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This type of diet may prevent dementia

Meals from the sunny Mediterranean have been linked to stronger bones, a healthier heart and longer life, along with a reduced risk for diabetes and high blood pressure. [Source]

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This weekend, they marched. In November, they vote

They've said, Time's Up. They've said, Me Too. And now they're saying: If you're not an ally, we're coming for your seat.

'This Is Us' scores big win at SAG Awards

"This Is Us" scored a big win for its Big 3 and the rest of the cast.

This is what car design looks like in 2018

Let's get a few things straight, shall we? When 2018 comes to a close, the world's cars will still have four wheels. The vast majority of them will still be powered by combustion engines. And they'll all still have steering wheels. Sorry to disappoint, but it had to be said.

Shutdowns (Institutional)

Peterborough Journal: This City Once Made Much of What Canada Bought. But No More.

With the closing of plants like a 126-year-old G.E. factory, many in Peterborough, Ontario, scoff at the idea that Nafta benefits only Canada and Mexico.

After #MeToo, after Aziz Ansari, this is the question many of us are asking

After the firestorm surrounding the story about "Grace" and her encounter with Aziz Ansari, CNN Opinion asked writers for their views on a complicated question: How to date in 2018? The views expressed in their written contributions, and in the social media posts contained in this article, are solely theirs

Muslim Americans

Opinion: Islam Teaches Us That Life Is a Test. So Is This President.

What life has been like as an imam during Donald Trump’s first year in office.

Analysis: This picture from the shutdown gives us hope

There was a moment during Friday's failed attempt to avoid a government shutdown that was genuinely inspiring.


Yemen's Houthis fire ballistic missile toward Saudi Arabia

DUBAI (Reuters) - Yemen's Houthi movement fired a ballistic missile toward the southern Saudi province of Najran on Saturday, the group's official al-Masirah TV reported, and a Saudi military spokesman said air defense forces had intercepted the missile.

Twitter to tell 677,775 people they interacted with Kremlin-linked trolls

Athletics and Sports

Sports of The Times: Who Has U.S.A. Gymnastics’ Back at This Point? The U.S.O.C., for Some Reason

The country’s national Olympics organization so far has chosen not to decertify the gymnastics federation, despite sexual-abuse claims from more than 150 young women.

This massive company had its worst stock week since the Great Recession

A deepening cash crisis caused GE's stock to careen 13% lower this week, its worst since March 2009.


UPDATE 5-Schlumberger profit beats, sees stronger year for oil sector

HOUSTON Jan 19 (Reuters) - Schlumberger on Friday posted a fourth quarter loss on charges but beat Wall Street forecasts and gave an upbeat outlook, predicting its international operations would grow in 2018 for the first time in four years.

This blood test may be able to detect 8 types of cancer, study says

Scientists have made progress on developing an experimental blood test that could detect many types of cancer in their early stages, and possibly even their locations in the body.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Op-Ed Columnist: With Climate Change, This Island Is Swallowed by the Sea

Rising waters now cover homes and land on a Bangladeshi island, leaving farmers desperate.

Central Bank of Russia

Op-Ed Columnist: Is This the Collusion We Were Waiting For?

The National Rifle Association is now part of the Russia investigation.


REFILE-UPDATE 4-Xerox-Fujifilm deal should have been changed long ago -Icahn

* Icahn says current Xerox management incapable of renegotiation


CORRECTED-UPDATE 3-Xerox-Fujifilm deal should have been changed long ago -Icahn

Jan 18 (Reuters) - Hedge fund investor Carl Icahn has called for the termination or renegotiation of Xerox Corp's long-running photocopier joint venture with Fujifilm Holdings , reiterating demands for a change of leadership at Xerox.

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UPDATE 3-Xerox-Fujifilm deal should have been changed long ago -Icahn

Jan 18 (Reuters) - Hedge fund investor Carl Icahn has called for the termination or renegotiation of Xerox Corp's long-running photocopier joint venture with Fujifilm Holdings , reiterating demands for a change of leadership at Xerox.

Sen. Schumer: We can do this with or without Trump

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer proposed a short-term continuing resolution that would extend government spending and give a few more days to negotiate the bill.

Asia's most exciting hotel openings this year

It seems a new hotel opens up every day in Asia, where a tourism boom is expected to continue well into the next decade.

Opioid crisis should've been OUR problem


Accused Arizona killer linked to seven more fatal shootings

PHOENIX (Reuters) - A convicted Arizona felon arrested on charges of killing his mother and stepfather in their home last month is now believed responsible for at least seven more fatal shootings in the Phoenix area, police said on Thursday.

