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Hurricane Maria (2017)

Editorial: The Spiraling Diaspora From Puerto Rico

“Yo no me quito” — “I’m not quitting” — some still vow, but many are fleeing in desperation.


Editorial: A Way to Help Refugees From Puerto Rico

A group supported by The New York Times Neediest Cases Fund helps those who fled the devastation to start a new life in New York.

Frauds and Swindling

Editorial: Will New York Cut Off the Fuel for Corruption?

The City Council has hesitated to give a regulator the power that let it crack down mob garbage haulers.

Hurricane Maria (2017)

Utuado Journal: Rebuilding Puerto Rico, One Small Gesture at a Time

Since Hurricane Maria steamrollered Puerto Rico, the day-to-day job of digging out, sometimes block by block, has fallen largely to island residents.

Federal Taxes (US)

Editorial: The Tax Bill That Inequality Created

The tax bill is a consequence of a fraction of the population taking control of the nation’s wealth and, with it, the nation’s political power.

Federal Taxes (US)

Months After Storm, Puerto Rico Stares Down Another Blow: The Tax Bill

An intellectual property tax in the Republican bill is raising fears that it will further damage the island’s struggling economy.

Voting and Voters

Alabama Democrats Savor a Rare Win. Now It’s Back to Reality.

By week’s end, Democrats’ excitement over Doug Jones’s upset win had been replaced by a more tempered view of the future in one of the nation’s most conservative states.

United States International Relations

Editorial: Donald Trump Seems Confused About Jerusalem

The president is showing how to take a vexing problem and make it harder.


U.S. says concerned about Myanmar's silence over where Reuters journalists are being held

YANGON (Reuters) - The U.S. embassy in Myanmar said on Friday it was concerned that there had been no word on the whereabouts of two Reuters journalists three days after they were detained, and that authorities had not allowed their families to visit them.

Sexual Harassment

Editorial: Who Will Judge the Judge?

Judge Alex Kozinski has been sexually harassing his female clerks and other employees for years.


Pence delays Middle East trip in case needed for U.S. tax vote

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Vice President Mike Pence will delay an upcoming Middle East trip by a few days in case a tie-breaking vote is needed from him for tax cut legislation in Congress, a senior White House official said on Thursday.


Pence delays Middle East trip in case vote needed on tax legislation

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Vice President Mike Pence will delay an upcoming Middle East trip by a couple of days in case a tie-breaking vote is needed from him for tax cut legislation in Congress, a senior White House official said on Thursday.

United States Defense and Military Forces

Editorial: The Pentagon Is Not a Sacred Cow

As vital as military spending is, that doesn’t justify waste or robbing from other important programs.

United States Economy

Op-Ed Contributor: The Global Economy Is Partying Like It’s 2008

The factors that caused the Great Recession are at play again today.

Colleges and Universities

‘Where Out-of-Town Girls Could Come Feel Safe in New York’

Alumnae of the women’s school Finch College, which closed in 1975, still gather regularly to reminisce about high jinks and distribute scholarships.


Boxing: Fury aims punch at British board, may seek license elsewhere

(Reuters) - Former world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury said he may renew his boxing license with a different organization as he believes the British Boxing Board of Control treated him poorly after he was charged by UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) in June 2016.

Jones, Doug (1954- )

Why Black Voters Backed Doug Jones: ‘It’s a Matter of Character for Us’

Turned off by Roy S. Moore, Stephen K. Bannon and President Trump, African-Americans turned out at levels that ensured victory for the Democratic Senate candidate.

Pop and Rock Music

Bon Jovi Leads 2018 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees: ‘It’s About Time’

The band will join the institution in April along with Nina Simone, the Cars, Dire Straits, the Moody Blues and Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

United States Politics and Government

Editorial: Roy Moore Loses, Sanity Reigns

Doug Jones strikes a blow against Donald Trump and for morality in American politics.

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

Editorial: Fox News v. Robert Mueller

The propaganda machine has kicked into high gear, and has a single goal: convincing President Trump to fire the special counsel.


Quakes and Fires? It’s the Cost of Living That Californians Can’t Stomach

For many Californians, natural disasters are a moment to take stock and rethink the dream. But in the end, it almost always comes down to cost.

Alabama Senate candidates: Where they stand on issues

Alabama voters are heading to the polls today to vote for their next US senator. Here's a breakdown of where Democrat Doug Jones and Republican Roy Moore stand on some of this year's biggest issues.


BRIEF-Capricor & California Institute For Regenerative Medicine​ Entered Into Amendment 3 To CIRM Notice Loan Award


Women and Girls

On Campus: It’s Pretty Crazy to Be a Young Woman in Roy Moore’s Alabama

I’m shocked to see friends and relatives support a credibly accused sexual predator, all because he’s a Republican.


Kremlin says widespread Russian forces no longer needed in Syria

MOSCOW (Reuters) - There is a no longer the need for widely-deployed Russian military forces in Syria, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday.

