - With a few exceptions, a dermatologist was just as accurate in diagnosing children’s skin conditions from smartphone photos taken by parents as the doctors who saw the kids in person, a small U.S. study found.

Amazon's Black Friday sale is on — here's what to shop

Cooking and Cookbooks

On Dessert: What Children — and Parents — Can Learn From Baking Together

A bonding activity that builds joy and character.

Race and Ethnicity

Feature: The Culture Caught Up With Spike Lee — Now What?

After more than three decades as a provocateur, the filmmaker has returned to the movie that made him famous.

Skin Cancer

Skin Cancers Rise — Along With Questionable Treatments

Dermatology is booming, with private equity investments and an influx of physician assistants doing the work of doctors. Are patients being well served?


New ARV drugs, early diagnosis key to beating AIDS epidemic: UNAIDS

CAPE TOWN (Reuters) - Developing new front-line antiretroviral (ARV) drugs and using technology for early diagnosis are among key steps needed to sustain momentum in fighting HIV/Aids and ending the disease as a public health threat by 2030, UNAIDS said in a report on Monday.

This protester did something about it: He got elected

In just over the past year, Braxton Winston has gone from a prominent protester to a popular politician.


New Quay Journal: A Cliff-Edge Town Visited by Poets, Dolphins — and Octopuses

Octopuses and giant barrel jellyfish come and go in a town where Wales’s best-known alcoholic drank. The dolphins seem to be staying, so far.


Diagnosis: Was This a Virus, or Something More Dangerous for Her — and Her Fetus?

It began with the symptoms of a passing illness. But the woman got steadily worse, and the doctors worried that it was something else entirely.


FDA clears nerve stimulator for opioid withdrawal symptoms

(Reuters) - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday cleared for use an electrical nerve stimulator designed to reduce the symptoms of opioid withdrawal.

Fashion and Apparel

3 Designers Creating Clothes for Life — Not the Runway

Independent, understated, anonymous, even: A trio of sought-after labels specialize in the sort of thoughtful, well-made garments categorized as slow fashion.

United States Politics and Government

An Alabama Senate Candidate Keeps Democratic Leaders Away — but Not Their Money

Doug Jones has portrayed his race for the Senate as an Alabama effort, apart from the national Democratic Party, but he is reaping the fruit of an energized party.

Analysis: Trump is saying something that isn't true 5.5 times a day

Alternative facts. Lies. Distortions. Exaggerations. Misstatements. Half truths.

Sandy's Story: 7 years after Alzheimer's diagnosis, 'there's still a good life'

When he first sees me, Sandy Halperin always gives a surprised snort and then a cackle of delight. Before I know it, I'm enveloped in a bear hug, snuggled close and patted heartily on the back. If I'm lucky and Sandy remembers that he really likes me, I'll get a back scratch too, a true Halperin hug.

United States Politics and Government

Op-Ed Columnist: Sex, Senators and — Oh Gosh, Mitt

Romney has been a veritable profile in courage by Republican standards.


Two Border Cities Share Russian History — and a Sharp European Divide

While attached to Russia by ethnicity and emotion, residents of Narva, Estonia, say they would never actually want to live there.

Lung Cancer

Voices: A Gay Husband, a Dire Diagnosis and the Best-Laid Plans

I was just as unprepared to hear my doctor say “lung cancer” as I had been to hear my husband say “I’m gay.”


Lab Chimps Are Moving to Sanctuaries — Slowly

Medical experimentation on chimpanzees has ended, but moving all of them into retirement will be a difficult task.

Trump to Kim: Returning abductees would be 'something very special'

US President Donald Trump hinted at the possibility of a diplomatic breakthrough with North Korea, were the country to release a number of Japanese citizens abducted by the regime more than two decades ago.


Monrovia Journal: In Liberia, an Executive Mansion Fit for a President — and Ghosts, Too

No president who has slept at the mansion for any extended period has come to a decent end. The place, as any Liberian will tell you, is both haunted and jinxed.

Traffic Accidents and Safety

‘Everyone Lost Something’

Three years after a horrific bus crash, victims are still dealing with grave injuries, emotional scars — and an underinsured bus company.

Dating and Relationships

Modern Love: Is There Something Queer About Being Single?

In a society that rewards marriage, a woman asks why the single life should have to be condemned, even by the Supreme Court, as one of loneliness.

New York City

New York Today: New York Today: Surviving a 1-in-1,000 Diagnosis

Thursday: Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, and lessons from Hurricane Sandy.

Death and Dying

The Symptoms of Protracted Dying

The patient was stubborn and exceptional in life, so her family believed she would be exceptional in beating her prognosis.