Could this be a better way to build a flu vaccine?

As a deadly flu season continues to ravage the United States, scientists are scrambling to find new ways to fight the virus, including building vaccines that offer stronger protection against the most aggressive flu strains and last longer than just one season.


One surprising reason for more positive pregnancy tests this month

(Reuters Health) - - Lots of couples in predominantly Christian countries may be looking at positive pregnancy tests this month at least in part because of cultural forces that encourage mating around major holidays like Christmas, suggests a recent study.

Prosecutor: This is depraved conduct

David and Louise Turpin would tie up or chain their offspring as punishment -- both the minor children and the adults, Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin said.


Xerox-Fujifilm deal should have been changed long ago: Icahn

(Reuters) - Hedge fund investor Carl Icahn called on Thursday for the termination or renegotiation of Xerox Corp's long-running joint venture with Fujifilm Holdings reiterating demands for a change of leadership at Xerox.


UPDATE 2-Xerox-Fujifilm deal should have been changed long ago -Icahn

Jan 18 (Reuters) - Hedge fund investor Carl Icahn called on Thursday for the termination or renegotiation of Xerox Corp's long-running joint venture with Fujifilm Holdings reiterating demands for a change of leadership at Xerox.

Drone spots swimmers, then does this

Two swimmers were in serious trouble off the coast of Australia, until a drone came to their rescue.


Questions and Answers About This Year’s Flu Season

The virus is widespread, and the vaccine is a poor match. But while some areas are hit hard, others have been spared, and deaths are not unusually common this season.

China's economy had a pretty great 2017, but this year could be tougher

WH official: Trump has been 'pretty clear' about what it will take for DACA deal

Amid confusion in Washington over what kind of immigration bill President Donald Trump would sign, White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah told CNN's Chris Cuomo on Wednesday that the President has made his priorities clear.

This is a fight with China that Trump may want to avoid

Actress linked to Trump told story in 2011

Some media outlets shelved a story that detailed an alleged sexual relationship between porn actress Stormy Daniels and President Donald Trump before the 2016 election. CNN's Brian Todd reports.

A never-ending honeymoon at this remote retreat

This is what happens during a government shutdown

If Congress is unable to pass a funding proposal -- which, at this point, looks very possible -- the federal government will shut down Friday.


Beyoncé Is Bonkers for This Woman’s Lace Jewelry

Monika Knutsson salvages delicate heirloom material, plunges pieces of it into silver or gold, and sells the results to an eager clientele.


Britain needs to give companies more time to save Carillion-linked jobs: union

LONDON (Reuters) - The British government needs to allow more time for firms to take on workers whose jobs are threatened by the collapse of outsourcer Carillion , the head of one of Britain's biggest trade unions said on Wednesday.


Britain needs to give companies more time to save Carillion-linked jobs- union

LONDON, Jan 17 (Reuters) - The British government needs to allow more time for firms to take on workers whose jobs are threatened by the collapse of outsourcer Carillion, the head of one of Britain's biggest trade unions said on Wednesday.


Is This the Golden Age of Drag? Yes. And No.

“RuPaul’s Drag Race” has made stars of its contestants, catapulting many into full-fledged careers. But for some who have yet to catch this wave, drag is still an uncertain labor of love.


UPDATE 1-Zalando says to spend to build market share this year

BERLIN, Jan 17 (Reuters) - German online fashion retailer Zalando said it would push ahead with a strategy of investing to gain market share in 2018 rather than seek to improve profitability even as it reported a recovery in fourth-quarter operating earnings.

N. Korea linked to new cryptocurrency attacks

President, like most Americans, should lose some weight. 10-15 pounds this year, doctor says.

President Donald Trump's doctor, Dr. Ronny Jackson, characterized the president's health as "excellent," but like the majority of Americans, Trump is overweight and he doesn't get enough exercise.

This is the cognitive test the president took

Before President Donald Trump's physical examination on Friday, Dr. Ronny Jackson had decided he wasn't going to perform a cognitive assessment. Jackson said he didn't feel the test was necessary. But the president requested he be tested, anyway.


Childhood bullying linked to suicide risk for teens

(Reuters Health) - Adolescents who experienced severe bullying by their peers earlier in childhood may be more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts than teens who weren’t routinely victimized by other kids, a Canadian study suggests.


BRIEF-Sherritt reports $100 Mln Unit Offering Comprised Of Common Shares And Cobalt-Linked Warrants


Yates, Christopher J.