Manhattan (NYC)

Climb a $150 Million Stairway to Nowhere

Watch the construction of “Vessel,” an interactive, 15-story sculpture that is the centerpiece of five acres of public space at the Hudson Yards development on Manhattan’s West Side.


Study seen needed before lifting fracking ban in remote Australia

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Gas extraction via fracking could only resume in Australia's Northern Territory district after a study on the controversial practice is completed in two to three years, according to the recommendations of an independent group released on Tuesday.

Computers and the Internet

The Shift: The ‘Alt-Right’ Created a Parallel Internet. It’s an Unholy Mess.

Hard-right activists, censored and banned by Twitter and Facebook, tried to create their own digital services. But they appear to have hit obstacles.


BRIEF-Trico Bancshares Enters San Francisco Bay Area With Acquisition Of FNB Bancorp


Federal Taxes (US)

Editorial: Mr. Mnuchin’s Magical Math on Taxes

Pressed to prove that a tax cut for the rich can pay for itself, the Treasury relies on growth “models” with no basis in reality.


Editorial: New Yorkers Don’t Scare Easily

Even after a rush-hour blast, fearmongers stoking fear of carnage and mayhem find little support in a populace adept at keeping its composure.

Hurricane Maria (2017)

Lives at Risk Inside a Senior Complex in Puerto Rico With No Power

Conditions at the largest housing project for low-income seniors on the hurricane-ravaged island illustrate a health crisis for the most vulnerable.

Taj Mahal

Editorial: Hate Smears India’s Symbol of Love, the Taj Mahal

Powerful Hindu extremists are so obsessed with demonizing Muslims that they are deprecating the nation’s unifying cultural treasure.

Law and Legislation

Editorial: Opening Up New York’s Public Records

Governor Cuomo has a chance to champion government transparency by signing a bill to pick up legal fees when a request is wrongly denied.


As Venezuela Opposition Shuns Vote, Many Feel It’s a ‘Waste of Time’

Voter turnout in Venezuela’s municipal elections was low as many considered the results a foregone conclusion: domination by President Nicolás Maduro and his party.

United States Politics and Government

Editorial: The Looting of America’s Public Lands

Mr. Trump thinks the environment has gotten too good a deal, so he eliminated two million acres from national monuments in Utah.


Retiring: Leave the Bucket Lists to Those Ambitious Boomers. It’s Tee Time.

Many retirees are “looking to achieve more of their potential,” but that can be a lot of pressure. Instead, some are taking a leisurely cue from their parents’ generation.

United States International Relations

Editorial: Trump’s Scare Tactics on North Korea Scare Us

The Trump administration’s threats of war will not make Kim Jong-un back down.

Where Congress stands on GOP tax plan, shutdown

Republican leaders in Congress are charging toward the end of the year with two major goals in mind: Passing a landmark overhaul of the US tax system and keeping the federal government running.

Wildfires, Puerto Rico, Star Wars: Your Friday Evening Briefing

Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

Los Angeles (Calif)

Where There’s Smoke, There Are the Traffic Reporters of Los Angeles

As fires rage in Southern California, airborne reporters have become guiding lights in the chaos.


Competitions needed for Russians not going to Games, says ROC chief

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian Olympic Committee President Alexander Zhukov said competitions should be organized for Russian athletes who decide not to compete at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games, R-Sport news agency reported on Friday.


On Tax Bill, It’s Trump vs. His Hometown

The Republican tax bill being shepherded by Mr. Trump would hurt New York, his home state. “You guys seem to be doing O.K.,” he told donors last week.

Sexual Harassment

Editorial: What Congress Can Learn from Al Franken

Will other lawmakers who abuse their power be held to the same standard?

Disasters and Emergencies

Fleeing the California Wildfires: What to Take and When to Evacuate

When wildfires threaten, be prepared to leave at a moment’s notice, officials say. Here are some suggestions on how to get ready for such an emergency.


Deutsche Bank says more regulation of cryptocurrencies needed

BERLIN (Reuters) - More regulation and some degree of security are needed to make cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin a serious new asset class for investors, Deutsche Bank Chief Investment Officer Christian Nolting said.

Women and Girls

Being a Doctor Is Hard. It’s Harder for Women.

Female medical residents and physicians endure bias and a larger burden with home duties. They also face a greater risk of depression.

Prison Guards and Corrections Officers

Editorial: Holding Prison Guards Accountable

New York State’s corrections officers are too often protected from punishment, even for brutal attacks on prisoners.

Elections, Mayors

Editorial: Let’s Limit the Term-Limit Debate

New York City voters have made clear over the years that two terms are enough for city officials, but City Council members are considering a third.

New York Times Neediest Cases Fund

The Neediest Cases Fund: A Single Mother Had Nowhere to Go. Now She Has ‘A Place of My Own.’

Since leaving her boyfriend’s house shortly after their daughter’s first birthday, Shirmira Wilson has earned a college degree and started pursuing another one.

Emergency Medical Treatment

Amid Puerto Rico Disaster, Hospital Ship Admitted Just 6 Patients a Day

The Comfort, a hospital ship, saved lives while on a relief mission to Puerto Rico, but its admissions process was a continuous work in progress.


