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Less-invasive heart valve replacement tied to better quality of life

(Reuters Health) - People who get minimally-invasive surgery to replace damaged heart valves have an easier time completing daily tasks and a better quality of life after the procedure, a research review suggests.


Symantec halts NRA discounts for identity theft product

(Reuters) - Symantec Corp said on Friday it has stopped a program with the National Rifle Association that offered discounts for its LifeLock identity theft product.


Life on an Island: Silence, Beauty and a Long Wait for the Ferry

On remote islands off the coast of Maine, small bands of residents stay through the long winter. They embrace the emptiness and a frontier sensibility.

Books and Literature

Essay: Stanley Bing’s Real Identity Was a Closely Guarded Secret. Until It Wasn’t.

Gil Schwartz on his double life as a mole in the corporate world.

Minutes before execution, Texas governor reduces inmate's penalty to life in prison

The life of a Texas man who conspired to kill his family in 2003 was spared minutes before he was set to be executed on Thursday.


BRIEF-Better Life Commercial Chain Share's Shareholders To Sell Stakes To Tencent,'s Affiliates

Feb 23 (Reuters) - Better Life Commercial Chain Share Co Ltd :


Alpine skiing: Shiffrin braced for post-Games blues before resuming speed quest

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea (Reuters) - Mikaela Shiffrin is prepared for the post-Olympics letdown of a return to normal life but the American still has plenty to target over the rest of the year and is even looking further ahead towards her third Games in 2022.


Social interaction, staff training reduce agitation in dementia patients

(Reuters Health) - An approach to nursing home care that fosters interest and social interaction among patients and staff may reduce agitation and other neuropsychiatric symptoms in dementia sufferers and improve their quality of life, a recent trial suggests.


Blacks in U.S. lose quality of life due to fewer knee replacements

(Reuters Health) - Black people with knee osteoarthritis may have a worse quality of life than white patients in part because they’re less likely to be offered knee replacement surgery or to get the procedure when it’s recommended, a U.S. study suggests.

Appointments and Executive Changes

New Candidates Emerge for Trump’s Top Environmental Adviser

A new candidate was needed after the White House withdrew its previous nominee, who had drawn criticism for calling carbon dioxide the “gas of life.”

Listen to your heart: not doing that almost cost me my life


For some, traumatic life jolts lead to profound, personal growth

CHICAGO (Reuters) - (The opinions expressed here are those of the author, a columnist for Reuters.)

Books and Literature

Nonfiction: The Philosopher Who Believed That Art Was Key to Black Liberation

In “The New Negro,” Jeffrey C. Stewart recounts the life of Alain Locke: scholar, critic and impresario of the Harlem Renaissance.


U.S. hate groups proliferate in Trump's first year, watchdog says

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The number of U.S. hate groups expanded last year under President Donald Trump, fueled by his immigration stance and the perception that he sympathized with those espousing white supremacy, the Southern Poverty Law Center said on Wednesday


TV trauma cases don’t look much like real life

(Reuters Health) - Fans of the television show “Grey’s Anatomy” may be getting the wrong idea about what happens in trauma cases - and that could create unrealistic expectations in the real world, a U.S. study suggests.


In Studio: Inside a Parisian Sculptor’s World of Wonders

Behind an old door on a quiet street, Philippe Anthonioz creates his larger-than-life pieces.


British bank RBS hires 'digital human' Cora on probation

LONDON (Reuters) - A life-like avatar called Cora is being put through her paces by Royal Bank of Scotland , helping customers with basic queries and giving its digital banking drive a more human face.

A look back at Billy Graham's life

Famed evangelist Billy Graham has passed away at 99 at his home in Montreat, North Carolina.

Billy Graham Fast Facts

Here's a look at the life of evangelist Billy Graham.

Congress wonders if this time will be different for gun control

In America, gun violence has become a reoccurring fact of life, and the response to it is even more predictable.


Pacemakers, defibrillators are potentially hackable

(Reuters Health) - Heart devices that use software or wireless communications may be vulnerable to hacker attacks that could cause life-threatening malfunctions, U.S. cardiologists say.


‘Bucket lists’ might help with end-of-life discussions

(Reuters Health) - Sharing your “bucket list” could be easier than discussing end-of-life medical preferences, and it might be just as useful to your physician, researchers suggest.