Brutal Killing of Journalist Exposes ‘Something Darker’ in Malta

Daphne Caruana Galizia enraged dozens of powerful people with investigations that exposed corruption. Virtually nobody expects her killing to be solved.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

New Study Casts Doubt on Diagnosis of Adult-Onset A.D.H.D.

Adults said to develop symptoms of A.D.H.D. may instead have substance abuse or mood problems, researchers concluded.

Sexual Harassment

Harvey Weinstein: Hollywood’s Open Secret — and Punch Line

As Hollywood opened up about the alleged sexual harassment by Harvey Weinstein, our reporter found that the industry had been making references about him in TV shows and awards programs for years.


Show Us Your Wall: David and Sybil Yurman: Out of Africa — and the Subconscious

From Danish modern furnishings to African masks, a jewelry power couple’s collections are inspired by memories and travels.

How the 'Me Too' movement began

'Me too.'

Real Estate and Housing (Residential)

The Most Common Obstacles to a Sale — and What to Do About Them

In a market dominated by older homes, there is no such thing as a perfect New York property. Agents talk about how they deal with the worst flaws.


Diagnosis: If the Boy Had Pneumonia, Why Did He Have Odd Sores on His Body?

A 5-year-old has two seemingly unrelated symptoms, but if they were connected, it might mean serious trouble.


Heartburn symptoms tied to psychological factors in some patients

(Reuters Health) - Heartburn sufferers who don’t feel better with standard treatment, but who have no detectable reflux, tend to have greater distress and worse quality of life, according to a new study.


Some U.S. visitors to Cuba complain of symptoms similar to embassy 'attacks': U.S

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The State Department has received a "handful" of reports from private U.S. citizens who traveled to Cuba and say they have experienced symptoms similar to those suffered by American diplomats in mysterious "attacks" in Havana, a U.S. official said on Friday.

National Anthems

On Pro Football: Please Rise for Our National Anthem — if You’re Not Too Busy

At football games, the anthem has been cherished by some and — let’s be honest — endured by others. Either way, it signals the game is starting.


Global Health: They Swallowed Live Typhoid Bacteria — On Purpose

A clinical trial enlisted some of England’s brightest minds, tempted by curiosity and cash. They proved a new typhoid vaccine works and could save children’s lives.

Trump jovial at first fundraiser since RNC began paying his legal bills

President Donald Trump on Tuesday evening is expected to raise about $5 million at a high-dollar fundraiser here with some of his wealthiest supporters.

Breakthrough could lead to CTE diagnosis in living athletes

The headlines of football players and chronic traumatic encephalopathy - commonly known as CTE - seem endless. The degenerative brain disease's most recent vicitm - former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez. But one of the biggest obstacles in understanding CTE has been the inability to diagnose it in the living. New research published today may make that possible. Published in the journal PLOS One, researchers have found a protein that can be a marker of this devastating disease.

Ratings (Audience Measurement)

Reading Something in the N.F.L. Ratings? You’re Probably Wrong

Amid protests against police brutality and in the wake of the president’s tweets, the war over television ratings has become explicitly political.

Politics and Government

Germany’s Far Right Complicates Life for Merkel — and the E.U.

Political fragmentation and populism in Germany will make it harder for Angela Merkel to pair with President Emmanuel Macron of France to revitalize Europe.


Sports of The Times: Was It a One-Day Revolt in the N.F.L., or Something More?

This movement could force real change, unless the owners and players get back to business as usual.

Middle East and Africa Migrant Crisis

Seeking Asylum — and Finding Hatred — in Germany

Escaping violence in Libya, Abode struggles to belong in a German town that has become a flashpoint of anti-immigrant anger.

Larry King reveals lung cancer diagnosis

Larry King has gone public with a recent cancer diagnosis.

New York Fashion Week

Fashion Review: Marc Jacobs — He’s Still Here

The final show of New York Fashion Week was a litmus test for the continued relevance of the city’s favorite designer son.

Robberies and Thefts

The Breakdown: ‘Tiny Home’: Affordable, Stylish — but a Bit Too Easy to Steal

The police in Australia have arrested a man in the theft of a 1.5-ton Canberra home, which was hauled cross-country before they caught up with it.


Critic's Notebook: The Silent Film Returns — on Social Media

Though we may still pop headphones in to watch a YouTube rant, social media has cultivated its own mute visual culture.


Macau Journal: A Debate Over a Defunct Casino — and Over Macau’s Identity

The 1960s hotel, Macau’s first casino resort, is not an architectural treasure, but many residents, especially the young, have an emotional connection.

Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

In the Caribbean, Rebuilding Nations — and the Tourism Industry

As a region assesses the damage wrought by Irma, officials say it could take years for tourism to fully recover.


Will the Old Gay Play Have Something New to Say?

A spate of revivals will allow audiences to consider what’s changed, what hasn’t, and what Bob Mackie has in the sequin drawer.

Colleges and Universities

After Charlottesville, Colleges Vow to Do Something. But What?

Universities are grappling with a dramatic spike in white supremacist activity on their campuses, forcing them to weigh competing priorities: safety, free speech and diversity.

Pop and Rock Music

The National: Something Out of Nothing

The Oscar-nominated director Marshall Curry takes you behind the scenes, in virtual reality, with the rock band the National as they record in their cozy studio and perform a frenetic live rock show.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

What Trump Told 'Dreamers' — Before He Ended DACA

President Trump is winding down DACA. But Trump and his administration have at times suggested that this wouldn’t happen.

Trump and McConnell find something they can agree on

President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell may not be on the best of terms after a failure to pass a healthcare overhaul this summer and ahead of expected fiscal fights this fall. But they have at least one shared mission: confirming a bevy of federal judges.

Hurricane Harvey (2017)

Shaken by Harvey, Congress May Try Something New: Bipartisanship

Lawmakers return from recess with priorities reshuffled and glimmers of cooperation emerging on hurricane aid. The question is whether it will last.

United States Open (Tennis)

Sports of The Times: A Crude Rant Gets Fognini Booted From the Open — and Good Riddance

It may take awhile for officials to decide the long-term fate of this foul-mouthed player. Based on his past behavior, though, it should be a no-brainer.

Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

Texans Navigate Floodwaters — and Emotions

Videos of victims of Tropical Storm Harvey reveal the emotional toll as well as the physical in Houston and the surrounding area.

Reservations (Airlines, Hotels, Etc.)

OpenTable Began a Revolution. Now It’s a Power Under Siege.

Nearly 20 years after it changed the way we make restaurant reservations, the company and the new sector it created are still struggling.

Computers and the Internet

First Words: In Our Cynical Age, No One Fails Anymore — Everybody ‘Pivots’

From Silicon Valley to the White House, changing your narrative is as easy as announcing your intention to do so.

Night Wolves

Inside a Putin-Linked Biker Club — And Its Combat School

As skirmishes in Ukraine continue, the Night Wolves — a Russian motorcycle club that is on friendly terms with President Vladimir V. Putin — is running a combat training center just a few hours away.

Girls Trip (Movie)

‘Girls Trip’ Writers Make Movie History — and Influence It, Too

They say the first $100 million film from an all-black cast and creative team comes at a time when the country needs to celebrate women of color.

Carbon Capture and Sequestration

What ‘Clean Coal’ Is — and Isn’t

President Trump’s comments about “clean coal” in Phoenix betrayed a common confusion about the term.

Taylor Swift is definitely up to something

Buckle up Swifties, it looks like the Queen is set to return.

Britney Spears gives fans 'Something To Talk About'

Chatter about her not being able to sing live is, apparently, toxic to Britney Spears.

After 7 mostly unproductive months in office, Trump is again becoming what he has always been — an outsider


Increased risk of heart attack, stroke soon after cancer diagnosis

Reuters Health - Patients with cancer have higher risks of heart attack and stroke from blood clots, especially in the first few months after diagnosis, compared with people who don't have cancer, researchers report.

Canadian diplomat in Cuba also suffered 'unusual symptoms'

Canadian officials confirmed that a diplomat in Havana suffered from "unusual symptoms" just one day after the US said its diplomats in Cuba were targeted by an "acoustic attack."

Women and Girls

What Does New ’80s-Inspired Workwear Say About Women — and Power?

A writer considers fall’s modest and voluminous silhouettes.

United States Politics and Government

V.A. Plans to Fire Its D.C. Medical Director — Again

The department’s secretary intends to use the authority given to him in a new law that makes it easier to fire deficient employees.

Dating and Relationships

Modern Love: Escaping From a Dire Diagnosis on

To entertain her hospital-bound friend, a divorced woman opens an online dating account so they can scroll through profiles of available men.

Kid Rock for Senate? His former duet partner has something to say about that

For Grammy award-winning artist Sheryl Crow, inspiration comes from everywhere, even the most random tweet.

Saint John, Bozoma

Why a Profile of Uber’s Chief Brand Officer — a Woman — Ran in Styles

After The Times published a profile of Bozoma Saint John, some of our readers questioned why a story on a prominent businesswoman ran in the Styles section.

