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Hungary submits anti-immigration 'Stop Soros' bill to parliament

BUDAPEST (Reuters) - Hungary's nationalist government introduced legislation that would empower the interior minister to ban non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that support migration and pose a "national security risk".

Olympic Games (2018)

What Ban? Patriotic Fervor Grips Russia’s Celebration House in South Korea

While Russia’s first Olympic medal winner was barred from celebrating with his nation’s flag, nationalist enthusiasm was in full effect at a nearby venue.


McDonald succeeds Gerry Adams as Sinn Fein president

DUBLIN (Reuters) - Mary Lou McDonald was confirmed as the new president of Sinn Fein on Saturday, taking over from Gerry Adams in a handover that could advance the nationalist party's ambition of governing on both sides of the Irish border.


Nebraska school will not punish alt-right student who 'loves violence'

LINCOLN, Nebraska (Reuters) - A self-proclaimed white nationalist student who appeared in a video saying he "loves violence" will not be disciplined by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the school's chancellor said on Thursday.

Alternative for Germany

Workers of Germany, Unite: The New Siren Call of the Far-Right

Alternative for Germany, the first nationalist party to enter Parliament since World War II, is targeting working-class voters and labor unions that have supported the left for decades.

State of the Union Message (US)

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: The State of the (White Nationalist) Union

If last night was about “unity,” Mr. Trump wants to unite only white Americans.

White nationalist can't find a lawyer and wants Charlottesville suit tossed

Richard Spencer can't find a lawyer.


Poland says it has zero tolerance for neo-fascism

WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland's right-wing government said on Thursday it had no tolerance for neo-fascism, after opposition lawmakers charged that its nationalist, eurosceptic focus was helping to reinvigorate the far right.


'Put Trump in his place': nationalism awakens in Mexican presidential race

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Donald Trump's habit of slapping down Mexico is feeding nationalist sentiment in the country's presidential election campaign, prompting contenders to defy him and strengthening the hand of the frontrunner, who is courting the anti-establishment vote.


In challenge to Madrid, Catalan assembly elects separatist speaker

BARCELONA (Reuters) - Catalonia's parliament picked a separatist speaker on Wednesday, signalling the possible return of sacked nationalist Carles Puigdemont as the region's leader and the renewal of full-blown political confrontation with Madrid.

European Commission

Op-Ed Contributor: The Battle Line for Western Values Runs Through Poland

If the European Union confronts the populist, nationalist government in Warsaw, it can prove that it stands for something.

Trump plans America First 'vindication tour'

President Donald Trump's announced trip to an annual gathering of the rich and powerful in Davos, Switzerland, seemed to some a strange match: the populist President meeting the internationalist elite.

Politics and Government

In China, Macron Offers a Horse, and a Vision to Counter Trump

During a three-day visit, the French president worked to reinvigorate ties between the two countries and to promote an internationalist approach.


Sinn Fein summons MP over 'indefensible' tweet on massacre anniversary

BELFAST (Reuters) - Irish nationalist party Sinn Fein has summoned one of its lawmakers to explain an "indefensible" tweet on the anniversary of the day 10 Protestant textile workers were shot dead in 1976, which police blamed on the IRA.

Religion-State Relations

Opinion: The Museum of the Bible Is a Safe Space for Christian Nationalists

If your plan is to build a more religious country, Washington is a good place to start.


Kremlin: U.S. arms license for Kiev may trigger new bloodshed in east Ukraine

MOSCOW (Reuters) - The approval by the United States of an export license for Ukraine to buy certain light weapons and small arms from U.S. manufacturers may provoke "hotheads" among Ukrainian nationalists to seek to unleash a new bloodshed in eastern Ukraine, the Kremlin said on Thursday.

Surfacing 2018

5 Offbeat Communities: Micronationalists, Mildly Offensive Fiber Artists and More

What do our readers care about? Some like to construct characters and recreate imaginary worlds, while others like to crochet mildly offensive sayings onto a quilt.

