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Analysis: 1 number that explains the madness of gun politics


Analysis: There are no longer any words to describe Syria's horror

The war in Syria has exhausted all superlatives. Worst day, worst month, worst year, worst ever. Words fail to describe the destruction of this ancient, beautiful land.

Analysis: 15 questions for Sarah Sanders

For the first time in a week, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders will take questions from the media on Tuesday afternoon. And what a week it's been.

Analysis: Places that will decide the 2018 midterms

Red pockets. Romneyland. Blue-collar blues.

Olympic Games (2018)

Winter Olympics 2018: Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir Win Ice Dancing Gold

The Winter Games are in progress in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Stay here for live updates, results and analysis.

Analysis: Will more young people support gun control? Recent history suggests no.

In the aftermath of the shooting in Parkland, Florida last week, some of the student survivors are calling on Congress to pass legislation that would address gun violence in schools.

Analysis: What Trump's Russia tweets mean

In seeking to honor President Donald Trump's holiday wishes, let's reflect here on what's been going on lately in his telltale Twitter feed.

Analysis: 9 unpresidential things Trump tweeted this weekend

It's become almost de riguer at this moment in time to note that President Donald Trump is the least presidential president who has ever presidented.

United States International Relations

News Analysis: U.S. Revives Concerns About European Defense Plans, Rattling NATO Allies

After pressing European nations to spend more on their security, Americans now worry that their projects could weaken the Atlantic alliance and block U.S. defense contractors from deals.

Analysis: Trump's Russia delusion bubbles over

President Donald Trump has long been obsessed with the idea that the investigation into Russia's meddling in the 2016 election is really nothing more than a political scheme to rob him of the credit he so rightly deserves for winning that race. Over the last 24 hours, however, that obsession has been tuned up a notch, with Trump unleashing a series of bitter tweets attacking even his own top advisers and agencies for their alleged complicity in this narrative.

Alpine Skiing

Men’s Giant Slalom Live Results: Marcel Hirscher Aims for Second Gold

The Austrian Hirscher, the best skier in the world, will be favored to add the giant slalom title to his combined event gold. Stay here for live updates and analysis.

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

News Analysis: Russia Isn’t the Only One Meddling in Elections. We Do It, Too.

America has long used cash and propaganda to try to steer the outcome of foreign votes.

Trump, Donald J

News Analysis: Trump’s Conspicuous Silence Leaves a Struggle Against Russia Without a Leader

President Trump depicted indictments charging Russians with interfering in America’s politics as a vindication for himself rather than a threat to the United States.

Analysis: Remind Trump he ended DACA

The world's most listless and impotent -- err, "greatest" -- deliberative body shelved further debate over the future of DACA on Thursday, after senators voted down four proposals, one of which didn't address the question at all, over the course of about an hour.

Analysis: Week of chaos, again, engulfs Trump's Washington

Another bitter week that took Washington to the brink of exhaustion landed Donald Trump at the epicenter of more tragedy, scandal and rancor than a conventional president would hope to face in a full year.

Alpine Skiing

Lindsey Vonn Super-G Live Results: Back at the Olympics

Lindsey Vonn begins her 2018 Olympics in the super-G, an event she has a strong chance to medal in. Stay here for live updates and analysis.

Figure Skating

Figure Skating Live Results: Yuzuru Hanyu Aims for Repeat Gold

After a near-flawless short program routine, Hanyu is the leader going into the free skate program. Stay here for live updates and analysis.

United States Politics and Government

News Analysis: Indictments Present a New Political Reality for a President Crying ‘Hoax’

By laying out in excruciating detail the evidence of Russian meddling spanning the last four years, the special counsel instantly created a new political reality for President Trump.

Analysis: Mueller just made it impossible for Trump to continue to call this investigation a 'total hoax'

On Friday afternoon, the Justice Department announced that special counsel Robert Mueller had indicted 13 Russian nationals for their roles in attempted meddling in the 2016 election.

Analysis: It's been a year since Trump did this

Exactly one year ago today, Donald Trump held the first formal solo news conference of his presidency.