Winter holiday travel forecast to give U.S. airlines needed boost

(Reuters) - The holiday travel period will be busier than last year for U.S. airlines, according to an industry trade group on Wednesday, as affordable fares and an improving economy make air travel more accessible.

United States International Relations

Editorial: Does President Trump Want to Negotiate Middle East Peace?

Moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem is almost certain to anger the Palestinians and most Arab nations.

Gun Control

Editorial: Going National With Concealed Guns

Concealed-carry reciprocity is a threat to law and order.


While U.S. Senate pushes Alaska wildlife refuge drilling, industry looks elsewhere

(Reuters) - Even as the U.S. Senate moves to allow oil drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), the real action is 150 miles (241 km) west, where industry proponents hope a coming sale of 10 million acres of land will revitalize the state's sagging crude production.

Hariri, Saad

It’s Official: Lebanese Prime Minister Not Resigning After All

What happens in Saudi Arabia stays in Saudi Arabia, including the short-lived surprise resignation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri of Lebanon.

Fashion and Apparel

It’s a Look: A Macho Home on Guys’ Wrists

The colorful jewelry combo of turquoise and silver is showing up in magazine spreads, social media feeds and hip urban enclaves.

Teen Vogue

‘Where My Activists At?’ Inside the First Teen Vogue Summit

Who needs a fusty old print magazine when you have Elaine Welteroth and Hillary Clinton in the flesh — am I right, ladies?

Art Basel Miami Beach

In Miami, It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. It’s ... a Flock of Drones?

A computer algorithm will result in “a flocking behavior that mimics what you can see in real birds in the sky, or fish in the sea” at Art Basel Miami Beach.

GOP political arm will send money to Alabama where Roy Moore vies for Senate amid accusations

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

Editorial: Yes, the President Can Obstruct Justice

Also: Why lie if you’ve done nothing wrong?


Bolt overwhelmed by unveiling of statue where it all began

KINGSTON (Reuters) - Multiple Olympic and world champion Usain Bolt has described the unveiling of his statue in front of Kingston's National Stadium as one of the greatest moments of his career.

Computers and the Internet

Where Silicon Valley Is Going to Get in Touch With Its Soul

The Esalen Institute, a storied hippie hotel in Big Sur, Calif., has reopened with a mission to help technologists who discover that “inside they’re hurting.”

Where to Watch the Best TV of 2017

Three Times critics picked their favorite TV of the year. Here’s how to watch it all from home.

Where do first amendment rights end online?

GoDaddy, Google, and Cloudflare have all cut ties with white supremacist website, The Daily Stormer. Where does your right to free speech end on the internet? CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin explains.


Editorial: Art, Freed From Guantánamo

The military seems unsettled by the attention an exhibition of prisoner art has garnered from news organizations.

Editorial: Hands Across the Water, Then a Slap in the Face

The ranting of the American president dashed the good cheer from a royal Anglo-American engagement.


Whereabouts of Egyptian ex-PM unknown since deportation home: family

CAIRO (Reuters) - The family of former Egyptian prime minister Ahmed Shafik said on Sunday it has lost contact with him since they say he was deported from the United Arab Emirates to Cairo just days after announcing his intention to run for president next year.


Ex premier's whereabouts unknown after return to Egypt: family

CAIRO (Reuters) - The family of former Egyptian prime minister Ahmed Shafik said on Sunday it had not heard from him since he was deported from the United Arab Emirates to Cairo on Saturday after announcing his intention to run for president next year.

Federal Budget (US)

Editorial: Tasks for Congress: Ignore President, Keep Government Open …

Congress faces much unfinished business this month. Working around Mr. Trump would help them get it done.

United States Politics and Government

Editorial: A Historic Tax Heist

In which Republican donors pick your children’s pockets.

Flynn, Michael T

Editorial: Flynn Flipped. Who’s Next?

Michael Flynn’s guilty plea raises obvious questions: What did President Trump know? And when did he know it?


Senate Republicans trim tax bill to secure needed votes

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Senate Republicans rallied around a U.S. tax overhaul bill on Friday, with Maine moderate Susan Collins announcing her support for it after obtaining agreements for several changes, giving the sweeping legislation sufficient votes to win passage.


Fluor wins $831 million contract for Puerto Rico power work: Pentagon

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Fluor Enterprises Inc, a subsidiary of Fluor Corp, was awarded an $831 million contract for construction services to help restore electric power to Puerto Rico, the Pentagon said on Friday.

Homosexuality and Bisexuality

Op-Ed Columnist: It’s a Gay, Gay, Gay Government

When the rainbow flag drapes every elected official, does it change a city’s hue?

United States International Relations

Editorial: Help Wanted: Top Diplomat

President Trump undermined Rex Tillerson’s success at the State Department, but that doesn’t mean his successor will do a better job.