First-degree murder charge for man accused of ramming Charlottesville protesters

An Ohio driver accused of plowing into a crowd protesting a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, this summer, killing one woman, now faces a first-degree murder charge.

Charlottesville, Va, Violence (August, 2017)

White Nationalist Now Faces First-Degree Murder in Charlottesville Killing

Prosecutors increased the top charge against James Fields Jr., who is accused of driving his car into counterprotesters, killing Heather Heyer


White nationalist charged with first-degree murder in Virginia car killing: media

(Reuters) - A white nationalist accused of killing a 32-year old woman when he plowed his car into a crowd of counter protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August, was charged with first-degree murder on Thursday, local media reported.


Presidential hopeful wants Finland out of EU, says nationalists will bounce back

HELSINKI (Reuters) - Finland will leave the European Union and position itself as the Switzerland of the north to protect its independence if Laura Huhtasaari, the presidential candidate of the eurosceptic Finns Party has her way.


Denmark's government at risk in row with nationalists over Syrian refugees

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Demands from the nationalist Danish People's Party (DF) that Syrian refugees be sent home as soon as possible are threatening to bring down the country's centre-right minority government.


French government dampens Corsican nationalists' autonomy hopes

PARIS (Reuters) - France's government on Tuesday ruled out major concessions towards autonomy sought by Corsica's nationalists after they won a regional election, but said it was open to talks that took account of the island's distinctive character.


Corsica's nationalists press for autonomy talks after local vote

AJACCIO, France (Reuters) - Corsican nationalists on Monday demanded the French government enter into negotiations over greater autonomy for the Mediterranean island after they won almost half the votes in a local election.


Corsican nationalists surge in first round of French election

PARIS (Reuters) - Corsican nationalists won almost half of the vote in the first round of the French Mediterranean island's territorial election on Sunday, a landslide likely to fuel local calls for greater autonomy from Paris.


Germany's far-right AfD chooses nationalist as co-leader

HANOVER, Germany (Reuters) - Members of the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party elected a right-wing nationalist to be their co-leader on Saturday, signaling a possible toughening of tone before regional votes next year.


Review faults police response to Charlottesville far-right rally

(Reuters) - Charlottesville authorities failed to protect public safety and free speech during a white nationalist rally over Confederate statues that turned deadly in the Virginia college town in August, an independent review said on Friday.


Turkey casts Zarrab case as attempt to undermine its politics, economy

ISTANBUL/ANKARA (Reuters) - Turkey cast the testimony of a wealthy gold trader in a U.S. court as an attempt to undermine Ankara and its economy on Friday, highlighting how President Tayyip Erdogan may use the politically charged case to rally nationalist support.

Charlottesville, Va, Violence (August, 2017)

Police Failed on Many Fronts at Charlottesville Rally, Review Finds

Police agencies failed to coordinate or properly equip their officers for a white nationalist rally in August that turned deadly, an independent review has found.

White House: Trump's anti-Muslim retweets elevated conversation

President Donald Trump's decision to retweet anti-Muslim content from a leader of a far-right British political group elevated the conversation, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Thursday, admitting that Trump likely didn't know the content came from an ultra-nationalist political group.

Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric hits dangerous new low

On Wednesday morning, President Donald Trump retweeted a series of anti-Muslim propaganda videos shared online by a high-ranking official in the ultra-nationalist UK political group Britain First.

Muslims and Islam

Trump Shares Inflammatory Anti-Muslim Videos, and Britain’s Leader Condemns Them

President Trump shared video posts from a British ultranationalist, Jayda Fransen, including “Muslim Destroys a Statue of Virgin Mary!”

Trump's Britain First retweets must be the final straw

The President of the United States woke up this morning and decided to retweet three videos from the account of Jayda Fransen -- the deputy leader of Britain First: a far-right, ultranationalist, neo-fascist hate group.


