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Global Warming

Warming, Water Crisis, Then Unrest: How Iran Fits an Alarming Pattern

A water crisis — whether caused by nature, human mismanagement, or both — can be an early warning signal of conflict ahead. Iran is the latest example.


UPDATE 1-Exxon Mobil signs deal for deepwater oil exploration off Ghana

ACCRA, Jan 18 (Reuters) - Exxon Mobil Corp signed a deal with Ghana on Thursday to explore for oil in the Deepwater Cape Three Point offshore (DWCTP) oilfield. The signing followed direct negotiations between Ghana and Exxon Mobil without an open competitive tender due to the nature of the field, where the depth ranges from 2,000 to 4,000 metres, Ghanaian officials said.


Does ‘Three Billboards’ Say Anything About America? Well …

The movie thinks it’s saying something profound about human nature and America. But really, it’s off key about so many things.


Exxon Mobil signs deal for deepwater oil exploration off Ghana

ACCRA, Jan 18 (Reuters) - Exxon Mobil Corp signed a deal with Ghana on Thursday to explore for oil in the Deepwater Cape Three Point offshore oilfield. The signing followed direct negotiations between Ghana and Exxon Mobil without an open competitive tender due to the nature of the field, where the depth ranges from 2,000 to 4,000 metres, Ghanaian officials said. (Reporting by Kwasi Kpodo, editing by Sofia Christensen; editing by Jason Neely)

A window inside Trump's morning 'executive time'

President Donald Trump rises around 5:30 a.m. and begins making his first calls to aides and lawmakers as early as 6. He's dressed in his signature dark suit by 8 a.m. at the latest, White House sources told CNN, and although he doesn't drink coffee, his proclivity for Diet Coke is widely known.


Push to End South Korea Abortion Ban Gains Strength, and Signatures

While the country’s ban on abortion is rarely enforced, the procedure is illegal with just a few exceptions, putting women at risk of prosecution and creating a culture of shame, activists say.


Costa Rica suspends airline amid probe of fatal plane crash

SAN JOSE (Reuters) - Costa Rica's civil aviation agency suspended local airline Nature Air on Friday, two weeks after one of its small planes crashed near a tourist beach, killing two Costa Rican pilots and 10 U.S. citizens.


Fires and mudslides have some rethinking the California dream

MONTECITO, Calif. (Reuters) - A few who live amid the usually serene beauty and year-round warmth of Santa Barbara County say nature's recent onslaughts of wildfires and mudslides have dampened their California dreams.

Snow and Snowstorms

N.Y.C. Nature: To the Vole Cave!

Winter is harsh for the littlest creatures, but it helps if there’s a nice snowbank to hide in.

Why California's mudslides are so devastating

Southern Californians just can't get a break from nature. First, wildfires scorched a massive area northwest of Los Angeles. Now catastrophic mudslides have swallowed homes and killed at least 15 people.


Costa Rican authorities raid Nature Air offices in Dec. 31 crash probe

SAN JOSE (Reuters) - Costa Rican authorities raided the offices of Nature Air on Monday, part of the investigation into a New Year's Eve plane crash that killed two Costa Rican pilots and 10 Americans.

Trump to put his mark on US nuclear arsenal

The Pentagon is putting the finishing touches on the first comprehensive review of US nuclear forces in nearly eight years. It's shaping up as President Donald Trump's signature nuclear weapons initiative in the face of a growing North Korean nuclear threat.

11,500-year-old infant remains reveal ancient population

The skeletons of two ancient infants, who lived and died in Alaska 11,500 years ago, are helping tell the story of a previously unknown population called the Ancient Beringians, according to a study published in the journal Nature on Wednesday. This is the first genomic evidence that all Native Americans can be traced back to the same population that migrated using a land bridge.


Scientists Are Designing Artisanal Proteins for Your Body

The human body makes tens of thousands of cellular proteins, each for a particular task. Now researchers have learned to create custom versions not found in nature.

Human Rights and Human Rights Violations

Peru in Uproar After Fujimori, a Rights Violator, Gets Medical Pardon

Former President Alberto Fujimori was not eligible for such treatment because of the nature of his crimes, legal experts in Peru said.

