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Are Earthlings alone? Half of humans believe in alien life

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Nearly half of humans believe in alien life and want to make contact, a survey in 24 countries has found, in what researchers said helps to explain the lasting popularity of the "Star Wars" franchise 40 years after the first movie was screened.

Stars and Galaxies

Turning Points: The Cosmos Is Calling. What Do We Say?

If we find alien life on another planet, can we survive long enough to meet it?


Beyond the Drag Event Horizon

Filthy scary alien monster cyborg goth drag is in the club.

Space and Astronomy

Out There: An Interstellar Visitor Both Familiar and Alien

Astronomers offer new details about Oumuamua, a probable asteroid arriving from beyond the solar system and leaving in a big hurry.

Ministers (Protestant)

Quandary for Alabama Pastors: What to Say About Roy Moore

Appalled by the allegations against the Senate candidate, but hesitant to alienate churchgoers who support him, many ministers steered clear of the race in Sunday sermons.

Federal Taxes (US)

Republicans Delay Releasing Tax Bill, Signaling Trouble for Party

The bill was delayed for another day as Republicans struggled with cutting tax rates without alienating key constituencies by eliminating popular tax breaks.

Sunni Muslims

As ISIS Is Driven From Iraq, Sunnis Remain Alienated

The grievances of Iraq’s Sunni Arab minority allowed the Islamic State to flourish. How the government deals with Sunnis now could have long-term consequences.


‘The Walking Dead’ at 100: Still a Hit, but for How Much Longer?

As the zombie apocalypse drama returns for Season 8, the AMC series is looking to rebound from a stretch of storytelling shenanigans that alienated viewers.


Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Trump Alienates America’s Allies and Hands Iran a Victory

It’s now up to Congress to keep the nuclear deal alive — and protect the United States’ national security.

Police Brutality, Misconduct and Shootings

Op-Ed Contributor: ESPN Is Terrified of Jemele Hill’s Honesty on Racism

By suspending her, the sports network is making a desperate move not to alienate some viewers and sponsors.

Trump, Donald J

News Analysis: Trump Takes On All Comers, Believing Himself the Victor

If his Twitter blasts inflame racial tensions or alienate his cabinet, those are trade-offs the president has been willing to make in the quest to appear tough to his base.

United States Politics and Government

At Alabama Rally, Trump Toggles Between Republican Loyalists

The president lent his support to Alabama’s incumbent senator in a Republican runoff campaign, but risked alienating core anti-establishment voters.

Bannon: Catholics 'need illegal aliens to fill the churches'

Former White House chief strategist Steven Bannon said the Catholic Church's support of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA, is economically driven and owes to the church's struggle to fill pews.


For Latino Artists in Sci-Fi Show, Everyone’s an Alien

This fall, 70 transcultural museum shows will explore Los Angeles’s ties to Latin America in a far-reaching survey, “Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA.”

Paul Ryan is walking a political tightrope on Trump

House Speaker Paul Ryan used his televised town hall meeting Monday to gingerly walk across the tightrope congressional Republican leaders will face this fall: how to put distance between themselves and President Donald Trump without alienating the White House.

United States International Relations

Trump Cautious on China Inquiry Over Intellectual Property Theft

The president is seeking to fulfill hard-edge campaign promises on trade without alienating Beijing during the crisis over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

McConnell, Mitch

On Washington: Trump’s Twitter Fury at McConnell Risks Alienating a Key Ally

President Trump has turned his Twitter fire on the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, but he desperately needs Mr. McConnell to pass his agenda.


Cuban graffiti artists bring social critique to Havana's walls

HAVANA (Reuters) - The graffiti of alien-like beings and balaclava-clad men appearing on Havana's dilapidated walls strikes a contrast with the upbeat political slogans and effigies of Cuban...

Conservatism (US Politics)

Trump Keeps His Conservative Movement Allies Closest

The White House has spent considerable time and effort cultivating the right, the one constituency it knows it cannot afford to alienate.


UPDATE 6-Kremlin orders Washington to slash embassy staff in Russia

* Kremlin seeks to avoid alienating Trump: analyst (Updates with stand-off over suburban property)

How life may find a way on Saturn's moon

It may not be like the alien life in science fiction, but researchers have just confirmed the presence of something that may lead to life on Titan, Saturn's largest moon, according to a study published Friday in the journal Science Advances.


Alien Donald Trump appears on Mexico City billboard

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - A massive image of U.S. President Donald Trump as an alien intruder now towers above one of the busiest roads in Mexico City urging motorists to "Make America Great Again."