Tehran’s Turn: The New patriots: Long Divided, Iran Unites Against Trump and Saudis in a Nationalist Fervor

Once sneering and cynical about the government, middle-class, reform-minded Iranians are now backing their hard-line leaders amid a surge in patriotism.

NYT says it regrets offense caused by 'Nazi sympathizer' story

A New York Times editor on Sunday said the paper regrets how much a controversial article about a white nationalist offended readers.

Hovater, Tony

Bulletin Board: Readers Accuse Us of Normalizing a Nazi Sympathizer; We Respond

Our national editor responds to readers’ feedback, most of it highly critical, of our profile of a white nationalist in Ohio.

Tito, Josip Broz

: Banking on Tito’s Yacht to Steer a Cultural Renaissance

Rijeka, Croatia, anointed a European capital of culture, wants to restore and showcase the rusting boat used by the Yugoslav leader, but far-right nationalists are outraged.

War Crimes, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity

Mladic Conviction Closes Dark Chapter in Europe, but New Era of Uncertainty Looms

Ratko Mladic received a life sentence for his role in one of the worst atrocities in 20th-century Europe. But nationalist passions are once again on the rise.


Northern Ireland's DUP says Sinn Fein's 'glorification of terrorism' makes devolution difficult

LONDON (Reuters) - The head of Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party said on Tuesday recent comments by its main nationalist rival Sinn Fein amounted to "glorification of terrorism" and made the restoration of the province's devolved power-sharing government more difficult.

Sinn Fein

Gerry Adams, Irish Republican Leader, to Step Down From Sinn Fein

After more than 30 years leading the nationalist party, the divisive politician says he will pass the baton next year.


Romania expels pro-Russian Serb for photographing military radar

BUCHAREST (Reuters) - Romania has expelled a pro-Russian Serbian nationalist and banned him from entering the NATO member for 15 years after he showed an interest in obtaining classified information on military installations, state security said on Tuesday.

'Europe must be white' march draws 60,000

Tens of thousands of people joined nationalist marchers waving flags and burning flares in Warsaw on Saturday during protests held on Poland's independence day.


Nationalist March Dominates Poland’s Independence Day

Thousands gathered in Warsaw for the march, which far outdrew official events commemorating the country’s independence.


Iranian political activist shot dead in Netherlands

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - A political activist who founded an Arab nationalist group seeking an independent state inside Iran was shot dead in the Netherlands, police said on Thursday.


Poland to ban Ukrainians with 'anti-Polish views'

WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland plans to bar Ukrainians with "anti-Polish views", its foreign minister said on Thursday, emphasizing the nationalist credentials of his ruling party that often talks of the "historic wrongs" inflicted on Poles by their neighbors.

Race and Ethnicity

Editorial: About John Kelly’s Racist History Lesson

The White House chief of staff was supposed to be a calming force, but he has now echoed President Trump’s sympathy for white nationalists.


Australia's Queensland calls snap election in test for far-right candidates

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australia's Queensland state on Sunday called a snap election after the ruling center-left Labor Party lost its legislative majority, a poll that could give far-right nationalists a chance to boost political representation.

White nationalists met by counterprotesters cancel second rally in Tennessee

Several white nationalist groups held demonstrations on Saturday in Shelbyville and Murfreesboro, Tennessee, sparking a major police response and effectively shutting down parts of the two cities.


White nationalists stage anti-refugee protests in Tennessee

SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. (Reuters) - About 300 white nationalists and neo-Nazis held back-to-back rallies in two small Tennessee cities on Saturday to protest refugee resettlement in the state, which sued the federal government over the issue earlier this year.

Demonstrations, Protests and Riots

A Roadshow of Hate: Supremacist Rallies Fueled by Travelers From Afar

At two demonstrations in Tennessee on Saturday, as at many white nationalist events, local police faced unfamiliar crowds coming mostly from out of town.