United States Politics and Government

News Analysis: On Policy, Republicans Find They Cannot Beat Something With Nothing

For seven years, Republicans promised their voters they would replace the Affordable Care Act with something better, cheaper and just as generous. They forgot to figure out what.


BRIEF-Abbvie CEO says "big" M&A is something that is not fundamental to their strategy

* Abbvie CFO: humira u.s. Sales increased 18 percent compared to the prior year, driven by low double-digit prescription growth plus price.


Feature: Why Hollywood Is Trying to Turn Everything Into Movies — Even Mindless Games Like ‘Fruit Ninja’

Hollywood is aggressively adapting material that doesn’t have a narrative or even any characters. But not all intellectual property is created equal.


Exxon Baton Rouge 2016 blast began with stuck valve: U.S. board

HOUSTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Chemical Safety Board said on Wednesday that the events leading to a 2016 blast at ExxonMobil Corp's Baton Rouge, Louisiana, refinery began when an operator disassembled a stuck valve on the alkylation unit, releasing a cloud of isobutane vapor.


First Words: Is Being ‘Unapologetic’ the New Patriotic — or a Form of Resistance?

Some Americans’ allergy to apology meets up with exasperation over so-called political correctness. For others, there’s celebration in defiance.

Writing and Writers

The Story of a Thing: The Author of ‘I Love Dick’ — on One Crazy Coincidence

When Chris Kraus set out to write a biography on Kathy Acker, she had no idea the surprising artistic connection she would discover they shared.

Her cancer diagnosis didn't surprise her -- her genetic test did

Bolt, Usain

Something Strange in Usain Bolt’s Stride

Bolt is the fastest sprinter ever in spite of — or because of? — an uneven stride that upends conventional wisdom.

The symptoms that led doctors to order more tests for McCain

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has been diagnosed with glioblastoma, a type of brain tumor, according to doctors directly involved with his care. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta has the latest.


Trump says 'something could happen' on climate accord

PARIS (Reuters) - President Donald Trump held the door open to a reversal of his decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord on Thursday, but did not say what he would need in return to persuade him to do so.


Trump says 'something could happen' with regard to Paris climate accord

PARIS (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday appeared to hold the door open to a change of position on the 2015 Paris climate change agreement which he pulled the United States out of earlier this year.

Death and Dying

The Gentler Symptoms of Dying

The human body’s most compassionate gift is the interdependence of its parts.

Oswalt, Patton

Patton Oswalt Announces His Engagement — and Strikes Back at ‘Grub Worm’ Critics

Mr. Oswalt and his fiancée, the actress Meredith Salenger, rebuked critics who said he had moved on too soon from the 2016 death of his first wife.


BRIEF-Allergan reports new data from studies on Viberzi to treat irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea symptoms

* Allergan reports new data reinforcing the effectiveness of Viberzi® (eluxadoline) to treat the symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea (IBS-D), abdominal pain and diarrhea

Trump to Xi: 'Something has to be done' about North Korea

Less than a week after an historic North Korean missile test, the leaders of the United States and China pledged to work together to stop Kim Jong Un's nuclear missile program.


Treatable menopause symptoms linked to depression in older women

Women over age 65 dealing with hot flashes and other treatable symptoms of low estrogen are more likely to also have moderate or severe depression, according to a large study in Australia.


Missing something? UK police want help to solve severed finger mystery

LONDON (Reuters) - British police have launched a public appeal to find the owner of a human finger, seven years after it was found in London.


Protests, policy rows, volatile leaders — welcome to the Hamburg G20 summit

HAMBURG (Reuters) - Summits of world leaders are usually highly choreographed affairs that leave little to chance.

United States Politics and Government

Senate Democrats Sought to Work With Trump. Then He Began Governing.

Democrats from states the president won thought they might find common ground with him. But his policies and posture toward them have had the opposite effect.


Eat: A Gazpacho Recipe to Follow — Then Discard

Sometimes creating the best version of a classic dish requires you to taste your way to perfection.


Medicaid cuts linked to later breast cancer diagnosis

(Reuters Health) - More women may be diagnosed with advanced breast cancer and suffer treatment delays when Medicaid cutbacks eliminate coverage for many adults with low-income jobs, a study in Tennessee suggests.


Deadly London apartment blaze began in Hotpoint fridge freezer: police

LONDON (Reuters) - A fire that engulfed a London apartment block killing at least 79 people started in a Hotpoint fridge freezer and cladding on the building failed all safety tests, London police said on Friday.