We may all be made of stardust, scientists say

If you were looking to space for extra-terrestrial life, maybe it's time to look in the mirror. A new study claims we might all be part-alien.

'Diana, Our Mother' examines legacy through her sons' eyes

The 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's death is an irresistible TV milestone, one that will be recognized in an assortment of programming. HBO seeks to stand apart from that wave with "Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy," an intimate but gauzy look back, its most salient aspect being that her sons, William and Harry, participate in the reminiscing.

Erdogan will regret alienating Angela Merkel


Golf - Players strike bland message at Women's Open on Trump course

BEDMINSTER, New Jersey (Reuters) - Players stuck to an apolitical party line ahead of the U.S. Women's Open at Trump National on Tuesday, resisting comment on U.S. President Donald Trump, who alienated many with controversial remarks about women.

United States Women's Open (Golf)

On Golf: On Trump’s Turf, U.S. Women’s Open Contenders Will Feel the Heat

The juxtaposition of President Trump, who has alienated women’s rights activists, and the premier women’s golf event in the country has put players in an awkward position.


Venezuela's Maduro may feel heat from both sides after Lopez move

CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro has sought to ease protests and global censure by granting house arrest to opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez but he risks both energizing the opposition and alienating part of his socialist base.

Mars on Earth: The world's most alien landscape

At the juncture of three tectonic plates in northeastern Ethiopia is an other-worldly and sunken plain. The heat quivers here. Rock formations are colored by minerals in oozing volcanic psychedelia. The Danakil Depression is one of the hottest and most hostile places on earth.

Politics and Government

California’s Far North Deplores ‘Tyranny’ of the Urban Majority

Rural residents in the state’s northern reaches say they are underrepresented and politically alienated by a system that doesn’t have their interests in mind.

Social Media

Feature: A Whimsical Wordsmith Charts a Course Beyond Twitter

Jonny Sun’s online personality — a sentimental alien — has attracted a huge following. Now he’s trying to figure out what comes next.


Living dolls: Spanish firm makes eerily realistic human, alien babies

BILBAO, Spain (Reuters) - Want a doll that looks, moves and feels almost exactly like a newborn? Or how about a baby Avatar, or a half human-half piglet?

United States Politics and Government

Senate Health Bill May Alienate G.O.P. Conservatives

Senators are looking at changes to the House bill that would protect sick Americans and stabilize insurance markets, but nods to moderates may lose conservatives.

Trump lectures NATO, unsettles allies

When President Donald Trump lectured NATO members on their contributions to the trans-Atlantic alliance, he demonstrated a lack of understanding about how the group works and potentially alienated the US' closest allies, analysts said.

Federal Budget (US)

Republicans, Pushing Aside Trump’s Budget, Find Few Alternatives

The budget battle ahead is likely to mirror the party’s health care fight, in which concessions to moderates alienate conservatives and vice versa.


Restaurant Review: An Identity Crisis at Italienne

The chef Jared Sippel’s restaurant is both French and Italian, formal and casual.

Twentieth Century Fox

‘Alien: Covenant’ Is a Ho-Hum No. 1 at the Box Office

“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” came in second, while the teenage drama “Everything, Everything” was a respectable third.


Box Office: 'Alien: Covenant' Slides Past 'Guardians 2' to Win Weekend With $36 Million

LOS ANGELES ( - As this weekend approached, the question lingered if "Alien: Covenant" would be able to unseat "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" from the top spot at the domestic box office.

Cast of 'Alien: Covenant' knows how to terrify you

It's hard to believe that it's already been 40 years since "Alien" roared into theaters and terrified audiences with its famous chest-bursting scene. Now, director Ridley Scott is back with everyone's favorite Xenomorph for more screams in "Alien: Covenant," which hits theaters on Friday.


Hollywood's big summer movies were all filmed elsewhere

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - This summer's biggest-budget films have everything moviegoers have come to expect from Hollywood blockbusters: superheroes, pirates, space aliens. But in the truest sense of the term, none of them is a Hollywood movie.

The evolution of aliens in film

In 1979, none of the promotional material for the film "Alien" showed moviegoers even a glimpse of the titular creature.

'Alien: Covenant' doesn't deliver much bite

"Alien" taught us that in space, no one can here you scream. The latest offshoot of its DNA, "Alien: Covenant," offers the lesson for fans of early incarnations that in theaters, people can indeed hear you sigh.


Review: ‘Alien: Covenant’ Summons Terror and Stays on Brand

The new entry in Ridley Scott’s long-lived franchise is committed to the canny management of expectations, but that doesn’t diminish its creepiness.