Tennessee cities brace for protests over refugee resettlement

(Reuters) - White nationalists and neo-Nazis are expected to converge on the small Tennessee cities of Shelbyville and Murfreesboro on Saturday to protest refugee resettlement in the state, seven months after it sued the U.S. government over the issue.

Lawmaker's conspiracy theory debunked

Rep. Paul Gosar claimed the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, was some sort of left-wing plot. CNN's Randi Kaye spoke with the congressman.

United States Politics and Government

As G.O.P. Bends Toward Trump, Critics Either Give In or Give Up

President Trump has vocal critics, but the Republican Party is increasingly his own, with little room left for an older breed of internationalist conservative.


A picture and its story: A neo-Nazi in the midst of a protest

(Reuters) - On the morning of October 17, two days before Richard Spencer, an avowed white nationalist and spokesman for the so-called alt-right, was to speak at the University of Florida, my wife asked if I had heard anything about it.


Three charged in shooting after white nationalist's Florida speech

(Reuters) - A Texas man who shot at protesters after a white nationalist's speech at the University of Florida and two brothers who urged him to "kill them" have been charged with attempted homicide, police said on Friday.

As a white nationalist speaks, a bell tolls for peace

As white supremacist leader Richard Spencer prepared to take the stage at the University of Florida, a concert of bells rang through campus leaving a poignant message of unity.


Protesters to white nationalist speaker at University of Florida: 'Go home Nazis'

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (Reuters) - Protesters shouted "Go home Nazis" as a white nationalist gave a speech on Thursday at the University of Florida, where hundreds of police set up barricades and separated supporters and demonstrators to guard against violence.


White nationalist heckled at University of Florida speech

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (Reuters) - Protesters shouted "Go home Nazis" at a white nationalist at the University of Florida on Thursday, disrupting his speech at the campus that erected barricades and deployed hundreds of police officers to guard against violence.


Protesters denounce white nationalist's speech at Florida university

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (Reuters) - Several hundred protesters marched at the University of Florida on Thursday to denounce a speech by a white nationalist, saying his white supremacy message had no place on the campus that was filled with police and barricades to guard against unrest.


Florida college braces for protests over white nationalist's speech

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (Reuters) - Hundreds of police officers wearing bulletproof vests were deployed at the University of Florida on Thursday to guard against unrest over a speech by a white nationalist that was expected to draw thousands in protest.

Colleges and Universities

Op-Ed Contributor: How to Respond to Richard Spencer

If you expected the white nationalist to skulk away after Charlottesville, you misunderstood his strategy.


Ardern to be next New Zealand PM, spelling changes for economy, immigration

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - New Zealand will get its youngest prime minister in more than 150 years after the small, nationalist New Zealand First Party agreed to form a new government with Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern, ending the National Party's decade in power.


Florida police brace for protests with speech by white nationalist

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (Reuters) - Hundreds of police will be deployed at the University of Florida on Thursday as thousands are poised to protest a speech by an avowed white nationalist, an event that prompted the governor to declare a state of emergency in preparation for possible violence.


Ardern to be next New Zealand prime minister, spelling big change for economy

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - New Zealand's next prime minister will be Jacinda Ardern, whose Labour party won the support of a small nationalist party to form the government, spelling big changes for a small but open economy, whose currency hit a 4-1/2-month low on the news.


Ardern to be next NZ prime minister, spelling big change for economy

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - New Zealand's next prime minister will be Jacinda Ardern, whose Labour party won the support of a small nationalist party to form the government, spelling big changes for a small but open economy, whose currency hit a 4-1/2-month low on the news.


New Zealand Labour to form next government with support of small nationalist party

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - New Zealand's Labour leader Jacinda Ardern will form the country's next government after gaining the support of a small nationalist party holding the balance of power following an inconclusive Sept. 23 election.


New Zealand's kingmaker party sets Thursday to unveil result of talks to form government

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - New Zealand's small nationalist party, which holds the balance of power after last month's inconclusive elections, will make an announcement on Thursday on the result of talks with the two major parties to form the next government.