After father's plea, Texas board recommends clemency for death row inmate

AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - Death row inmate Thomas "Bart" Whitaker, convicted of hatching a plot that left his mother and brother dead and his father with a gun wound to the chest, received a unanimous clemency recommendation on Tuesday after his father pleaded for his life.

The least and most dangerous countries to be a newborn

Every year around the world, about 2.6 million babies die within their first month of life -- and some countries see more of those tragic deaths than others.

Oklahoma man gets life in prison for killing neighbor in hate crime

Stanley Vernon Majors, the Oklahoma man who gunned down his Lebanese neighbor in what prosecutors said was a hate crime, has been sentenced to life in prison without parole.


Snowboarding: American survivor Muss keen to make his mark on snow

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea (Reuters) - Four years after suffering a life-threatening condition, American snowboarder Aaron "AJ" Muss says he wants to be recognized as one of the best in his sport and "not because I overcame something."


With medicine running out, Venezuelans with transplants live in fear

CARACAS (Reuters) - Yasmira Castano felt she had a fresh chance at life when she received a kidney transplant almost two decades ago. The young Venezuelan was able to finish high school and went on to work as a manicurist.

Actors and Actresses

Glenda Jackson on Quitting Parliament, Playing Lear and Returning to Broadway

After winning two Oscars, she stopped acting for decades to fight Thatcherism. Now, at 81, she’s tackling an Edward Albee classic. But she insists, “I lead a very dull life.”

Documentary Films and Programs

The Carpetbagger: An Oscar-Nominated Transgender Director on His ‘Authentic Self’

“Being out as a trans man isn’t new in my personal life, but it’s new in the public sphere,” says Yance Ford, whose documentary “Strong Island” is about the aftermath of his brother’s violent death.

Books and Literature

Nonfiction: Who Owns the Elgin Marbles?

In “The Real Life of the Parthenon,” Patricia Vigderman visits classic sites of the ancient world, exploring their complex, contested heritage.


Cambodia discovers nest of critically endangered 'royal turtles'

PHNOM PENH (Reuters) - Wildlife experts in Cambodia have discovered a nest with 16 eggs built by the nearly extinct "royal turtle", in the first such discovery this year, the non-profit Wildlife Conservation (WCS) Society said on Monday.

Freestyle Skiing

After Fighting for His Life, a Freestyle Skier Is Ready for Some Luck

Torin Yater-Wallace, a 22-year-old from Colorado, has spent much of the last few years recovering from a devastating run of injuries and other health woes.

Bratescu, Geta

Still Making Art, and Sly Jokes, at Age 91

Geta Bratescu spent most of her career in obscurity in Communist Romania. Late in life she came to international recognition, and now has a major show in Los Angeles.


Father who forgave son for family's murder asks Texas to spare his life

AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - A Texas man who survived a deadly domestic attack hatched by his son is pushing the state to grant clemency to the condemned man, although it has never spared a death row inmate solely at the formal request of the victim's family.

The Graybar Hotel (Book)

Books News: A Prisoner Got a Book Deal. Now the State Wants Him to Pay for His Imprisonment.

Curtis Dawkins, a fiction writer who is serving a life sentence for murder in Michigan, says his children shouldn’t have to pay for his sins.

An accidental expert

My life was forever changed last September.


Al Qaeda operative gets life sentence for killing soldiers, bomb plot

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A man convicted of participating in a 2003 attack on American soldiers in Afghanistan that killed two people and plotting to bomb a U.S. embassy in West Africa was sentenced to life in prison on Friday.


Turkey Frees One Journalist, but Jails Several More for Life

The sentences signaled an intensifying campaign against independent news, even as a reporter whose case caused tensions with Germany was released after a year in custody.


An Opera Star’s Song Cycle Conjures a Black Man’s Life in America

“Cycles of My Being,” written for the tenor Lawrence Brownlee by Tyshawn Sorey and Terrance Hayes, grapples with hope and hate.

Books and Literature

Fiction: What Would It Be Like to Be 400 Years Old?

In Matt Haig’s new novel, “How to Stop Time,” the narrator — born in 1581, and still alive today — seems to be having a midlife crisis.