Books of The Times: In This Thriller, a Cold Case Turns Hot 26 Years Later

Christopher J. Yates’s “Grist Mill Road” opens with a shooting involving three teenagers, then revisits the crime and its consequences once they’re grown.


Kim Kardashian announces birth of third child, this one by surrogate

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West announced their third child on Tuesday, a girl born to a surrogate.


UPDATE 2-South Africa wants McKinsey and firm linked to Zuma's friends to repay $130 mln

* Opposition says Zuma should be charged over state corruption

Weddings and Engagements

So You’ve Been Asked to Be a Bridesmaid. Now What?

Being a bridesmaid is a role loaded with expectation and emotion, and it can be tricky to navigate. Here’s how to pull it off.

Durbin: I'm stunned this is the WH's defense

Sen. Dick Durbin says he stands by his original interpretation of President Trump's comments on immigration.


Greater screen time linked to worsening sleep quality in early childhood

(Reuters Health) - Higher use of electronic media is tied to poorer sleep quality in children as young as three, a new study from Germany suggests.

Dear President Trump: Churchill would have been a climate leader

There could be no starker illustration of the profound differences that exist between Washington and London -- despite alignment on many other issues -- than comments this week by our two leaders on climate change and the environment.

Lewandowski expects to testify this week in Russia probe

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski expects to voluntarily testify behind closed doors before Congress this week as part of the investigation into Russian election interference.

Hawaii has been preparing for missile attack, now its credibility is under fire

Hawaii has taken emergency preparedness very seriously.

The last straw: Is time up for this plastic relic?

Every day, Americans throw away 500 million plastic straws, enough to circle the Earth twice, or fill 125 school buses.


Softbank plans $18 billion IPO of mobile phone unit this year: Nikkei

TOKYO (Reuters) - SoftBank Group Corp plans to list its mobile-phone business and raise some $18 billion, the Nikkei newspaper said, a spin-off that would complete the Japanese telecoms conglomerate's transformation into a global technology investor.

All the ways you can make a difference this MLK Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is not just a federal holiday where you take off work, it's also meant to be a national day of service -- a time for action. "You can have a person in your own house that needs help. Your neighbor needs help. That is the whole premise," said Carmen Coya van-Duijn with the King Center in Atlanta.

Hawaii official: This was my fault

Governor David Ige and Hawaii's emergency administrator Vern Miyagi are blaming human error for a false incoming missile alert that was sent out in Hawaii.


Cycling: This year’s Vuelta to be decided in the mountains

MADRID (Reuters) - Tour of Spain organizers are hoping the 2018 race will be decided in the mountains as they unveiled the course for the next edition on Saturday.

Mudslides, wildfires, and flu. This is California's 2018 so far

California evokes images of sunny beaches, majestic mountains, Hollywood celebs, coastal highways and all variations of good times.

James O'Keefe says Trump asked him to go on birther-linked mission

Donald Trump in 2013 asked James O'Keefe, the controversial conservative filmmaker, if he could "get inside" Columbia University and obtain President Obama's sealed college records, according to a passage in O'Keefe's forthcoming book, a copy of which was reviewed by CNN.

Cooking and Cookbooks

Where Has This Treat Been All Your Life? Canada

With its flaky pastry, caramelized crust and bracingly sweet filling, the butter tart has it all.

Why scientists are curious about this star and its planet


Turkey reinstates 1,823 civil servants linked to app used by coup plotters: Anadolu

ANKARA (Reuters) - Turkey on Friday reinstated more than 1,800 civil servants purged after a 2016 failed coup, determining they had no links to the network of a cleric accused of masterminding the putsch, state-run Anadolu news agency said.

Reporters grill new Trump envoy: 'This is the Netherlands, you have to answer questions'

President Donald Trump's new US Ambassador to the Netherlands held his first press conference with Dutch media at The Hague on Wednesday, and it was awkward.

Cooper: Don't dance around it, this is racist

CNN's Anderson Cooper takes on President Trump's vulgar comments about American immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African nations, first reported by the Washington Post.

Analysis: This is a new rock bottom

On Thursday, in a meeting with a senators and House members on immigration, the President of the United States, asked this: "Why do we want all these people from 'shithole countries' coming here?"

Education (K-12)

‘I Want Change to Come From This,’ Louisiana Teacher Says of Arrest

Deyshia Hargrave was arrested at a school board meeting on Monday after speaking out against a renewed contract for the district’s superintendent.


Increased stress at work linked to higher risk of diabetes

(Reuters Health) - - Workers who experience an increase in stress on the job over time may be more likely to develop diabetes than their coworkers who don’t, a recent study suggests.


