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Trebek, Alex

‘Jeopardy!’ Tells Contestant: A ‘Gangster’ Is Not a ‘Gangsta’

In reference to a 1995 Coolio song, a contestant answered “Gangster’s Paradise.” But judges wouldn’t give him credit since the song is titled “Gangsta’s Paradise.”


A Cuban Island That Has Played Both Paradise and Prison

The Isle of Youth — which has been both a Communist Utopian getaway and home to a brutal prison that housed Castro for a time — is a world apart, even by Cuban standards.

Labor and Jobs

Op-Ed Columnist: The Workers Paradise

How Republicans can take care of their own.


False paradise? EU is no haven of Net neutrality, say critics

LISBON/MILAN (Reuters) - America's decision to scrap rules designed to ensure a free and open internet leaves the European Union as the biggest market where Net neutrality still prevails -- but critics say the EU is not a level playing field.

Travel and Vacations

In Haiti, Tracing a Paradise Lost

The U.N. says the country is now stable, and tourism is growing. But the former vacation paradise still has a faded beauty.

Computers and the Internet

State of the Art: Twitter, It’s Time to End Your Anything-Goes Paradise

Twitter should scrap a founding principle — everyone gains equal footing and any behavior is tolerated — and create a new system that rewards positive contributions.


Helping the poor is a 'Passport to Paradise,' Pope says

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Francis welcomed the poor, homeless and unemployed as guests of honor for a Mass and gourmet meal in the Vatican on Sunday, saying that helping the needy was one way of obtaining a "passport to paradise".

Glittering structures of an architectural 'arms race'

It's the island paradise in southern China referred to by people across the country as "the Hawaii of China."


Jane Goodall urges U.S. Senate to halt quest for Arctic refuge oil

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - British primatologist Jane Goodall sent a letter to every U.S. senator on Tuesday urging them to oppose a push in the U.S. Congress to allow oil drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a region environmentalists say is one of the world's last paradises.


Jane Goodall urges U.S. Senate to halt push to drill in Arctic refuge

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - British primatologist Jane Goodall sent a letter to every U.S. senator on Tuesday urging them to oppose a push in the U.S. Congress to allow oil drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a region environmentalists say is one of the world's last paradises.

Tax Shelters

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Paradise Papers Show How Misguided the G.O.P. Is on Taxes

We don’t need to make it easier for companies to bilk us.


Pet City: Where the Dogs Are

Long Meadow in Prospect Park during off-leash hours is like a paradise for dogs. Unless your Shih-Tzu is a timid scaredy-cat.


The Paradise Papers: Endowments Boom as Colleges Bury Earnings Overseas

American universities are using offshore strategies to swell their coffers, skirt taxes and obscure investments that could spark campus protests.


LVMH boss Arnault says assets referred to in "Paradise Papers" known to tax bodies

PARIS (Reuters) - Bernard Arnault, France's richest billionaire and the head of luxury goods group LVMH , said on Wednesday that assets referred to by Le Monde newspaper, in the "Paradise Papers" leaks tracking tax affairs, were known to tax authorities.

Europe Edition: Paradise Papers, Tariq Ramadan, Twitter: Your Wednesday Briefing

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.


UPDATE 1-Dutch tax breaks under fire after "Paradise Papers" leaks

AMSTERDAM, Nov 7 (Reuters) - Dutch tax breaks to large international companies came under renewed fire on Tuesday after newly leaked documents revealed errors in the drafting of a tax ruling for U.S. consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble.

Tax Shelters

The Paradise Papers: How Business Titans, Pop Stars and Royals Hide Their Wealth

Records from an offshore hideaway show how an American billionaire grew one of the world’s largest trusts and another owned part of a company accused of exploiting the poor.

Tax Shelters

Op-Ed Contributor: The Paradise Papers Hacking and the Consequences of Privacy

In the world of offshore finance, confidentiality long ago became a corrosive secrecy.


EU to discuss tax havens blacklist after 'Paradise Papers' leaks

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union states will on Tuesday bring forward a discussion on plans for a tax havens' blacklists after newly leaked documents revealed investments by wealthy individuals and institutions around the globe, officials said.

Tax Shelters

The Paradise Papers: After a Tax Crackdown, Apple Found a New Shelter for Its Profits

The tech giant has found a tax haven in the island of Jersey, leaving billions of dollars untouched by the United States, leaked documents reveal.

Airlines and Airplanes

The Paradise Papers: From Utah, Secretive Help for a Russian Oligarch and His Jet

Records leaked from an offshore law firm show how the wealthy elite sidestep prohibitions on foreigners registering private planes in the United States.