President has visited his properties 106 times

President Donald Trump, fresh off signing his signature tax legislation, will travel from Washington down to Florida on Friday for a prolonged visit at Mar-A-Lago, his private club that sits on this tony spit of land in Southern Florida.

United States Politics and Government

Right and Left React to the Passage of the G.O.P. Tax Cut

Writers from across the political spectrum on the Republican tax cut plan that passed the House and Senate and is awaiting President Trump’s signature.


Nature and nurture contribute equally to depression risk

(Reuters Health) - - For the first time, researchers have found that the environment you’re raised in is as important as your genes in determining risk for major depression.

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Drilling in Arctic Refuge Gets a Green Light. What’s Next?

The tax bill headed to President Trump for signature lifts a ban on oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. But it might take years for drilling to begin, if it ever does.


House gives final approval to tax bill, delivering victory to Trump

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives gave final approval on Wednesday to the biggest overhaul of the U.S. tax code in 30 years, sending a sweeping $1.5 trillion tax bill to President Donald Trump for his signature.


U.S. House gives final approval to tax bill, delivers victory to Trump

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives gave final approval on Wednesday to the biggest overhaul of the U.S. tax code in 30 years, sending a sweeping $1.5 trillion tax bill to President Donald Trump for his signature.

The Varieties of Religious Experience (Book)

The Enthusiast: In Praise of William James

“The Varieties of Religious Experience” is a generous and endlessly insightful book about human nature.


House approves sweeping tax bill in a win for Trump

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives gave final approval on Wednesday to the biggest overhaul of the U.S. tax code in 30 years, sending a sweeping $1.5 trillion bill to President Donald Trump for his signature.

Artificial Intelligence

Even Imperfect Algorithms Can Improve the Criminal Justice System

A way to combat the capricious and biased nature of human decisions.


UPDATE 1-General Mills 2nd-qtr sales beat, boosts full-year organic sales view

Dec 20 (Reuters) - General Mills Inc raised its full-year organic sales growth forecast and reported second-quarter sales that topped Wall Street estimates, helped by strong demand for its cereal and snack brands such as Lucky Charms and Nature Valley.

Education (K-12)

New York City Will Close or Merge 19 Schools, Most From Renewal Program

The schools in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s signature program get extra support and money, but a number have struggled to make progress. Some schools will graduate out.

Great Britain Withdrawal from EU (Brexit)

E.U. Leaders Agree to Begin Next Phase of Brexit Talks

Their acceptance of a “divorce deal” opens the way for discussions on a transitional period and the nature of trade relations with Britain

Fires and Firefighters

Ojai, Calif., Ringed by Flames, Is an Ash-Covered Shangri-La

Life in this haven for nature lovers and spiritual seekers has been anything but serene in recent days.


China's Xinjiang halts mining in nature reserve to curb pollution: Xinhua

BEIJING (Reuters) - China's far western Xinjiang region has suspended mining in one of its big nature reserves, the official Xinhua news agency reported, amid rising environmental concerns.

Farmers brave mother nature amid uncertainty

North Dakota family farms are facing the challenge of a warming climate. After the state's worst drought in 10 years, according to the National Drought Mitigation Center, extreme changes in weather are making farming increasingly unpredictable. Farmers may need to find new agricultural practices to adjust to changing conditions. But this means they must also accept that the region's climate is changing in fundamental ways. CNN traveled to one of the country's most important wheat regions to learn how family farms were adjusting to this year's harvest and whether climate change was a concern. That's where we met the Stevens brothers about an hour north of Minot. Their father, March, 65, was a skilled farmer who he spent decades on the combine. He was a master at removing gophers from his mom's flower beds and a techie who built websites for local businesses. On the farm, he kept the rows straight and the weeds few. But in 2016, he died after a three-year battle with cancer.  Now the Stevens brothers must figure out how to manage the family farm during these uncertain times without the man who led the way for decades.


Bitcoin to start futures trading, stoking Wild West worries

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Bitcoin fans are salivating over the potential of long-awaited legitimacy for the cyptocurrency when futures trading launches this weekend, but experts worry the risks associated with bitcoin's Wild West-like nature could overshadow the debut.


