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GOP candidate who insulted Parkland students drops out

Republican candidate Leslie Gibson has dropped out of the race for Maine's House of Representatives following backlash from controversial comments he made about two student survivors of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting.


School safety bill passes House, no action on gun control

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. House of Representatives approved spending more money on metal detectors, locks and other school security measures on Wednesday, but took no steps to tighten gun control laws a month after a Florida high school shooting that killed 17 people.


U.S. retail sales falter; inflation creeping higher

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. retail sales fell for a third straight month in February as households cut back on purchases of motor vehicles and other big-ticket items, prompting analysts to downgrade their first-quarter economic growth forecasts.


U.S. retail sales falter; underlying producer prices rise solidly

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. retail sales fell for a third straight month in February as households cut back on purchases of motor vehicles and other big-ticket items, pointing to a slowdown in economic growth in the first quarter.

As gun control efforts paused, House to vote on school safety bill this week

The US House of Representatives is set to vote this week on a bill to give money for more security at schools, as the nation's lawmakers continue to search for legislative solutions to gun violence that can pass the Legislative Branch.

Mississippi governor set to sign 15-week abortion ban

Mississippi's House of Representatives voted Thursday in favor of a bill that would prevent women from getting abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. The procedural vote moves the bill one step closer to becoming law in a state that already limits access to abortions.


Op-Ed Contributor: Forced Confessions in Iran’s House of the Dead

“Suicides” at the Evin Prison in Tehran reflect the damage caused by floggings and other practices to break down detainees.


Rising poverty gnaws at Italian social fabric as election nears

HERCULANEUM, Italy (Reuters) - Roberto Biondi's 89-year-old mother has Alzheimer's, is housebound and no longer recognizes her son. She is also the family's main breadwinner.


Trump-Russia probe muddies House hearing on U.S. threat assessment: sources

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republicans are resisting requests by Democrats for U.S. intelligence chiefs to present their annual global threat report to a congressional panel so they can avert a likely showdown with the head of the FBI over aspects of the Trump-Russia investigation, two Democratic sources said on Wednesday.

House Committee on Intelligence

How Partisan Has House Intelligence Panel Become? It’s Building a Wall

Since taking up its Russia inquiry last year, the committee, once an oasis of country-first cooperation in a divided Congress, has descended into dysfunction.

Ryan thinks House has the votes to pass budget deal

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday morning he believes he has enough votes in the House to pass the bipartisan spending deal reached in the Senate that would significantly raise domestic and defense spending and avert a government shutdown.


Exclusive: 'We are in a war' - Cameroon unrest confronted by army offensive

(Reuters) - Daniel was in his home in the village of Bole in Southwest Cameroon on Feb. 2 when he heard gunfire and a commotion. Moments later, his house was ablaze, flames licking the walls.

Strong fundraising shifts several House races in Dems' favor

An energized Democratic base is translating into a clear fundraising advantage for the party's House candidates in this year's midterm elections.

United States Politics and Government

Senate Letter Echoes House Republicans’ Accusations of Bias

President Trump is expected to release a classified Democratic memo but is likely to redact parts of it.

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

Trump Mocks ‘Little Adam Schiff’ as House Democrats Push to Release a Rival Memo

Mr. Trump’s insult comes as Adam Schiff is expected to call for a vote on Monday afternoon for the House Intelligence Committee to release a Democratic rebuttal to the once-secret Republican memo.


Trump accuses House intel panel's top Democrat of leaking information

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday accused U.S. Representative Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, of leaking "confidential" information.

Democrat who has seen classified info accuses House GOP of obstructing probe

The top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee is refuting the Republican memo alleging FBI abuses of surveillance authority, accusing House Republicans of being "part and parcel to an organized effort to obstruct" special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe.

Donations to Nunes' top Dem challenger just soared

Democrats challenging California Rep. Devin Nunes for his House seat have seen some benefit to the House Intelligence Committee memo alleging the FBI misused its surveillance authority.