India orders investigation after Paradise Papers leak

NEW DELHI, Nov 6 (Reuters) - India on Monday formed a panel of government officials to investigate cases that figure in the so-called Paradise Papers, a trove of leaked documents about offshore investments of wealthy individuals and institutions.

Texas Shooting, Paradise Papers, Shalane Flanagan: Your Monday Briefing

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

Asia and Australia Edition: Japan, North Korea, Paradise Papers: Your Monday Briefing

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

The Paradise Papers: Kremlin Cash Behind Billionaire’s Twitter and Facebook Investments

Leaked files show that a state-controlled bank in Moscow helped to fuel Yuri Milner’s ascent in Silicon Valley, where the Russia investigation has put tech companies under scrutiny.

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

The Paradise Papers: Commerce Secretary’s Offshore Ties to Putin ‘Cronies’

Wilbur Ross, the commerce secretary, retained investments in a shipping firm with business ties to Russian President Vladimir V. Putin’s inner circle.

Tax Shelters

The Paradise Papers: Millions of Leaked Files Shine Light on Where the Elite Hide Their Money

The leak, called the Paradise Papers, centers on an offshore law firm that has helped obscure the wealth of multinational companies and the superrich.


Senate Democrats vow to fight drilling in Alaska reserve

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Senate Democrats vowed on Tuesday to fight a measure expected to be slipped into budget legislation that would open Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Reserve to oil and gas drilling, saying it would destroy one of earth's remaining paradises.

They purchased paradise ... then gave it all away

This is the story of the couple who purchased paradise, the neighbors who curse their name and the idea that might save life as we know it.

44% of Puerto Ricans without drinking water

Hurricane Maria laid waste to Puerto Rico, leaving a brown wasteland on what had been a verdant American paradise in the Caribbean.


Bali's menacing volcano puts some tourists' plans on back burner

KARANGASEM, Indonesia (Reuters) - Clouds shrouded the top of Bali's highest volcano on Tuesday as the risk of an imminent eruption began to persuade some tourists to have second thoughts about visiting Indonesia's paradise island.


Road to electric car paradise paved with handouts

JUDABERG, Norway (Reuters) - The Norwegian island of Finnoey has the highest density of electric cars in the world. The reason? They are exempt from the $6,000-a-year toll charges for the tunnel to the mainland.


Islamists lure youngsters in the Philippines with payments, promise of paradise

MARAWI CITY, Philippines (Reuters) - When he saw his commander holding the severed head of one of his neighbors, teenage Islamist fighter Jalil knew it was time to escape from Marawi City.


Paradise Lost: Devastation on the U.S. Virgin Islands

Residents of St. Thomas and St. John showed signs of resilience amid the ruins left by Hurricane Irma.

This was paradise. Now it's a pile of debris

Residents of St. John, US Virgin Islands are returning home and cleaning up, following the devastation of Hurricane Irma. CNN's Isa Soares reports.

Florida, a fragile kind of paradise

All hurricanes are brutal, but geology, geography and good old-fashioned capitalism have conspired to make Florida hurricanes particularly damaging events. South Florida, in particular, is a kind of paradise for many people who live there, but as far as Mother Nature is concerned, it's a fragile kind of paradise.

Hurricane Irma (2017)

Devastation in the Caribbean as Irma Heads Toward Miami

Hurricane Irma turned beach paradises into half-habitable emergency zones as it headed toward Miami, where panicked residents were scrambling to find gasoline and water.

A tropical paradise in India

Goa has been indelibly shaped by its 450 years of Portuguese rule, followed by an influx of hippies in the 1960s.

Hawaii tennis camp is paradise

'Bachelor in Paradise' plays coy with controversy

First, the obvious: The tantalizing whiff of controversy drew media to a season premiere of "Bachelor in Paradise" that many outlets (including this one) would have otherwise ignored. Nobody expected a "60 Minutes"-type expose, but once ABC and Warner Bros. opted to forge ahead with the show, they had a certain duty not to whitewash what nearly derailed it, and to clarify what happened -- or didn't.

ABC: 'Bachelor' incident was 'wake-up call'

ABC said the "Bachelor in Paradise" incident that temporarily shut down production of the reality series "brought to light some safety issues" that have been addressed by Warner Bros., from which ABC licenses the series.

Company buys California town, plans pot paradise

Don't be surprised if there is a sign one day on a small California town that reads "Welcome to Nipton: A Place to Get Stoned."

Venezuela: How paradise got lost

The mounting crisis in Venezuela is entering a new chapter as President Nicolás Maduro's plans to rewrite the constitution face a pivotal vote.

In Singapore, an entire street dedicated to satay

Every night at 7 p.m., Singapore's Boon Tat Street channels the spirit of the 1950s -- before the city state's skyscrapers stole the show -- and magically transforms into a street food lover's paradise.