Pain-Relieving Drugs

Editorial: Kellyanne Conway Might as Well Be ‘Opioid Czar’

President Trump trusts Ms. Conway. Is that enough to get something done on the opioid addiction crisis?

Experts: NK missile could hit anywhere in US

Experts say North Korea's latest missile launch shows they have the ability to potentially hit any location in the United States. CNN's Brian Todd has the latest.


Malta, Where the West Was Born

The country has been home to the Phoenicians, the Greeks, the Romans and the Ottomans — which might explain the allure of this Mediterranean gem.


Review: Look Up! It’s Amy Schumer in ‘Meteor Shower’

The comic actress makes her Broadway debut in Steve Martin’s funny, if strained, play about two couples sharing a stressful celestial evening together.

United States International Relations

Editorial: Is North Korea’s Nuclear Test a Sign of Hope?

With his nuclear ambitions apparently realized, Kim Jong-un may now be willing to negotiate.

Federal Taxes (US)

Editorial: The Senate is Rushing to Pass Its Tax Bill Because It Stinks

This is no way to handle a complex piece of legislation, and the Republicans must know it.

Opinion: CFPB, the agency I didn't know I needed

Late last May, I accepted a job offer in Minnesota, loaded my family in the van, and -- two months ahead of the actual move -- drove to the Twin Cities to start looking for a new place to live. But when it came time to get pre-approved for a loan, our best laid plans went awry.


Works in Progress: Santa’s Workshop Is Real, and It’s in Brooklyn

When you need an over-the-top, talking, moving, blinking, singing Christmas display, call Lou Nasti, maestro of the holiday lawn ornament.

Nuclear Weapons

North Korea Says It’s Now a Nuclear State. Could That Mean It’s Ready to Talk?

The North’s claims about its latest missile test raise the question of whether a deal to freeze its arsenal could be a possibility.

United States Politics and Government

Editorial: Senate Considers Making a Terrible Tax Bill Even Worse

Dragging its abysmal standards lower, it may throw more money at billionaires to win two crucial votes.


U.S. Senate liberals propose new steps for Puerto Rico recovery

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Puerto Rico would get substantial debt relief and other new aid to help it recover from destruction inflicted by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in September, under legislation unveiled on Tuesday by leading liberals in the U.S. Senate.


Fixes: Where Birds and Planes Collide, a Winged Robot May Help

Some airports are testing “Robirds” to help protect both humans and birds in the air.

Where is Trump's crackdown on 'hedge fund guys'?

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump promised to raise taxes on "hedge fund guys." Now, the House and Senate tax plans stand at odds with Trump's promised crackdown.

Sexual Harassment

Editorial: What Congressmen Are Hiding

A system for settling sexual harassment complaints against lawmakers puts the burden on victims, and taxpayers.

Where the GOP senators stand on tax reform

Republicans are trying to get their plan to overhaul the US tax system through the US Senate this week, but with 52 members in the chamber, GOP leaders can afford to lose only two votes.

Sexual Harassment

Mind: Therapy for Sexual Misconduct? It’s Mostly Unproven

Some celebrities have promised to enroll in treatment following accusations of sexual impropriety. But experts say there is no proven treatment.


BRIEF-SA's ‍Competition Commission approves merger whereby Isuzu Motors (SA) (Pty) Ltd intends to acquire Isuzu Light Commercial Vehicle Business



Teva Pharm says bold, global action needed to steady company

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Teva Pharmaceutical Industries needs to take "deep, meaningful steps around the world" to secure its future, it said in a letter to the Israeli parliament on Monday, after media reports the company is set to cut thousands of jobs.


UPDATE 1-Teva Pharm says bold, global action needed to steady company

JERUSALEM, Nov 27 (Reuters) - Teva Pharmaceutical Industries needs to take "deep, meaningful steps around the world" to secure its future, it said in a letter to the Israeli parliament on Monday, after media reports the company is set to cut thousands of jobs.

Search and Seizure

Editorial: Cops, Cellphones and Privacy at the Supreme Court

The justices have a good opportunity to bring the Fourth Amendment up-to-date in the digital age.

Hurricane Maria (2017)

Added to the Storm’s Toll, Guilt and Heartache for Puerto Ricans Who Fled

After Hurricane Maria, the reasons for leaving Puerto Rico were obvious. Still, an exodus has stirred guilt, resentment and fear it could slow the recovery.

United States Economy

Editorial: The Republican Tax on the Future

More debt, a growing trade deficit, factories moving overseas — that’s no way to make America great.

Hurricane Maria (2017)

Editorial: Mr. Trump’s Paper Towels Aren’t Helping Puerto Rico

With little sign of progress, thousands of people are leaving for the mainland each day.

Health Insurance and Managed Care

Editorial: When a Tax Cut Costs Millions Their Medical Coverage

Republicans couldn’t kill Obamacare. Their latest plan could be almost as damaging to people’s health.

For-Profit Schools

Editorial: Exploiting Veterans for Profit

And the Trump administration wants to make for-profit colleges even less accountable.

Travel and Vacations

Looking for the Sublime? It’s in This Swiss Valley.