United States Politics and Government

With Memo, Devin Nunes, Once a Scourge of the Hard Right, Becomes Its Hero

As House Intelligence Committee chairman, Representative Devin Nunes has won praise from party members he once called “lemmings in suicide vests.”


Arizona legislature expels lawmaker on 'hostile work environment' claims

PHOENIX (Reuters) - Arizona's House of Representatives ousted a lawmaker on Thursday after investigators found "credible evidence" that he had created a hostile work environment while serving in the state legislature.

Lawmaker says Nunes is acting as agent of the White House

Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) says House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes is acting as an agent of the White House by refusing to answer questions regarding the memo alleging FBI surveillance abuses.

Fallout from 'house of horrors' stains California town

Before the sensational "house or horrors" news exploded here and around the world with the discovery of the Turpin family -- 13 siblings allegedly held captive by their own parents in a Perris house -- whatever national publicity this city of 76,000 received was focused on the sky, like its ever-present flock of skydivers.

Sexual Harassment

In Canada, a ‘Perfect Storm’ for a #MeToo Reckoning

Canada’s House of Commons will debate workplace law changes to define sexual harassment and protect political staff members.

Republican quits House Ethics Committee

Rep. Trey Gowdy stepped down from the House Ethics Committee this week after five years of serving on the panel.


A Picture and its Story: Syrian pulled from rubble mourns 'martyred' young son

EASTERN GHOUTA, Syria (Reuters) - His brow dripping with blood and his skin caked with brick dust, Abu Abdallah was pulled out from under the rubble of his house near Damascus after it was blown up in an air raid.


U.S. retail sales rise; core sales revised sharply higher

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. retail sales increased in December as households bought a range of goods and figures for the prior month were revised higher, suggesting the economy exited 2017 with strong momentum.

Lawmaker claims 'character makeup' makes blacks more susceptible to marijuana

A Kansas state legislator has stepped down from the chairmanship of a Kansas House committee after he said African-Americans were more susceptible to marijuana because of "their character makeup" and "their genetics."

The politics behind the DACA debate, in two charts

Here's a key stat that starts to explain the politics behind the immigration debate: Democrat-held districts in the US House of Representatives tend to have more recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program living in them than Republican-held districts.


Republicans keep control of Virginia state House after tie-breaker

RICHMOND, Va. (Reuters) - Republicans appeared to maintain control of Virginia's House of Delegates on Thursday after their candidate won a dramatic, lottery-style drawing to resolve a tied race, but the losing Democrat said she might challenge the results.

Hoaxes and Pranks

Summoned by a Prank Call, Police in Wichita Kill a Man at His Front Door

An instance of swatting, in which a false report is made to get a SWAT team to raid a rival’s house, led to the fatal shooting, the police said.

Virginia delays tie-breaker name drawing

A dramatic race for a seat in Virginia's House of Delegates took another turn Tuesday as lawyers representing Democratic candidate Shelly Simonds filed a motion asking a trio of circuit court judges to reconsider their decision to allow a controversial ballot to be counted as a vote cast for her Republican opponent David Yancey.


Swedish roofs can handle Santa's sleigh - if he's careful

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Sweden's houses should be able to cope when Santa and his sleigh land on their snowy roofs this Christmas - as long as he doesn't try to deliver too many presents in one go.

2 days away with no plan to avoid shutdown

As House Republicans spilled out of a closed-door meeting Wednesday night, it was clear that things hadn't gone well. Members gave wildly varying accounts of the proposal that's being cobbled together to keep the government open ahead of Friday's shutdown deadline.

The Palin family's rocky history

Sarah Palin's son, Track Palin, was arrested on multiple charges, including assault, after an incident at his parent's house. CNN's Randi Kaye reports.