Colossal distant black hole holds surprises about early universe

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The oldest and most distant black hole ever observed -- a celestial brute 800 million times more massive than the sun -- is providing scientists some surprises about the nature of the universe when, on a cosmic scale, it was a mere toddler.


Chinese state media takes praise for leader to new heights as Xi tightens grip

BEIJING (Reuters) - The official newspaper of China's ruling Communist Party has lavished unusually high levels of praise on President Xi Jinping's signature leadership, as China's strongest leader in decades consolidates his personal power.

Sen. Jeff Flake writes a check to Democrat opposing Roy Moore with the message, 'Country over Party'

Republican Sen. Jeff Flake, who's been adamantly opposed to Republican Alabama Senate hopeful Roy Moore, posted a photo Tuesday of a check with his signature on it that was addressed to Moore's Democratic rival, Doug Jones.


New York Stock Exchange owner ICE holds back on crypto-futures

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Intercontinental Exchange Inc has put a lot of thought into the idea of futures contracts on cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, but has yet to move forward due to the opaque nature of the underlying markets, the New York Stock Exchange owner's chief executive officer said on Tuesday.


Asian dolphins a step closer to extinction: group

TOKYO (Reuters) - The International Union for Conservation of Nature said on Tuesday it had changed the status of the Irrawaddy dolphin and finless porpoise, both living in Asian waters, to "endangered" from "vulnerable", meaning they are closer to extinction.

How all but one GOP senator found a way to pass tax reform

Republicans are finally on the verge of enacting a signature legislative achievement.


BRIEF-3D Signatures reports first quarter financial results for fiscal 2018

* 3D SIGNATURES REPORTS FIRST QUARTER FINANCIAL RESULTS FOR FISCAL 2018 Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:

Allred: To get yearbook, Moore must testify

Gloria Allred, the attorney representing one of Roy Moore's accusers, wants him to testify under oath before the Senate about allegations against him if he wants to examine the signature in her client's yearbook.


Springer Nature asks JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley to organise IPO - sources

FRANKFURT, Nov 27 (Reuters) - SpringerNature, the publisher of science magazines Nature and Scientific American, has asked JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley to organise its potential 4 billion euro ($4.8 billion) 2018 stock market listing, people close to the matter said.

Women and Girls

Opinion: The Unexamined Brutality of the Male Libido

We are attempting to hold a public conversation about male sexual misbehavior while refusing to talk about the nature of men and sex.

Smoking and Tobacco

Why Tobacco Companies Are Paying to Tell You Smoking Kills

Court-ordered ads, which will start appearing on Sunday, are “corrective statements” about the health risks and addictive nature of smoking.


BRIEF-Smucker on conf call- Will have a greater benefit from lower green coffee cost in Q4

* Had Q2 double-digit sales increases for Nature's Recipe, Dunkin' Donuts and Jif, and high single digit growth for Uncrustables‍​

Attorney to accuser: Release yearbook

Phillip Jauregui, the attorney for Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, is demanding that Beverly Young Nelson, who came forward accusing Moore of sexual assault, and her attorney Gloria Allred release Nelson's yearbook so that forensic experts can determine the legitimacy of Moore's signature in it.


Norway environmental lawsuit says Arctic oil plan violates constitution

OSLO (Reuters) - Norway's plan for Arctic oil exploration is unconstitutional because it violates the right to a healthy environment, a lawyer for Greenpeace and the Nature and Youth environmental group told an Oslo court on Tuesday.


BlackRock's Fink says bitcoin thrives on its anonymity

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Bitcoin, whose value has fluctuated significantly this month, remains a "speculative" investment that thrives because of its anonymous nature, BlackRock Inc Chief Executive Larry Fink said on Monday.

Pop and Rock Music

Album Review: Swift Is a 2017 Pop Machine on ‘Reputation,’ but at What Cost?

On her sneakily potent sixth album, the pop star shifts away from her signature melodies, engaging with the competition on its terms, not hers.