UPDATE 1-Deadly London tower blaze began in Hotpoint fridge freezer - police

LONDON, June 23 (Reuters) - A fire that engulfed a London tower block killing at least 79 people started in a Hotpoint fridge freezer and cladding on the building failed all safety tests, London police said on Friday.


Racism tied to worse asthma symptoms for black youth

(Reuters Health) - African-American children and young adults with a hard-to-treat type of asthma may have a more difficult time keeping symptoms in check when they have experienced racial discrimination, a recent study suggests.

Homosexuality and Bisexuality

Pride 2017: New York’s L.G.B.T. Story Began Well Before Stonewall

The gay bar’s 1969 patron-police battle, hailed as a starting point, actually followed many events in the city, now mapped in a sites project.

Congressional Baseball Team Shooting (June, 2017)

Before Shooting, Suspect Began Day at Y.M.C.A. as Usual

Records show that James T. Hodgkinson, the man who police say opened fire on a congressional baseball practice, had made a local Y.M.C.A. his home base.

Dennis Rodman hopes to do 'something pretty positive' in North Korea

NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman told CNN he was hoping to do "something that's pretty positive," as he prepared to board a plane for a trip to North Korea Tuesday.

Cillizza: By avoiding a closed meeting with senators, the attorney general avoids any whiff of 'something to hide'

Attorney General Jeff Sessions stunned the political world over the weekend by making clear he wanted to testify in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee in its investigation into Russia's meddling in the 2016 election. Today he delivered another stunner: He wants that Tuesday hearing to be public!


On Tennis: Something Old, Something New at French Open

As a new female star emerges, the classic male stars continue to dominate.

United States Politics and Government

What Comey Left Unsaid — and What It Means

A look at what we can glean from the questions James B. Comey, the former director of the F.B.I, would not answer publicly during his testimony before Congress on Thursday.

Melissa Etheridge: 'Orlando really cracked something open in me'

Singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge remembers Orlando nightclub shooting one year later

Trump looks like a man with something to hide


Menopause symptoms may be worse for obese women

(Reuters Health) - Obese women may suffer more severe menopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats than their slimmer peers, a Brazilian study suggests.

Computers and the Internet

On Technology: The Internet Is Where We Share — and Steal — the Best Ideas

The schism between those driving cultural conversations online and those profiting from them has us questioning ownership in the digital age.

Cricket (Game)

India, Pakistan and Something Deeper Than Cricket

Once dominated by Pakistan, a rivalry considered to be among the fiercest in sports is now firmly in the control of India, which won Sunday’s match by 124 runs.


Verdasco wins battle of 30-somethings against Cuevas

PARIS (Reuters) - An expected slugfest between two veteran claycourters turned into a stroll in the park for Fernando Verdasco after the Spaniard demolished 22nd seed Pablo Cuevas 6-2 6-1 6-3 to reach the French Open fourth round on Saturday.

Shaub, Walter M Jr

A Vocal Defender of Ethics Has Fans — and Foes

Walter M. Shaub of the Office of Government Ethics is an unassuming government employee, but he has a reputation as a fighter.


ISIS Blasts Kill Dozens at Family Gatherings — This Time, in Iraq

A pair of attacks shook Baghdad on Tuesday, in one instance killing children out for ice cream with their families — creating a wrenching scene like that in Manchester last week.

Books and Literature

Fiction: A Late — and Maybe Last — Collection of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘Lost’ Stories

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s best readers will find much to enjoy in this gorgeously produced book, “I’d Die for You, and Other Lost Stories.”


Border Advice for Muslims Alarms Australian Official — but It Came From His Department

The immigration minister, Peter Dutton, asked why a legal rights group told Muslims to delete violent images on their phones. But his department has said the same thing.


The trauma of a breast cancer diagnosis can have cognitive effects

The mental fog often experienced by breast cancer patients after chemotherapy might be due more to post-traumatic stress than to the cancer drugs, a new study suggests.


I had to change something, says Djokovic

PARIS (Reuters) - Novak Djokovic says the decision to begin working with Andre Agassi came after he realized something had to change if he was to maintain a level of success throughout his career.

Trump lost travel ban fight before it began

Football (College)

A Football Coach’s Struggle With C.T.E. — and a Guilty Conscience

Don Horton coached hundreds of college linemen after his playing days were over. At the end of his life, he asked: What was his responsibility to them?


Celiac disease symptoms more likely to resolve in children

(Reuters Health) - In response to a strict gluten-free diet, celiac disease symptoms are more likely to go away in children than in adults, researchers say.