United States Politics and Government

As a Must-Pass Republican Tax Bill Headed for the Finish Line, Rubio Saw an Opening

On Thursday, Marco Rubio took a stand: He threatened to vote no unless House and Senate negotiators expanded the child tax credit.

New York City

New York Today: New York Today: Decking the Halls at Gracie Mansion

Friday: The holidays at “The People’s House,” weekend events, and ax throwing in Brooklyn.


Sea change: LNG tankers divert to China as winter gas shortage bites

* China's LNG demand soars as households switch to gas for heating

Ex-House speaker can't be alone with kids, judge rules

Former US House Speaker Dennis Hastert is banned from having contact with anyone under 18 unless an adult is present who's aware that he pleaded guilty in a hush money case related to the sexual abuse of teen boys, according to new restrictions imposed by a federal judge.

Congress OKs 2 more weeks of funding

The prognosis to avert a government shutdown looks promising for now as House Republicans voted Thursday for a short-term spending bill on the floor to keep the federal government running for another two weeks.


U.S. top court wary over allowing seizure of ancient Persian artifacts

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Supreme Court justices expressed skepticism on Monday over whether ancient Persian artifacts housed in a Chicago museum can be seized to pay for a $71 million court judgment against Iran over its alleged role in a 1997 bombing attack in Jerusalem.


Yemen's Houthis blow up ex-president Saleh's house

SANAA (Reuters) - Fighters from Yemen's armed Houthi movement blew up house the house of ex-President Ali Abdullah Saleh in the center of the capital Sanaa on Monday, residents reported, as his whereabouts remain unknown.


RPT-Brexit buys bruised London Stock Exchange time

LONDON, Dec 1 (Reuters) - Bruised by the collapse of its merger with Deutsche Boerse and battered by the abrupt departure of its CEO, the London Stock Exchange (LSE) may find Brexit buys it time get its house in order.


U.S. lawmaker says House intel panel near consensus on NSA spy program

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Members of the U.S. House of Representatives Intelligence Committee are close to an agreement on how to overhaul a controversial National Security Agency surveillance program and hope to complete legislation soon, the top Democrat on the panel said on Wednesday.


Tax overhaul drama moves to Senate as House approves its bill

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Congressional Republicans took important steps on Thursday toward the biggest U.S. tax-code overhaul since the 1980s, with the House of Representatives approving a broad package of tax cuts, and a Senate panel advancing its own version of the legislation sought by senior lawmakers and President Donald Trump.


Tax overhaul drama moves to U.S. Senate as House approves its bill

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Congressional Republicans took an important step on Thursday toward the biggest U.S. tax-code overhaul since the 1980s as the House of Representatives approved a broad package of tax cuts sought by senior lawmakers and President Donald Trump.


Northern California shooting death toll reaches five after wife's body found

(Reuters) - The death toll in a shooting spree in rural Northern California rose to five after police discovered the body of the gunman's wife hidden in the couple's house, an assistant sheriff said on Wednesday.


Death toll in Northern California rises to five after wife's body found

(Reuters) - The death toll in a shooting spree in rural Northern California rose to five after police discovered the body of the gunman's wife hidden in the couple's house, an assistant sheriff said on Wednesday.

Hoyer predicts Dems take House, says it's not time for impeachment

A top House Democratic leader predicted Wednesday his party would regain control of the US House of Representatives in the midterm elections, but said now is not the time for members of his party to push impeachment.

Anderson Cooper calls out Sessions' selective memory

During a contentious House judiciary hearing, Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified that he remembers the meeting with George Papadopoulos, but his memory about conversations is limited.

Ryan orders House and staff to take sexual harassment course

House Speaker Paul Ryan announced Tuesday that there will be a new mandatory anti-harassment and discrimination training for all House members and staff.


Senate panel presses ahead on tax bill as House vote looms

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republican U.S. Senator Rand Paul said on Tuesday he will seek to abolish a crucial Obamacare provision as part of sweeping tax cut legislation in a move that could complicate President Donald Trump's push for swift congressional passage.