A hiking trip through a glacial ravine crowded with waterfalls and enclosed by sheer cliff faces is just about as breathtaking as it sounds.


Critic’s Notebook: Why ‘Wonder,’ the Movie, Can’t Best the Book It’s Based On

The film version of a book often has an unfair advantage. But R.J. Palacio’s best-selling novel offers much more than meets the eye.


Where It’s Made: Parmesan Cheese

Visit a parmesan dairy in northern Italy, where Parmigiano-Reggiano originates and learn how the cheese is made.


Rights groups say outside monitors needed for Rohingya return to Myanmar

YANGON (Reuters) - Human rights groups called on Friday for international agencies to be allowed to monitor the planned repatriation of hundreds of thousands Rohingya Muslim from Bangladesh to the homes they fled in Myanmar during the past three months.

Thanksgiving Day

A Mar-a-Lago Thanksgiving: It’s All Gravy

President Trump spent his holiday indulging in some of his favorite habits: spending time at his properties and talking about all the winning he’s doing.

Civilian Casualties

Editorial: Telling the Truth About the Cost of War

As civilian casualties appear to rise, the American military is not acknowledging the extent of the problem.

For Puerto Ricans, a bittersweet holiday

San Juan, Puerto Rico (CNN) -- On the southeastern coast of this island, where Hurricane Maria made landfall two months ago, the waves of the Caribbean lash the crumbling foundation of Jose Morales' battered seaside home.

Submarines and Submersibles

Explosion Was Recorded Where Argentine Submarine Went Missing

The disclosure raised fears that the 44-member crew had been lost, but the navy said a search for the vessel would continue.


Why It’s Hard to Get Strongmen to Step Down

What comes next for Robert Mugabe? The experiences of other authoritarian leaders might give him pause.

Religion and Belief

Editorial: What America Celebrates on Thanksgiving

It’s the one holiday that truly invites all comers.

Thanksgiving Day

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: It’s Thanksgiving. Come On Home.

My parents let me know that as long as they lived, there would be a place in the world for me. I hope my sons know that, too.

Where these transgender women find work

In one Thailand city, 75% of transgender women work in the sex trade and one woman explains that it's not always by choice. "This is Life with Lisa Ling" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT.


Russia's Putin says 'new stage' reached in Syria, concessions needed

SOCHI, Russia (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday a "new stage" had been reached in the Syria crisis but achieving a political solution would require compromises from all sides, including the Syrian government.

Computers and the Internet

State of the Art: Twitter, It’s Time to End Your Anything-Goes Paradise

Twitter should scrap a founding principle — everyone gains equal footing and any behavior is tolerated — and create a new system that rewards positive contributions.

Editorial: Ms. Merkel Struggles to Hold Germany Together

Her failure to form a governing coalition could lead to new elections amid a growing threat from the right.

Great Britain Withdrawal from EU (Brexit)

Losing London: Where Brexit Hurts: The Nurses and Doctors Leaving London

Britain’s treasured health care system was used as rallying cry by anti-E.U. campaigners. Many of its European staff now feel betrayed. Thousands have quit.

Race and Ethnicity

Editorial Observer: Colin Kaepernick and the Legacy of the Negro National Anthem

African-Americans have sound historical reasons for resenting “The Star-Spangled Banner.”


Editorial: Who to Blame for Your Subway Nightmare

Here’s a hint: You probably voted for them.

Power Failures and Blackouts

Contractor for Puerto Rico Power Suspends Work, Citing Unpaid Bills

While its highly criticized $300 million contract has been canceled, Whitefish Energy Holdings says that it is still owed tens of millions of dollars.

After CNN investigation, Puerto Rico asks for help to tally hurricane victims

Puerto Rico is asking for help with its efforts to tally deaths from Hurricane Maria.


New Puerto Rico utility head, same old challenges

NEW YORK (Reuters) - New leadership at Puerto Rico's beleaguered electric utility may not be sufficient to compensate for missteps following Hurricane Maria that led to delayed work, recurrent blackouts and more than $500 million in contracts with untested companies now under federal investigation.

Juvenile Delinquency

Editorial: Justice at Last for the Youngest Inmates?

The Supreme Court has narrowed the use of life sentences without parole for juveniles. Now it can end it for good.


UPDATE 1-Fluor's work on Puerto Rico power project halted over safety issue

Nov 20 (Reuters) - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said on Monday it temporarily halted Fluor Corp's work under its Puerto Rico power restoration contract over safety concerns and expects the work to resume on Tuesday.

Whitefish is halting Puerto Rico power repairs

Whitefish Energy is stopping its work to restore Puerto Rico's broken electricity grid because the company says it is owed more than $83 million by the island's power authority.

Inheritance and Estate Taxes

Editorial: ‘Only Morons Pay the Estate Tax’

That’s a heck of a way for the Trump administration to talk about the richest Americans.


Fluor's work on Puerto Rico power project halted over safety issue

Nov 20 (Reuters) - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said on Monday it temporarily halted Fluor Corp's work under its Puerto Rico power restoration contract over safety concerns and expects the work to resume on Tuesday.