Analysis: Washington's political impotence is on full display

In Washington, political alienation is now so intense that the world's most powerful nation can't agree how to keep its next generation safe in school -- or fix the system regulating immigration, the human lifeblood which has been America's foundation.

How do laws prevent mentally ill people from buying guns?

How could a young man whose lawyers say he has been "experiencing and enduring mental illness his entire life" purchase an automatic rifle?

School Shootings and Armed Attacks

Flashes of Rage. Family Loss. Nikolas Cruz’s Lifetime of Trouble.

Mr. Cruz, the suspect in the Parkland, Fla., school shooting, had no criminal history. But his childhood was certainly difficult.


In Allergy Bullying, Food Can Hurt

An attack with allergens shown in a “Peter Rabbit” scene mirrors real-life threats to kids’ health, parents say.

American being held as ISIS fighter sought media access

An American citizen being held by the United States in Iraq for allegedly fighting for ISIS said he traveled to Syria to work as a journalist and chronicle what life was like under the terror group, according to newly released court documents.


French farmer finds happiness in life before machines

RIEC-SUR-BELON, France (Reuters) - When farm machinery revolutionized French agriculture in the years after World War Two, a young Jean-Bernard Huon turned his back on the new technology.


Critic’s Notebook: A Tale of Two Netflix Coming-of-Age Comedies

“Everything Sucks!” and “The End of the ____ing World” offer the light and dark sides of teenage life and romance.


How Elegant, How Lethal

An odd little museum exhibition in London traces the curious, double-edged life of scissors.

Tribute for slain teacher: I'm alive today because of him

A student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida praises the geography teacher who saved her life during the mass shooting that left 17 dead.

'Everything Sucks!' puts fresh face on teen angst

"Everything Sucks!" is an unfortunate title for a show that clearly doesn't -- one that takes place in 1996, around the time "My So-Called Life" aired on ABC. The parallel is worth mentioning not only because the Netflix series invokes that time, but also in the way it discovers truly natural new talent, and addresses the issues faced by a gay teen.

Books and Literature

Fiction: Was It the Perfect Crime or a Paranoid Fantasy?

Junichiro Tanizaki’s early novel “In Black and White” uses nested murder plots to explore the guilt and responsibilities of the writing life.

Financial Aid (Education)

Senate Leaders Reconsider Ban on Pell Grants for Prisoners

The Senate’s top education leaders will consider reinstating Pell grants for incarcerated students, a move that would restore a federal lifeline to the country’s prison education system.

Ex-FBI agent breaks down on air over latest school shooting

CNN counterterrorism analyst Phil Mudd on Wednesday choked back tears as he confronted the grim details of the nation's latest school shooting, a massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, that authorities say took the life of more than 17 people.


BRIEF-Livanova To Acquire Tandemlife


Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

New York Will Investigate Reports of Gay Men Denied Insurance

Denying men life or disability policies because they take drugs to prevent H.I.V. is discriminatory and may trigger penalties.

Legislatures and Parliaments

Politician’s Affair Puts Spotlight on Australia’s Crony Culture

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce is fighting for his political life amid accusations that he abused his position to cultivate an extramarital affair.


A dog's life: In Beijing's Forbidden City, no holiday for canine patrol

BEIJING (Reuters) - As China ushers in the Lunar Year of the Dog, hundreds of millions of Chinese are traveling to their hometowns to spend the week-long national holiday with their families.


Trilobites: Some Songbirds Have Brains Specially Designed to Find Mates for Life

Systems in the brains of male and female songbirds are well-developed and finely tuned, but the wiring is different.


Vigilant adherence to celiac diet linked with lower quality of life

(Reuters Health) - People with celiac disease who are extremely vigilant about not ingesting gluten may perceive that their quality of life is reduced, according to a new study.


'Chelsea Bomber' receives two life sentences

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The New Jersey man convicted of planting bombs in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood in 2016 received two life sentences on Tuesday, after expressing no remorse in a Manhattan courtroom for engineering the explosion that injured 30 people.


Bomber Sentenced to 2 Life Terms for Manhattan Attack

Ahmad Khan Rahimi was sentenced for the 2016 pressure-cooker bombing in the Chelsea neighborhood that strafed buildings, cars and pedestrians with shrapnel.