Trump's koi pond move draws laughter

President Donald Trump took a moment out of his whirlwind Japanese trip to connect with nature and feed some fish, but after a few delicate scoops, he resorted to a grand gesture met with some laughter.


China warns on overseas content after Springer Nature pulls some articles

BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese distributors of overseas publications must verify that the content is legal in China, Beijing said late on Sunday, after a major western publisher blocked access to some content in the country citing local regulations.


China to expand corruption supervision pilot scheme nationwide: Xinhua

BEIJING - China will expand a pilot project for anti-graft supervision reforms nationwide next year that will consolidate existing corruption agencies, state-run news agency Xinhua reported, as President Xi Jinping expands his signature policy drive.

Children and Childhood

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Kids, Would You Please Start Fighting?

Creativity doesn’t come from agreement, it comes from good-natured quarreling. It’s time we teach our children that.


A month on, U.S., Niger still disagree on what happened on fatal mission

NIAMEY/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A month after an Islamist ambush in Niger killed eight U.S. and Nigerien troops, the two sides' officials still cannot agree on the sequence of events leading to the incident or even, possibly more importantly, on the nature of the mission itself.


Leading Western Publisher Bows to Chinese Censorship

Springer Nature, one of the world’s largest academic publishers, was the latest company to acknowledge acquiescing to Chinese demands to limit free speech.


Springer Nature blocks access to certain articles in China

BEIJING (Reuters) - Springer Nature, which publishes science magazines Nature and Scientific American, said on Wednesday it had pulled access to a small number of articles in China to comply with regulations, adding that it viewed the move as regrettable but necessary.


German prize honors transformation of Iron Curtain to nature reserve

BERLIN (Reuters) - Once known as the "death strip," a 1,400-km long swatch of land that marked the former border between East and West Germany is now a refuge for a broad variety of flora and fauna.


New York lets neighborhood return to nature to guard against storms

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Every now and then, Frank and Mary Lettieri come back to visit what used to be their tightly packed Staten Island neighborhood before Superstorm Sandy prompted New York state to let it go back to nature.

Books and Literature

Nonfiction: Stranger Than Fiction: The Best True-Crime Stories

From Hollywood’s Black Dahlia case to killing sprees in 1950s London and 19th-century Paris, new books probe the grisly worst of human nature.

Opinion: Flake should've fought for his beliefs

Since when was it heroic to give up? On Tuesday, Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona vacated the field of battle by announcing that he won't run for re-election, delivering a remarkable speech in which he attacked the "casual undermining of our democratic norms" and the "coarsening" nature of politics under Donald Trump.


China's Xi taps low-profile official to take over war on graft

BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday tapped a low-profile official to lead his signature war on corruption, replacing the retiring Wang Qishan, whose sweeping anti-graft campaign had made him China's second most-powerful politician.

Remember when banning bump stocks was a thing?

Amid the everything-all-at-once nature of news under President Trump, things get lost. Many don't matter. Others should. A lot.

Dodger Stadium

For Game 1 of the World Series, Mother Nature Will Bring the Heat

Recent Series have featured some bone-chilling temperatures, but the opener on Tuesday is expected to be played in weather nearing 100 degrees in Los Angeles.


A Rodin Hiding in Plain Sight in a New Jersey Suburb

A part-time archivist in Madison, N.J., found a signature on the back of a sculpture, setting her off on an investigation to confirm it was a genuine Rodin.

'Only the Brave' harrowing true tale of firefighters

The wildfires that have raged across the western U.S. add a sobering element to "Only the Brave," a square-jawed true story about the Granite Mountain Hotshots, a local firefighting crew. Filled with male bonding and macho bravado, it's a polished, old-fashioned account of heroism, one whose familiar beats and episodic nature somewhat blunt its dramatic spark.


'Save the dung beetle!' Global science chief says biodiversity vital

OSLO (Reuters) - Governments should extend the protection of nature far beyond iconic creatures such as tigers and elephants to species including worms and beetles that are vital to human prosperity, the chair of a global scientific project said on Thursday.