White House says immigration deal has not been reached

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House said on Thursday that an immigration deal to protect young immigrants from deportation had not been reached, contradicting the office of Republican Senator Jeff Flake, who said earlier on Thursday that an agreement had been secured.


Trilobites: You Won’t Like This News About Bedbugs, Ticks and the ‘Bomb Cyclone’

As the cold spell that froze much of the United States thaws, don’t count on it to limit the populations of pests that you don’t like.


BRIEF-China Gold International says Ore Processing Capacity At Jiama Mine Has Been Increased To 28,000 Tonnes Per Day From Previous Capacity Of 6,000 TPD​

Jan 11 (Reuters) - China Gold International Resources Corp Ltd:


BRIEF-Endo International says No Proceedings Have Currently Been Initiated Against EPI As Result Of Subpoena



Mom’s age at birth linked to daughter’s later childlessness

(Reuters Health) - - Moms who have children later in life are more likely to have daughters who don’t have kids, according to a new study.


Stung by Wolff book, Trump calls for stronger U.S. libel laws

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that his administration will examine whether U.S. libel laws can be strengthened after a new book questioned his mental fitness to serve as president.

Astronaut apologizes for out-of-this-world growth claim

What seemed like an out-of-this-world claim has turned out to be just that.

Global Warming

How Much Has ‘Climate Change’ Been Scrubbed From Federal Websites? A Lot.

A new study found that the Trump administration has systematically removed, altered or played down references to climate change on federal websites.


Japan reports first suspected bird flu case in poultry this winter

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's agriculture ministry on Wednesday reported a suspected case of bird flu in Kagawa prefecture, western Japan, potentially marking the country's first bird flu outbreak in poultry this winter.

Would you pay $4K for this high-tech treadmill?


Obesity linked with disability after joint surgery

(Reuters Health) - People who undergo joint surgery, such as joint replacements for arthritis, are more likely to become dependent in the years following surgery if they are obese, researchers say.

Dickerson, John

John Dickerson to Replace Charlie Rose on ‘CBS This Morning’

A Washingtonian through and through, Mr. Dickerson will move to New York and leave his role as host of “Face the Nation” to engage in morning banter.

Justin Hartley is a 'This Is Us' superfan, too

"This Is Us" returns for its mid-season premiere Tuesday and the show's loyal followers are rabid for more.


Yemen's Houthis threaten to block Red Sea shipping lane

DUBAI (Reuters) - Yemen's armed Houthi movement threatened to block the strategic Red Sea shipping lane if the Saudi-led coalition it is fighting keeps pushing toward the port of Hodeidah it controls, the Houthi-run SABA news agency reported.


TV newsman John Dickerson to replace Charlie Rose on 'CBS This Morning'

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - CBS named television journalist John Dickerson on Tuesday to replace fired co-host Charlie Rose on the network's "CBS This Morning" news show.

John Dickerson to replace Charlie Rose on 'CBS This Morning'

This anniversary is no cause for celebration

Ibuprofen linked to male infertility, study says

Ibuprofen has a negative impact on the testicles of young men, a study published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found. When taking ibuprofen in doses commonly used by athletes, a small sample of young men developed a hormonal condition that typically begins, if at all, during middle age. This condition is linked to reduced fertility.

This 65-inch TV rolls up like wrapping paper


Trilobites: This Worm Evolved Self-Fertilization and Lost a Quarter of Its DNA

When a worm’s hermaphroditic females developed the ability to reproduce on their own, they may have shed a lot of genes related to male reproduction.

'This Is Us' star on why she's wearing black

Actress Susan Kelechi Watson explains to CNN's Stephanie Elam why she is wearing black for the Golden Globes.

Source: Bannon was going to call Trump Jr. a patriot. And then the President did this

Steve Bannon was only minutes away from attacking "Fire and Fury" author Michael Wolff over quotes attributed to the former White House chief strategist, but he decided not to do so after President Donald Trump attacked him after the release of excerpts from the book, according to a source familiar with the situation.

Should Democrats shake Trump's hand and make this deal?

Trump on Russia investigation: We've been open

President Trump is asked whether he's still willing to meet with special counsel Robert Mueller's team over the Russia investigation, and answers "there's been no collusion."

Hospice Care

Opinion: This Was Not the Good Death We Were Promised

Hospice care failed my father when it mattered most.

It's been one hell of a 2018

FACT: It's January 5, 2018.


Fire at Moore accuser's Alabama home not linked to allegations: sheriff

(Reuters) - The home of an Alabama woman who accused Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexually assaulting her has been destroyed by a fire, but the local sheriff said on Friday the blaze does not appear to be linked to the case.