Freedom of Speech and Expression

University of Florida Braces for Richard Spencer

A state of emergency has already been declared in preparation for the white nationalist’s appearance at Florida’s flagship university on Thursday.


New Zealand's kingmaker holds caucus meeting amid talk decision is close

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - New Zealand's small nationalist party, which has a key role in deciding the next government, is holding a meeting of its caucus on Wednesday as they near a decision on which party to back in a coalition.


Florida governor declares emergency before white nationalist's speech

(Reuters) - Florida Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency on Monday ahead of a speech by a white nationalist leader later this week at the University of Florida, in order to free up resources to prepare for possible violence.

Opinion: Austrian elections should terrify Europeans

The commanding victory of populist parties in Austria's national election on Sunday is certain to reverberate beyond the borders of the nation of 8.5 million. Coming on the heels of record gains made by the far right in Germany last month, nationalist and anti-immigrant forces across the European Union are feeling emboldened by the vote, which could well bring Austria's Islamophobic Freedom Party to power in a coalition government in Vienna.

Puigdemont, Carles (1962- )

Op-Ed Contributor: Can Spain Become a Country That No One Wants to Leave?

Nationalists on both sides should realize that the best path is not to part ways, tearing their country apart in the process, but to rebuild.


U.S. white nationalists sued over Virginia protest violence

(Reuters) - Eleven people have sued white nationalists whose rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, turned deadly this summer, saying they suffered emotional and physical trauma from protesters' threats and violence.


Charlottesville, Virginia, schools on partial lockdown after threat

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Schools in Charlottesville, Virginia, where a white nationalist protest over a Confederate statue turned deadly this summer, were under a partial lockdown on Wednesday after the FBI discovered a potential online threat, authorities said.

Gotz Kubitschek

Feature: The Prophet of Germany’s New Right

From a tiny village in the country’s rural east, a leading nationalist intellectual builds a vision for the future of his movement across Europe.

States (US)

Op-Ed Columnist: Virginia Is for Haters

Will a white nationalist campaign prevail in a changing state?


NZ First leader welcomes politically driven drop in NZ$

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - The leader of the small nationalist party that will decide New Zealand's next government said on Tuesday that exporters should welcome a recent fall in the local dollar following an inconclusive general election.


White nationalists return to Charlottesville for torch-lit protest

(Reuters) - White nationalists briefly rallied on Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia, where violent clashes in August led to the death of a woman who was run down by a car.

Forward, The

Anti-Semitism’s Rise Gives The Forward New Resolve

The Jewish publication, which recently became a monthly magazine, has been aggressively reporting on so-called alt-right and white nationalist groups.

Spencer, Richard B (1978- )

Richard Spencer and White Nationalists Return to Charlottesville

A small crowd bearing torches returned briefly to the site of a violent protest in Virginia, chanting, “You will not replace us!”


New Zealand parties hold talks to form government after final vote tally

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - New Zealand's major political parties will be meeting on Sunday, with the small nationalist party that holds the balance of power after the Sept. 23 election expected to hold talks about the formation of the next government.


Final tally in NZ election strengthens Labour in negotiation talks

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - A possible Labour-Green coalition narrowed the gap with the ruling National Party in New Zealand's final election tally on Saturday, strengthening their position in formal talks next week with a small nationalist party to form a government.


Final tally in NZ election opens way for formal coalition talks

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - A final tally of New Zealand's Sept. 23 election released on Saturday showed neither the ruling National Party or opposition Labour won enough seats to form government, leaving the small nationalist New Zealand First Party with the balance of power.


NZ election final tally leaves small nationalist party with balance of power

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - New Zealand's ruling National Party won 44.4 percent of the votes in the country's inconclusive Sept. 23 election, according to the final tally released on Saturday, while the opposition Labour Party took 36.9 percent.