The cat between Trump and his wall

Donald Trump's $18 billion border wall is proposed to run through the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge on the US-Mexico border in Texas, which is also home to the remaining endangered ocelot species in the US.


Review: ‘This Close,’ a Serious Comedy About Life and Deafness

A pair of deaf actors create and star in a series about best friends in Los Angeles struggling with love, work and all those irritating people who can hear.


High cancer-related expenses take a toll on quality of life

Reuters Health - Cancer survivors who face a higher financial burden with their treatment and recovery tend to report lower quality of life and higher distress, a new study shows.

Life Insurance

He Took a Drug to Prevent AIDS. Then He Couldn’t Get Disability Insurance.

Insurers have denied life and disability coverage to men taking Truvada to prevent H.I.V. infection, say gay rights advocates and medical experts.


Girl power: life's going swimmingly for all-female fish species

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An all-female freshwater fish species called the Amazon molly that inhabits rivers and creeks along the Texas-Mexico border is living proof that sexual reproduction may be vastly over-rated.

Opinion: How one farm is delaying Cape Town's Day Zero

Like many people in Cape Town, I teared up earlier this week as I watched a video of the gates of a privately owned dam being opened to release 10 billion liters of water, a lifesaving gift for our drought stricken city.


BRIEF-Metlife To Invest Tax Savings In Employees


Civilian Casualties

Kobani Journal: By Light of a Blood Moon, Life Returns to a Bombed-Out Syrian Landscape

Residents reluctantly return to live amid the rubble of the battered ruins of Kobani, a Kurdish city in northern Syria. They call the neighborhood The Museum.


Gunman kills four, then self in Kentucky: police

(Reuters) - Five people, including a suspected gunman who apparently took his own life, were killed in a shooting spree at two locations in northeastern Kentucky, officials said on Sunday.


Five killed, including gunman, in shooting spree in Kentucky: police

(Reuters) - Five people, including a suspected gunman who apparently took his own life, were killed in a shooting spree at two locations in northeast Kentucky on Saturday, officials said.

Shopping and Retail

L.L. Bean, Citing Abuse, Tightens Its Generous Policy on Returns

The retailer said too many customers were treating its full-satisfaction guarantee as a “lifetime product replacement program.”

Porter's ex-wives say Mormon church counseled them against divorce

Colbie Holderness says she met Rob Porter at a Mormon student congregation in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Lifelong Mormons, they married in the church in 2003. When Porter turned abusive and their marriage went bad, Holderness said, they turned to the church for guidance.

Books and Literature

Self-Helped: How One Book Changed My Relationship With Money

The nine-step money-management system in “Your Money or Your Life” allowed both its writers to retire early.


New York fashion show to highlight #MeToo movement

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Inspired by a social media campaign aimed at exposing widespread sexual assault and harassment in U.S. life, a fashion show on Friday will have a #MeToo theme and feature models who share their stories on the runway.


Awkward diplomacy on show as 'peace' Games begin

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea (Reuters) - The Winter Olympics sparked to life in a vivid, colorful ceremony of fire and ice in South Korea on Friday, though the diplomacy was tougher to choreograph in the stadium where leaders from nations that are sworn enemies sat close together.


A Word With: Claire Danes Could Really Use a Nap

Ms. Danes talks about the new season of “Homeland,” the death of Peter Quinn and the eerie collision of life and art.


Awkward diplomacy on show as 'peace' Games get underway

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea (Reuters) - The Winter Olympics sparked to life in a vivid, colorful ceremony of fire and ice in South Korea on Friday, though the diplomacy was tougher to choreograph in the stadium where leaders from nations that are sworn enemies sat close together.


Cheats, Swindlers and Ne’er-Do-Wells: A New York Family Album

The Rogues’ Gallery was a 19th-century innovation that changed police work forever. It’s also a mesmerizing window into our ancestral life of crime.

Academy Awards (Oscars)

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: My Simple Italian Town Is at Risk of an Oscar

The charm of Crema, where “Call Me by Your Name” was filmed, is not in monuments but in its winding lanes, conversation, ripe fruit and lust for life.