Analysis: Trump's absolutely disastrous week

President Donald Trump hasn't had a lot of good weeks since becoming president last January. But this one looks like one of the worst.

Analysis: Washington's political impotence is on full display

In Washington, political alienation is now so intense that the world's most powerful nation can't agree how to keep its next generation safe in school -- or fix the system regulating immigration, the human lifeblood which has been America's foundation.

Figure Skating

Olympics Figure Skating Live Results: Yuzuru Hanyu and Nathan Chen Coming Up

The men’s figure skating short program features several top contenders. Stay here for live updates and analysis.

Olympic Games (2018)

Olympics Slalom Live Results: Mikaela Shiffrin Says She Was Ill Before Race

Shiffrin is a big favorite to win the slalom, her best event, at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Stay here for live updates and analysis.

Analysis: If you blinked, you missed the immigration fight

Remember that big, amendment-laden debate the Senate was preparing for as the world's greatest deliberative body began to grapple with what to do about the nation's broken immigration system?

Vaccination and Immunization

The Flu Vaccine Is Working Better Than Expected, C.D.C. Finds

A preliminary analysis finds the vaccine 25 percent effective against this year’s dangerous H3N2 strain, and twice as effective in children.

Politics and Government

News Analysis: In Netanyahu’s Israel, the Divisiveness Is Now All About Him

Israeli politics has always been noisily contentious, but with the prime minister facing possible bribery charges, the toxicity threatens to reach new heights.

Analysis: We've heard from Twitter Trump and Teleprompter Trump

Early Thursday morning, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to share his views about the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 dead Wednesday,

Analysis: 10 things this school shooting won't change

On Wednesday afternoon, a 19-year-old brought an AR-15 weapon to a high school in Parkland, Florida. He allegedly shot more than two dozen people, killing 17. It was not the first mass shooting of 2018, and it was one of the 10 deadliest mass shootings in American history.

United States Politics and Government

News Analysis: The White House Flouts the First Rule of Crisis Communications: Get the Facts Out Fast

Its handling of Rob Porter’s resignation has become a case study in how shifting stories can make matters worse.

Olympic Games (2018)

Winter Olympics 2018: Medals Table, Results and Schedule

The Winter Games are underway in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Stay here for live updates, results and analysis.

United States Politics and Government

News Analysis: Trump Gets What He Wants in Immigration Debate: Quiet on the Right

The activism and outrage from conservatives that has killed past immigration deals is less vitriolic this time, perhaps because they sense they are winning.

Alpine Skiing

Giant Slalom Live Results: Mikaela Shiffrin in 2nd After First Run

After several weather delays, Mikaela Shiffrin finally begins her quest for multiple Olympic gold medals in the giant slalom. Stay here for live updates and analysis.

Analysis: Cohen's payout story doesn't pass the smell test

Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's personal lawyer, says he made a $130,000 payment from his own pocket to porn star Stormy Daniels in the run-up to the 2016 election -- a pre-emptive measure to protect the presidential candidate from accusations that she and Trump had a physical relationship.

Analysis: Payout story isn't believable

Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's personal lawyer, says he made a $130,000 payment from his own pocket to porn star Stormy Daniels in the run-up to the 2016 election -- a pre-emptive measure to protect the presidential candidate from accusations that she and Trump had a physical relationship.

Analysis: Dems midterm fate probably isn't tied to Pelosi

Republicans are trying to turn the midterms on their head. Instead of the expected referendum on a still relatively unpopular Republican president, Republicans are hoping to bring Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi to the forefront.

Olympic Games (2018)

Winter Olympics 2018: Results, Medals and Schedule

The Winter Games are underway in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Stay here for live updates, results and analysis.


Halfpipe Live Results: Shaun White Leads After First Run

White looked sensational in qualifying first for the men’s halfpipe snowboarding competition. Stay here for live updates and analysis from Pyeongchang.

Analysis: 2 signs Senate Republicans are starting to get nervous about the midterms

Senate Republicans shouldn't have a care in the world heading into the 2018 election.

Federal Budget (US)

News Analysis: Republicans Have Forgotten They Hate Deficits

Three pillars of the economic platform of the last decade for the Republican Party were less government spending, lower deficits and policy certainty. Not any more.