BRIEF-Signature Bank Q3 earnings per share $2.29

* Q3 earnings per share view $2.19 -- Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S


Peru releases artificially hatched baby turtles into wild

LIMA (Reuters) - Peru released more than 5,000 baby turtles into an Amazonian nature reserve this week, part of a group of 700,000 being hatched artificially in 2017 to keep their eggs from being depleted by excessive hunting in the wild, a park official said on Wednesday.


The Ethicist: My Wife Found My Sexy Phone Pics and Won’t Let It Go

The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on the nature of forgiveness and more.


Q&A: Jewel learned her life lessons from nature, books and pain

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Jewel's rise in the music world from the Alaska frontier to first-name-only star is almost unbelievable: Girl endures an abusive environment, becomes homeless - and then not only...


China state media attacks Western democracy ahead of Congress

BEIJING (Reuters) - China's official Xinhua news agency attacked Western democracy as divisive and confrontational on Tuesday, praising on the eve of a key Communist Party Congress the harmony and cooperative nature of the Chinese system.

Opinion: Without Kaepernick, what is NFL saying to black fans?

Aaron Rodgers is one of the National Football League's best players, and with his potentially season-ending injury, the NFL will be put to the test. Does the league treasure its fervent black supporters as much as it does fans of President Donald Trump and a number of other white Americans, who seem to believe they alone should define patriotism? Aaron Rodgers' broken collarbone puts one of league's signature franchises, the Green Bay Packers, a team that was expected to contend for the Super Bowl this season, on the spot. Will they pass on a free agent, Colin Kaepernick, that took the San Francisco 49ers to within one play of winning a title a few years ago?


Plant more trees to combat climate change: scientists

OSLO (Reuters) - Planting forests and other activities that harness the power of nature could play a major role in limiting global warming under the 2015 Paris agreement, an international study showed on Monday.

Axelrod: Trump talks like he's jealous of Obama

Former Obama senior adviser David Axelrod discusses President Trump dismantling many of Obama's signature initiatives as president.

Sex Crimes

Op-Ed Columnist: Weinstein and Our Culture of Enablers

Hyenas can’t help their own nature. But the work of society is to prevent them from taking over the savanna.




The Daily

The Daily: Listen to ‘The Daily’: Rolling Back Obama’s Legacy

The Trump administration has reversed two of President Barack Obama’s signature achievements: rules for carbon emissions, and a birth control mandate.


What’s that smell? Secrets of famously pungent durian fruit revealed

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Scientists have answered one of nature’s most pungent questions: what gives the world’s smelliest fruit its distinctive aroma.


We're all human: 'Nudge' theorist Thaler wins economics Nobel

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - U.S. academic Richard Thaler, who helped popularize the idea of "nudging" people toward doing what was best for them, won the 2017 Nobel Economics Prize on Monday for his work on how human nature affects supposedly rational markets.

New Orleans is canary in the coal mine

As Hurricane Nate swept over Louisiana's coast, the flooding that Mother Nature brought to New Orleans with watery, improbable fury earlier this summer was still on the minds of the people who live in the city. Three unnamed rainstorms in as many weeks fell in America's shining city in a bowl. The last one, on August 5 -- a near "100-year storm" -- dropped more than 8 inches of rain in a matter of hours. It overwhelmed a less than functioning drainage system, exposed local government's limits to respond, and flooded neighborhoods to levels not seen since Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Niazi, Muhammad Shaheer

Trilobites: Electric Honeycombs Form When Nature Gets Out of Balance

A 17-year-old high school student in Pakistan replicated a physics visualization, and developed results that surprised some older scientists.

Finding heartbreak, delivering hope

The plan was to deliver hope. Mother Nature wasn't cooperating.

Telling the Tales of Trees Around the World

More than just providing of shade, fruit or wood, trees are nature’s documentarians, witnessing – and sometimes playing a role in history.

Gardens and Gardening

A Landscape at Peace With Man and Nature

On the edge of Peconic Bay, a low-key garden offers solace and requires little work.