GOP frustrated that another Trump crisis has derailed their agenda

President Donald Trump's governing agenda, which only 10 days ago showed signs of gaining steam, appears to have derailed in the aftermath of he allegedly shared classified information and dismissed of FBI director James Comey, both of which threaten to alienate Republicans while bogging down the White House once again.

9 Suggestions for Movies to Watch With Your Mother

Whether your mother enjoys weepy dramas like “Steel Magnolias” or intense films like “Aliens,” find the right movie to watch with her this Mother’s Day.


'Alien' director Ridley Scott 'heads for wider universe' in latest installment

LONDON (Reuters) - Ridley Scott, the English director of three of the sci-fi horror "Alien" films, says he is heading into a wider universe with the latest in the series: "Alien:Covenant."


How ‘Alien’ Spawned So Many Others

The 1979 sci-fi horror film has left its mark on many films, from a “Friday the 13th” sequel to the newest “Alien” prequel.

Alien landscapes? No, just otherworldly places here on Earth

As astronomers discover more and more planets in distant star systems, interstellar travel has again sparked the imagination. NASA now estimates that there are one billion Earth-sized planets orbiting stars similar to the sun, just in the Milky Way.

Saturn (Planet)

Conditions for Life Detected on Saturn Moon Enceladus

Data from the Cassini spacecraft hint that hydrothermal vents could provide the conditions for microbes or other forms of alien life.

C K, Louis

Best of Late Night: Stephen Colbert Was ‘Like an Alien’ Before He Was Famous, Louis C.K. Says

Louis C.K. reminded the “Late Show” host that before he was the “king of the late-night” shows, he was just a quirky guy.

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (2010)

Ceding to One Side on Health Bill, Trump Risks Alienating Another

With the administration struggling to gather enough G.O.P. support in the House for a new bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, party leaders say no action is imminent.

The 'Alien' ending you didn't see

Sigourney Weaver owes a debt of gratitude to the executives at 20th Century Fox.

Tizon, Alex

Alex Tizon, Journalist Who Wrote of Alienation as Asian-American, Dies at 57

Mr. Tizon, who shared a Pulitzer Prize as a reporter, wrote the 2014 memoir “Big Little Man” in which he he asked, ‘When did this shame inside me begin?’

United States Politics and Government

2018 Dilemma for Republicans: Which Way Now on Obamacare?

Caught between alienating their conservative base and angering a broader group of voters, Republicans risk losing their House majority.

The White House appeared to alienate some conservatives and moderates on health care

'Life' unleashes alien in scary confines of space

"Alien" established outer space as the ultimate "nowhere to run" haunted house 40 years ago, and "Gravity" more recently highlighted its still-harrowing if more mundane aspects. "Life" rather economically mashes up the two, producing a taut, suspenseful thriller that's more enjoyable the less you think about it.


Review: In ‘Life,’ Extraterrestrial Fun, Until Someone Gets Hurt

This movie offers proof of life on another planet, sure, but it is also the occasion for another “Alien”-type deadly game of hide-and-seek.


Review: ‘Saban’s Power Rangers,’ With a Color-Coded Makeover

The popular 1990s series receives a big-screen reboot, and five new teenage superheroes face off against the latest alien threat.

Saturday Night Live (TV Program)

On ‘S.N.L.,’ Donald Trump Botches His ‘Independence Day’ Moment

After a palpable absence last week, Alec Baldwin returned to play Mr. Trump in the midst of an alien invasion.

Trump faces off with alien invaders on 'SNL'

Alec Baldwin returned to "Saturday Night Live" as President Trump to confront a group of alien invaders attacking planet Earth.


To Put Ball in the Net, Dutch Clubs Shoot Space Aliens First

PSV Eindhoven and AZ Alkmaar are using computer programs to nurture agile minds along with nimble feet. Is this a new frontier, or an expensive delusion?

Trump's tall order: Hiring 15,000 ICE and border patrol agents

To carry out his tough-on-immigration policies and deport millions of "criminal aliens," President Trump plans to hire 10,000 more Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and 5,000 Customs and Border Protection agents as soon as possible.


Malawi sees bigger maize harvest despite pest invasion

LILONGWE (Reuters) - Malawi's maize production may rise a third in 2017 to 3.2 million tonnes despite damage inflicted by the fall armyworm, an alien South American pest that has invaded corn fields from Congo to South Africa.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

Trump’s Soft Spot for Dreamers Alienates Immigration Hard-Liners

Mr. Trump’s sympathetic remarks about young immigrants and inaction on the program that shields them have caused rifts in the White House and angered his Republican base.