Midterm Elections (2018)

Democrats Cheer, but They May Have to Do Better in ’18

The Democrats’ huge gains in Virginia’s House of Delegates don’t reflect gains with working-class voters they might need to flip the House.

Lanier, Jaron

With ... Jaron Lanier: Soothsayer in the Hills Sees Silicon Valley’s Sinister Side

Jaron Lanier’s house and his new book, “Dawn of the New Everything,” are both crammed full of strange and mesmerizing stuff.

Former TV anchor, whose girlfriend was killed on-air, wins Virginia seat

Former television anchor and Democrat Chris Hurst, whose girlfriend Alison Parker was killed on live television in 2015, has won the race for the 12th district of Virginia's House of Delegates.


Police Find Severed Heads in Coolers in Serial Killer Case that Stuns Japan

A 27-year-old man was arrested after a woman disappeared, and the Japanese news media said parts of nine bodies had been found in his house near Tokyo.


U.S. consumer spending grows at fastest pace since 2009, savings drop

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. consumer spending recorded its biggest increase in more than eight years in September, likely as households in Texas and Florida replaced flood-damaged motor vehicles, but underlying inflation remained muted.


U.S. consumer spending grows at fastest pace since 2009

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. consumer spending recorded its biggest increase in more than eight years in September, likely as households in Texas and Florida replaced flood-damaged motor vehicles, but underlying inflation remained muted.


Losses, looting as Philippine war's fortunate few return home

MARAWI CITY, Philippines (Reuters) - Khaliluddin Ismail returned home on Sunday after five months of war in the southern Philippines to find his house ransacked. But he's still smiling.

Kids with autism struggle to find normalcy after wildfire destroys their school

For about two weeks, 7-year-old Caden Higuera from Windsor, California, has been cooped up in his house, playing with Legos and patching together 500-piece puzzles.

1 million Americans without drinking water

After Hurricane Maria toppled the bridge that connects him to the rest of civilization and ripped the roof and walls off his house here in the central mountains of Puerto Rico, Ramón Sostre raised a weathered American flag above the wreckage.


Texas house fire kills mother, five children in 'horrific scene'

(Reuters) - Five children and their mother were killed early on Wednesday when fire engulfed their rural Texas home about 100 miles east northeast of Houston, Hardin County Sheriff Mark Davis said.


South Korea police seek arrest warrant for Hanjin Group chief

SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korean police are seeking an arrest warrant for Cho Yang-ho, chairman of Hanjin Group, the parent of Korean Air Lines Co Ltd, on charges of breach of trust following their probe into construction work at his house, a police official said on Monday.

Fires and Firefighters

Opinion: The Ashes in Napa

The fire took our family’s house. And reminded us that everything is temporary.


As US House weighs $36.5 billion disaster relief, Trump slams Puerto Rico

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump on Thursday pushed back against federal aid for Puerto Rico as the U.S. House of Representatives prepared to weigh $36.5 billion in emergency relief for the U.S. territory and other hurricane-hit areas as well as fire-ravaged California.

GOP rep. says House DACA deal won't need Democratic votes

A key House Republican involved in immigration negotiations said Wednesday that he expects his chamber will pass a bill with only GOP votes -- and would include some version of a border wall -- even as Democrats dismiss the idea that such a deal could reach the President's desk.


Ten charged in death of Louisiana State fraternity pledge

(Reuters) - Police have charged 10 people in the death of a Louisiana State University fraternity pledge after a night of suspected alcohol-fueled hazing at the social group's house, the school said on Wednesday.

Watch what winds over 100 mph do to this house

Check out this wind test from the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety to see how a typical US house would hold up to winds over 100 mph.


Congress needs to examine gun 'bump stock' devices: House speaker

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A backlash against "bump stock" gun accessories, which enable rifles to be turned into rapid-fire guns, grew in the U.S. Congress on Thursday as House Speaker Paul Ryan opened the door to possible debate on controlling the devices.