BRIEF-American Express expands Centurion Lounge in Hong Kong, Philadelphia international airports

* American Express - expansion of signature airport lounge network, Centurion Lounge, 2 new locations in Hong Kong, Philadelphia international airports Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:


UPDATE 2-Kellogg's CEO Bryant steps down, Nature's Bounty exec to take over

Sept 28 (Reuters) - Kellogg Co replaced chief executive John Bryant with food industry veteran Steven Cahillane on Thursday as the world's largest cereal maker continues efforts to halt 2-1/2 years of declining sales.


Kellogg's CEO Bryant steps down, Nature's Bounty executive to take over

(Reuters) - Cereal maker Kellogg Co said Chief Executive John Bryant will step down effective Oct. 2, and would be succeeded by Steven Cahillane, the chief of nutritional supplements maker Nature's Bounty.


UPDATE 1-Kellogg's CEO Bryant steps down, Nature's Bounty exec to take over

Sept 28 (Reuters) - Cereal maker Kellogg Co said Chief Executive John Bryant will step down effective Oct. 2, and would be succeeded by Steven Cahillane, the chief of nutritional supplements maker Nature's Bounty.


Kellogg names Nature's Bounty exec Steven Cahillane as CEO

(Reuters) - Cereal maker Kellogg Co said Steven Cahillane, the chief executive of nutritional supplements maker Nature's Bounty, will replace John Bryant as its CEO, effective Oct. 2.

'Will & Grace' returns in midseason form

"Will & Grace" tries to navigate a delicate line, seeking to be topical and relevant -- almost 20 years after its premiere, and more than a decade since its end -- while still maintaining its broad comedic signature. For the most part, the revival pulls that off, returning to NBC in the equivalent of midseason form.

Education (K-12)

De Blasio Pledged Progress for Schools. For $582 Million, Change Is Slow.

As Renewal, the mayor’s signature education program, enters its fourth school year, results are mixed at best and the city must decide the fate of schools taking part.


Twitter to test 280-character tweets, busting old limit

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The days of Twitter Inc limiting messages to 140 characters, a signature of the social network since its launch in 2006, may be numbered.


Republicans revise Obamacare repeal bill amid tepid support

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. senators made a last-ditch effort on Monday to secure support for the latest Republican attempt to repeal former President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law, releasing revised legislation to appeal to undecided senators.


Republican bill to repeal Obamacare teeters on edge of collapse

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The latest Republican effort to repeal former U.S. President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law faced possible defeat this week as several senators in the party voiced concerns about the bill under consideration.


RPT-Petition against Uber's London ban hits 500,000

LONDON, Sept 23 (Reuters) - A petition organised by Uber against London's decision not to renew its operating licence has gathered 500,000 signatures, little more than 24 hours after the decision was announced, a website monitoring its progress showed on Saturday.


UPDATE 5-'Unfit' Uber stripped of London licence

* Graphic: (Updates petition signatures)


ECB may ask fintech banks to hold bigger buffers

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - High-tech banks looking to enter the fintech zone may be asked to hold bigger liquidity and capital buffers due to the unique nature of their risks, the European Central Bank said in draft licensing guidelines on Thursday.


In rare public speech, Obama decries Republican healthcare bill

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Former President Barack Obama used a rare public appearance on Wednesday to question Republicans' latest effort to repeal his signature healthcare law, saying it would inflict "real human suffering" on Americans.

McCain, John

Health Bill Tests a Signature Senate Bond: John McCain and Lindsey Graham

The bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act bears the name of Mr. Graham, but Mr. McCain, who helped sink an earlier repeal attempt, has remained undecided.

Artificial Intelligence

Chips Off the Old Block: Computers Are Taking Design Cues From Human Brains

New technologies are testing the limits of computer semiconductors. To deal with that, researchers have gone looking for ideas from nature.

Opinion: Earth dodges a cosmic bullet

Mother Nature has had a hectic past couple of weeks of hurricanes, an earthquake, wildfires and flooding. But while our attention has been turned to these humanitarian crises, Earth ducked a cosmic bullet the likes of which could have crippled human technological civilization.


Switzerland voters likely to weigh in on facial covering ban

ZURICH (Reuters) - Switzerland could become the latest country to ban facial coverings worn by some Muslim women after activists collected more than the 100,000 signatures required to put the proposal to a national vote.