Cillizza: Rep. Blake Farenthold just said something deeply irresponsible

Texas Rep. Blake Farenthold, during an appearance on CNN Wednesday morning, offered what seemed to be a wink and nod to the debunked conspiracy theories surrounding the murder of former Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich.


Agassi could bring something special to Djokovic, says Leconte

LONDON (Reuters) - Novak Djokovic could be on the verge of "something special" after teaming up with Andre Agassi for the French Open, former Roland Garros runner-up Henri Leconte said on Tuesday.


BRIEF-Cadila Healthcare's Zydus gets final FDA nod for drug to treat allergy symptoms

* Says Zydus receives final approval from U.S. FDA for cyproheptadine hydrochloride tablets usp


A Radical Redo for ‘Madama Butterfly’ — to Save It?

In a radically revised and trimmed version of Puccini’s classic, Heartbeat Opera tries to address the Asian stereotypes the work helped perpetuate.


The Health Issue: The Rooster Attacked Me — and Yet I Loved Him

The cruelest farmyard animal is revealing of human nature.


A Shocking Diagnosis: Breast Implants ‘Gave Me Cancer’

A rare cancer of the immune system, linked to implants, has had devastating effects on women, many of whom had reconstructive surgery after breast cancer.


Seventh gives Alonso something to smile about

BARCELONA (Reuters) - Fernando Alonso astonished fans and Formula One rivals on Saturday by qualifying seventh for his home Spanish Grand Prix in a McLaren that had been the slowest car on track a day earlier -- when actually moving.


The Public Editor: Friday Mailbag: Is The Times Praising the President — or Poking Fun?

Some readers are worried that a new weekly column about President Trump harms the newspaper’s reputation; plus, The Times hasn’t covered an oil spill in its own backyard.


Too little focus on lifestyle, preventing symptoms in peripheral artery disease

(Reuters Health) - Many patients with peripheral artery disease, a common cause of chronic disability and mobility limitations in the elderly, aren't counseled on lifestyle changes and medications that can help prevent symptoms from worsening, a U.S. study suggests.

Penn State frat death: Something is terribly wrong

The more details that emerge about the February death of 19-year-old Penn State sophomore and fraternity pledge Timothy Piazza, the clearer it becomes that there is something terribly wrong with Greek life as it exists on many college campuses. And, quite possibly, with kids themselves.


The Yankees Won a 6-Hour Marathon. Then the Real Race Began.

After defeating the Cubs in 18 innings early Monday morning, the Yankees had slightly more than two hours before they needed to be in the air on their way to Cincinnati.

Models (Professional)

On the Runway: A New Age in French — Modeling

Will requiring models to have medical certificates stating they are not excessively underweight, or labeling of retouched photographs, really protect models’ health?

Obamacare vote is the diagnosis -- now let's cure Congress

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer on December 1, 2011, I didn't know what would come next, but I knew it wasn't going to be easy. I feel the same way now, the morning after Republicans in the House of Representatives conspired with our President to destroy critical health care protections that are my lifeline, and that of millions of my fellow Americans.

Freedom of the Press

Cartoonists Earn a Prime Minister’s Ire — and His Subscription

Prass Press, a new satirical paper, is testing the limits of press freedom in Bulgaria.


BRIEF-Metlife began restructuring derivative hedges

* Metlife - during Q1, began restructuring some derivative hedges to partially stabilize volatility from nonqualified interest rate derivatives


10 Classic Photographs — Reinterpreted Entirely in Play-Doh

The artist Eleanor Macnair has produced a series for the Magnum Photo agency, remaking some of its most historic images in Play-Doh.

Cooking and Cookbooks

Rituals: One Award-Winning Chef — and His Surprisingly Cheap Eating Habits

Despite being known for inventive molecular gastronomy, Wylie Dufresne buys sandwiches from a bodega — and Pret a Manger — nearly every day.

Cummings: White House looks like it's hiding something

Ranking House Oversight Committee member Elijah Cummings (D-MD) has released documents that reveal that former national security adviser Michael Flynn was warned in 2014 against taking foreign payments.

President's first 100 days is ending like it began, with a flurry of activity and controversy

Donald Trump's first 100 days as President is ending as it began, in a tempestuous flurry of activity, executive power flexing and controversy.

Trump and Kim have something in common

The funny thing about tension on the Korean Peninsula is that the further away from it one is, the closer to war it appears.


With Baby in Tow, Victoria Azarenka Returns to Tennis — and Her Roots

After an extended break from competition, Azarenka is training in her native Belarus with a new coach and a new traveling companion: her infant son.