United States Defense and Military Forces

First Big Test for Mattis: Pitch Plans to Fight ISIS and Not Alienate Trump

President Trump has said the U.S. should ally with Russia to combat militants in Syria, but Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has said he doesn’t see Russia as trustworthy.

Deaths (Obituaries)

Bill Paxton, Star of ‘Big Love’ and Action Blockbusters, Dies at 61

After playing a small part in “Aliens,” the actor later starred in “Twister,” “Titanic” and “Apollo 13.”

Bill Paxton's most memorable roles

Actor Bill Paxton, whose extensive career included films such as "The Terminator," "Aliens" and "Titanic," has died at age 61, a representative for his family said in a statement.


Actor Bill Paxton, known for roles in 'Big Love,' 'Titanic,' dies at 61

(Reuters) - American actor Bill Paxton, who rose to stardom with roles in Hollywood blockbusters such as "Aliens" and "Titanic," has died at age 61 after complications from surgery, his family said in a statement on Sunday.

Actor Bill Paxton dies

Actor Bill Paxton, whose extensive career included films such as "The Terminator," "Aliens" and "Titanic," has died, a representative for his family said in a statement. He was 61.


In push to reclaim Raqqa, Trump's choices range from bad to worse

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump's push against Islamic State in Syria could present him with an unenviable choice: Alienate NATO ally Turkey by relying on Kurdish fighters or adopt a plan that may slow the assault and require many more U.S. combat forces.


Damien Hirst Alienated Collectors. Will His New Work Win Them Back?

He made a splash with a $12 million shark. Now mystery surrounds the artist’s new work, to be unveiled in Venice in April.


Unearthed essay on alien life reveals Churchill the scientist

LONDON (Reuters) - A newly unearthed essay by Winston Churchill shows Britain's wartime leader was uncannily prescient about the possibility of alien life on planets orbiting stars other than the Sun.

Extraterrestrial Life

Winston Churchill Wrote of Alien Life in a Lost Essay

At the onset of World War II, he took the time to write a scientific paper about the probability of life elsewhere in the universe.

Boy Scouts

Conservatives Alienated by Boy Scouts’ Shift on Transgender Policy

Conservative groups view the decision by the Boy Scouts of America as another sign that the organization is moving away from its traditions.


British Olympian Mo Farah slams Trump ban, says makes him 'alien' in U.S

LONDON (Reuters) - British Olympic champion Mo Farah condemned U.S. President Trump's curbs on immigrants and visitors as coming "from a place of ignorance and prejudice" and said they would make him an "alien" in the United States, where he trains and lives with his family.


British Olympian Mo Farah slams Trump ban, says makes him "alien" in U.S.

LONDON, Jan 29 (Reuters) - British Olympic champion Mo Farah condemned U.S. President Trump's curbs on immigrants and visitors as coming "from a place of ignorance and prejudice" and said they would make him an "alien" in the United States, where he trains and lives with his family.


BRIEF-Salient MLP & Energy Infrastructure Fund reports 5.1 pct stake in NRG Yield Inc

* Salient MLP & Energy Infrastructure Fund reports 5.1 percent passive stake in nrg yield inc as of Dec 31, 2016 - SEC filing Source text- Further company coverage:

Khizr Khan: Muslim ban could hurt US security

If the President alienates Muslim Americans, frequent President Donald Trump critic Khizr Khan said he may end up endangering national security.

Women's Rights

Views on Abortion Strain Calls for Unity at Women’s March on Washington

March officials are being criticized for including abortion rights language in the official platform, alienating women who consider themselves feminists but oppose the procedure.

Obama, Barack

Obama’s Stark Options on ISIS: Arm Syrian Kurds or Let Trump Decide

If President Obama chooses to forge closer military ties with the Kurds for an assault on Raqqa, ISIS’ main stronghold, he risks alienating the Turks.


Amnesty International: 'draconian' EU anti-terror laws target Muslims

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - A raft of new counterterrorism laws across Europe discriminate against Muslims and refugees, spreading fear and alienation, Amnesty International said in a report on Tuesday.

Women's Rights

Women’s March on Washington Opens Contentious Dialogues About Race

Conversations surrounding the march on Jan. 21, the day after Donald J. Trump’s inauguration, are alienating some women even as organizers stress unity and inclusion.

'Transformers' look-alike could save lives

A robot likened to those in "Transformers" and "Alien" has been built in South Korea. Controlled by someone inside the head, It is meant to help in disaster areas.