Americans haven't forgotten about Puerto Rico, poll finds

Two months ago today, Hurricane Maria made direct landfall in Puerto Rico, devastating the island and wiping out the power grid and transportation infrastructure for its millions of residents.


Sounds detected in undersea area where Argentine sub went missing

MAR DEL PLATA, Argentina/BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Argentine authorities were analyzing sounds detected by probes deep in the South Atlantic on Monday as they searched for a navy submarine that went missing five days ago after reporting an electrical malfunction.

Video Recordings, Downloads and Streaming

Critic’s Notebook: A Night at the Theater From Your Couch? No Apologies Needed.

Streaming services have more stage offerings than ever — from great actors in early roles to recent Broadway musicals, captured live. Plus “Hamlet” in Lithuanian.


Review: ‘Marvel’s Runaways,’ Where the Supervillains are Mom and Dad

In Hulu’s new series, the makers of “Gossip Girl” tackle a comic-book story that combines teenage soap opera and a paranormal mystery.

Global Warming

The Stone: The Climate Crisis? It’s Capitalism, Stupid

The work of saving the planet is not technical, it’s political.

Where are 'Manson Family' members now?

Charles Manson's followers were young and zealously committed.

Books and Literature

Fiction: Whatever Happened to Isabel Archer? ‘Mrs. Osmond’ Picks Up Where Henry James Left Off

John Banville’s sequel to James’s “Portrait of a Lady” follows the heroine back to Rome and to the possible end of her marriage.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday (Shopping)

It’s Almost Thanksgiving! Let Us Be Your Guide

Welcome to the latest edition of the Smarter Living newsletter.

Demonstrations, Protests and Riots

Op-Ed Contributor: Attica: It’s Worse Than We Thought

Was a doctor conducting leprosy experiments on patients without their consent?

Renting and Leasing (Real Estate)

Editorial: Why is New York Full of Empty Stores?

All these dead spaces hurt, and neighborhoods have a right to protect themselves.

Coups D'Etat and Attempted Coups D'Etat

Editorial: Mr. Mugabe Won’t Say What Zimbabwe Longs to Hear: I Quit

It’s good that the army has taken power, but whoever takes over must heed the cheering crowds who want an end to corruption and brutality.


Taipei Journal: Where Stinky Tofu Is at Its Malodorous Best

Dai Family House of Unique Stink is a shrine to one of the world’s most pungent snacks: stinky tofu, whose smell is often likened to dirty socks or rotting garbage.

Why I'm marching for Puerto Rico

Trump, Donald J

Editorial Notebook: Dear Nobel Winners, Mr. Trump Has All the Brains He Needs

The president won’t meet this year’s American laureates, no surprise for “a very intelligent person” with no need for science.

United States International Relations

Editorial: The Trump Administration Is Making War on Diplomacy

Rex Tillerson, ill suited as secretary of state, is dismantling his department to fit his limited ambitions.

Puerto Rican migration could shape Florida for years to come

In the wish lists of Democratic strategists, one imagines the arrival of tens of thousands of Democratic-leaning voters to Florida, seemingly overnight, ranks pretty high.

Small Business

Wealth Matters: Tax Cuts for Small-Business Owners? It’s Complicated

The House bill may seem like a tax cut for small businesses, but it is not likely to bring much relief to many business owners.

Voter Registration and Requirements

Editorial: Virginia Makes Every Voter Count

Its governor restored the rights of thousands of disenfranchised felons to go to the polls, something all states should do.

Hockey, Ice

The N.H.L. Needed 100 Portraits. So Tony Harris Got to Work.

For its 100th anniversary, the N.H.L. commissioned an Ottawa artist to paint all of the players voted as the top 100 in the league’s history.

Hurricane Maria (2017)

A Great Migration From Puerto Rico Is Set to Transform Orlando

Tens of thousands of new arrivals fleeing damage from Hurricane Maria have arrived. Many expect to stay — and they could reshape Florida and its politics.

Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority

C.E.O. of Puerto Rico Power Authority Resigns

Ricardo L. Ramos stepped down amid a continuing blackout on the island and withering criticism for a costly repair contract.


U.S. agency approves AT&T drone in Puerto Rico for cellular service

Nov 17 (Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration on Friday said it had approved a request by AT&T Inc to use a new drone known as the Flying Cow or Cell on Wings to help restore cellular service in Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria.


UPDATE 3-Puerto Rico utility head resigns after slow Hurricane Maria response

NEW YORK, Nov 17 (Reuters) - The head of Puerto Rico's indebted utility has resigned following criticism of the slow restoration of power to the island after Hurricane Maria, the U.S. territory's governor said.

Puerto Rico electric power boss resigns

Ricardo Ramos, the executive director of Puerto Rico's Electric Power Authority (PREPA), resigned Friday, according to PREPA spokesperson Odalys de Jesus.