NSA chief to leave, expects successor this month: report

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers has announced plans to retire this spring and has said he expected a successor to be nominated and approved by the U.S. Senate this month, according to a report on Friday.


Fed's Harker says two rate hikes 'appropriate' this year

(Reuters) - Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank President Patrick Harker on Friday said he believes the central bank should raise rates just two times this year, fewer than most of his rate-setting colleagues, as low inflation continues to dog the U.S. economy.

Why this new app is on to something

HQ Trivia is a live quiz app where users can win money. It glitches constantly, but it's achieved something others have struggled with: appointment viewing.

Stelter: This is bigger than Trump vs. Bannon

Opinion: This is no time to be stingy about heating homes of the poor

Low-income families struggle to pay their home energy bills in the best of times, and these are not the best of times. Record cold temperatures are bearing down along the East Coast and across the Midwest, and, based on US Energy Information Administration estimates, the cost of home heating will likely exceed the cost of previous years.

NFL's TV ratings fell sharply this season

Meyers, Seth

Seth Meyers Is Ready for the Golden Globes. And This Moment.

Mr. Meyers faces a challenge: look for humorous but appropriate ways to talk about a year in which the entertainment industry was roiled by sexual misconduct scandals.

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Customs, Etiquette and Manners

Social Q’s: Must I Keep This Useless Gift?

And: the price of end-of-life care, socializing with new parents, and a bystander’s stance on everyday sexism.

Parts of US may be colder than Mars by this weekend

This is what subzero temperatures look like

Below-freezing temperatures across the country have resulted in frozen waterfalls, traffic pile-ups and frostbite.

White House officials feared Bannon would do this

The war that erupted between the White House and Steve Bannon Wednesday is one many people inside the West Wing feared would happen after the former chief strategist was pushed out of the administration several months ago.

Why does the 'most mysterious star in the universe' act this way?

More than 1,000 light-years away, there is a star that has been baffling astronomers since it was first observed in data collected by the Kepler mission. KIC 8462852 is 50% bigger than our sun, and 1,000 degrees hotter.

This country made it illegal to pay women less than men

Is this the most European city in North America?

A bomb cyclone and other cool cold-weather terms to know this winter

If you're feeling abnormally chilly lately, go ahead and blame the bomb cyclone. It's the hottest cold-weather term at the moment, probably because it combines two already alarming words.

This FL city hasn't seen snow in nearly 30 years -- until now

Drug Abuse and Traffic

This Judge Has a Mission: Keep Defendants Alive

An experimental court in Buffalo steers opioid users into treatment instead of jail. The judge uses his own recovery story as an example.

Books and Literature

Nonfiction: No Light at the End of This Tunnel

Ian Black’s “Enemies and Neighbors” sees no clear solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


LIVE MARKETS-Stronger start for European equities

* European stocks open higher * Next drives retail sector up after strong Christmas update * Tech stocks, industrials rise * MiFID II reforms, U.S. Fed minutes in focus Jan 3(Reuters) - Welcome to the home for real time coverage of European equity markets brought to you by Reuters stocks reporters and anchored today by Kit Rees. Reach her on Messenger to share your thoughts on market moves: Stronger start for European equities

Jake Tapper: None of this is stable behavior

CNN's Jake Tapper recaps President Trump's incendiary tweetstorm on North Korea, the media and the Department of Justice

Here's what Trump has been tweeting about on his first work day of 2018

President Donald Trump spent much of his first morning back at the White House Tuesday sending out a flurry of tweets that took aim at Democrats, Iran, Huma Abedin and the new publisher of The New York Times.


Op-Ed Columnist: Trump Is Right, This Time, About Iran

Iran’s revolutionary theocracy is bankrupt.

Opinion: Is this North Korea's Oprah moment?

Sports is often said to be the great equalizer, but can it also be a great therapist?

Dean: Nixon might have survived Watergate if there had been Fox News

Although he does not foresee a quick end to the special counsel probe into Russian election meddling and aides to President Donald Trump, former White House counsel John Dean noted that the modern media landscape may prevent it from lasting as long as the Watergate investigation, which he said stretched on for 928 days.


Senior U.S. refugee official to retire this month

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - One of the top U.S. government officials working on refugee issues on Tuesday announced her impending retirement, as the U.S. refugee program has come under continued pressure from the Trump administration.

Live updates: 7 things Trump tweeted about this morning


Immune cells linked to very early spread of breast cancer

(Reuters Health) - Normal immune cells that live near milk ducts in healthy breast tissue may play a key role in helping early breast cancer cells leave the breast for other parts of the body, researchers say.