Final tally in New Zealand's inconclusive election to be released

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - A final tally in New Zealand's inconclusive election due to be released on Saturday could see opposition Labour and the Greens gain a few seats, but will still leave nationalist New Zealand First holding the balance of power.


Eastern Europe's nationalists feel vindicated by German vote

BUDAPEST/WARSAW (Reuters) - Wary of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's ambition for closer European Union integration, right-wing politicians in the EU's eastern wing are touting her weak election victory as a vindication of their concerns.

Evangelicals to Trump: Denounce white supremacists

A group of prominent evangelical Christians are calling on President Donald Trump to take further steps to condemn white supremacists -- specifically those in the alt-right -- following the August white nationalist demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia, that left one woman dead.

Nationalist trade adviser Peter Navarro sidelined, sparking concerns among Trump allies

One of President Donald Trump's last standing nationalist trade advisers is getting pushed further from the Oval Office after chief of staff John Kelly's latest move to restructure the West Wing.


Turkish nationalist leader says thousands ready to fight for Iraq Turkmen

ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Thousands of Turkish volunteers are ready to fight in Kirkuk and other Iraqi cities to defend the country's Turkmen population, the head of Turkey's nationalist opposition said on Wednesday.


New Zealand party leaders meet with caucuses to start negotiation talks

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - New Zealand's major party leaders met with their caucuses on Tuesday, preparing to kick off talks on forming the next government with a nationalist party that holds the balance of power after an inconclusive weekend election.

Politics and Government

Alternative for Germany: Who Are They, and What Do They Want?

The party that placed third in Sunday’s German elections is a young right-wing movement with divided leadership and a nationalist message.


New Zealand's nationalist 'kingmaker' says has not yet contacted National or Labour leaders

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - New Zealand First leader Winston Peters said on Monday that he still had not spoken to either major party leader after his small nationalist party was left holding the balance of power in Saturday's indecisive election.


New Zealand opposition Labour looks to nationalist 'kingmaker' to form govt

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - New Zealand's opposition Labour leader Jacinda Ardern said on Monday she would seek to form a coalition government with the country's small nationalist party after it was left holding the balance of power following Saturday's indecisive election.


New Zealand PM says likely weeks before country has new government

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English said on Monday it could take weeks for the country to form a new government after a weekend general election left a nationalist minor party in the role of kingmaker.


New Zealand's ruling party ahead after poll but kingmaker in no rush to decide

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - The leaders of New Zealand's main parties prepared on Sunday to start talks with Winston Peters, the leader of a nationalist party who emerged as kingmaker after an inconclusive general election, but Peters indicated he was in no rush to pick a side.


Hindus fleeing Myanmar violence hope for shelter in Modi's India

KUTUPALONG, Bangladesh/NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Caught in the crossfire between Myanmar's military and Rohingya insurgents, hundreds of Hindus who have fled to Bangladesh are placing their hopes on the Hindu nationalist government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in neighboring India.


Trump's U.N. speech shows nationalist instincts firmly intact

Among the many signals that Donald Trump sent in his speech to the United Nations on Tuesday, one was especially clear: former chief strategist Steve Bannon's White House departure has not muted the president's "America First" foreign policy instincts.

President's speech makes clear to the world that he's sticking to his 'America First' vision of US foreign policy

President Donald Trump on Tuesday seized on the nationalist ideology that fueled his political rise -- and took it to the United Nations.


Former White House aide Gorka joins pro-Trump campaign group

LONDON (Reuters) - Sebastian Gorka, a former adviser to U.S. President Donald Trump who quit after top White House political strategist Steve Bannon was ousted, has joined a nationalist pro-Trump campaign organization, the group announced on Tuesday.


Petrol bombs and tear gas in Athens rally to mark rapper killing

ATHENS (Reuters) - Greek police fired tear gas at protesters who hurled petrol bombs in Athens on Saturday during a rally marking four years since the killing of an anti-fascism rapper by an ultranationalist Golden Dawn supporter.