Meet the paradise maker

When a luxury resort developer wants to create a truly spectacular property that'll be talked about for years to come, there are only a handful of designers in Asia up to the task.


A Cherry Lover’s Paradise

A photographer's diary of this year's National Cherry Festival in Traverse City, an annual event that dates back to around 1925.

Europe's new jet-set paradise

Corinne Olympios returning to 'Paradise'

The "Bachelor in Paradise" reunion special is sure to be an interesting one with the additions of two former cast members.

Tiny island holds a secret

In Sanne De Wilde's photographs of Pingelap, a tiny coral atoll in the Pacific Ocean, nothing is quite as it seems. Her images depict a tropical paradise where the jungle vegetation is pale pink, the sea is gray and local inhabitants are seen in black and white.

Corinne Olympios won't return to 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Corinne Olympios says she wants to move on from the "Bachelor in Paradise" scandal that prompted producers to suspend production of the show earlier this month.

'Bachelor's DeMario Jackson claims Olympios was the 'aggressor'

DeMario Jackson spoke out for the first time about what happened between him and Corinne Olympios on the "Bachelor in Paradise" set where misconduct allegations prompted producers to suspend production earlier this month.

DeMario Jackson will not be returning to 'Bachelor in Paradise'

DeMario Jackson is saying adios to "Bachelor In Paradise."

'Bachelor in Paradise' contract revealed

The Big Sur: No paradise for those cut off by storms

Bringing home the groceries has taken on new meaning for residents of this hamlet perched along California's famous Highway 1. With a vital bridge gone, they have to hike in -- toting backpacks, shopping bags and even the occasional wheelbarrow.

Reality Television

After Inquiry Into Cast, ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Will Resume Taping

The inquiry, into an allegation of sexual misconduct, did not turn up evidence of wrongdoing, said Warner Bros., the studio behind the show.

'Bachelor in Paradise' investigation ends, Warner Bros. concludes no misconduct

'Bachelor in Paradise' couple Carly Waddell Evan Bass gets married in Mexico

It's a match made in reality TV heaven.

More 'Bachelor in Paradise' fallout

'Bachelor in Paradise' cast member breaks her silence on scandal

Reality Television

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Cast Sent Home Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Production of the ABC reality show was suspended last week pending an inquiry into accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior on the set in Mexico.

'Bachelor in Paradise' halts filming

Why it's the best weekend in racing

Billionaires' bolt-hole, playboys' paradise and, for one week at the end of May, host to the most glamorous motor race in the world.

Escape from Cannes: Paradise island retreats

Cannes may not spring to mind when seeking a restorative retreat, walks among ancient forests or a spot of bird-watching.


Villaggio Coppola Journal: On Italy’s Coast, a Forsaken Village Is a Tale of a Paradise Lost

Villaggio Coppola was built in the 1960s with utopian ambitions, but it has instead become a vivid concentration of southern Italy’s abiding troubles.

How this city became an adrenaline junkie paradise

"Build it and they will come" has been Dubai's philosophy since the city went into architectural overdrive at the turn of the 21st century.

California Today

California Today: California Today: A Cloud Over the University of California

Thursday: The fallout continues from a state audit, Snap’s shares plummet, and a birder’s paradise in the Central Valley.

Paradise found: Crowd-free Asia island escapes

Finding an empty beach in Asia was a breeze a few decades ago, but it's not quite so easy anymore.

Can the America's Cup revive island paradise?

A closer look at Bermuda, the North Atlantic British archipelago that's hosting the 2017 America's Cup.

Paradise festival turns into nightmare

Guests call Fyre Festival "a sham" after spending more than $12,000 to attend

Luxury festival in paradise turns into chaos

If you turned up at the Fyre Festival wooed by its ads -- and many, many fans did -- you'd think you were in for a weekend of top-notch acts playing for your entertainment, as models in bikinis paraded around and private jets and yachts ferried you to and from the beautiful Caribbean paradise. Everything any good millennial needs for a strong Instagram post.

Best hotels in Mauritius: Designers remade luxury in paradise

A different view of paradise

Downtown Port Louis always feel hotter than the rest of Mauritius, maybe because this is the only place in the country where people are in a rush.

Why do these failed paradises exist in Hong Kong?

Setting foot onto Sea Ranch, it's hard to believe that this beautiful beachside development is only an hour by boat from Hong Kong's Island's zinging financial district.

How a paradise island got its groove back

Travel and Vacations

Slowing Down, Finding Hidden Paradise on St. John

Rush, and you’ll miss hidden beaches, food trucks and one of the most elegant resorts in the Caribbean. Here’s how to find them.