BRIEF-Amazon Been In Talks With Several Companies Including P&G, Clorox About Letting Them Promote Products On Its Echo Devices - CNBC‍​


Analysis: Trump has averaged more than 5 falsehoods a day since he's been president

President Donald Trump has broken lots and lots of norms during his first 347 days as President. But none are as flagrant or as important as his casual relationship with the truth and utter lack of regard for being factual.

Congress is back, and this is the agenda

Congressional Republicans return to work this week thrilled they passed a major tax reform bill before Christmas but uncertain and divided about what they will do in 2018, a critical election year.


South Korea's Moon says better inter-Korean relations linked to resolving North Korea nuclear issue

SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korean President Moon Jae-in said on Tuesday the improvement of inter-Korean relations was linked to resolving North Korea's nuclear program, a day after the North offered talks with Seoul but was steadfast on its nuclear ambitions.

Flying in 2017 was safer than it's ever been

How to get this Mexican beach to yourself


Drinking hot tea linked to lowered glaucoma risk

(Reuters Health) - People who drink hot tea daily may be less likely than others to develop glaucoma symptoms, U.S. researchers say.


Regular carry-out meals linked to higher body and blood fats in kids

(Reuters Health) - Children who eat restaurant carry-out, or “takeaway,” meals once a week or more tend to have extra body fat and long-term risk factors for heart disease, suggests a UK study.


Informal caregiving linked to sleep problems

(Reuters Health) - For people who are in the workforce already, the added burden of unpaid caregiving for a family member or loved one may lead to insomnia and other sleep issues, according to a large study from Sweden.


A visual that shows just how many Rohingya villages have been burned

(Reuters) - In the four months since the Myanmar military began a crackdown after Rohingya militants attacked an army base and police posts on Aug. 25, around 655,000 members of the stateless Muslim minority have fled the western state of Rakhine and crossed into neighboring Bangladesh.

Park Slope (Brooklyn, NY)

Opinion: There’s No Place Like This Rent-Stabilized Home

The magic of living on the park comes to an end.

Mutual Funds

Why Are Mutual Fund Fees So High? This Billionaire Knows

In an era of Amazonian price destruction, mutual funds are an outlier. Weak directors, complacent investors and the lure of rich profits are among the reasons.


Cigarette smoking during pregnancy linked to ADHD risk in offspring

(Reuters Health) - Children born to women who smoke cigarettes during pregnancy, especially when mothers are heavy smokers, are at an increased risk for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a new review of medical studies confirms.


How We Looked at the Arts This Year: Our Favorite Photographs

These images, some of the best we took in 2017, capture the power of the artists and performers we covered — and offer plenty of beauty on their own.

Space and Astronomy

Out There: U.F.O.s: Is This All There Is?

Astronomers have their noses pressed against the windows of the unknown, wanting to believe in life elsewhere just like many outer space enthusiasts.

Here are all the words you mispronounced this year

Say these out loud: Bokeh. Coulrophobia. Dotard. Did you pause? You're not alone.

Polaroid Corp

Our Favorite Vintage Photographs in T This Year

Some of the not-so-recent images we published in 2017, from the reclusive author Thomas Pynchon throwing a peace sign to classic Stephen Shore shots.


JGBs dip on stronger equities, benchmark yield little changed on the year

TOKYO, Dec 29 (Reuters) - Japanese government bond prices dipped on Friday, weighed by stronger Tokyo equities and weaker U.S. Treasuries.

It's been 100 days, and still Puerto Ricans are without power

It has been three months since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, and many residents still do not have power. CNN's Leyla Santiago reports.

Women's Rights

Opinion: The Patriarchs Are Falling. The Patriarchy Is Stronger than Ever.

Can the electrifying power of #MeToo be harnessed to the slow slog of building a more gender-equal society?

You have 2 ways to win more than $300 million this week


LG Display says did not supply OLED panels for Apple's iPhone X this year

SEOUL, Dec 28 (Reuters) - South Korea's LG Display Co Ltd on Thursday said it did not supply any organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels for Apple's iPhone X smartphones this year.


JGBs edge lower; stronger equities weigh

TOKYO, Dec 28 (Reuters) - Japanese government bond prices edged lower on Thursday, weighed down by stronger Tokyo stocks.


Trilobites: In Winter, You Might Wish You Had This Rodent Superpower

Scientists discovered a quirk in the proteins of some squirrels and hamsters that helps them behave a bit like a coldblooded animal.