Pelosi talks gun violence with Vegas survivor

During a CNN Town Hall, Bob Patterson, who lost his wife in the Las Vegas massacre, asks House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi what she's going to do to help prevent mass murders.


Tension grips Nigerian city as separatist leader goes missing

UMUAHIA, Nigeria (Reuters) - A secessionist leader seeking independence from Nigeria has been missing since an alleged military raid more than two weeks ago left his house in the city of Umuahia riddled with bullet holes, its windows smashed and doors hanging off hinges.


BRIEF-Stallergenes Greer announces acceptance of regulatory submission and new market approval



Police investigating militants search Brussels houses

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Police searched eight houses in and around Brussels on Monday and detained one suspect in investigations into people who had joined militants in Syria in 2014, prosecutors said.


His Home Flooded, the Port Arthur Mayor Puts His City First

The Texas mayor had four feet of water in his house after Harvey. Now, as his neighbors clean up their homes, he is trying to get the city back on its feet.


Draining the swamp: Hard-hit Everglades town mops up after Irma

EVERGLADES CITY, Fla. (Reuters) - As Hurricane Irma raged through Everglades City, a tiny fishing village in a vast alligator-infested swamp, Howie Grimm hunkered down inside his house with his 88-year-old mother, a useless cell phone and a new job title.

Parks, Rosa

Rosa Parks House in Berlin Has a Ticket Home to America

The house that was a haven to the civil rights pioneer in the 1950s was turned into an art exhibit. It still needs a permanent home.


UPDATE 2-Bank of Korea stands pat as household debt, North Korea eyed

* Analysts say economy not yet strong enough for rate hike (Adds comments from news conference, updates markets)


U.S. consumer confidence hits five-month high; house prices rise

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S consumer confidence surged to a five-month high in August as households grew increasingly upbeat about the labor market while house prices rose further in June, suggesting a recent acceleration in consumer spending was likely to be sustained.


Critic's Notebook: Contemporary Art Steams Up the Hudson

Not your mother’s house tour: This summer has brought a bounty of artwork to Catskill, Hudson, Cold Spring and beyond.


Depopulation turns Serbian villages into ghost towns

REPUSNICA, Serbia (Reuters) - Repusnica was once a bustling village on the slopes of Mount Stara Planina in Serbia. Now its bars lie empty, its houses stand shuttered and nobody walks its streets.

London (England)

After Big Ben Rings Out, the Sound of Silence in London

Britain’s most famous bell will be largely quiet for the next four years while the tower in which it is housed is renovated.

Does he blow up the fire of controversy over Charlottesville or put it out?

More than most men who've had his job, President Donald Trump is familiar with the feel of a controversy, its life cycles, how it grows, how it goes out. Instead of climbing the political ladder as a state legislator or US House member before becoming a senator or governor to audition for the top role in politics, he worked in show business, first as a brash tabloid real estate tycoon, later a reality show host, and most recently, the leader of the debunked "birther" movement. Controversies are like fires, and he's played with them before.

"They have value, they deserve love and dignity"

Michele Allen and her nonprofit, Monkey's House, provide a safe, loving place for terminally ill shelter dogs to live their final days.


'Clean' debt ceiling bill unlikely to pass House of Representatives : lawmaker

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. House of Representatives is unlikely to raise the country's debt ceiling without conditions to rein in spending, a Republican lawmaker said on Tuesday, raising the specter of another potential clash even as Republicans control both Congress and the White House.


Brazil's House speaker sees no need to weaken pension overhaul: media

BRASILIA (Reuters) - Brazil's Congress should not water down a proposal to change pension rules in order to have it approved in coming months, House Speaker Rodrigo Maia said in separate newspaper interviews published on Sunday.