Illustrators get us up close with alien planets

Robert Hurt and Tim Pyle have provided the world with stunningly photo-realistic glimpses at what gravitational waves, Earth-like exoplanets, rain storms of molten iron and even the Milky Way from above might look like if we could ever see them for ourselves. They also have the joy of illustrating when science fiction meets science fact, like planets orbiting two stars that harken back to twin suns setting on Tatooine in "Star Wars: A New Hope."

Robby Mook: Clinton's 'deplorables' comment likely alienated voters

Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook acknowledged the former secretary of state calling half of Donald Trump's supporters "deplorables" alienated voters, saying that's why the Democratic presidential nominee publicly expressed regret over the remarks so quickly thereafter.


Aliens land the prize at Hong Kong Flugtag

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Spaceships, flying lobsters and a team based on characters from the hit mobile game "Angry Birds" attempted lift-off from Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour at the annual Red Bull...

Source: Trump immigration plan mirrors post-9/11 policy

At rallies in the last weeks of his presidential campaign, Donald Trump told his supporters "my plan ends illegal immigration and suspends immigration from terror problem regions" and that "we will stop illegal immigration, deport all criminal aliens... and it will happen within the first week of my presidency."


Box Office: 'Doctor Strange' stays on top With $43 million, 'Arrival' impresses

LOS ANGELES ( - Alien invasion thriller "Arrival" capitalized on strong reviews to score an impressive debut, while Marvel's "Doctor Strange" topped the box office for the second consecutive weekend.

'Arrival' takes alien landing plot in cerebral direction

"Arrival" takes an age-old science fiction premise -- Aliens have landed; what are their intentions? -- and builds a taut mystery around it. Yet those expecting a whiz-bang film should be prepared for a more cerebral and emotional experience, admirable for its ambition and tone, if not wholly satisfying in its payoff.


Review: Aliens Drop Anchor in ‘Arrival,’ but What Are Their Intentions?

In Denis Villeneuve’s film, Amy Adams plays a linguist struggling to understand interplanetary visitors checking in at 12 spots around the globe.


Trump election puts Iran nuclear deal on shaky ground

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Donald Trump's election as president raises the prospect the United States will pull out of the nuclear pact it signed last year with Iran, alienating Washington from its allies and potentially freeing Iran to act on its ambitions.

Presidential Election of 2016

Trump, Waking a ‘Sleeping Giant,’ Helps Clinton Build an Unlikely Firewall

Donald J. Trump’s alienation of key voting blocs has bolstered Democrats in the West and South, and Republicans fear it could be a grim glimpse of their future.


Snapshot: Conan O’Brien Thinks Alien Life Exists. And That It Will Disappoint.

His latest gig is as an executive producer of “People of Earth,” about a reporter who checks out a support group for alien abductees, on TBS.


UPDATE 1-BOJ loses bark and bite under humbled Kuroda

* New framework alienates some on BOJ board (Adds consumer price data, link to poll)


Nissan Micra update reverses failed downmarket foray

PARIS, Sept 29 (Reuters) - Nissan Motor Co Ltd unveiled a larger, plusher French-built update to its Micra subcompact on Thursday, hoping to win back ground lost by the current model in an ill-judged slide downmarket that alienated European car buyers.


Kashmiris warn India its crackdown is turning some to militancy

SRINAGAR, India (Reuters) - Simmering anger over India's crackdown on 10 weeks of protests in Kashmir risks drawing more young people to radical rebellion, demonstrators and security officials warn, as the sense of despair and alienation from New Delhi deepens.

Space and Astronomy

China Hunts for Scientific Glory, and Aliens, With New Telescope

The telescope, which officially began operating on Sunday in a majestic but poor part of Guizhou Province, embodies China’s ambitions as a scientific power.

China's giant telescope starts search for aliens

The search for alien life just got bigger. A lot bigger.

Move the federal government out of Washington

By now Americans are all too familiar with the major themes dominating the 2016 election: the yawning gap between the haves and have-nots; the sense of alienation between government and those who are governed; rising terrorism and fear that we are no longer safe within our borders; economic stagnation and a growing consensus that a massive new stimulus will be required to shake the country's employment lethargy.


Villeneuve says creating alien world in new sci-fi movie was 'nightmare'

VENICE (Reuters) - Canadian film director Denis Villeneuve said making sci-fi thriller "Arrival", which has premiered in Venice, was the biggest challenge of his career so far because it meant creating a foreign civilization that obeys different kinds of laws.