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Both pro and anti-Brexit lawmakers back ousting PM May: former Conservative chairman

LONDON (Reuters) - Former Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps said on Friday that both supporters and opponents of Brexit were among the 30 lawmakers who back a plot to topple British Prime Minister Theresa May.


'Disaster looms,' says head of UK's anti-Brexit party

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's Liberal Democrats are to set out on Tuesday their plan to stop Brexit, with party leader Vince Cable appealing to opponents in all parties to put aside "tribal differences" and fight a divorce from the European Union.


'No notes' Davis riles anti-Brexit camp in negotiations

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Did David Davis forget his notes? Or does he just have no ideas?


Warning of economic crisis, top UK Liberal Democrat predicts anti-Brexit backlash

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain is heading toward a new economic crisis which could raise popular support for anti-Brexit parties, the former business minister and likely next leader of the pro-EU Liberal Democrats said on Tuesday.


Mock border posts erected on Northern Irish border in Brexit protest

CARRICKCARNON, Ireland (Reuters) - Anti-Brexit campaigners erected six mock customs checkpoints along the Northern Ireland and Irish Republic border on Saturday, in a protest over the possible impact to peace, jobs and the free movement of workers.


Anti-Brexit group challenges UK government over Article 50 disclosure

LONDON (Reuters) - A group opposed to Britain's exit from the European Union has accused the government of refusing to allow it to make public the official justification for triggering Article 50 to start the Brexit process without a parliamentary vote.


London neighbors engage in 'battle of the balconies' ahead of EU vote

LONDON (Reuters) - The debate about Britain's future in the Europe has taken an unexpected new twist: a "battle of the balconies" between north London neighbors unfurling competing pro- and anti-Brexit banners.