Sweet home Chicago: Obama re-emerges in city where it all began

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Former U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday makes his first major appearance since leaving office, having chosen Chicago, the city where his political career started, to emerge from a three-month hiatus from the public eye.

Boston Marathon

First Woman to Run in Boston Marathon Is Doing It Again — 50 Years Later

In 1967, Kathrine Switzer registered as K.V. Switzer and had to avoid an official who tried to force her from the course.


BRIEF-Roche launches anti-p504s (SP116) Rabbit Monoclonal Primary Antibody(2) for prostate cancer diagnosis

* Roche launches antibody test to aid in diagnosis of challenging prostate cancer cases


Ask a Showrunner: This Season of ‘Homeland’ Was Written in Something Like Real Time

Alex Gansa, the showrunner, talks about writing episodes during the Trump presidency: Plots were rejiggered, and characters were changed.


Increased risk of fatal injury comes with an autism diagnosis

(Reuters Health) - Young people with autism are about three times more likely than the general population to experience deadly injuries like choking or drowning, according to a U.S. study.

Colleges and Universities

A Journey From ‘Real World’ to Homeless Shelter — and College

A student at LaGuardia Community College recounts his two-year struggle with homelessness, revisiting the places he found shelter.

Psychology and Psychologists

Blackboard: Be Nice — You Won’t Finish Last

There are two kinds of popular people: the likable and the status seekers. Which kind are you? It matters.


Masters first round whips up something different

AUGUSTA, Georgia (Reuters) - Fred Couples is not surprised by much at the Augusta National after teeing it up at 32 U.S. Masters, but Thursday's opening round whipped up something that even he had never experienced before.


Trump says 'something should happen' with Assad as U.S. weighs military options

ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday that "something should happen" with President Bashar al-Assad after a deadly poison gas attack in Syria, as the Pentagon and the White House launched detailed discussions on military options.


Trump steps up Syria rhetoric, says 'something should happen' with Assad

ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday that "something should happen" with President Bashar al-Assad after a poison gas attack in Syria, as the Pentagon and the White House launched detailed discussions on military options.

Stocks and Bonds

Common Sense: Tesla Has Something Hotter Than Cars to Sell: Its Story

The electric-car maker is the latest company to become a market darling based not on what it has achieved but on a vision of a dominant future.


Women with bothersome menopausal symptoms can seek treatment

(Reuters Health) - Women who experience vaginal and urinary problems associated with menopause should seek help from their doctors, according to a new patient resource page from the JAMA journal.

Carolina Hurricanes

After an M.S. Diagnosis, an Emotional Return to the N.H.L. Ice

Bryan Bickell returned to the N.H.L. after five months, and is believed to be the third person to play in the N.H.L. with multiple sclerosis.


Anorexia nervosa diagnosis more common in women with celiac disease

(Reuters Health) - - Women with celiac disease may be more likely to also be diagnosed with the eating disorder anorexia nervosa, researchers suggest.

Women and Girls

Daily Mail Compares 2 U.K. Leaders — Their Legs, Not Their Ideas

A front page with Theresa May, Britain’s prime minister, and Nicola Sturgeon, the first minister of Scotland, elicited immediate outrage.

Green, Kirsten (1971- )

A Rare Venture Capitalist — Female and Retail-Focused

Kirsten Green is unusual for a number of reasons: She never worked at a venture capital firm before starting her own, and she’s a woman in a male-dominated field.

Politics and Government

E.U. Is Turning 60 and Searching for Something to Celebrate

As European Union leaders, minus Britain, go to Rome to celebrate 60 years, the bloc is divided and divergent, anxious that it represents the past.

Personal Finances

Banks and Tech Firms Battle Over Something Akin to Gold: Your Data

Big banks are pushing for new agreements on the customer data they share with technology start-ups like Mint and Betterment.

Interior Design and Furnishings

An All-Gray Apartment That’s Not Blah — But Not Hygge Either

At home in Copenhagen, the Danish designer Oliver Gustav takes his aesthetic to a moody extreme.


Our Favorite Florists — on Instagram

As their thousands of followers already know, these floral designers and farmers deliver beautiful blooms daily — to your Instagram feed. All you have to do is follow.

Wiretapping and Other Eavesdropping Devices and Methods

Trump to Merkel: ‘At Least We Have Something in Common’

President Trump held his first meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany at the White House on Friday. At a subsequent press briefing, he was asked about recent wiretapping claims and made a joke that seemingly referred to reports that the United States had bugged Ms. Merkel's phone during the Obama administration.