Analysis: Trump's culture war is running into the gender gap

With his sharp words in recent days defending men accused of sexual harassment and spousal abuse, President Donald Trump launched another firebomb into the cultural chasm running through his presidency.

Analysis: The parallel universe of Trump's budget, explained

Budgets released by presidents, unlike those negotiated by Congress, are more like political fan fiction than modestly crafted, passable agendas.


Halfpipe Live Results: Chloe Kim Crushes Her First Run

Kim, the 17-year-old American, is a big favorite in the women’s halfpipe snowboard competition. Stay here for live updates and analysis.

Olympic Games (2018)

Winter Olympics 2018: Medals, Results and Schedule

The Winter Games are underway in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Stay here for live updates, results and analysis.

Analysis: What makes no sense about Trump's response to Porter allegations

On Monday afternoon, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders read a prepared statement about the White House's handling of allegations that former staff secretary Rob Porter had physically and mentally abused both his ex-wives.

Analysis: Michelle Obama's portrait doesn't look just like her. It doesn't have to.

The Obamas were back in Washington on Monday for the unveiling of their official portraits that will hang in the National Portrait Gallery. While Barack Obama's portrait -- the former president seated in a chair surrounded by flowers and leaves-- was intriguing, it was the depiction of former first lady Michelle Obama that stole the show -- primarily because some corners of the Internet (including me) didn't think the portrait looked much like Mrs. Obama.

Analysis: Trump's memo block and what it means for the Russia investigation

The immediate result of President Donald Trump's decision to block the release of a Democratic memo on the Russia investigation is to expose him to charges of hypocrisy.

Olympic Games (2018)

Winter Olympics 2018: Schedule and Live Results From Pyeongchang

The Winter Games are under way in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Stay here for live updates, results and analysis.

Analysis: Trump's incredible hypocrisy

On Saturday morning, President Donald Trump tweeted this:

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (2017)

News Analysis: Republicans Have an Election Message, but Trump’s Insensitive Remarks Undercut It

Tax cuts and economic growth appear to be improving the party’s political position, but President Trump can’t seem to stop antagonizing voters, especially women.

Porter, Robert R (1977- )

News Analysis: Amid Turmoil From Washington to Wall Street, a Surprisingly Passive President

President Trump stayed largely on the sidelines as a volatile stock market plunged, Congress sealed a budget deal and a top aide was ousted over abuse charges.

Analysis: Why Donald Trump won't condemn Rob Porter

On Friday afternoon, President Donald Trump was asked about the resignation of White House staff secretary Rob Porter amid allegations of domestic abuse.

Analysis: What Trump gets dead wrong in his Rob Porter defense

On Friday afternoon, President Donald Trump was asked his thoughts on the departure of White House staff secretary Rob Porter amid a series of allegations of domestic abuse from his ex-wives.

Analysis: John Kelly couldn't have handled this any worse

When John Kelly was hired as Donald Trump's second chief of staff, he made very clear that his focus would be not on managing the President but on managing the White House staff.


News Analysis: Trump, Tell Us About Your Flu Shot

Our germaphobic president must do more to protect American health.

Olympic Games (2018)

Winter Olympics 2018 Opening Ceremony: Yuna Kim Lights the Torch

We’re live in Pyeongchang for the opening ceremony of the Winter Games. Stay here for updates, photographs and analysis.

Analysis: Rand Paul is right

When Rand Paul took control of the Senate floor just before 6 p.m. Eastern, virtually every one of his Republican colleagues grimaced. Five years ago, they would have cheered him.

Labor and Jobs

News Analysis: The ‘Manly’ Jobs Problem

Could sexual harassment be linked to work we define as masculine?

Analysis: 6 questions the White House needs to answer

The resignation of White House staff secretary Rob Porter after accusations that he abused both of his ex-wives raised lots -- and lots -- of questions about who knew what and when, and why no one acted before pictures emerged of his then-wife with a black eye.

Analysis: The pre-Trump Republican Party is dead

On Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that a deal had been reached with Democrats to not only keep the government open past the Thursday night deadline, but also actually ensure it was funded for the next two(!) years.