Where to eat in Chicago right now

New York and Los Angeles might occasionally vie for the title, but many experts agree: Chicago is the best restaurant city in America right now.

Latin Grammy Awards

Critic’s Notebook: Puerto Rico Mattered at the Latin Grammys. So Did Salsa.

As anti-immigrant sentiments spread and natural disasters have torn through Latin America, the awards became a showcase for Latin pride and solidarity.


Puerto Rico utility head resigns after slow Hurricane Maria response

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The head of Puerto Rico's indebted utility has resigned following criticism of the slow restoration of power to the island after Hurricane Maria, the U.S. territory's governor said.


UPDATE 2-Puerto Rico utility head resigns after slow Hurricane Maria response

NEW YORK, Nov 17 (Reuters) - The head of Puerto Rico's indebted utility has resigned following criticism of the slow restoration of power to the island after Hurricane Maria, the U.S. territory's governor said.

Afghanistan War (2001- )

For This Hero, It’s O.K. to Just Throw Him a Bone

A Belgian Malinois dog called Mali has received Britain’s highest award for animal valor for his actions during an intense firefight in Afghanistan.


Editorial: The da Vinci Lode

The sale of Leonardo’s “Salvator Mundi” for almost a half-billion dollars says more about grotesque financial inequality than about art.


U.S. Congress to seek new tax incentives for Puerto Rico rebuilding

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan said on Thursday he wants to craft changes to a just-passed tax overhaul bill to provide "additional tax incentives" that would help Puerto Ricans recover from Hurricane Maria.

Federal Taxes (US)

Editorial: A Tax-Cut Bill to Make Scrooge McDuck Proud

Republicans have made clear where their values lie. Well-heeled campaign funders matter. Middle-class families don’t.

Muslims and Islam

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: If Saudi Arabia Reforms, What Happens to Islamists Elsewhere?

The crown prince’s apparent moderation is undermining both fundamentalists and mainstream Muslim politicians.


Editorial: Saudis Try to Starve Yemen Into Submission

Impeding humanitarian assistance and using famine as a weapon are war crimes, and the world is finally taking notice.


U.S. Pacific Commander: Military-backed diplomacy needed to deal with North Korea

TOKYO (Reuters) - Admiral Harry Harris, head of the U.S. military's Pacific Command, told Japanese Defence Minister Itsunori Onodera on Thursday that diplomacy backed by military power was necessary to deal with North Korea's missile and nuclear development.


Critic’s Notebook: That $450 Million Leonardo? It’s No Mona Lisa.

Our critic won’t weigh in on the painting’s authenticity, but he will tell you what he saw: a blank-eyed Christ, meek and monotonous.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures

Editorial: Mr. Trump Casts a Shadow Over the AT&T-Time Warner Deal

He politicizes everything he touches, so unless his appointees act with utmost integrity they will be tainted as his henchmen.

Nuclear Weapons

Editorial: The Senate Questions the President’s Power to Launch Nukes

Mr. Trump has brought on himself this examination of his authority to order the launch of the world’s most deadly weapons.

Cocktails and Mixed Drinks

A Deli Where Rye Comes in Slices and in a Glass

A branch of the Second Avenue Deli is opening an upstairs bar where you can raise a toast (using a Dr. Brown’s) to Jewish culture.

Where NBA team names came from

Fascinating stories behind NBA team names.


Inside the Truce Village Where a North Korean Soldier Defected

It’s the only spot in the DMZ where soldiers from the North and South stand just feet from one another. It’s also one of the few where someone could make a break for it.


First Words: Is ‘Loyalty’ a Virtue? In the Trump Era, It’s Complicated.

The last two years in American politics have revealed our very different senses of loyalty, from its purpose to its objects.

Economic Conditions and Trends

As Power Grid Sputters in Puerto Rico, Business Does Too

The catastrophe of the storm has been followed by an economic disaster with no end in sight.


Where It’s Made: A Steinway Grand Piano

Step inside the Steinway & Sons factory in Hamburg, Germany, where grand pianos have been handmade since 1904. Follow the process from the lumber yard to the selection room.

Ethics (Personal)

The Ethicist: My Wife Is Done With Sex. Can I Turn Elsewhere?

The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on seeking sexual satisfaction outside a marriage and privacy on social media.


South Korea detects no unusual activity at border where North Korean defected

SEOUL (Reuters) - No unusual activity has been detected at the border with North Korea where a North Korean soldier defected this week, South Korea's Unification Ministry said on Wednesday.

Presidential Election of 2016

Editorial: Attorney General Jeff Sessions Doesn’t Recall

Over more than five hours, Mr. Sessions on Tuesday still forgot a lot of things most people would remember.

Where rights stand on same-sex marriage around the world

Australia has voted to legalize same-sex marriage. Here's where rights stand on same-sex marriage around the world.


Waiting to conceive after miscarriage may not be needed

(Reuters Health) – One miscarriage doesn’t necessarily increase the risk of another, and counseling women to delay conception after a pregnancy loss may not be warranted, a recent study suggests.