This is how to make college more affordable

Opinion: America's health is declining and corporations are stoking this crisis

America's powerful corporations made a killing with the passage of the Republican tax cuts. The tax cuts will hand trillions of dollars to the companies and their moneyed owners following a massive corporate lobbying campaign.

Pop and Rock Music

The Pop Charts Were Crazy This Year. Here’s Why.

As streaming continues to remake the music industry, artists and record labels schemed and scrambled, remixed and bundled to get their songs into fans’ ears.


The Best Uses of Color in T This Year

Some of the most vibrant images of 2017 include a fiery orange and marigold dim sum parlor, and floral Balenciaga dresses photographed at the fashion house’s archives.


BRIEF-Drone Delivery Canada Corp Has Been Accepted For Listing On TSX Venture Exchange As A Tier 1 Issuer​



Japan manufacturing scandals haven't hurt image but have been powerful lessons: ministry official

TOKYO (Reuters) - A string of data-tampering scandals at Japanese manufacturers has not tarnished Japan's image, though it has been a powerful reminder to avoid sacrificing quality when under cost or delivery pressure, a senior economic official said on Wednesday.


North Korean defectors may have been exposed to radiation, says South

SEOUL (Reuters) - At least four defectors from North Korea have shown signs of radiation exposure, the South Korean government said on Wednesday, although researchers could not confirm if they were was related to Pyongyang's nuclear weapons program.

Layoffs and Job Reductions

‘Nobody Thought It Would Come to This’: Drug Maker Teva Faces a Crisis

The move by Israel’s corporate version of a celebrity to lay off 14,000 workers was greeted with outrage, a nationwide strike and much disappointment.


BRIEF-Partner Communications Says Tamir Amar Has Been Appointed CFO



Leaving the house linked to longevity in older adults

(Reuters Health) - For older people, getting out of the house regularly may contribute to a longer life - and the effect is independent of medical problems or mobility issues, according to new research from Israel.

NFL cancels Sunday Night Football this week

Mark Kelly: 2017 has been an unequivocal disaster for the future of the planet

In 2001, I flew my first flight into space aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour. Roughly a decade later, I commanded that same space shuttle on its final flight. That trip was my fourth journey -- and at least for now, my final one -- from this planet into space.

California Today

California Today: California Today: Dark Depictions of a Sunny State

Tuesday: California-as-Disaster, recreational marijuana, tax problems and the Formosa Cafe lives.

Fashion and Apparel

9 New Fashion Brands We Discovered This Year

From maximalist pajamas to subversive Swedish men’s wear, T featured a range of emerging brands in 2017. Here, a roundup of some that still have us talking.


Italy rescues more than 250 migrants in Mediterranean

ROME (Reuters) - More than 250 migrants were rescued in the central Mediterranean during the night between Monday and Tuesday, Italy's Coast Guard said.

This is Japan's 'art island'

Once a fishing town in decline, Japan's Naoshima island is now a thriving contemporary art hub.

United States Politics and Government

Op-Ed Columnist: What I Was Wrong About This Year

How we should talk about numbers.

This sad tree is breaking hearts at Christmas

Rome's Christmas tree is so threadbare that locals began mocking it, calling it 'Spelacchio', or 'mangy'. CNN's Delia Gallagher asks Romans what they think of their tree.

Audio Recordings, Downloads and Streaming

Taylor Swift’s Rivals This Holiday: Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole

The popularity of streaming holiday-music classics has made record labels more reluctant to release non-Christmas albums in the final quarter.

Trump, Donald J

Op-Ed Columnist: If This Is America

The Great Leader stoops ever lower in pursuit of Turkmenistan-on-the-Potomac.


This year's lumps of coal could be 2018's diamonds

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Investors saddled in 2017 with the market's worst performers, including Under Armour and General Electric, may do well to remember as December draws to an end that lumps of coal sometimes turn into diamonds.

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After Reuters arrests, some Myanmar reporters fear 'it could've been me'

YANGON (Reuters) - Some human rights advocates say press freedom is under attack in Myanmar, even though decades of rule by a junta that tightly controlled the media has given way to a government led by Nobel peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.

Democrats acknowledge defeat on DACA this year

Democrats on Thursday acknowledged that they had all but been defeated on efforts to pass an immigration fix and other priorities by the end of the year, with a short-term funding bill on track for passage.


Pence visits Afghanistan, says U.S. will 'see this through'

KABUL (Reuters) - Vice President Mike Pence made an unannounced trip to Afghanistan to meet its leaders and underscore U.S. commitment to the country four months after President Donald Trump agreed to an open-ended war against insurgents here.