Analysis: Trump thinks he can beat Mueller at his own game

The news out of the White House goes like this: Despite all legal urgings to the contrary, President Donald Trump wants to sit down for an interview with special counsel Bob Mueller.

Analysis: Of course Trump wants a parade

In retrospect, we should have all seen it coming.

Analysis: Trump is changing the GOP, not the other way around

The real message of the memo released last week by Rep. Devin Nunes assailing the FBI and Department of Justice is that Donald Trump is changing the Republican Party far more than it is changing him.

United States Economy

News Analysis: Trump, Running Alongside the Market’s Bulls, Risks Being Trampled

No president in modern times has connected his political fortunes to the stock market as much as Mr. Trump. But as shares swooned Monday, he avoided any mention of it.

Analysis: The President thinks not clapping for him is 'treasonous'

President Donald Trump wasn't -- and, apparently, still isn't -- happy that Democrats in Congress didn't stand to applaud him in his State of the Union address last week.

Analysis: Democrats' chances of winning back the House just got a major boost

On Monday, the Supreme Court rejected a Republican effort to halt a required redrawing of the state's 18 congressional districts before the year's midterm elections.


A decade after recession, a jump in U.S. states with wage gains

OAKLAND, Calif./CANTON, N.Y./WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The kind of pay raises for which American workers have waited years are now here for a broadening swath of the country, according to a Reuters analysis of state-by-state data that suggests falling unemployment has finally begun boosting wages.


Super Bowl 2018 Live Updates: Patriots vs. Eagles

Super Bowl LII pits New England, the perennial superpower, vs. Philadelphia, a team that hasn’t been to the big game since 2005. Live updates and analysis:

Analysis: Trump used 47 words to say 4 things that aren't true

On Saturday morning, before heading out for a round of golf, President Donald Trump tweeted this:

Trump, Donald J

News Analysis: Trump’s Unparalleled War on a Pillar of Society: Law Enforcement

President Trump has raised fears that he is tearing at the credibility of some of the most important institutions in American life to save himself.

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

News Analysis: How Trump’s Allies Fanned an Ember of Controversy Into Flames of Outrage

A memo by House Republicans didn’t live up to its billing, but the tactics used to stoke doubts about law enforcement could have a lingering impact on the Russia investigation.

Analysis: The memo's most interesting part isTrump's reaction

On Friday, we finally got the much-promised memo crafted by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) that allegedly blows the top off of the "deep state" conspiracy within the Justice Department aimed at discrediting Donald Trump's presidency.

Analysis: The claims in the GOP-Nunes memo could be a big deal if you are inclined to believe -- as Trump is -- that there is a deep state conspiracy

The Nunes memo is finally public.


How the Eagles Followed the Numbers to the Super Bowl

The N.F.L. has yet to fully adopt quantitative analysis, but its value has been embraced in Philadelphia at every level of the organization.

Analysis: The 33 most over-the-top Anthony Scaramucci quotes to Vanity Fair

If there's one thing everyone knows about Anthony Scaramucci, it's that he can talk -- and talk and talk.

Analysis: The incredibly simple reason why Trump will OK memo

The great debate consuming Washington right now is this: Will President Donald Trump release the memo or not?

Analysis: Donald Trump lied about his State of the Union ratings. Whyyyyyyyy?

On Thursday morning President Donald Trump said something that wasn't true.

Analysis: Of course it sucks for Joe Manchin. Here's why

Sen. Joe Manchin has been on a mission the last few weeks to spread the word that "Washington sucks," as if people didn't know.

Analysis: Whew! 2018 was a long year

President Donald Trump demonstrated a unique ability during his first year: He can bend time.

Analysis: Did you notice that Trump didn't tweet for a day?

Something weird (didn't) happen on the Internet.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

News Analysis: Trump’s Speech Leaves Two Sides Further Apart Than Ever on Immigration

If the president believed his State of the Union address would bring the bipartisan agreement he says he seeks any closer, he received little encouragement on Wednesday.

Analysis: Why the Nunes memo really isn't a partisan fight

Because we are so polarized politically these days, there's a tendency to assume that every single issue that breaches our collective national consciousness must, at its root, be a fight between Democrats and Republicans.