Airlines and Airplanes

Essay: Security Lines and Flight Delays? This Kid’s in Paradise

For a 3-year-old boy on a family trip, the airport itself is the destination.


Vionnet's birds of paradise fly in Milan palazzo

MILAN (Reuters) - Fashion house Vionnet unveiled an airy and colorful collection inspired by birds of paradise in the brand's first fashion show in Milan following its decision to switch from the Paris catwalks.

Mexico City (Mexico)

Xochimilco Journal: An Aquatic Paradise in Mexico, Pushed to the Edge of Extinction

Experts say that the exploitation of wetlands in southern Mexico City could lead to the destruction of the area’s bucolic canals within a few years.

Men forced into slavery in Scotland

The snow-capped mountains in Appin, West Scotland, are a hiker's paradise. They attract hundreds of tourists every year and up until a couple of years ago, many would have stayed at the 37-bedroom Stewart hotel.


In LGBT 'paradise', Thai transgender activist breaks barriers to education

BANGKOK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Thai transgender activist Nada Chaiyajit completed her undergraduate studies in August, and two months later, school officials told her 12 classmates - all men - that their graduation certificates were ready.

Sailing through one of Earth's last paradises

Africa's most toxic lakes are paradise for flamingos

The world's most seemingly-toxic lakes are under threat. And they are also home to one of our most familiar birds: the flamingo.


Heads Up: Truffles in Paradise. (And It’s Not Italy.)

The Istrian truffle is premium grade and its culture is free of the snobbery, intrigue and high prices found in Italy’s Piedmont or France’s Perigord.

Autumn (Season)

How a Changing Climate Is Shaping a Leaf Peeper’s Paradise

A warming planet is responsible for the glorious colors of fall lasting so late in the year, scientists say, but they warn it could have a negative effect on the foliage over the longer term.


What in the World: Europe’s Mosquito-Free Island Paradise: Iceland

No one knows for sure why mosquitoes have never spread to Iceland. If climate is the reason, look out: It’s changing.

Coding in paradise

Could the traditional classroom be a thing of the past? Would you learn more sitting on a beach or reading in the pool? A couple of entrepreneurs, say yes!


‘From Paradise to Hell’: How an Aid Convoy in Syria Was Blown Apart

Interviews with aid workers, rescuers and residents, along with video and photographic evidence, point to a coordinated attack by Russian or Syrian aircraft, probably both.

N. Korea announces disaster wrought by severe floods

North Korea usually projects itself to the world as a fully functioning worker's paradise.


Paradise lost: study documents big decline in Earth's wilderness

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Unspoiled lands are disappearing from the face of the Earth at an alarming pace, with about 10 percent of wilderness regions - an area double the size of Alaska - lost in the past two decades amid unrelenting human development, researchers said on Thursday.

'Bachelor in Paradise': About that split

Tuesday night's "Bachelor in Paradise" gave you what you came for.

The next Bachelor is ...

After three failed attempts at finding love on "The Bachelorette" and "Bachelor in Paradise," ABC named Nick Viall the next Bachelor.

Travel and Vacations

Summertime: Love Undone

I was in love with my boyfriend. I went with him to an island paradise, and was excited to get to know him better. It would have been wiser to know less.

Travel and Vacations

Explorer: West of Key West, an Under-the-Radar National Park

Sea, sand, history and climate forecasts are all part of a trip to the Dry Tortugas, an aquatic paradise at the edge of the Gulf of Mexico.

Tulum (Mexico)

Tulum Journal: Evictions by Armed Men Rattle a Mexican Tourist Paradise

Aggressive property seizures, apparently legal but surrounded by questions, have shaken the beach town of Tulum and stained its image.

Play with elephants at this treetop paradise

CNN Travel's Elite Escapes visits the Four Season's luxury tent complex in Thailand's Chiang Rai province.

Man wins island resort with $49 raffle ticket

The owners of Kosrae Nautilus Resort wanted to leave their island paradise, but they weren't interested in simply selling it to the highest bidder.


COLUMN-Paradise Lost? - The decline of the European ideal

BRUSSELS, July 31 (Reuters) - After years of dodging bullets and muddling through, the European Union has taken one in the chest with Britain's referendum vote to leave the prosperous continental...

Inside the world's greatest places to read

"I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library," the late Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges once said.


Olympic plotters saw 'opportunity to reach paradise': prosecutor

CURITIBA, Brazil (Reuters) - Twelve Brazilian suspects arrested for discussing a potential attack during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro were "no joke," the prosecutor for the case told Reuters on Monday.


Summer at the Silver Gull: Adding Personal Flourishes to 112 Square Feet of Paradise

Trading up or staying put, members at the Silver Gull Beach Club make their cabanas their own, sometimes until death.