This man set to be Castro's successor

As Raul Castro is due to step down as president of Cuba in 2018, the current First Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel is set to become his successor. CNN's Patrick Oppmann reports.

Because this ballot was counted for the GOP, control of the VA House essentially comes down to a coin toss

A single ballot has put the control of the Virginia House chamber back in limbo for the second time in one week, and next Wednesday morning, the balance of power will be settled in a random drawing.

Models (Professional)

10 Models Who Caught Our Eye This Year

From T regulars to industry newcomers, here are some of our favorite faces of 2017.


North Korea rejects U.S. accusation, says it is not linked to any cyber attacks

SEOUL (Reuters) - A spokesman for North Korea's foreign ministry said on Thursday Pyongyang is not linked to any cyber attacks, the North's first response since the United States publicly blamed it for a massive worldwide cyber security breach.

Secession and Independence Movements

Catalonia Votes Again, This Time in a Gamble to Stall Its Secessionists

Barring a crushing defeat for the separatists, any other outcome is unlikely to vanquish the independence drive completely and may usher in new uncertainty.


Stronger winds loom as crews make progress on California wildfire

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Crews battling Southern California's sprawling wildfire made incremental progress in containing the two-week-old blaze but faced forecasts for stronger winds on Wednesday that threatened to make it the biggest in state history.

Hoh Rain Forest (Wash)

13 Far-Flung, Beautiful Destinations That Appeared in T This Year

In 2017, we spanned the globe, stopping at the Hoh Rain Forest in Washington State, the dunes of Cap Ferret and India’s lost mansions.

Fashion and Apparel

The 30 Best Fashion Images That Appeared in T This Year

Some of 2017’s greatest hits, which took us from Rockaway Beach to the Dior archives.


How This Lithuanian Outpost Lured LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball

It all started with a message on Twitter in the wee hours of the morning. Less than a week later, the brothers signed a contract and sent the town into a frenzy.


Amazon's allure may be tough to top this holiday: poll

CHICAGO/NEW YORK (Reuters) - More U.S. online shoppers plan to give Inc the bulk of their holiday business this year than in previous years, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll, despite costly efforts by traditional retailers to attract customers to their websites.

Schumer to heckler: This is serious stuff

After a heckler interruption, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said, "We believe you're messing up America. You could pay attention for a couple of minutes."

Opinion: US was prepared for WannaCry attack -- this time

On May 12, a ransomware campaign infected tens of thousands of systems across 164 countries, including the United States. From the Department of Homeland Security's National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC), government and industry experts watched WannaCry spread quickly across a range of industries.

Ryan to Republicans: 'I'm not leaving this job'

House Speaker Paul Ryan batted down rumors Tuesday that he is looking to end his time in his current position any time soon.

Opinion: How this selfie caused an international furor

When does a picture generate far more than a thousand words? When it is a photo of two young women representing two different Middle Eastern nations. And one of those nations is Israel.

This is the tax bill timeline we're expecting

The day the GOP has been seeking: Voting begins today on plan

When it comes to the GOP tax plan, Republicans have the votes. Period.

This Year, Make Your Fitness Resolution Stick

Many Americans will make getting fit and losing weight a New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately, the odds are overwhelming that they’ll fail.

Some trophies are metal, this one is cheese

Take a look at 25 amazing sports photos from December 12 through December 18.

Is this the weirdest election result of 2017?

It took a coin flip and a recount, but a southeast Idaho city council race finally has a winner in what could be the weirdest election result of 2017.

United States Politics and Government

Pence Postpones Trip to Middle East, Citing Vote on Tax Bill This Week

The decision also came amid mounting tension in the region over President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.


'Dreamer' immigration bill not on U.S. Senate agenda this month

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate will not consider an immigration bill as part of year-end legislation but will turn to a measure protecting immigrant youths known as "Dreamers" in January, No. 2 Senate Republican John Cornyn said on Monday.


'Dreamer' immigration bill not on Senate agenda this month

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate will not consider an immigration bill as part of year-end legislation but will "turn to" a measure protecting immigrant youths known as "Dreamers" in January, said No. 2 Senate Republican John Cornyn on Monday.

Atlanta airport mess: How does this happen?


Teen sexual identity, childhood trauma linked to suicidal behaviors

(Reuters Health) - - Both LGBQ sexual identity and traumatic experiences in childhood are linked to a heightened risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviors, U.S. researchers say.


BRIEF-Facebook Says To Begin Demoting Posts That Use Engagement Bait this week


Stocks surge over Wall Street's Christmas gift -- a bill cutting corporate taxes that Trump could sign this week