California Today

California Today: California Today: The 29-Year-Old Taking Over for Vin Scully — No Pressure

Friday: The new lead voice of the Dodgers, a judge rails against immigration agents “stalking” courthouses and a Yosemite webcam diversion.


Experimental blood test could speed autism diagnosis-U.S. study

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Developers of an experimental blood test for autism say it can detect the condition in more than 96 percent of cases and do so across a broad spectrum of patients, potentially allowing for earlier diagnosis, according to a study released on Thursday.

Drug Abuse and Traffic

2 of a Farmer’s 3 Children Overdosed. What of the Third — and the Land?

Opioid addiction is ravaging America’s farmland, tearing at communities and posing a new threat to families that have worked the same soil for generations.

Zika Virus

Reporting on Zika Families — and Their Resilience

Two Times journalists reflect on their coverage of Brazilian families who are coping with the effects of the Zika epidemic.


Wanderlust: Navigating Vienna’s Imperial Past — Through Pastries

One writer on how it feels to indulge in Habsburg-era decadence in 2017.


Gundlach: Fed to undertake 'old school' sequential hikes until 'something breaks'

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Jeffrey Gundlach, chief executive officer at DoubleLine Capital, said on Tuesday that he expects the Federal Reserve to undertake "old school" sequential rate hikes until "something breaks."

Spicer on Trump's wiretap claims: 'There's no question that something happened'

President Donald Trump's top spokesman said Monday there was no doubt the Obama administration conducted some type of surveillance of the Republican's presidential campaign.

Archives and Records

Activists Rush to Save Government Science Data — If They Can Find It

The Trump administration has begun changing some government websites. A group of concerned citizens has been working to preserve data it sees as politically vulnerable.


BRIEF-Mountain Province Diamonds says Gahcho Kué officially began commercial production

* Mountain Province Diamonds Inc says Gahcho Kué officially began commercial production

Labor and Jobs

Workers Are Working Longer — and Better

Around 19 percent of Americans 65 and older are still working, a number only expected to go up. Experience and education have a lot to do with it.


Three Iconic Musicians on Artistic Creation — and Its Importance Now

Beck, Kendrick Lamar and Tom Waits articulate the creative impulse.

Monkeys and Apes

Long Live Benjamin — Episode 1

What happens when a man’s best friend is a capuchin monkey? In the first episode of this six-part documentary, the artist Allen Hirsch makes a surprising discovery while on honeymoon in Venezuela.

Prune (Manhattan, NY, Restaurant)

Eat: Buttered Swordfish for Finicky Kids — With Plenty of Sauce for the Adults

A meal that will please your children and satisfy an adult’s desire for flavor.


Toddler behavioral symptoms may hint at celiac disease

(Reuters Health) – For small kids with a family history of celiac disease, anxiety, aggression, sleep problems and other behavioral issues might signal that it’s time to test for celiac, researchers say.

‘The Fact That You Exist Means Something Must Die’

Our top 10 comments of the week: Readers debate bias at the Grammys, bighorn sheep hunting and which New York City airport is best (or worst).


Money market funds calm since rule on floating values began: government

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Money market funds have kept an even keel since a new U.S. rule on their net asset values went into effect last October, according to federal research released on Tuesday,...





False alarms delay future mammograms, linked to later diagnosis

(Reuters Health) - Women who are told that their suspicious mammogram was a false alarm are more likely to delay their next scheduled mammogram, or possibly not show up for their next screening at all.


Parent Trap: A Secret of Many Urban 20-Somethings: Their Parents Help With the Rent

America’s rapidly changing labor market means it’s harder to find economic security at a young age.

Study: Blood test might make Parkinson's diagnosis easier

A new blood test may be as accurate as a test requiring a painful spinal tap for differentiating Parkinson's disease from similar disorders, according to a study published Wednesday in Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

Assad, Bashar al-

Amnesty Report Accuses Syria of Executing Thousands Since War Began

While dismal prison conditions in Syria have long been known, the report describes a campaign of deliberate extermination.

Trump: 'If something happens blame' the judge

President Donald Trump spent the weekend at his Mar-A-Lago estate in Florida, disconnected from White House staff and once again tweeting attacks on a federal judge.

Puzder, Andrew F

For Andrew Puzder, Labor Nominee, Fighting for Owners’ Interests Began Early

As a young lawyer, Mr. Puzder led the defense for his boss, a famous mob lawyer and casino owner accused of squandering millions from his workers’ pension funds.


'Heading' in soccer may lead to concussion symptoms

(Reuters Health) - Purposely "heading" a soccer ball may lead to concussion symptoms despite research suggesting those issues mainly arise from accidental knocks to the head, according to a new study.