Watch a baby octopus being born

The miracle of life is a wondrous thing and this video of a baby octopus being born is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

It's up to Congress to make life-saving drugs affordable


Real life heroes star in Clint Eastwood French attack movie

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - In 2015 they were hailed as heroes by U.S. President Barack Obama and given France's highest honors.


Years late, Syria's children of war learn to read and write

DAMASCUS (Reuters) - - Hussein al-Khalaf, aged 13, burst into tears as he sat in his classroom at the Ahmed Baheddine Rajab school near Damascus, recounting why he is learning to read and write for the first time in his life.


Doctors: Talk to Your Doctor About Your Bucket List

Knowing my patients’ life goals has prevented me from implementing medical interventions that subvert them.


Jimmy Buffett Does Not Live the Jimmy Buffett Lifestyle

Mr. Buffett, who has a new Broadway show, “Escape to Margaritaville,” built a half-billion-dollar empire on his laid-back beach brand. But he’s all business now.


Olympic spirit dying, athletes looking to IOC: Uhlaender

PYEONGCHANG (Reuters) - The Olympic spirit is in danger of being snuffed out by a doping scandal that saw the IOC ban dozens of Russian athletes for life only for sport's highest tribunal to nullify the sanctions, U.S. skeleton slider Katie Uhlaender said on Thursday.


Indonesia probes killing of Borneo orangutan

JAKARTA (Reuters) - A critically endangered Borneo orangutan shot to death in Indonesia took 130 pellets from an air rifle, in addition to cuts and bruises, an official of a wildlife group said on Thursday.


Prudential Financial's operating profit rises 7.6 percent

(Reuters) - Prudential Financial Inc, the largest U.S. life insurer by assets, on Wednesday reported a 7.6 percent rise in quarterly operating profit that topped analysts' estimates, helped by higher...


BRIEF-LifeVantage Announces Q2 Earnings Per Share $0.02


Oklahoma man found guilty in killing of his Arab-American neighbor

An Oklahoma jury is considering whether a man charged with killing his neighbor in an alleged hate crime should spend the rest of his life in prison.

Jeff Monroe's co-workers won't let him be forgotten

At the Indianapolis company where Jeffrey Monroe worked the overnight shift for decades, his supervisor personally called the 20 or so people in his department to tell them Monroe had been killed in the crash that also took the life of NFL linebacker Edwin Jackson.


African-Americans disproportionately endangered by HIV/AIDS

(Reuters Health) - African-Americans are far more likely than other Americans to be infected with HIV but far less likely to get life-saving treatments that stop the virus’ spread, a new U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report finds.

Suicides rose 10% after death of Robin Williams

A 10% increase in suicides -- nearly 2,000 additional deaths -- was recorded in the United States in the four months after actor and comedian Robin Williams took his own life in 2014, according to research published Wednesday in the journal PLOS ONE.


An investor's best friend? Israel Diamond Exchange launches digital coins

RAMAT GAN, Israel (Reuters) - Israel's diamond exchange is turning to digital currencies to inject new life into a marketplace long ruled by cash and backroom handshakes, but it must first persuade traditionally conservative players that the technology can work.

The shows that had us crying before 'This Is Us'

Each week the Pearson family on NBC's hit show, "This Is Us" tugs at our heartstrings. Tackling real life issues like addiction and the loss of loved ones, the show's emotional themes hit home for millions of Americans. The last two episodes, featuring the death of patriarch Jack Pearson [Milo Ventimiglia] and painful aftermath for his family, were the just the latest to drive viewers to the tissue box.

Fashion and Apparel

When the Fashion Cycle Meets the Cycle of Life

For decades, fashion has avoided the question of work/life balance. Now designers, including Narciso Rodriguez, are embracing the issue.


Review: Eve Ensler Goes Deep ‘In the Body of the World’

In a new one-woman show, the author of “The Vagina Monologues” connects global violence and her own life-threatening illness.


Tarantino says Thurman movie car crash among 'biggest regrets'

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Director Quentin Tarantino said a car crash that seriously injured Uma Thurman on the set of "Kill Bill" was one of "the biggest regrets of his life," but denied that he forced the actress to carry it out.

Quentin Tarantino responds to Uma Thurman allegations

Quentin Tarantino called the car crash that injured Uma Thurman on the set of their film "Kill Bill" "one of the biggest regrets" of his life.