Analysis: Trump's war on Russia probe reaches new peak

The escalating campaign by President Donald Trump and his allies against the Russia investigation hit a new peak of intensity Monday.

Analysis: That Stormy Daniels interview was weird

Porn star Stormy Daniels sat down with Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday night to talk about -- or, more accurately, dance around -- why President Donald Trump's personal lawyer may have directed a $130,000 payment to her just before the 2016 election.

Analysis: Why the memo is a big deal

On Monday night, the House Intelligence Committee approved -- on a party line vote -- the public release of a memo alleging a litany of abuses by the FBI and the Justice Department. President Donald Trump now has five days to decide whether or not to allow the memo's release. While no final "OK" has been given, Trump had made little secret of his desire to release the memo.


UK government will hand over Brexit analysis after damaging leak

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's government said on Wednesday it would hand over to parliament a leaked report that suggested Brexit would hurt the economy, trying to deflect accusations that ministers are badly prepared for leaving the European Union.

Analysis: Clinton's news dump right before the State of the Union

Minutes -- literally -- before President Donald Trump entered the House chamber to deliver his first State of the union address, Hillary Clinton apologized for the way she had handled allegations of sexual harassment against a senior staffer in her 2008 presidential campaign.

Analysis: 6 takeaways from Trump's first State of the Union

President Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union address on Tuesday night, a (very) lengthy speech in which he largely revisited his accomplishments over his first year in office and offered a handful of proposals he'd like to see considered in the coming year.


May says will give parliament 'appropriate analysis' before Brexit deal vote

WUHAN, China (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Wednesday that lawmakers would be given official analysis on any Brexit deal before they are asked to approve it, dismissing a leaked document showing the economy would be worse off under all exit scenarios.

United States Politics and Government

News Analysis: Trump Can Sell an Improved Economy, but Not Himself

His success at passing tax cuts and the continued progress of the economy he inherited have not changed the dismal views that a sizable majority of Americans hold of their president.

Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

News Analysis: The Real Aim of the Secret Memo Is the Mueller Investigation

The memo has emerged as the latest attempt by Republicans to portray the actions of the investigators in the Russia inquiry as the real scandal.


Scientists urge UK to fortify flour with folic acid to limit birth defects

LONDON(Reuters) - Britain's failure to legislate to make food producers fortify flour with folic acid to help prevent babies being born with birth defects is based on flawed analysis and should be reversed, scientists said on Wednesday.

Trump, Donald J

Live Briefing: Trump to Deliver First State of the Union Address Amid Remarkable Turmoil and Concern

Follow our live coverage for the latest updates and analysis throughout the day.

Analysis: Trump's approval rating is above 50% in only 12 states

President Donald Trump is expected to trumpet a unity message in his State of the Union speech on Tuesday night, an attempt to turn a corner from the divisiveness of his first year in office.

Analysis: Immigration backlash is coming from places least touched by immigration

The escalating struggle between the parties over immigration rests on a paradox.

Analysis: The President speaks tonight while bitterness around the Russia investigation is tearing apart Washington and splitting the country

President Donald Trump embarks on his debut State of the Union address Tuesday with the formidable assignment of shoring up a presidency threatened by a Russia scandal that is sowing rancor in Washington and tearing at national unity.

Analysis: McCabe, Trump and the 'deep state' conspiracy

The surprise resignation of deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe on Monday is simply the latest evidence that President Donald Trump not only expects total loyalty from his Justice Department but suspects anyone who doesn't show that fealty may be part of some sort of anti-Trump "deep state" conspiracy.

Analysis: The GOP's governing wing is nearing extinction

Another one bites the dust.


UPDATE 4-Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed released as corruption probe winds down

* Foreign investors concerned by wide-ranging crackdown (Adds analysis of reasons for probe winding down)

United States Politics and Government

News Analysis: Gridlock Deepens Under Trump. Is Our Democracy at Risk?

The gloom is bipartisan as Republicans warn of a dark plot to overthrow the Trump government and Democrats talk of a creeping authoritarianism unchecked by Congress.