Puerto Rico utility defends decision to postpone mutual aid

(Reuters) - Puerto Rico's electric utility on Tuesday defended its decision not to seek mutual aid from mainland utilities immediately following Hurricane Maria in a contentious hearing with the U.S. Senate's energy and natural resources committee.


Sessions says he now recalls campaign meeting where Russia discussed

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said on Tuesday he now recalls a meeting with then-candidate Donald Trump and aides where campaign connections to Russia were discussed, despite earlier testifying that he was unaware of any such contacts.

Social Media

Noted: Where Are All the Nannies on Instagram?

For a number of reasons, many parents on social media seem uncomfortable displaying the help they get for their children from paid caretakers.

Human auction: Where lives sell for $400

Tripoli, Libya (CNN) -- "Eight hundred," says the auctioneer. "900 ... 1,000 ... 1,100 ..." Sold. For 1,200 Libyan dinars -- the equivalent of $800.

United States International Relations

Editorial: President Trump’s Thing for Thugs

The degree to which he grovels before some of the world’s most unsavory leaders hurts U.S. credibility and influence.

United States Politics and Government

Editorial: Mitch McConnell Believes the Women. Good for Him.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for real change, but the Senate majority leader has set a good example by accepting the word of Roy Moore’s accusers.

US general leads troops out of Puerto Rico

The three-star general is leaving Puerto Rico, ending his mission of providing relief from the devastation of Hurricane Maria.


U.S. judge denies request for outsider to oversee Puerto Rico's PREPA

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A U.S. federal judge on Monday rejected a request to install a former military officer to oversee Puerto Rico's beleaguered electric utility, PREPA, a victory for Governor Ricardo Rossello, whose government opposed the appointment.

Hurricane Maria (2017)

Op-Ed Contributor: Puerto Rico’s Actual Death Toll

Trump’s initial figure turns out to be woefully low.


Puerto Rico requests $94.4 billion from U.S. Congress for rebuilding

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello on Monday requested $94.4 billion from Congress to rebuild the island's infrastructure, housing, schools and hospitals devastated by Hurricane Maria.

Hurricane Maria (2017)

After Hurricane, Signs of a Mental Health Crisis Haunt Puerto Rico

The storm’s violent winds and screeching rains assaulted the island’s psyche for 72 hours, and public health officials say much of the population shows signs of post-traumatic stress.

Gun Control

Editorial: Gun Carnage in the Nation, Groundhog Day in the Capitol

After predictable reactions to the latest killings, the National Rifle Association has its way, again.

Tax Credits, Deductions and Exemptions

Editorial: The Right Way to Cut Corporate Taxes

Here’s why the Republican tax plans are such a boondoggle.

Politics and Government

Editorial: Choking on Air in New Delhi

Once again, it is hard to breathe in India’s capital. The culprits are farmers and a stingy government.

New York Times Neediest Cases Fund

The Neediest Cases Fund: Her Secret to a Long Life? ‘It’s Good to Work a Lot’

As a teenager, Bella Pevzner fled Belarus after the Nazi invasion. She worked well into her 70s, and at 89, she is applying her dogged work ethic to her paintings.

Hurricane Maria (2017)

Side Street: Battered and Tattered, Puerto Rico’s Flag Still Waves

A mural in a Bronx body shop portrays the island’s recovery efforts in a heroic light, likening its people’s resolve to the flag-raising at Iwo Jima.


EU agreed no sum needed to move talks forward: British Brexit minister

LONDON (Reuters) - The European Union agreed that Britain would not have to come up with a figure for a financial deal to leave the bloc before moving talks on to discuss a trade deal, Brexit minister David Davis said on Sunday.

Tiffany & Company

Where to Go Now: Finally, You Can Have Breakfast at Tiffany

Tiffany & Co. opened the first-ever café at its flagship New York store, where visitors can now have breakfast and channel Audrey Hepburn.

Driverless and Semiautonomous Vehicles

Where Self-Driving Cars Go to Learn

Arizona’s promise to keep the driverless car industry free of regulations has attracted dozens of companies, including Uber, Waymo and Lyft.

Fashion and Apparel

It’s Melania 2.0, as Mrs. Trump Iterates in Asia

The first lady had a subtle new look to go with her itinerary. Did you notice?


Putin, Trump agree political solution needed for Syria, Kremlin says

DANANG, Vietnam (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump agreed a joint statement on Syria on Saturday that said they saw no military solution to the conflict and a political one was needed, the Kremlin said.

Puerto Rico's emergency director resigns

Puerto Rico's emergency management director resigned Friday as the island's slow recovery continues nearly two months after Hurricane Maria made landfall.

Beijing (China)

Op-Ed Columnist: China Has Donald Trump Just Where It Wants Him

Around Asia, the last thing countries want is to have to choose between China and the United States.

Hurricane Maria (2017)

Emergency Manager Resigns in Puerto Rico; Army Ends Its Mission

The head of Puerto Rico’s emergency management agency resigned Friday, on the same day that the Army announced that its mission on the island had ended.