Venezuela restores opposition leader Ledezma's house arrest

CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuela returned opposition leader Antonio Ledezma from prison to his home on Friday, hours before the government planned to inaugurate a new legislative superbody authorized to expand the powers of leftist President Nicolas Maduro.


UK Stocks-Factors to watch on July 28

July 28 (Reuters) - Britain's FTSE 100 index is seen opening down 36 points at 7406.8 on Friday, according to financial bookmakers. * UK CONSUMER MORALE: British consumer morale has sunk back to depths hit just after last year's Brexit vote and worse may be to come as households' view of the broader economic situation dropped to a four-year low, according to a survey on Friday. * SHELL: Royal Dutch Shell Plc plans to begin permanently shuttering the gasoline-producing unit

Russian leaders lash out at US sanctions

Russian leaders lash out against possible US sanctions, passed by the US House of Representatives. CNN's Clare Sebastian reports.

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert leaves prison after 13 months

Former US House Speaker Dennis Hastert has been released from federal prison and is now under the supervision of a residential reentry management field office in Chicago, according to Federal Bureau of Prisons records.

Transgender and Transsexuals

Bathroom Bill Tests Clout of Rare Moderate in Increasingly Conservative Texas

Joe Straus, the speaker of the Texas House, has put himself at odds with many of his fellow Republicans over his resistance to a bathroom bill.


Singapore protest calls for inquiry over PM's alleged abuse of power

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Around 400 protesters gathered at Singapore's Speakers' Corner on Saturday calling for an independent inquiry into whether Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong abused his power in a battle with his siblings over what to do with their late father's house.

Sinkhole swallows houses

A growing sinkhole in Florida that has already swallowed two houses is now threatening other residences, authorities said Friday afternoon.


U.S households see spending up, job prospects improving: New York Fed survey

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Consumers expect to boost spending in the months ahead and voiced confidence they are more likely to find a job and less likely to lose one in a strong labor market, the New York Federal Reserve reported Monday in its latest monthly survey of consumer expectations.


In Syria's Raqqa, corpses left to rot in the streets

BEIRUT (Reuters) - When Abu Ahmad stepped out of his house in Raqqa after a night of heavy air strikes, he found several of his neighbors lying dead in the street.


Laurie Metcalf to Leave ‘A Doll’s House, Part 2’

Ms. Metcalf, who won a Tony Award for her performance in the play on Broadway, will depart on July 23 and be replaced by the Tony winner Julie White.


Illinois House to take up governor's budget, tax vetoes

CHICAGO (Reuters) - The fate of a spending plan and tax hike aimed at ending Illinois' unprecedented two-year budget impasse moved on Tuesday to the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, which will seek to enact the legislation by overriding the Republican governor's vetoes.

Politics and Government

Dispute Over Singapore Founder’s House Becomes a National Crisis

Lee Kuan Yew, who died in 2015, stipulated that his home should eventually be destroyed. Two of his children have accused the third, the prime minister, of defying those wishes for political gain.


Lee family war rumbles on as Singapore's parliament debates

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - As Singapore's parliament began the second day of a debate on Tuesday over Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's dispute with his siblings over their late father's house, his estranged brother accused the prime minister of making false claims.

Paul Ryan's House challenger launches longshot bid after viral video

House Speaker Paul Ryan has a new longshot challenger for the seat he's held onto for nearly 20 years.


Illinois passes final budget bill, approves $6 billion of bonds

CHICAGO (Reuters) - The Illinois House of Representatives on Monday passed a bill for the final piece of the state's fiscal 2018 budget that includes authorization for $6 billion of bonds to pay down a $15 billion bill pile.


Illinois House passes $5 billion tax package, spending plan

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Illinois' Democratic-controlled House of Representatives passed big, permanent increases in income tax rates and a $36 billion fiscal 2018 spending plan on Sunday with the help of some Republican votes as the cash-strapped state scrambled to stave off a bond rating downgrade to junk.